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EDITOR: Com. V. Shaji, General Secretary;  Designed by Com. M.K. Morodia, Ex-CS RAJ Circle

ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




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...For Glimpses & Videos of 7th AIC at Chennai from 11th to 13th March '2022...Please visit Photo Gallery...
31.05.2022 BSNL CO circulated Revised seniority list no. 12 of SDEs(T) <<<Click here for revised seniority list no. 12>>>

31.05.2022 Congratulations to all the Retiring Comrades!

AIBSNLEA CHQ extends Best Wishes to all the Comrades, who are going to retire on 31.05.2022 on Superannuation, We wish for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement. 


Comrades! You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph.  We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA and BSNL as well.


CHQ Congratulates You all on Your Superannuation.

30.05.2022  BSNL CO issues instructions regarding Option to change authorization for deduction of membership subscription from salary….<<<Click here for order>>>

All CHQ Office Bearers/Circle/District Secretaries are requested to enroll more & more new members in AIBSNLEA in a time bound manner .
28.05.2022 GS writes to The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding Inter Circle transfer of regular SDEs(TF) on long stay (>26 Yr as on 31-03-2022); Case of 3 executives in TF Mumbai having expertise in the manufacturing processes of the SIM Card and have been specifically trained for SIM card Manufacturing at Muehlbauer High Tech International Germany <<<Click here for letter>>>

27.05.2022 Lunch Hour Demonstrations by AUAB on 27.05.2022 for settlement of 3rd Pay Revision: The AUAB has given call to organize a series of agitational programmes demanding settlement of 3rd Pay Revision to the Executives and 3rd Wage Revision to the Non-Executives. <<<Click here for AUAB letter to Secy(T), DoT & CMD BSNL>>>>

Today is the Lunch Hour Demonstration at BSNL CO/Circle / SSAs HQs

All the CHQ Officer Bearers , Circle/District Secretaries are requested to participate in this Lunch Hour Demonstrations in mass and make it grand success.

27.05.2022  GS writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO regarding  - Case of Shri. B. VijayaKumar , AO (R) was working at NATFM, Hyderabad has not been granted the facility for Opting Choice Territorial Circles while merging NATFM with ALTTC <<<Click here for letter >>>

26.05.2022 BSNL CO issued instructions regarding

(i) Circulation of waiting list of SDEs (T) willing for hard tenure stations<<<Click here for order>>>

(ii) Circulation of waiting list of AGMs(T)/DEs(T) wiiling for hard tenure stations <<<Click here for order>>>

(iii) Processing of e-APAR of Executive employees of BSNL, online through ESS Portal for year 2021-22-<<<Click here for order>>>

25.05.2022 BSNL CO issued instructions regarding

(i)  Transfer & Posting of long stay SDE(Telecom) .....<<<Click here for order>>>

(ii) Modifications of Transfer & Posting orders of AGMs/DEs in Telecom Operations Streams .....<<<Click here for order>>>

(iii) Inter Circle/ tenure transfer and posting of AGM(T)- Relieving thereof....<<<Click here for order>>>

(iv) Transfer & Posting of AGMs/DEs in Telecom Operation Stream...<<<Click here for order>>>

(v) Inter Circle Transfer of SDEs(T) -  Relieving thereof...<<<Click here for order>>>

23.05.2022 Mother of our CHQ President Comrade Rajpal ji is expired today at 21.15 Hrs due to illness in his Native Place at Sonipat - Haryana. On behalf of AIBSNLEA CHQ, we convey our Heartfelt Condolences to CHQ President Comrade Rajpal ji and the bereaved family members. May the Soul Rest in Peace.
23.05.2022  Congratulations !
Due to regular persuasion and consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA, BSNL Corporate Office issued Promotion orders from AMs to DM of erstwhile CSS Cadre in BSNL against 67% Seniority-cum-Fitness Quota in respect of 11 Executives.

