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31.03.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ) met GM(Pers) and discussed-

(a) DPC from DE to DGM:- We expressed our serious resentment against non-issuance of promotion order from DE to DGM. Every month many DEs are retiring. GM(Pers) informed that the matter has been discussed with Member(S) DOT and he is of the opinion that BSNL should first take clearance from Jaipur CAT and if the clearance is not given appeal may be filed in Rajasthan High Court. Similarly, GM(Legal) BSNL has also given the opinion  that if BSNL issue promotion order without Jaipur CAT clearance, it will invite contempt of Court. Like this, he tried to convince that promotion order from DE to DGM cannot be issued in the present situation. We strongly opposed all these pleadings because there is no stay order is granted by JAIPUR CAT. But the BSNL Management with a biased attitude is withholding the promotion.  

(b) Regularisation of Adhoc DEs:- GM(Pers) mentioned that DOT instructions 162 SDEs whom seniority case is pending in Hon'ble  Supreme Court may be regularised, but as per our legal opinion they cannot be regularise and similar stand is taken by the Executive Associations. Hence, till the outcome of the Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment regularisation may not be completed. Against this we contested and demanded that BSNL  Management should take immediate decision in this regard otherwise we will be forced to start organisational Action Programmes.

(c) DPC from SDE(T) to DE Adhoc:- GM(Pers) confirmed that in this regard case is listed for hearing in J&K High court on 2rd April 2010, Where he himself will be present.

After detail discussions on the above issued we expressed our serious resentment and categorically told that shortly we resort organisational Action Programmes against partition attitude of the BSNL Management.

31.03.2010: CGMT Rajasthan Circle contacted GS and discussed regarding Jaipur CAT case filed by some ITS Officers to get stay order against DGM DPC. He explained that he has given local officiating promotion to Des(ITS Officers) as DGM as it was being given earlier also. Hence he has only continued the local officiating promotion. Regarding regular promotee DEs, he mentioned that due non availability of ACRs and VCRs they could not be promoted and he is making the effort to complete the ACRS/VCRs and will issue the promotion order to DGM within a week's time.

Regarding Jaipur CAT case he clarified that he was not aware about the case pending in Jaipur CAT, because neither GM(Admn) Rajasthan Circle nor GM(Pers) apprised him about the pending case in Jaipur CAT. He only could learn about Jaipur CAT case from Director(HR) today when he discuss the matter. He immediately discuss the matter with GM(Admn) Rajasthan Circle and found that there is no stay order granted by Jaipur CAT against DGM DPC, but one interim direction is given for which yesterday only DOT/BSNL CO reply has been received in Circle Office and the same is today filed in Jaipur CAT. Hence on his part no manipulation/favouritism has been made because he was never brief the case by GM(Pers) BSNL CO. Which is affecting  All India DPC. He assured that he will not indulge in any favouritism. The case is listed for hearing in Jaipur CAT on 01.04.2010.    

31.03.2010:  Government has declared April 14, 2010 - Birth day of Dr. Ambedkar as Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act.

31.03.2010 : IDA rate revision: IDA is likely to be increase by 3.9% from 30.9% to 34.8% w.e.f.1.4.2010.  For non-executives the rise will be 6.5%.

31.03.2010 :  The court case with respect to stay order on DE adhoc DPC in Hon'ble J&K High Court is listed for Saturday i-e 3rd, April,2010.

31.03.2010 : GS Writes regarding :

Letter-1 : Non-promotion of CSS officers in BSNL to DGM post.

Letter-2 : Change of transfer orders from "Own Cost" to "Interest of Service".

Letter-3 : Wrong implementation of BSNL Executive Promotion Policy for Group ‘B' level Executives in BSNL. 

Letter-4 : Transfer requests in the cadre of DE.

Letter-5 : Transfer requests in the cadre of CAO/AO.

Letter-6 : Transfer requests in the cadre of SDE (T).

Letter-7 : Transfer requests in the cadre of JTO (T).

31.03.2010 : JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING : GS attended JAC meeting to discuss the strategies for successful implementation of Indefinite Strike call w.e.f. 20.04.2010. JAC finalised the POSTER design and decided to upload on websites of all associated Unions / Associations of JAC which is to be downloaded by Circle JAC and to get printed locally for wide publicity and mobilisation. The POSTER design will be uploaded on website shortly. JAC decided to hold Press Conferences on 15th / 16th April 2010 and Conventions. JAC believe that this Struggle should be a complete success to defeat the wrong policies of the Govt. and to end Deputation in BSNL. Hence, JAC call upon all BSNL executives & non-executives in the Branches and Circles to whole heartedly participate in this struggle. All the resources are to be utilised for the success of this Struggle to end Deputation in BSNL and to defeat anti-BSNL policies. Let us create another history.

