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30.11.2013    Awareness session between BSNL Management and Unions/Associations in BSNL CO on dated 29.11.2013: Awareness session between BSNL Management and Unions/Associations in BSNL CO on dated 29.11.2013 was organised in the conference hall of BSNL. CO. From Management side, CMD, DIR(Fin), DIR(HR&Ent), DIR(CFA), ED(CN), ED(Fin), ED(CA) and all the PGM/GMs of BSNL CO were present. 2 or 3 leaders from all the Union / Association  were participated in the session from . From AIBSNLEA side GS, OS(North) and FS attended the session.

<<<Click here for Glimpses of the Awareness Session  arranged by BSNL  Management for BSNL's Unions/Associations at 9th Floor, BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi>>>>

In the Awareness Session, presentations were made by PGMs/GMs of different verticals namely Finance, CM, CFA, EB and HR explaining the roadmap for the revival of BSNL.  Com. GS and OS(North) also pointed out the problems faced by field Executives' regarding the Viability of BSNL e.g. closing of popular landline plans, scarcity of equipments in the field and the poor network problems in various parts. Management has supplied the following information in the form of presentation. <<<Click here for the Power point Presentation by BSNL Management>>>

30.11.2013:BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding retirement on superannuation on 30.11.2013 in respect of (i) SDEs (Telecom)/PS (ii) AFS Executives (iii) Executives of AGM/DE equivalent grade  (iv) DGM equivalent grade

AIBSNLEA wishes Happy Retired life to all who retired today on their superannuation.

29.11.2013:  Congratulations! BSNL Corporate office issued Promotion order of 39 left out  JTOs of DPC-2011 to the grade of SDE(Telecom) in BSNL against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (promotion quota)- <<<Click here for the letter>>>

29.11.2013:  BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding furnishing of VC in respect of the following executives for preparatory work for promotion to the grade of DET/AGM on regular basis  <<List-1>>>   <<<List-2>>>

29.11.2013:  GS, FS and Auditor met CMD, BSNL, Director(Fin.) for allowing purchase of Executive Diary -2014 to all BSNL Employees. CMD assured for an early issuance of order in this regard.

29.11.2013:  GS, CS UP(W) Circle met GM(Estt.) and discussed regarding

(a) Regularization of Offg. JTOs: We requested to take early action for regularization of offg. JTOs. GM(Estt.) mentioned that after the discussions with Sr. GM(Legal), BSNL C.O., MC Note is being prepared to amend the JTO RR-2001 for the regularization of Offg. JTOs.

(b) Removal of disparity of pay of DR JTOs of recruitment year-2005: We requested to issue necessary order in super-session of BSNL C.O. order no. 1-14/2009-PAT(BSNL) dated 26.09.2013. GM(Estt.) mentioned that matter is under consideration and a MC Note has been sent to provide IDA pay scale Rs. 22820 instead of Rs. 21600. After the approval of MC matter will be sent to BSNL Board for approval.   He assured an early decision in this regard.

29.11.2013:  AIBSNLEA felicitated Sh. K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director(Fin.), BSNL Board on his retirement on superannuation today. We greeted and congratulated him on his retirement. Click here for Glimpses==>>  <<<Photo1>>>    <<<Photo2>>>    <<<Photo3>>>

29.11.2013:  AIBSNLEA CHQ arranged farewell to Sh. Bhagwan Singh, Auditor CHQ(09414001895) on his transfer from BSNL C.O., New Delhi to Rajasthan Telecom Circle in Jaipur TD. Click Here for the Glimpses >>>  <<<Photo1>>>     <<<Photo2>>>   <<<Photo3>>>
28.11.2013: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding collection of ACRs for preparatory work for ensuing CPC for promotion from AGM/DE(T)( Regular) to DGM (T) (Adhoc) - updating of ACRs / APAR and screening committee report in connection with promotion to the grade of DGM(T) on adhoc basis  <<<Click here for the letter>>>
26.11.2013:   GS attended and addressed the Special Meeting of All India Retired BSNL Executives' Welfare Assocaition (AIRBSNLEWA) Rajasthan Circle at Jaipur on  23rd Nov., 2013 along with CS, AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle (Com. M.K. Morodia). Com. GS in his address apprised in detail the status of 78.2% IDA Pay Fixation case for BSNL Pensioners and assured to provide maximum help to AIRBSNLEWA in its growth. Com. M.L. Ostwal, CS AIRBSNLEWA and Com. K.G. Arora, Circle President, AIRBSNLEWA welcomed Com. GS and felicitated him on re-election as General Secretary, AIBSNLEA in 4th AIC at Nashil(MH). <<Click here for the Glimpses>>>>    
26.11.2013:  <<<Click here for the Glimpses of Courtesy call meeting of newly elected CHQ Office Bearers stationed at Delhi with DoT/BSNL Officers after 4th AIC at Nashik>>>

26.11.2013:  GS met GM(Pers.) and discussed regarding

(a) Filling up of the vacant SAG/JAG/STS/Group-'B' level posts: We requested  to take early an action to fill up of the vacant SAG/JAG/STS/Group-'B' level posts. GM(Pers.) mentioned that the CPC to fill up vacant SAG level posts of Telecom Engineering from BSNL absorbed ITS officers is being conducted today and shortly the promotion order of all eligible DGMs/Addl. GMs will be issued shortly.

CPC to fill up DGM(Engg.) posts is in process, ACRs/VCRs are being collected to expedite CPC to fill up 480 DGM posts.

CPC from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) - GM(Pers.) mentioned that the CPC from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) against the vacancies of 2011-12 and 2012-13 is in process. Matter has been sent to CLO for clearance on SC/ST roster points.

CPC from SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) - We requested to issue left out promotion order of 1860 CPC. GM(Pers.) mentioned that the contempt case against DE promotion order issued on 19th July 2013 was heard yesterday in the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh and now the case is posted for hearing on 23rd March, 2014 since BSNL has already filed SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court which will come for hearing on 18th March, 2014.  Hence, after the clearance from the Hon'ble court further promotion order from SDE(T) to DE will be considered.

CPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T) of seniority cum fitness quota -  GM(Pers.) mentioned that the CPC work to fill up about 3000 SDE(T) posts of 67% seniority quota of the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 is in progress but promotion orders will be issued after the clearance from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum Bench.

(b) CPC from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) : We requested for early issuance of promotion order from JTO(TF0 to SDE(TF). GM(Pers.) mentioned that CPC to fill up 28 SDE(TF) posts is in progress and after the clearance from CLO promotion order will be issued.