AIBSNLEA extended its sincere thanks and gratitude to the Director (HR), PGM (Pers.) and Pers. Team for the issuance of long awaited Promotions in CSS Cadre. AIBSNLEA is regularly pursuing for the promotions in all cadres and is very firm that soon regular promotions will be issued in other cadres also.
<<<Click here for  Order >>>>

19.05.2022 Meeting with CMD BSNL

GS Com. Shaji . V , President CHQ Com. Rajpal Sharma  & Auditor CHQ Com. R.S.Slathia met the CMD BSNL Shri. Pravin Kumar Purwar ji on 19.05.2022. Res. CMD kindly consented to have a very open and detailed discussion on all the issues raised by AIBSNLEA pertaining to BSNL HR and Service matters. The discussions longed for an hour. We have discussed regarding:


AIBSNLEA opened discussion seeking the possibility of EBITDA positive of BSNL for the 3rd consecutive year too. CMD responded enthusiastically that it is assured from available data that BSNL heading for EBITDA positive and the final figure on it would be available soon after the readiness of audited data for the FY 2021-22. AIBSNLEA extended sincere appreciation to CMD for his team work in attaining the EBITDA positive performance consecutively.


AIBSNLEA sought the progress of approval and availability of 2nd revival package from Govt. of India for BSNL worth around Rs.1.60 lakhs Crore. CMD Sir shared his very optimistic view on the availability of the package as DOT initiated the proposal for the all-around revamp of BSNL. However, we have to wait for the final outcome of the proposal.


Induction of 4G in BSNL:The CMD BSNL is very much hopeful of launching of 4G Services in BSNL without much delay. But, as of now, a couple of issues are there even though Placing of Post POC for 6K sites for BSNL has been done to TCS. The commercial viability of TCS on the lone BSNL’s 4G project with limited POC, unavailability of ICs and the heavy price shoot-up on ICs are the teething issues on the early 4G induction to BSNL. The CMD BSNL is very hopeful on settling down the issues shortly.


AIBSNLEA shared the point that Pvt. Operators took around an year of time to stabilize their 4G network before the commercial launching of their 4G and BSNL also to be travelled the path for some time after installation of 4G system to stabilise before the commercial launching of BSNL’s 4G . CMD patiently listened our submissions and added that BSNL can commercially launch 4G in 2023 in a full-fledged manner. CMD mentioned that the enhancement of existing PP & BTY are also there as part of 4G implementation.


Installation of BSNL’s own Pole System for the survival of BSNL’s Services/ Business in future at par with R-JIO and Other Data Service Providers including State Government Sponsored Data Services , as part of 2nd Revival Package of BSNL :


CMD appreciated our concern & suggestions and mentioned on the limitation of having such a big chunk of investment. On this limitation, CMD shared the thinking of having an MOU with State Electricity Departments/Boards for utilising their pole  system for tagging our overhead cable system on payment basis.


<<<Letter Submitted by GS AIBSNLEA on 12-05-2022  , in this regard>>>


Request for providing sufficient number of finance executives in Chennai and Kolkata metro districts as per the revised manpower norms.


AIBSNLEA requested for the enhancement of the strength of executives in accounts cadre as proposed by the concerned CGMTs ; 


DGM F: 7(As Proposed) against 3(Sanctioned),


CAO: 23(As Proposed) 7(sanctioned) ,


AO/JAO : 80 /83 (As Proposed) and


AO/JAO: CHTD-46(sanctioned) & Kol TD -44 (sanctioned) .


CMD shared his  detailed views on the request of AIBSNLEA . We once again requested for enhancing the executives’ strength in Finance based on the volume of business carried out in Chennai TD and Kolkata TD.


30 % SAB for BSNL DRs & early finalization of the Long Pending and Most Rewarding Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent and E3 for SDE/AO equivalent cadres:


AIBSNLEA has submitted its views on the issue of Standard Pay Scales several times during the past 13 years. BSNL is an EBITDA Positive PSU for the last two Financial Years and spending only around Rs.550 crores for the monthly Salary expenditure and having a balance Revenue of Rs.950 Crore per month for other expenditures. AIBSNLEA firmly feels that this is a high time for BSNL to implement the Standard Pay Scales of E2 & E3 for providing some relief so that Young BSNL recruited Executives may get some sort of relaxation against the heavy dearth in their eligible 30% SAB benefits. We requested for the early finalisation of full 30% SAB benefits for BSNL DRs.