31.03.2010 : : Retirement on superannuation w.e.f 31/03/2010.We wish them a happy and prosperous retired life. Click for : SDEs/PSs, DETs, ACCOUNTS & FINANCE  and Civil 

31.03.2010 : Inter-Circle Transfers of SDEs (Telecom)-Click here

31.03.2010 : GS writes to PGM (Electrical) regarding Irregular and unjustified transfer order vide no 2-14/1/2009 Electrical dtd.16.02.2010 in the grade of SDE(E)—Request for exemption of name of Sri S.K.Dutta & Sri Gautam Dhar, SDE(E)  from transfer order on legitimate and justified ground. Click here

31.03.2010 : GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding Non-finalisation of revised E-1A, E-2A and E-9A IDA pay scales in BSNL. Click here

29.03.2010 EXECUTIVE PROMOTION POLICY:- Corporate Office has issued clarification on points/issues raised on Executive promotion policy. Click here
29.03.2010 : VOLUNTEERS FOR POSTING IN TENURE PLACES /CIRCLES:- Calling volunteers for posting at Tenure places/Circles of SDEs and above officers in Telecom stream.Click here

29.03.2010 : GS writes to CMD BSNL :

Letter-1 : Regarding Organisational Structure- Redesign of BSNL- Ahmedabad & Hyderabad SSAs.

Letter-2 : Regarding Non-filling up of PGM (F) posts in BSNL.

29.03.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F), CS (JKD) met Sr. GM (FP) and discussed :

(a) DPC from CAO to DGM : Sr. GM (FP) informed that DPC from CAO to DGM is being conducted tomorrow after the approval of competent authority.

(b) Consideration of request transfers of JAOs/AOs/CAOs : Sr. GM (FP) mentioned that all pending request transfers of JAOs/AOs/CAOs who completed more than 2 years will be considered in April 2010.

(c) Regularisation of 3 months delay period in issuing promotion order from JAO to AAO : We requested to regularise 3 months delay period in issuing promotion order from JAO to AAO in the same DPC. Sr. GM (FP) assured to look into the matter.

26.03.2010: Hon'ble MOSC&IT Sh. Gurudas Kamath called Joint Action Committee leaders to discuss the demands & protest actions being launched by JAC.

Sh. Kamath while discussing the issues was positive in approach. JAC strongly demanded for immediate settlement of ITS Officers absorption issue in BSNL, if Govt. is failing in completing the process in that case all BSNL absorbed executives & non-executives shall be repatriated to DoT. JAC pleaded that in case the ITS officers absorption issue is resolved & BSNL having its own Managers at policy making level will definitely make BSNL a vibrant organization. In the present situation where BSNL is loosing market share & its profit is declining, the main reason is non-settlement of ITS officers absorption issue. Hon'ble MOSC&IT assured to look into the matter.

JAC strongly protested against 30% disinvestment of BSNL & imposing VRS to reduce One Lakh BSNL employees.  JAC also opposed unbundling of BSNL last mile conductor & allowing roaming on BSNL Network to the Private Operators and non-revision of IDA Pension etc. After detailed discussions, Sh. Kamath, MOSC&IT mentioned that Govt. wants BSNL to flourish & keeping the employees happy. He also mentioned that he will see that we don't  go on strike. JAC also expressed its serious resentment against the indifferent & negligent attitude of BSNL Management towards BSNL employees. Hon'ble MOSC&IT assured to look into the matter. JAC decides that till the concrete settlement / agreement, no change in agitation programme will take place. We congratulate & extend our sincere gratitude & thanks to all the members who actively   participated in DHARNA Programme and making it a grand success. We request all Circle / Branch Secretaries to make the future programmes a complete success. Click Here for Press Release

26.03.2010:GS, President, AGS(F) and GS, AGSS, SNEA(I) met Director (HR), BSNL & discussed pending HR issues. GM(Pers.) was also present in the meeting.

(a) DPC from DE/CAO to DGM : We expressed  our serious resentment against the indifferent attitude of BSNL Management in delaying the DPC to fill up vacant DGM Posts in all disciplines of BSNL from regularly promoted STS level Officers on the pretext of pending Court Case in Jaipur CAT. Wherein no stay order against DPC is granted & non completion of regularization of adhoc STS level officers. After detail discussions Director (HR) assured for early decision on both the issues. At the end of the meeting, we categorically told that if these pending issues are not resolved immediately, United Forum will be forced to Launch Organizational Action Programme shortly.