(c) Restructuring of AD(OL) Cadre: GM(Pers.) mentioned that Addl. GM(CP&M), Chairman Committee has assured to submit committee report with in this week and after receiving the report further action in this regard will be taken. GS also met Addl. GM(CP&M) and requested for early submission of the report. Addl. GM(CP&M) assured the same.

(d) Allowing executives for promotion to EE(C/E/Arch.)  who availed degree through Distance Education : GM(Pers.) mentioned that a letter has been send to UGC for clarification regarding the validity of the Institutes and degree availed through Distance Education and the reply is awaited. After receiving the reply from UGC further action will be taken.

25.11.2013:  GS, AGS(HQ), AFS, Auditor, Advisor(HQ) met Chairman TC & Secy(T), DoT Shri M.F. Farooqui and felicitated him as he was invited as Chief Guest to inaugurate 4th AIC at Nashik on 10th Nov.,2013 but due to his foreign tour he could not attend the OPEN SESSION but sent his best wishes through his message in the conference. While reading out GS Keynote address, he mentioned that most of the issues related to Viability of BSNL are in process in DoT to support BSNL and on some more issues will be taken up. He mentioned that along with BSNL employees DoT/Govt. also want to ensure that BSNL should flourish. He assured his full support.

We also requested for early filling up of the posts of Director (HR) lying vacant for the last one and half year and Director (Fin.) post which will be vacant on 1st Dec., 2013. Secy(T) appreciated our concern and mentioned that both the Director posts are very very important posts of BSNL Board. He assured an early action in this regard.

25.11.2013:  GS, AGS(HQ), AFS, Auditor, Advisor(HQ) met  Member (S), DoT and requested him for early settlement of the 78.2% IDA pay fixation case of BSNL pensioners. Member (S) mentioned that matter has been  sent to DOP&PW for clarification and after its clearance only further action will be taken. He also acknowledged the recent latter of CMD, BSNL to Secy(T), DoT on this issue but wanted that BSNL should also explain the mechanism of actual pay fixation with 78.2% IDA fitment. However, he assured an early action in this regard.
25.11.2013:  GS, FS(Sh. T.C. Jain), AGS(HQ) (Sh. N.L. Sharma), AFS(Sh. Alkendra Singh), Auditor (Sh. Bhagwan Singh), Advisor(HQ) (Sh. Satish Kumar) met CMD, BSNL extended sincere gratitude and thanks for his benign presence in the OPEN SESSION of 4th AIC of AIBSNLEA held at Nashik(MH) on 11th Nov., 2013. CMD appreciated our feelings and expressed his happiness in attending and addressing such a large gathering of BSNL executives of various disciplines. He mentioned that  it will help the growth of BSNL and told let us, start a new era to turn around BSNL to make its a profitable company. He also congratulated the newly elected Central Office bearers. We assured him our fullest cooperation.

25.11.2013:  BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding EL encashment to employees appointed in BSNL after technical resignation from the Govt.  <<<Click here for letter>>>

25.11.2013: <<<Click here for the CMD Speech delivered in the OPEN SESSION of 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Nashik on 11th Nov.,2013>>>>

25.11.2013: SR Cell of BSNL Corporate has called a meeting of the General Secretaries of the BSNL Unions and Associations on 30th Nov., 2013 to discuss Operation and Development related issues as a follow up action to HOCC Meeting. To provide Association feedback, we request all the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries to send their views/suggestions in above mentioned reference upto 29th Nov., 2013 through e-mail.

25.11.2013:BSNL News in Media 

(i) BSNL launches SIM embedded SMS based utility services, Ringtone @Rs 9 <<<Click here for detail news>>>

(ii) Every Home should have BSNL. Why ??   <<<Click here for detail news>>>

22.11.2013: GS, AFS met GM(FP) and discussed regarding

(a) CPC from JAO to AO: We requested to fill up about 1900 AOs vacant posts at the earliest. GM(FP) mentioned that matter is under consideration for CPC. The approval of the Competent authority is being taken to hold the CPC on the basis of Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh judgment.

(b) Allowing option to deptt. JAOs who joined after 07.05.2010: We requested for early settlement of the issue by allowing option to deptt. JAOs who joined after 07.05.2010. GM(FP) informed that matter is consideration to the Committee and in the next week the Committee Meeting will be held to discuss the matter. GM(FP), GM(EF) and GM(Estt.) are the members of the Committee.

(c) Posting of additional staff in the CPC cell: We requested for early posting of additional staff in the CPC cell of SEA Section to expedite CPCs from JAO to AO and AO to CAO. GM(FP) assured an early action in this regard.

22.11.2013: <<<Click here for the Brief Report of the 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Nashik (Maharashtra) from 10th Nov. to 12th Nov., 2013>>>>
21.11.2013:GS, AGS(HQ) (Com. N.L. Sharma) met Director(CM) and discussed regarding poor GSM services in Western Telecom Region and its improvement. Director(CM) mentioned that BSNL is facing problem  in the Western Zone due to M/s ITI as vendor to supply GSM equipment and its AMC. M/s ITI is not providing timely equipment as well as not extending maintenance support, even BSNL has to directly deal the main suppliers who are supplying equipment through  ITI to  BSNL and  their payments are not released in time by ITI even after the payments are cleared by BSNL. Regarding repair of Sumo Cards (BTS Stations), he informed that Circles have been allowed to get repair these faulty cards locally without depending on ITI. He further mentioned that Govt. should review its decisions to make mandatory on BSNL to have procurement of equipment in Western Zone compulsory from M/s ITI only for the last 10 years.

21.11.2013:GS, AGS(HQ) (Com. N.L. Sharma) met GM(Pers.) and discussed

(a) CPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T) of 67% seniority quota: We requested to speed up the CPC process to fill up about 4000 SDE(T) 67% seniority quota posts in a time bound manner. GM(Pers.) mentioned that screening of ACRs work is in progress and the revised VCRs have also been called from circles but the promotions orders will be issued after getting the clearance from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum bench. However, he assured an early action in this regard. AIBSNLEA has already impleaded in the case.

(b) CPC from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF): We requested to issue promotion order from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF). GM(Pers.) mentioned that CPC to fill up 28 SDE(TF) posts is in progress and shortly the promotion order will be issued.

(c) CPC from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular): We requested to issue promotion order from DE(Adhoc) to DE(Regular) against the vacancies  of 2011-12 and 2012-13. GM(Pers.) mentioned that CPC work is in progress, most of the ACRs upto 2011-12 have been collected, fresh VCRs and ACRs of 2012-13 also have been called from Circles. However, he assured an early action in this regard. 