CMD BSNL shared his views very elaborately on the submission in a positives and motivating way


AIBSNLEA cannot compromise on the turning down of E2-E3 pay scales proposals for JTO-SDE equivalent cadres by DOT and is endorsed in the Letter No. BSNL/7-1/SR/2022 dated 11.05.2022. Its quiet unfortunate and heavily painful

For AIBSNLEA, the E2 & E3 pay scales & 30 % SAB are at par with the fundamental/ birth right of BSNL executives from their birth to BSNL.  E2 & E3 pay scales are eligible after the implementation of IDA Pay Scales in BSNL from 01.01.2000 . We will earn it. The stand of AIBSNLEA really resembles “Swaraj is my birth-right and I shall have it!” …Roared Bal Gangadhar Tilak “


The senior officers in DOT are turning the proposals down by swinging in tandem with their predecessors on many matters, but they are favouring deep down their heart to the standard pay scales for the  young bloods of BSNL.


Pending Regular Promotion in all executive cadres: We requested for regular promotion in all cadres in the light of DOPT guidelines endorsed by DOT & BSNL as well with 15 days relaxation of eligibility as on 1-1-2022 may be considered for AO to CAO promotions and for  SDE to DE  promotions the Seniority lists up to  13 may  be considered to have a smooth promotion from SDE to AGM. Any kind of partial release of promotion orders may invite further litigations as executives are little frustrated to the delay in getting promotions.


CMD BSNL is in total favor of timely promotions. Any kind of relaxation can also be permitted if proposed on guidelines. The present unfortunate delay is caused by the multiple legal interruptions and management is in a process of sorting it out for the speedy release of pending promotions.



AIBSNLEA CHQ extended sincere gratitude to CMD BSNL in granting the meeting and having a detailed discussion on all the points submitted to CMD. CMD responded that this is a very crucial time for BSNL to have a hand in hand working of Administration and Associations for the complete turnaround of BSNL. AIBSNLEA assured the same to CMD BSNL.

19.05.2022 Meeting with Director (Finance) BSNL Board

GS Com. Shaji . V , President CHQ Com. Rajpal Sharma  & Auditor CHQ Com. R.S.Slathia met the DIR ( Finance) Madam Yojana Das and discussed the Service/Financial and HR matters-


Director (Finance) also  shared the worthy news that BSNL is heading for the EBITDA positive for the 3rd consecutive year. On the second revival package to BSNL amounts to Rs. 1.60 lakhs, Director (Finance) shared the information that the proposal is going in the right direction and expecting for positive outcome.


(1) Long Pending AO to CAO Promotions- AIBSNLEA have submitted that presently around 49 CAOs only working in BSNL against the Sanctioned Strength of 672 posts of CAOs and there is an acute shortage in the Cadre of CAO as only less than 10% are working against the reduced Sanctioned strength after VRS. It is pertinent to mention here that the JAOs appointed since 1996 onwards are waiting for their due CAO promotion for the past 26 years. The eligible executives for CAO promotion as on 01-01-2022 are very less and BSNL needs more CAOs as per vacancies available and hence a 15 days relaxation may be granted to eligible AOs for filling up all the vacancies to strengthen the Financial activities of BSNL in the interest of the BSNL and manning the CAOs/IFAs positions in the Business Areas and Circle HQs.


Director (Finance) was listened our submissions patiently and responded very positively that madam is sharing our concern. As and when the opportunity arises, Director (Finance) assured that madam will use her office favorably for the demand raised by AIBSNLEA as the demand is very genuine.  


2. Cancellation of JAOs Rule-9 transfer & relieving off orders- Keep in abeyance the orders regarding relieving of the Executives from the Borrowing Circle(s) in Junior Accounts Officer (JAO) Grade (working on Temporary transfer basis under Rule-9 of transfer Policy) in the interest of the Company and on BSNL Service Ground, on prevailing Spouse joining and on Medical Grounds of Self, Spouse & Parents as per BSNL Executive’s Transfer Policy.