26.03.2010: JTO 2005 Pay Anomaly Case: AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded result in getting approved from BSNL Board in its Meeting held on 25.03.2010 to remove Pay anomaly of JTO 2005 Batch.
26.03.2010 : Brief of the discussions held in the Joint CHQ Office Bearers Meeting of AIBSNLEA and SNEA (I) held at New Delhi on 09.03.2010. Click here

25.03.2010 : JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING : The Joint Action Committee leaders met in its meeting and decided the strategies for successful holding of DHARNA programme on 26.03.2010 and INDEFINITE STRIKE with effect from 20.04.2010. It is decided that maximum number of members should participate in DHARNA programme and to make INDEFINITE STRIKE w.e.f. 20.04.2010. The State level Conventions, Special General Body meetings, Press Conferences, Posters, Memorandum to MPs etc. are to be conducted to create awareness and wide publicity about the Demands and our opposition against wrong policies of the Govt. All the Circle / Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of JAC decisions. The JAC meeting was attended by Com GS and President. Com N.T. Sajwani, SG, NFTE chaired the meeting and Com VAN Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU Convened the meeting.

25.03.2010 : GS Writes :

Letter-1 : To Secretary, Ministry of Personnel, Personal Grievances & Pension, DOP & Training regarding Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of Pension of absorbed employees in BSNL.

Letter-2 : To CMD BSNL regarding Mis-interpretation of pay scale of erstwhile ASTTs who were later merged with JTO cadre in 1994.

Letter-3 : To Dir (HR) regarding Promotion from JTO (C) to SDE (C) in Seniority cum fitness stream.

Letter-4 : To CVO regarding Posting as DE vigilance at Guwahati.

Letter-5 : To Sr. GM (FP) regarding Request transfer in the cadre of CAO/AO/JAOs.

Letter-6 : To GM (Pers) regarding modification in the seniority list of SDEs (T).

Letter-7 : To GM (Estt) regarding Request transfer in the cadre of JTO (T).

25.03.2010 : AIBSNLEA AP Circle Organising Secretary, Com  O.V.Rama Sarma and Branch Secretary Com M.Sudhakar along with other United Forum Leaders met Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and IT Shri Gurudas Kamat at Tirupathi on the occasion of his visit to the Temple Town Tirupathi on 19.03.2010, for "LAUNCHING OF 3G SERVICES AT TIRUPATHI TELECOM DISTRICT" and United Forum submitted a memorandum containing the following items :

1. Dissatisfaction over the Sam Pitroda Report particularly with regard to 30% disinvestment and move to sack 1,00,000 BSNL Employees.

2. Implementation of 78.2%DA for Fitment in 2nd PRC.

3. Restoration of Compassionate appointment powers to Circle Heads.

4. 20% HRA to Tirupathi Central Govt. & PSU employees on par with State Govt. & Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam Employees.

With regard to Sam Pitroda Report the Minister said "He is aware of the Report and will take care of the employees of BSNL".

Click here for Glimpses : Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3

Joint Forum of Unions / Associations of Non-Executives and Executives : INDEFINITE STRIKE FROM 20TH APRIL 2010 : In the All BSNL Unions and Associations meeting held to-day (22.3.2010), Joint Action Committee (JAC) was formed to effectively implement the Agitational Programme against Pitroda Committee Report and also demanding Pension Revision on IDA for BSNL Pensioners. All the General Secretaries will be part of JAC at central level with Shri N.T. Sajwani, as Chairman and Shri VAN Namboodiri as Convener. JAC at Circle/SSA level may also be formed early. In the meeting, it was unanimously decided to observe DHARNA on 26.03.2010 and INDEFINITE STRIKE from 20th April, 2010 onwards jointly and effectively. MAKE THE STRIKE A COMPLETE SUCCESS. Click here for NOTICE

23.03.2010 : Interim Order of CAT Ernakulam Bench on Officiating JTOs Case for regularization. :-OA( No.248/2010) filed by AIBSNLEA represented by its Kerala Circle Organizing Secretary, Sri. P.Radhakrishnan, JTO, CSR, Kannur, seeking regularization of all qualified, trained and officiating JTOs to vacancies prior to promulgation of 1999 Recruitment Rule or to supernumerary posts as done previously in the case of other TTAs, was accepted in file and ordered notice to respondents. The Hon'ble CAT heard the petition along with similar other OAs filed by various other groups and stayed the procedure for conducting departmental  LICE to JTO on all India basis  until further orders to be issued by the CAT. The Hon'ble CAT heard the version of departmental officers summoned for clarifications and passed the interim order.