(d) Streamlining of CPCs: GM(Pers.) opined that all the APARs should be made available online in HRMS Package through ERP Cell  by scanning the APARs and uploading. It will enable individual executives to know their performance as well as make easy to Pers. Cell in conducting the CPCs on fast track. Now, we are to discuss the matter with concern ERP Cell authorities.

21.11.2013:GS, AGS(HQ) (Com. N.L. Sharma) met Director (Finance), BSNL Board and requested to fill up  the vacant 1900 vacant AOs posts at the earliest. Director (Finance) mentioned that some JAOs has filed court cases and stall the process whereas they are eligible to be promoted. However, now the matter is under active consideration and shortly the Management approval will be given to fill up the vacant AOs posts.           

21.11.2013:GS, AGS(HQ) (Com. N.L. Sharma) met Director(HR) and discussed regarding settlement of long pending issues i.e. Regularization of Offg. JTOs, Restructuring of AD(OL) cadre and creation of PPS cadre in BSNL's field units. Director(HR) mentioned that GM(Estt.) is already sized with the Offg. JTTOs  regularization and shortly some solution will be taken in this regard. Regarding AD(OL) cadre restructuring and PPS posts creation, he assured to discuss the matter with the concern GMs for an early solution.

21.11.2013:BSNL Corporate office issued following letters today's:-

(i) <<<<Click here for the Operational guidelines for BSNL Cyber cafes>>>

(ii) <<<Click here for the list of VC (Consolidated ) missing / pending/expired cases as on 20.11.2013 for the Vacancy years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13>>>

21.11.2013:  GS, AGS (HQ), Com. N.L. Sharma, met GM (Estt.) and discussed:-

(a) Regularization of offg. JTOs: We expressed our serious concern against delay in regularization of offg. JTOs. GM (Estt.) mentioned that yesterday he was to meet GM (Legal) to discuss the matter for legal opinion on creation of supernumeric posts of JTOs but he could not meet due some other urgent work. However, he assured to GM (legal) shortly to discuss the matter for further n/a.

(b) Restructuring of AD (O/L) Cadre: We resented that AGM of Estt. Cell member in committee has not submitted his comments whereas other members has already given the comments. GM (Estt.) assured that within 2-3 days AGM (Estt.) will submit his comments on this issues. It is understood that next Committee Meeting is schedule to be held on 22.11.2013.

(c) Allowing option to exercise by Departmental JAOs who joined after 07.05.2010: GM(Estt.) confirmed that a Committee of GM (FP), GM (EF) and GM (Estt.) has been constituted to examine the matter but so far no Committee Meeting could be held. However, he assured for an early Committee Meeting.

(d) 3% Pay fitment benefit in the old scale and 3% in the higher pay scale: GM(Estt.) mentioned that case has been sent to DoT and concern DDG in DoT has assured that after Assembly Election only the staff will be available in DoT to process the case.

21.11.2013:   Seniority issues of JTO(T) to SDE(T):  AIBSNLEA filed impleading petition w.r.t. court case in seniority issue of JTO(T) to SDE(T)  regular promotion in OA 185/2013 at CAT Ernakulam. MA No. 1221/2013 filed by Circle Secretary , Kerala today & impleading  allowed. Counter affidavit  will be filed soon by AIBSNLEA.

20.11.2013:  GS, AFS and Auditor met PGM(E) and discussed following issues pertaining to Civil/Electrical discipline:-

(a) Modification in BSNL MSRRs of EE (C/E): Parity in BSNL MSRR for promotion from SDE(C/E) to EE (C/E): PGM (E) consented the views endorsed by GS regarding implementation of parity by making amendments in BSNL MSRRs.

(b) Notional pay fixation to JTO/SDE (C/E) and PAs/PSs w.e.f. 1.10.2000.: GS further emphasized the long pending issue of implementation of Executive promotion policy w.e.f. 01.10.2000 notionally.  GS apprised to submit a detailed note to Director (Ent.) under intervention to PGM(EW) & PGM(BW) and requested to use to their good office to assign farmable comments for resolving the long pending issue.

(c)  CPC from EE (E) to SE (E):- PGM(E) informed that a Management Committee Note is being prepared and sent for one time relaxation for promotion for EE(E) to SE(E) in the eligibility condition of four years service. GS also apprised to fill up more than 50 posts of EE(E) lying vacant in the field.

 (d) Arbitrary merger of Electrical Division/sub Division under SSAs: Recently a number of Electrical Division / Electrical sub Division have been merged under SSA arbitrarily. The issue was also discussed with PGM(E), he apprised the control  spirit should be only for administrative purpose rather than technical control. The technical control is only empowered to electrical hierarchy only as per delegated of technical & financial powers. PGM (EW) mentioned that a Policy decision is required to be taken from BSNL HQ.

(e) Recruitment of JTO (E): PGM(E) informed that the case for recruitment of JTO(E)  is in process and  submitted to finance. However, the justified requirement is also awaited from different circles. We request all the Circle Secretaries for pursuing with respective Circle Chief Engineers for sending the JTO (E) vacancy position with the concurrence of IFAs to BSNL CO EW Cell.  

4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Nashik : 4th All India Conference (AIC) of AIBSNLEA held at Nashik, Maharashtra from 10th Nov to 12th Nov., 2013 took important decisions on HR issues, Viability of BSNL and customer care after marathon discussions. AIC witnessed the serious concern of all executives/non-executives representatives and BSNL Management to provide the best Telecom Services and care to the customers. More than 800 strong delegates attended the AIC from all nook and corners of the country and conveyed their feelings strongly that all pending HR issues of executives should be settled without further delay. The efforts and the policies of the Association were appreciated  enormously and  reaffirmation of faith in confirmation of the same. The representatives council expressed its serious resentment against non implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in terms of non post based time bound promotions upto the level of SG JAG grade and post based promotions after SAG grade and above, also non filling up of vacant Group-'A' and Group-'B' level executives posts.