AIBSNLEA shared  with Director (Finance) that some of the cases are considered and some more eligible genuine cases are pending. AIBSNLEA CHQ requested the Director (Finance) to use her good office and retain all the 66 JAOs transferred & repatriated   under Rule-9 by Pers. Branch. Director (Finance) responded positively   and assured to look into the matter. <<<Click here for  letter >>>>

18.05.2022 GS writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO regarding  request for consideration of inter-Circle transfer with TA/TP- case of Shri K. Venkata Ratnam, AO, HRMS 199602302, STP Chennai transferred to TS Circle with 4 years 4 months service at the Present Station <<<Click here for  letter >>>>
17.05.2022 BSNL CO, New Delhi endorsed and forwatred the copy of DoP&T OM dated 12.04.2022 duly endorsed by DoT vide DoT letter No. 01-02/2022-SCT dated 29.04.2022 for adherence and strict compliance of the instructions of DOPT <<<Click here for  Order >>>>

13.05.2022 BSNL CO issued order regarding

(1)Transfer/ Posting in the grade of AGM/Executive Engineer ( C)<

<<<Click here for  Order-1 >>>>            <<Click here for  Order-2 >>>

(2) Transfer and Posting of long stay Exeutives in the cadre of Sub Divisional Engineer

( Electrical) <<<Click here for  Order >>>>  

13.05.2022 The last date for submission of self-appraisal through ESS portal has been extended upto 31.05.2022 by BSNL CO <<Click here for  Order >>>
12.05.2022 GS writes to PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO regarding request for cancellation of transfer orders and exemption on Medical grounds in the Cadre of AGM/DE(T) <<<Click here for GS  letter>>>

12.05.2022 BSNL CO issued Provisional All India Eligibility List -5 (AIEL-5) of JTOs(T):


<<<Click here for Forwarding letter>>>


<<<Click here for AIEL list of  RY 2016  VY:2013-14 >>>


<<<Click here for AIEL list of  RY 2016 VY:2014-15>>>     


<<<Click here for AIEL list of RY 2016 VY:2015-16>>>


<<<Click here for AIEL list of RY 2016 VY:2016-17>>>

12.05.2022 GS writes to

(1) Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding the compelling demand from field situations for installation of BSNL’s own Pole System for the survival of BSNL’s Services/ Business in future at par with R-JIO and Other Data Service Providers including State Government Sponsored Data Services like the mighty KFON <<<Click here for GS  letter>>>


(2) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding requested for cancellation of long stay transfer orders and exemption under Medical grounds immunity in the cadre of AGM/DE(T) <<<Click here for GS  letter>>>

11.05.2022 GS writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO regarding

(1) Request for retention in the borrowing Circles working on temporary transfer basis under Rule-9, of the JAOs on Spouse & Medical grounds.<<<Click here for GS  letter>>>


(2) Request for cancellation of transfer and exemption on Medical grounds immunity in the cadre of SDE (T) <<<Click here for GS  letter>>>

11.05.2022 The window for submitting option to join the GHI Scheme has been opened again from 11.05.2022 to 18.05.2022-
The window has been opened for 2nd time for one week  to exercise the option for joining the scheme of “Group Health Insurance Policy for BSNL Employees” online through ERP/ESS Portal from 11.05.2022 to 18.05.2022. The Scheme is for 11 months and once opted, it cannot be withdrawn….
<<<Click here for order>>>
10.05.2022 Com. Shaji. V AGM , Kerala Circle has been elected as General Secretary of AIBSNLEA in the 7th AIC of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai during March 2022.
GS has applied for transfer to BSNL Corporate office to join at CHQ for smooth functioning of the Association.
BSNL Management is kind enough to accept the request of AIBSNLEA CHQ on Good will between the Management and the Association and issued the transfer orders of Com. V Shaji, GS AIBSNLEA & AGM from Kerala Circle to BSNL CO.
AIBSNLEA CHQ extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the Respected CMD Sir, Director (HR), PGM (Pers.), PGM (SR), DGM (Pers) & Pers team.
GS will join CHQ very soon. The presence of Com. Shaji.V at the Head Quarters will strengthen the AIBSNLEA....<<<Click here for GS transfer order>>>

10.05.2022 Status of Court Cases:
(1) Promotion from AO to CAO ‘Status Quo Case'-
AO to CAO promotion Status Quo Case in respect of O.A. No. 60/1435/2018 Anupam Yadav & Others Vs BSNL is pending in Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh and has been posted for next hearing on 11.05.2022.

AIBSNLEA CHQ has requested Director (Fin), PGM (Pers) and DGM(Pers-Legal) to take up the case with BSNL Senior Counsel and CGM Punjab for early disposal of the OA in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh as per the directions of Hon’ble HC of Punjab and Haryana so that all Vacant Posts of CAOs in BSNL can be filled up on priority basis through promotion since there is acute shortage in the Cadre of CAO in BSNL. BSNL is not moving further for promotions due to the “Status Quo” ordered by the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh. PGM (Pers)/ DGM (Pers-Legal) mentioned that Pers. Branch has already issued the instructions to the CGMT Punjab Circle and also coordinated with Sr. Counsel to follow up the Court Case on 11th May, 2022.