A simmering discontent was reflected in the deliberations  that the E-2 and E-3 Standard IDA pay scales are not finalized for JTO and SDE equivalent executives, abnormal delay in restructuring of AD(OL) cadre, regularization of Offg. JTOs, Creation of PPS posts, allowing to exercising option to Deptt. JAOs who joined after 07.05.2010, seniors are drawing less salary than their juniors on implementation of EPP, EPF Statement & Superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines, Inordinate delay in settlement of disciplinary cases, Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives (C/E/Arch.,PAs/PSSs) w.e.f. 01.10.2000 on notional basis, Amendment in BSNL Management Service Recruitment Rules-2009 for EE(C/E/Arch) to allow existing executives promotion upto EE level  and 78.2% IDA pay fixation for BSNL pensioners,  etc.  AIC unanimously resolved that no one should be allowed on deputation to BSNL.


In this historical 4th AIC, the OPEN SESSION on 11th Nov., 2013  was magnificent with the benign presence of Hon'ble Chief Guest Sh. R.K. Upadhyay, CMD BSNL, Hon'ble Guests of Honour Sh. K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director(Finance), Sh. N.K. Gupta, Director(CFA), Sh.  Neeraj Verma, GM(SR), Sh. A.V. Kulkarni, CGMT MH Telecom Circle, Shri Praveen Malhotra, Sr. G.M. (HR & Admn.), Maharashtra Circle, Shri Sureshbabu Prajapati, GMTD, BSNL,  Nashik and Sh. Ravindra Sapkal, CMD, Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Nashik & Chairman Reception committee. Special guests Com. P. Abhimanyu, G.S. BSNLEU, Com. Jaiprakash, GS FNTO, Com.  K. Sebastin, GS SNEA(I), Com. A K Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM(MTNL), Com. Manish Sammadiya, President, SNTTA,  Com. Kabir Das, GS BSNLOA , Com. Kishan Singh, GS AIRBSNLEWA and Com. S.S. Nanda, GS RTOWA(MTNL) graced the occasion. The esteemed  presence of all these dignitaries gave motivation and happiness to elevate BSNL to a top Telecom Company in India.  CMD BSNL appealed to provide Quality Telecom Services to the customers to make them delighted and to give more concentration to Landline customers. He assured that he will take care of grievances of BSNL Executives. During OPEN SESSION Com. GS and CHQ President discussed all the HR issues, Viability of BSNL and Customer Care etc. They requested all the dignitaries on the Dias for the early settlement of  the pending HR issues, early procurement of NGN equipments and materials i.e. PIJF/OF Cables, CLIP Instruments, BB Type-II Modems, Drop wires, MLLN Modems for lease Ccts, SIM Cards etc  to meet  day to day requirement of the field units. AIC strongly felt that BSNL Management should take immediate necessary steps for early settlement of the above mentioned issues.


On 11th Nov., 2013 evening, a glittering and colorful Cultural programme was organized which was enjoyed by all the delegates. On 12th Nov., 2013 after passing the GS report and adoption of Accounts, the election of new Central Office Bearers took place unanimously wherein Com. Prahlad Rai and Com. C.M. Saste were elected unanimously on their 4th term as General Secretary and Organising Secretary (W) respectively.


We hope, by this time all the esteemed delegates of 4th All India Conference might have reached to their Headquarters and started working hard to provide best Telecom Services to our customers. We are extremely thankful to all the esteemed delegates for their cooperation extended in AIC by active participation which made fruitful deliberations on Viability of BSNL and concrete  action plan for the early settlement of pending HR issues. Hosting Circle Maharashtra Comrades made untiring efforts to make the AIC a grand success by providing the excellent venue (Sakpal Knowledge Hub, Nashik) for AIC, this gave very good environment for deliberations, boarding and lodging arrangements.


We extend our sincere gratitude & thanks to all the dignitaries and esteemed delegates who attended the conference with full enthusiasm and zeal. Sincere thanks to all the advertisers for souvenir publication. We also extend our sincere thanks to the Members of AIBSNLEA Maharashtra Circle and in particularly to the Comrades of Nashik for their Comradely care and concern in providing best boarding and lodging arrangements which made 4th AIC a grand success. Let us, implement the decisions of AIC in true sense to provide Quality Service and Customer Care to our esteemed BSNL customers to make them delight.

19.11.2013:  GS, FS(Sh. T.C. Jain), AGS(HQ) Sh. N.L. Sharma, AFS Sh. Alkendra Singh, Auditor Sh. Bhagwan Singh and Advisor (HQ) Sh. Satish Kumar met on courtesy call with Director (HR), Director (CFA), Director (CM), Director (Finance), GM(Pers.), GM(Estt), GM(FP), GM(SR), Sr. GM(Admn.) after 4th AIC held at Nashik from 10th to 12th Nov.'2013. We sought their cooperation and assured our full cooperation.

During informal meeting GM(FP) mentioned that on the basis of information received from Circles the total vacancies of AO has been calculated about 1900. Shortly the proposal is being sent to the Competent Authority to fill up the vacancies.

On the issue of Membership verification of Majority Executives Association, GM(SR) informed that Committee report on this issues is pending with Management Committee for approval. However, he mentioned that shortly the decision will be taken in this regard.

19.11.2013:  BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding transfers and Postings in the grade of SDEs(E)  <<<Click here for letter>>>

19.11.2013:ITS case at Hon'ble Pr. CAT, New Delhi:The captioned matter was listed for hearing today as Item No. 70 under the ready for hearing matters in Court No. 2 before the bench comprising of Hon'ble Mr. George Paracken and Hon'ble Mr. Sudhir Kumar at the Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench at New Delhi. Mr. Rajshekhar Rao appeared on behalf of the Applicants. Counsels for the Respondents were also present.

The Counsel for the Respondents sought time to file a reply to the amendment application filed by the Applicants. Mr. Rao submitted that the amendment made was only with respect to the Prayer and the application was filed in furtherance of the Order dated 30.09.2013. However, the Ld. Bench was of the view that the Respondents should be given an opportunity to file a Reply and therefore has adjourned the matter to 17.01.2014.

19.11.2013: GS writes to The CMD, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, New Delhi regarding election of the new Central Office Bearers for AIBSNLEA <<<Click here for letter>>>>

19.11.2013:BSNL News in Media 

(i) Only MTNL, BSNL phones likely for babus <<<Click here for detail news>>>>

15.11.2013: BSNL Corporate Office sough details in the grade of SDE(C) as on 15.11.2013 <<<Click here for letter>>>>
15.11.2013: BSNL Corporate Office issued modifications in the provisional gradation list of AAOs / JAOs <<<Click here for letter>>>>
15.11.2013: <<<<Click here for the Record of proceedings on 11.11.2013 by Hon'ble Supreme Court w.r.t. Court Case of 147 SDEs (LDCE Quota) Seniority>>>>

The case is posted for hearing on 16th Dec, 2013.

15.11.2013: BSNL Corporate Office issued clarifications regarding JTO (Telecom) Induction Training Structure & Syllabus- <<<Click here for letter>>

15.11.2013: Glimpses of 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Nashik-

(i) <<< Click here for the Glimpses of  Inauguration of 4th AIC on 10.11.2013 at Nashik>>>>

(ii) <<< Click here for the Glimpses of 4th AIC on 10th , 11th and 12th Nov., 2013 at Nashik>>>>

(ii) <<< Click here for the Glimpses of OPEN SESSION on the occasion of 4th AIC on 11.11.2013 at Nashik>>>>

(Iii) <<<Click here for the Glimpses of Culture Programmes on the occasion of 4th AIC on 11.11.2013 (evening) at Nashik>>>>

15.11.2013: Open session of 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Nashik- Click below for the Live coverage of the addresses given by following dignitaries on the occasion of Open session of 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Nashik on 11.11.2013
<<<Felicitation of distinguished guests>>> <<<Welcome Address of Circle Secretary MH Circle>>> <<<Address of CHQ President Com. P. Venugopal>>> <<<Keynote address of Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary>>> <<<Address of CGMT, MH Circle>>> 
<<<Address of GM(SR), BSNL C.O., New Delhi>>>  <<<Address of GS, TEAM MTNL>>> <<<Address of President SNTTA>>> <<<Address of GS, SNEA(I)>>> <<<Address of GS, BSNLEU>>>
<<<Director(Fin.), BSNL Board>>> <<<Director(CFA), BSNL Board>>> <<<CMD, BSNL>>> <<<Vote of Thanks by President MH Circle, AIBSNLEA>>>  
 13.11.2013: Congratulations ! Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office issued regular promotion order to the Executives in DE of Telecom operation ( 55 cases ) -  <<<Click here for promotion order>>>>
12.11.2013: NASHIK: House assembled at 9.30 hour and discussed the G.S. report mainly the organizational status and activities of the association, Status of HR issues, Other Organizational Activities, Amendments to Rules and byelaws of the Association, Establishment of Association office and permanent assets, Winding-up of all constituent Associations,  Venue for next CWC,  Organizational Tours, Viability of BSNL/MTNL & Joint/Forum of BSNL/MTNL Unions/Associations Activities, Organisational Action programmes, Functioning of United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations, Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations organized National Convention of BSNL Employees on 3rd August 2013 at New Delhi on Viability of BSNL Merger of BSNL & MTNL, etc.  the G.S. report was approved unanimously after discussions and replies to queries.

After the approval of G.S. Report, the accounts of the association was placed for adoption.

The house felicitated the following office bearers who were holding various positions in the association and retired during the period from the last AIC at Kolkatta to AIC at Nashik from their service by presenting Bouquets Shawl, Shrifal and Memento and appreciated the efforts and hard work of these veteran leaders. G S &  President mentioned that the AIBSNLEA will ever remain thankful to these office bearers and for their service and wished them a very happy and healthy retired life.

Com. Manas Roy, Vice President

Com. Amit Gupta OS (E)

Com. R.B. Athani AGS (Engg)

Com. Pradeep Goyal, AGS (Civil / Electrical)

Com. B D Nath, CS Odissa

Com. B.D. Jha, CS, Jharkhand

Com. Keshava Rao, Advisor.

Com. Sapan Mukherjee, Circle President, Calcutta Telephones

Here after  the representative council elected the  Election Officer  Shri Keshava Rao unanimously for the election of New Central Office bearers for the next term.

Com. President declared dissolution of the existing CHQ body

The election of new Central Office Bearers was conducted under the Chairmanship of Shri Keshava Rao Election Officer  and Shri Guruprasad and Rajendra Prasad as Asstt. Election Officers  who were nominated by the house. The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously.

President                            Shri P. Venugopal, DGM(F), Salem, Tamil Nadu

Vice President-1                Smt. K.N. Baby Rani, SDE  Thrissur, Kerala

Vice President-2                Shri A. G. Joshi, SDE Pune

General Secretary             Shri Prahlad Rai, AGM(NWP CFA), BSNL CO, New Delhi

AGS (Engg.)                        Shri J. Sai Baba, DE, Hyderabad Telecom. District

AGS (Finance)                    Shri Vasudeva Chakravarthy, AO, CTD

AGS (Civ./El./Arch./TF.)     Shri S.K. Jenna, SDE (Civil), Sambalpur, Odissa.

AGS (General)                    Shri K.P. Nair, PA, Kalyan

AGS (HQ)                            Shri N L Sharma, AGM, BSNL C.O., New Delhi.

Financial Secy.                  Shri T C Jain, A.O. BSNL C.O., New Delhi.

Asstt. FS                             Shri Alkendra Singh, D.M. (El.), PGM (EW) BSNL CO, ND

Org. Secy. (N)                    Shri Devesh Sharma, JTO, Alwar, Rajasthan

Org. Secy. (S)                    Shri  S R Patil, DE, Bangalore TD

Org. Secy. (E)                    Shri Bijoy Bhatacharaya, JTO, Silligudi, WB

Org. Secy. (W)                   Shri C.M. Saste, DE ITPC Pune

Auditor                               Shri Bhagwan Singh DM (NWP CFA) BSNL CO, ND

 In addition to the above Central Office Bearers the following Advisors were also elected unanimously:

Advisor-East                     Shri Prasun Mukherjee, CTD

Advisor- West                   Shri M.M. Kanani, Ahmedabad

Advisor-North                   Shri Karan Singh, Rajasthan

Advisor- South                 Shri  V K. Paramashivam, Tamil Nadu

Advisor-Central               Shri Parvez Khan, MP

Advisor-Head Quarter    Shri Satishkumar, Delhi

Advisor (Legal)                Shri B. Ravindranath, Karnataka.

Newly elected office bearers have taken oath.


Newly elected central office bearers were congratulated and felicitated by the Host Circle. 


The resolution was moved to appreciate the efforts made by Maharashtra Circle comrades for making very good boarding and lodging arrangements and comradely care.


At the closure of the AIC meeting, Com. Prahlad Rai, G.S. and Comrade P. Venugopal, President CHQ thanked all the participants and the Circle President & Circle Secretary of Maharashtra Circle all the organizing committee members and the members of  Maharashtra Circles for making the 4th All India Conference a grand success by their useful deliberations. At last he declared closure of the 4th  AIC.