AIBSNLEA CHQ has also instructed the OS (North) Com. Ashok Sharma to attend the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh tomorrow at the time of hearing of the case.

(2) Jarnail Singh & Ors Vs Lachhmi Narain Gupta & Ors along with applications for appropriate orders/directions….. Case in Hon’ble Supreme Court is also listed for 11.05.2022.
The Reservation in Promotion Case (Jarnail Singh & Ors Vs Lachhmi Narain Gupta & Ors) pending in Hon'ble Supreme Court for final disposal along with other Civil Appeals was heard on 30.03.2022 and passed that:
“Upon hearing the counsel the Court made the following Order:
List on 11.05.2022
Additional documents, if any, be filed in the meanwhile.”

<<<Click here for order>>>

We expect the vacation of the ‘Status Quo’ and pronouncement of the final judgment by Hon’ble Supreme Court which will pave the way of the Regular Promotions in BSNL

06.05.2022 Kind Attention All CS & CP:- BSNL Corporate Office has issued order regarding "Entry/Verification of off-line APAR data in respect of SDEs (all streams) and Accounts Officers (AOs) for the period from 2010-11 onwards in SAP(ERP) Portal" and requested to complete the same and submit the report generated by T-code ZHR_GET APAR_DATA, duly signed by the Members of APAR Data Verification Committee to Corporate Office.


The CO BSNL order has already been uploaded by AIBSNLEA CHQ on dated 22.04.2022 <<< Click here for BSNL order>>>


All CS/ CP & CHQ OBs are requested to coordinate with the concerned officers of their respective Circles and to ensure the same at the earliest.

06.05.2022BSNL CO issued order regarding Retention of JAOs, transferred under Rule -9, in the Present Circles of Posting till 31.10.2022 due to Medical Reasons .<<<Click here for order>>>

GS AIBSNLEA requested for the held in obeyance/Retention of transfers of JAOs under Rule-9 in the interest of the BSNL Services, Prevailing Spouse Grounds & Medical Grounds of self/Spouse/Parents <<<Click here for GS letter>>>

02.05.2022 Minutes of the maiden CHQ OBs and Advisors Meeting of AIBSNLEA held on 28th of April’ 2022 from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm after the 7th AIC 2022 and formation of the 8th CHQ Body:

President, AIBSNLEA Com. Rajpal Sharma presided over the meeting. President welcomed our beloved Ex.G.S., AIBSNLEA Com. Sivakumar Ji, General Secretary Com. Shaji. V, Dy.G.S. Com. J.K. Patel Ji and all the newly elected CHQ office bearers to the maiden CHQ Meeting Com. President explained about the Sincerity, Dedication, Devotion and wholehearted support to the AIBSNLEA of our great leader Ex.GS. The President, AIBSNLEA elaborated about the issues discussed and decision taken in the meeting of AUAB which was held at New Delhi on 27-04-2022 where in the President represented AIBSNLEA CHQ. President reported that AUAB meeting discussed on:

1. The launching of 4 G & 5 G services by BSNL,

2. Immediate implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL for both Executives & Non-Executives,

3. Immediate implementation of Standard Pay Scales E-2 & E3,

4. Review of Restructuring of BSNL since two years time initially given by the Management is over,

5. Filling backlog vacancies of SCs/STs,

6. Out Door Medical Bills & Group Health Insurance Scheme etc.

The AUAB meeting decided for the Agitaional Programms for demand of 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees and all other issues which will be finalised in the AUAB meeting proposed to be held on 04.05.2022. President, AIBSNLEA explained the details of his meetings held with the Senior Officers in Corporate Office held in different occasions along with other CHQ OBs in Corporate Office. President elaborated about his meeting with PGM (Pers) on 26.04.2022. Com. President invited the General Secretary to explain about the Agenda in detail and address the meeting.