The house adjourned cine die at 21.00 hours by thundering slogans :



11.11.2013: NASHIK:  OPEN SESSION AT 11.00 HOURS 

Open session of 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA was held at 11.00 hours at Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Kalyani Hills, Anjeneri, Trimbakeshwar Road, Nashik.  The Open Session started with Ganesh Vandan which was arranged by Host Circle. The Open Session was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Shri R.K. Upadhyay,  CMD, BSNL,

Com. V.P. Kulkarni, C.S. Maharashtra welcomed Shri R.K. Upadhyay CMD, BSNL and all other dignitaries, Senior Officers, General Secretaries of other Unions/Associations, CHQ  office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, delegates, press and media representatives. The Chief Guest and all Dignitaries were felicitated with Shawl, Bouquets and Mementos by the members of the host Circle. Shri  R K Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL was present as Chief Guest and Shri N K Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL, Shri K C G K Pillai, Director (F), BSNL, Shri A.V. Kulkarni, CGM MH Circle, Shri Praveen Malhotra, Sr. G.M. (HR & Admn), Maharahstra Circle, Shri Sureshbabu Prajapati, GMT, BSNL,  Nashik, Com.  K. Sebastin, G.S. SNEA, Com. A K Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM, Com. Kishan Singh, G.S. AIRBSNLEAWA, Com. S.S. Nanda, GS RTOWA, Com. Manish Sammadiya, President, SNTTA,  Com. P. Abhimanyu, G.S. BSNLEU, Com. Kabir Das, G.S. BSNLOA and Com. Kishan Singh, G.S. AIRBSNLEWA were also present in the meeting as special guests.

Com. V P Kulkarni Circle Secretary, Host Circle welcomed Hon'ble Chief Guest, Guests of Honour and delegates who came from various parts of the country and thanked all.  He expressed his gratitude to the CMD, BSNL for accepting the invitation and attending the function.  He welcomed all the Board of Directors and other senior officers of BSNL New Delhi and Maharashtra, Leaders of other associations and unions, all the senior officers and members.  He welcomed and thanked CMD Sapkal Knowledge Hub for providing the Hub for our meeting.  He mentioned that all the best possible arrangements are made to all the delegates. He requested that, if any shortcomings and inconvenience may be brought to the notice of him and his team to resolve it.

Shri Ravindra Sapkal, CMD, Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Nashik & Chairman Reception committee welcomed one and all. He mentioned that due to the efforts of Shri V P Kulkarni, he got an opportunity to serve the executives and Top level management of BSNL and the commitment given by him as regards holding of AIC has already been fulfilled and will continue to help.

Com. P. Venugopal, President AIBSNLEA welcomed the dignitaries on the dias << CLICK HERE FOR THE ADDRESS OF PRESIDENT >>

Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA has expressed his sincere gratitude to CMD, BSNL, Director (CFA), BSNL, Director (F),  G.M. (SR) for sparing the valuable time inspite of various meeting at New Delhi  and making convenient to attend the said meeting.  He also welcomed all other trade union / association leaders on the dias and the senior officers, delegates, press and media persons, etc.


Shri A.V. Kulkarni, CGM MH Circle welcomed all the delegates being the head of the host circle.    In his address, he mentioned that he has no issues pending as far as the AIBSNLEA is concerned.  He expressed that AIBSNLEA approaches the administration with the positive attitude and it helps in resolving the problems.  He appreciated the efforts of the AIBSNLEA Maharashtra Circle. He mentioned MH Circle is biggest circle of BSNL contributing 10% of over all revenue and 25% of the revenue of Leased Lines, thereby the Circle is the backbone of the BSNL; He further added, revenue of MH circle has risen by 10% as compared to the last year by the efforts taken by the staff and officers of MH circle.  He told that, In MH circle the revival has already started and expected to contribute 20% in the current financial year. He also mentioned that many builders in city are ready to provide free accommodations in the developing areas for the exchanges and utilize such opportunities, wherever there is a demand.  Appointing new franchisee is also one of the methods to be adopted to increase the revenue.  There are many methods which can be worked out by sitting together with the association and discussing it.  The expectations of the customers are not speedy service, but to fulfill the assurance given to them by keeping commitment given to him.  He expressed his thanks to the Circle Branch of AIBSNLEA for inviting and Shri Sapkal for providing the wonderful arrangement for the meeting and expected that the meeting will arrive to many solutions and conclusions for increasing the profits of BSNL.

Shri Neeraj Verma, G.M.(SR), New Delhi in his speech expressed that the result of the unity of many associations are AIBSNLEA which is one of the best example of integration. He mentioned that BSNL management is considering the executives as a part of management and has very critical role to play whatever may be the way like survival, revival or profit making.  These Executives are also responsible to run the BSNL as in the case of BSNL management.  He also mentioned that BSNL management has made lots of efforts to address the problems of the cadres.  It is the decency and the respectful approach of the AISBNLEA with the management is good  and has sense of mutual co-operation and understanding with the BSNL management.    He mentioned that he is extremely happy to be here and part of such a big gathering.

Com. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO expressed his gratitude for inviting him for the function and mentioned that he is getting very much support and guidance from the GS, AIBSNLEA and thanked him for the same.

Com. Kabir Das, GS, BSNLOA while addressing the gathering requested GS AIBSNLEA to pursue the case of officiating JTOs for one time settlement and stated that the AIBSNLEA is the Association truly working for the common cause. He also ensured, that once the case of officiating JTOs are settled,  he will also reciprocate in its true spirit.

Com. Manish Sammadiya, All India President, SNTTA, mentioned that today is a historical day for both AIBSNLEA by holding such a big gathering and commencing the training of the newly passed JTOs and assured to give best out of the members.  He requested CMD to resolve the legal hurdles due to which results of many circles are pending for declaration and also requested for issuing guidelines for JTO phase II training.  He also mentioned that AIBSNLEA is unique organization representing all the cadres and taking up the issues of various cadres and assured the support of the members for the growth of BSNL.

Com. Kishan Singh, GS AIRBSNLEWA expressed that AIRBSNLEWA is directly associated with the AIBSNLEA.  He also mentioned that this association is growing throughout the country only with the support of AIBSNLEA.  He requested the house to continue supporting the AIRBSNLEWA and assured the same to AIBSNLEA.

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU expressed his thanks for inviting him and allowing to share his views. He expressed gratitude to the AIBSNLEA for their solid support to the form of BSNL unions and Association.  The joint struggle has only yielded the result which compelled the management to sign an agreement for not unbundling the copper cable.  Procurement of equipment which was cancelled tender could be done at the level of 50% by the joint struggle only.  Extended thanks to the BSNL management for settling the issue of 78.2%.  He mentioned that the policy of the Govt. of India is for supporting to the private competitors.  The refund of BWA spectrum is still pending from the Govt.  He also mentioned that the attitude of the employees are the main reason for losing the customers and needs improvement in the work culture, inspite of having difference of opinion with the management and also fighting against the wrong policies of the Govt.

Com. A K Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM,  MTNL extended thanks for inviting him and giving an opportunity to meet his old friends.  He expressed his thanks to the CMD and the colleagues for helping in settling the pension issue.  He has requested CMD, BSNL not to go for the disinvestment of BSNL and VRS, as the same has not helped in any way in the MTNL.  The dis-investment will only demoralize the workers.  He requested CMD, BSNL to use his good offices with the CMD MTNL and merge both the organizations for the best interest of the nation.    He mentioned that the residential connections of the officers residing in the BSNL area like Kalyan and NTR Region are getting disconnected for non payment and requested to help in resolving the issue.  He expressed his thanks for inviting him for the gathering and giving an opportunity to express his view.

Com.  K. Sebastin, G.S. SNEA(I), expressed best wishes for the successful conduct of the 4th AIC of AIBSNLEA. He expressed his gratitude for inviting him and giving an opportunity to express his views.  The main issue of BSNL today is its revival and every one of us is struggling for it.  He mentioned that various policies of the Govt. and the failure of the management to take appropriate action at the required level is to reason for the fate of BSNL as on today. Change in work culture needs interaction.    There are changes in the insurance, banking sector after corporatization which is not taken place in the BSNL. 

Shri K C G K Pillai, Director (F), BSNL, expressed his sincere thanks for inviting and allowing addressing and complimented the wonderful arrangement.   He pointed out that when the association can arrange such a wonderful function, why we are lacking from the service.    Don't allow the network to erode.  It is high time to think about it.  He mentioned about the financial status of the company and the amount of loss incurred by the BSNL.  He mentioned that in case you are not improving it will be difficult for every one of us to run the company.  Even banks are not ready to give loan to BSNL as on today.  None of the competitors' revenue has gone down except BSNL.  Do the required efforts to ensure that the revenue goes up tremendously not by 1% or 2%.  We have to find out the way to earn and increase the revenue by creating a passion.  There are always complaints that there is no materials, whether we are utilising the existing materials already in the field is also to be think of.  BSNL management is also responsible for the situation.  As regards the DPCs of Accounts Personnel, the work has already commenced and we are equally concerned about your promotion and assured to give better result. But even when BSNL is willing to give the benefits, there is no fund available and management is also helpless in this regard.  Now the time is to give instead of asking anything from the management.  He warned that if the situation does not improve, the day is not far, you may have to struggle for the salary.  Let us do our part and pray the God to Save the BSNL.  Let us pray that the god give strength to work hard and save the BSNL.   BSNL is not even in the status of No.2 in any of the circles.

Shri N K Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL  thanked every one.  He mentioned that BSNL is a good organization and there is no need to panic.  BSNL is a company with huge workforce.  The support of the Govt. is also required.  Management is also taking up various matters with the DoT and Govt. and the things are moving in positive direction.  It may get delayed.  People are not bothered about the landline and broadband which is the main source of income. Presently the status is 4% positive of landline together with broadband.  In case of every one of us put more efforts, we can further increase the revenue.  The fault rectification is not satisfactory.  He mentioned that the situation of getting the faults rectified within the hours of talking by Senior officers has to change and it should happen automatically.  There is a large scale disconnection of landline and broadband which is to be arrested by providing better and immediate service to the customers.  The lease circuits is also going to  be integrated with the CDR which will give better monitoring and the lease circuits which is more in Maharashtra needs more attention.  There are difficulties by implementing the ERP and request to bear with it.  There are many advantages of ERP system once it is implemented on PAN India basis.    There are large number of master less cases which is the direct revenue leakage which needs to be stopped.  NGN tender is also in the final stage and the system will also give many advantages which has huge work to do.  FTTH is to be popularized which has better tariff than the ADSL and the capacity to be fully utilized.  Utilise the Wimax capacity to the maximum extend which is going to be moved to urban areas.  BSNL management is always thinking very much ahead of anybody else.  BSNL is only having IMS system which no other operators have with them.  He wish all success to the and the wish the energy

Shri R.K. Upadhaya, C.M.D., BSNL,  He expressed that this gathering is the back bone  of the BSNL.  having more than 80% of the workforce in the Civil / Electrical / Architect unit is the middle management and members of the AIBSNLEA.  Welcomed Mr. Sapkal  as a guest and acknowledged his contribution.  He expressed his gratitude by inviting him for the  function and giving an opportunity to address the large gathering and middle management.  He also expressed that his is privileged to address all the trade union leaders.

He expressed that it is seen that you are conducting the meeting upto midnight for the interest of the organization.   Every one of us are aware that customer service is the main aspect and we are also aware that what we are doing.   He mentioned that you should be proud to be a part of the BSNL.   When 10-15 million connections were adding in the industry, we could not take benefit of it due to the lack of tender and equipment.  BSNL was not allowed GSM service upto 6 years and introduction of GSM service by BSNL has reduced the market tariff and we become no.1 in the country.  He opined that had we procured the equipment in time, the situation would have been different.  He mentioned that we have to learn from the past.  We have been demoralized very much as the presentation of Director (F) is true to some extend,  Govt. may help.  But do you want to be a part of the company working on the mercy of the Govt.  There are lakhs of employees through out the country and the family is living with the earnings from the BSNL.   It can give a livelihood only by our efforts. 

He mentioned that AIBSLEA and other unions / associations have been given freedom to meet the CMD at any time by re-arranging the other appointment.  He also mentioned that he got  an opportunity to know about the activities of the company through these leaders, due to which remedial action can be initiated by the management. 

BNSL is the number one company to bring the best and latest technology of telecom. Service in the country.  There is no alternative of landline and there is least competition in this field.  Though we have improved a lot, there is a need of lot more to improve in marketing and EB.  We have 38000 digital telephone exchanges in the country.  Where is the enthusiasm when we were commissioning the exchange within hours and meeting demand online.  GSM service has reduced such   there was lot of difficulties in system of procurement of equipment and the efforts have yielded in finalizing the tenders with the help and support of you people.  We become success in floating almost all the tenders.  The procurement large quantity equipment have been streamlined which has boosted the morale.