General Secretary, AIBSNLEA Com. Shaji V welcomed the President, Dy.GS, and Ex.GS & all the CHQ Office Bearers/Advisors connected through on-line in this meeting. GS elaborated the Mission & Vision of New CHQ Team of AIBSNLEA to become as the No.1 Executive Association in BSNL.  GS elaborated the need for-

1. Implementation of Standard E2 & E3 Pay Scales.

2. Immediate issuance of Regular Promotions for all Cadres & Streams.

3. Implementation of Rs.22820 Pay to avoid the pay loss to the Young Executives.

4. Immediate approval of BSNL Board is needed for E1+5 increments.

5. 30% SAB to the DR Executives.

6. Timely conduction of LICE/LDCE to fill-up 33% promotional quota and several all other HR issues should be settled on priority basis.

7. Immediate Budgetary Support to BSNL to overcome financial constraints.

8. Wage Revision of BSNL Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017 as per 3rd PRC Recommendations.

9. Pension Revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017 for BSNL Retirees.

10. Immediate release of Rs.39000 Cr BSNL dues by the DoT.

11. Immediate Launching of 4-G Services by BSNL.

12. Payment of Pension Contribution on Actual Basic Pay as per Govt. Rules (FR 116) instead of maximum of the Pay Scales.

13. Portion of IDA (119.5% as on 01.01.2017) equal to 75% of the existing basic pay in respect of the employees of BSNL/ CPSEs following IDA pattern of Pay Scales of 2007 levels may be distinctly allowed and showed as Dearness Pay (DP) w.e.f. 01.01.2017 as a temporary measure till such time the 3rd PRC is settled for BSNL Employees.

14. Retention of JAOs transferred under Rule-9.

15. The premium amount paid by the employees for the GHIS should be born/reimbursed by the BSNL Management.

16. The ceiling for reimbursement of O/D treatment reduced by the Management should be restored immediately.  

17. Without Voucher Medical Facility should be restored to the serving employees and it should be allowed to switch over to the CGHS scheme.

18. The clear road map of 4G is yet to be sorted out, however turn around of BSNL is expected around the 4G technology induction to BSNL. GS extended sincere thanks to CMD BSNL in actively striving hard for the early induction of 4G to BSNL.

GS has requested all the Organizing Secretaries to contact their concerned Circle Secretaries for increasing Membership of AIBSNLEA in each Circle. GS explained about his address in the Circle Body meeting of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle on dated 01-04-2022 and the Extended CEC of AP Circle on 14-04-2022 followed by the District Meeting held at Visakhapattanam on 13.04.2022.

GS also discussed on Pending Seniority/Gradation List of JAO-2016 Batch,  Long Stay Transfers of SDE(T)/AGM(T) of >26 Years, PA to PS & PS to PPS Promotions, Consideration of Hard Tenure Transfer Cases of SDE(C) & others in time,  JAO Rule-9 transfers, Salary cut on the UF Dharna day on the 22-12-2022 un-evenly in WB, Rajasthan and CNTX Circles, Pending request transfer cases etc., and the efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ in settling down all the issues in favour of the Executives.

GS expressed sincere thanks to the President, AIBSNLEA for his dedicated efforts being done in Corporate Office in executing favours for our members from BSNL Management on daily basis. Support of Advisor(Legal), FS CHQ & Auditor, available at HQ, was also applauded. The profound support and guidance extended by Com. Sivakumar Ji, Ex.G.S. to the functioning of AIBSNLEA CHQ is specially remarked by GS and the meeting wholeheartedly acclaimed  it and seek the same from  Com. Sivakumar Ji.

All the Organizing Secretaries reported their Organizational Activities under their domain of action.





Organizing Secretary





Organizing Secretary



A & N





Com  Avijit Khamrui









Com  Ashok Kumar Sharma




UP East




UP West








Delhi NTR


North East I




North East II


Himachal Pradesh






West Bengal


Jammu & Kashmir



Andhra Pradesh



 Com Shiva Kumar
















Com  Vivek  Wankhede






Tamil Nadu


Madhya Pradesh











Chennai TD




Com. J.K. Patel- Dy.G.S., Com. Sasi Kumar KG- VP-I, Com. Dinesh Kumar- Finance Secretary, Com. Raju Roy- AFS, Com. Ramamoorthy- Advisor(Legal) CHQ, Com. Binobaditya Sahoo- AGS (Engineering), Com. S. Narendra- AGS (Finance), Com. Ravindra Kumar- AGS (C/E/Arch&TF), Com. A.K. Khilar- AGS (General Discipline), Com. Prabhakaran- Advisor(South), Com. Jai Prakash Dongre- Advisor(West),  Com. Swaroop Chakrabarty, Advisor (East),   Com. B.N. Rohal- Advisor (North), Com. P Raju- Advisor(Central) etc presented their reports and views in the meeting.