The TDM based telephone exchanges are to be modernized for which IMS based NGN equipment procured and the equipment started arriving.  Requested all to support the BSNL management in fulfilling the it's task.  Revival of landline is the most needed task where there is no heavy competition. We have to remain in mobile service also to remain in the field.  BSNL management required the support and co-operation of every one of you to fulfill the commissioning of NGN switches and maintain and improve the landline service. 

The old system of maintaining the landline has to be adopted, as the landline is the only business for BSNL to survive and earn the profit.  Every one of you are leaders and middle management.  You should be proud of you to be educated

BSNL is a more model employer, we have inherited many problems due to the conversion of Govt. set  and up to BSNL.  13 years of period is too less for the company to grow.   The monopoly of telecom in the world has broken and over a period of time of 10 years.    We don't want to be history and want to be remembered.  We will fight together and the HR issues will be resolved by the management as requested by the G.S. AIBSNLEA.   We request your leaders and to take their help in putting the demand to the Govt.   There is a good relation with the administrative ministry (DoT) and co-ordination between the BSNL and MTNL.

52% of the earning are paid towards the pay to the employees.  In order to maintain the system and pay the salary only pure telecom revenue will not be sufficient. There are proposal of proper utilization of towers and land and properties. 

It is sure that the condition is very bad.  But the losses are reduced it is an indication that improvement is possible.  It is important that all is not lost, there is a lot to go.   He mentioned that instead of pointing on somebody else, analyze that what you are doing is correct and need any change, if so do it.  Be pride on you, we are there with you.

Com. K.A. Mohire, President, AIBSNLEA MH Circle expressed vote of thanks to one and all for making  Open Session a Grand Success.

After Open Session, house re-assembled and discussed the report of the General Secretary 

The G.S. report was discussed para-wise and discussion continues.


In the evening at 19.30 hours, a colourful and glittering cultural programme was organised for the entertainment of the delegates at the conference venue.

11.11.2013: NASHIK: 1st All India Conference of the All India Retired BSNL Executives' Welfare Association (AIRBSNLEWA) held at Seminar Hall, Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Nashik Maharashtra AT 16.00 Hours on 11.11.2013 have elected the following office bearers.

Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA                     : Chief Mentor

Com. M.L Sharma, New Delhi                             : President

Com. V. Keshava Rao, Vijayawada                   : Vice President-1

Com. Rakesh Srivastav, New Delhi                  : Vice President -2

Com. Kishan Singh, New Delhi                         : General Secretary

Com. Amit Gupta, Kolkata                                   : Asstt. General Secretary-1

Com. R.B. Athani, Hubli                                       : Asstt. General Secretary-2

Com. Pradeep goyal, Lucknow                         : Asstt. General Secretary-3

Com. A. Guha, Ahmedabad                                : Asstt. General Secretary-4

Com. K N Mehra, New Delhi                               : Asstt. General Secretary-5

Com. N C Jain, New Delhi                                   : Financial Secretary

Com. A Ghosh, Kolkata                                       : Organising Secretary (East)

Com. S.N. Sonawane, Maharashtra                 : Organising Secretary (West)

Com. Chandrasekhar, Chennai                        : Organising Secretary (South)

Com. S K Avasthi, New Delhi                            : Editor

Com. B.D. Jha, Jharkand                                    : Auditor


The 4th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA was held at Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Nashik, Maharashtra from 10th November 2013 to 12th November, 2013.  All the CHQ Office Bearers and almost all the circles attended the AIC.  The Pre-AIC CWC meeting was held on 9th November, 2013 wherein the GS report & the Accounts were adopted after some additions & deletions for placing in the Representatives Council of 4th   AIC. The 4th   AIC  commenced at 10.00 AM on 10th November, 2013 by hoisting of the Association flag   at the Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Kalyani Hills, Anjeneri, Trimbakeshwar Road, Nashik  in presence all the Central Office Bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC Members and the delegates arrived from all nook and corners of the Country.

After hoisting of the Association flag by Com. P. Venugopal, President & General Secretary Com. Prahlad Rai, the Slogans like 'AIBSNLEA - Zindabad', 'AIBSNLEA ' UNITY -Zindabad' etc., were raised. Thereafter, Com. P Venugopal, President in his opening remarks requested all the participants to discuss the agenda items with valuable suggestions and to co-operate with the dais in order to arrive at a concrete conclusion towards the strengthening the association and also about the viability of BSNL.  He informed that  AIC is scheduled for 3 days including the Open Session, where CMD BSNL and other Senior officers and Various other trade unions / association leaders are expected to address the gathering and requested the members to utilize the 3 days time properly. He apprised that CHQ is making its best efforts in settling the issues of concern of executives in BSNL and assured that CHQ will continue to make its' efforts for settlement of the pending issues.

Circle Secretary, Maharashtra Com. V.P. Kulkarni in his welcome speech expressed that he was very much obliged to the CHQ for giving him an opportunity to host the AIC.  He also stated that this is the first time he is seeing such a big gathering for the AIC.  He mentioned that he has put maximum efforts to provide maximum comfort to the participants.  He also mentioned that even then, there is a possibility of any short comings for which he has requested all to excuse and co-operate with the host circle.  He also mentioned that any short coming or inconvenience may be brought to the notice of the host circle office bearers so that solution can be found to the problem and provide comfort to all.

Two minutes silence were observed in memory of the departed comrades and self introduction

After approval of the Agenda, all the Circle Secretaries, organizing secretaries placed their reports on the organizational activities and HR issues.  Com. G.S. while summing up replied all the queries raised.

09.11.2013:  NASHIK :  CHQ Office Bearers meeting commenced at 11.30 hours and Central Working Committee meeting of the AIBSNLEA commenced at 15.00 hours on 09.11.2013 in the Seminar Hall, Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Anjeneri, Nashik. The meeting is continuing......

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06.11.2013: <<<Click here for the provisional answer key of LICE for promotion to grade of PS in BSNL CO held on 20.10.2013>>>>

<<<Click here for the provisional answer key of LICE for the post of Rajbhasha  held on 20.10.2013>>>>

06.11.2013: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter  for calling of VCRs / ACRs regarding  preparatory work for grant of Regular Promotion of executives to the grade of SE(C) or equivalent for Civil Engineering Stream of BSNLMS -  <<<Click here for letter for calling ACRs>>>>   <<<Click here for letter for calling VCRs>>>
01.11.2013: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding

(i) <<<Guidelines thereof - Refusal of promotion>>>