President invited Ex.GS Com. Sivakumar. The Ex.GS thanked all the CHQ office bearers for their participation in the meeting. Ex.GS elaborately discussed about Mission & Vision of AIBSNLEA, Pending HR issues, their status and the pace of each & every Circle to move ahead for the betterment of AIBSNLEA. Subsequent to the summarization by GS, FS CHQ extended Vote of Thanks. 

Com. Dinesh Kumar, FS CHQ delivered the Vote of thanks. He thanked all the CHQ office bearers for their participation in this 4 hours marathon on-line meeting. He has conveyed thanks & appreciation to Ex.GS for his continuous Support and Cooperation to the New CHQ team. He has given hearty thanks to GS- AIBSNLEA, President- CHQ, Dy.GS and all the OSs, AGSs, Advisors, VPs & AFS. He also thanked to Ex. AGS (Hqr) Com. Bhagwan Singh ji who has extended his sincere help in conducting this On-Line Meeting. The meeting was concluded with loud slogans AIBSNLEA- Zindabad, BSNL- Zindabad….

02.05.2022 BSNL CO issued orders regarding:-

(i) Transfer & posting of long stay SDE(Telecom) ...<<<Click here for order>>>

(ii) Transfer and posting of long stay AGMs/DEs in Telecom Operation Stream... <<<Click here for order>>>

(iii) Inter Circle/Tenure Transfer of SDE(Telecom)...<<<Click here for order>>>

(iv) Inter Circle transfer of SDEs(T) of QA & INSP Circle upon restructuring post VRS ....<<<Click here for order>>>

01.05.2022   Iin exercising the Powers conferred upon by the clauses of the AIBSNLEA Constitution in clause 8(VI) Powers & Duties of Office Bearers (c) General Secretary (v) (vii) (a), the General Secretary AIBSNLEA has formed the new Ad-hoc Committee of AIBSNLEA, Madhya Pradesh Circle Organization. The following are the new Circle Office bearers of the Ad-hoc Committee of Madhya Pradesh Circle. 


Circle President:           

Shri.S.K. Rishishishwar

DGM(T), Morena


Circle Secretary:            

Shri. Kuldeep Arya

SDOP (T), Shajapur


Financial Secretary:

Shri. Ankit Nema

JAO, Ujjain


Asst. Circle Secretary 1

Shri. P.N. Gautam

SDOP, Indore


Asst. Circle Secretary 2

Shri. Santosh Kumar Vyas

SDE Urban 2, Betul


Asst. Circle Secretary 3

Shri. Amitesh Tiwari


AIBSNLEA CHQ convey its Hearty Congratulations to the Newly formed Young and Energetic Ad-hoc Committee Members of AIBSNLEA Madhya Pradesh Circle.

 <<<CLICK HERE for Letter addressed to CGMT, BSNL Madhya Pradesh Circle by the GS, AIBSNLEA regarding formation of New Circle Ad-hoc body>>>


1st May...


1st May 2022  is the 19th Foundation Day of AIBSNLEA. AIBSNLEA CHQ extends Warm Greetings & Best Wishes to all the Members & Well Wishers of AIBSNLEA as well as to one and all on this Occasion.


AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 01.05.2004 merging of 10 DOT Recognized Group-B Officer’s Associations and thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e., Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance and Accounts, Civil, Electrical, Arch, Telecom Factory Engg wing,  Personnel Staff (PA/PS/PPS), CSS staff, AD(O/L) and General Disciplines of BSNL.


Let us maintain the same spirit of Unity to achieve more and more Milestones in the days to come. Wish you all a Very Happy Foundation Day of AIBSNLEA.


We pledge together to strengthen AIBSNLEA to safeguard the interests of all BSNL Executives and protect BSNL as well.........


AIBSNLEA  Zindabad.!!!.....AIBSNLEA  Zindabad.!!!.....BSNL Zindabad.!!!





“Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t work hard”.


             CELEBRATE MAY DAY 2022