23.03.2010 : REVIEW OF EXISTING TENURE/STATION AND FACILITIES THERE OFF IN R/O J& K.GUJARAT AND NE-II : A tireless efforts of our Association has yielded a result.Corporate Office has reviewed existing tenure /Station in r/o J& K,Gujarat and NE-II.For details Click here

20.03.2010 : The court case with respect to stay order on DE adhoc DPC was heard in Hon'ble J&K High Court today but arguments could not take place in the absence of applicants advocate. Honble Justice waited for some time to call applicant advocate and latter adjourned all the cases as Honble Justice was to attend some important assignment . The case will be listed again in the next week.

19.03.2010 : GS discussed with PGM(BW) as under: :

1. Implementation of ACP withdrawal committee recommendations: We expressed our serious concerned against delay in implementation of the ACP withdrawal committee recommendations.PGM(BW) informed that he has submitted report on Financial Implication as desired by the Competent Authority yesterday and he has sent letter to PBM(EW/Arch) for providing information on the same at the earliest.

2. Posting on promotion from JTOŠ to SDEŠ LDCE quota: PGM(BW) mentioned that the proposal for posting on promotion from JTOŠ to SDEŠ of LDCE quota has been sent to competent authority for approval. Shortly promotion order will be issued. 3 Consideration of request transfers of JTO/SDE(Civil): PGM(BW) assured to consider all pending request transfers of JTOŠ/SDEŠ at the earliest. .

19.03.2010 : GS discussed with DGM(EW) o/o PGM(EW) since PGM(EW) is on tour :

1 Implementation of ACP withdrawal committee recommendations: We expressed our serious concerned against delay in implementation of the ACP withdrawal committee recommendations. DGM(EW) assured that within 3-4 days ,Financial Implication as desired by the Competent Authority will be sent GM(Pers)..

2 Modification of unjust transfer order of SDE(E): We expressed our serious concern against issuing unjust transfer order of SDE(E) ignoring the transfer policy. DGM(EW) after detail discussion on merit assured to look into the justified cases and put up to Competent Authority at the earliest. .

19.03.2010 :LDCE to THE GRADE OF SDE : The Limited Departmental Competitive examinisation to the grade of SDE (Telecom) under 33% quota to be held on 04/07/2010 (Sunday).Click Here for details

19.03.2010 : GS contacted Ms. Sukhman Randhawa, PS to Shri Sam. G. Pitroda  for granting  the meeting to AIBSNLEA  but she informed that Shri Pitroda could not grant meeting due to his business and went abroad on 17th March 2010 night. She mentioned that I am to arrange meetings to AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU in the month of APRIL -2010 on returning of Shri Sam. G. Pitroda from Chicago.
18.03.2010 : The court case filed by some ITS officers (DEs) in Hon'ble Jaipur CAT was heard today but due to dual policy of BSNL Management regarding DGM promotion, Hon'ble CAT has directed BSNL Management to file para-wise reply immediately. Case will now be heard on 01.04.2010. BSNL Management in earlier reply has stated that these unabsorbed ITS officers cannot be promoted by BSNL, they can be promoted by DOT but on the other side recently CGMT Rajasthan Circle has promoted these ineligible ITS officers as DGM on local officiating basis. Hence the Hon'ble CAT asked to clarify the position. AIBSNLEA shortly filing the case against illegal promotion of ineligible ITS officers against BSNL posts.
18.03.2010 : The court case with respect to stay order on DE adhoc DPC was heard in Hon'ble J&K High Court today but arguments could not take place in the absence of applicants advocate. The case is posted for hearing tomorrow.

18.03.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F), OS (N), AFS and Advisor-I welcome and felicitated Shri S.C.Mishra, Ex CGMT Bihar Circle on assuming the high office of Member (Services), Telecom Commission, New Delhi. During courtesy call Shri S.C.Mishra, Member (S) assured to look into the pending case of IDA pension revision for BSNL retirees and other issues related to BSNL viability. We assured him our fullest cooperation. Click here for letter

18.03.2010 : United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations writes to GM (SR), BSNL regarding View on membership verification of Executives' Associations in BSNL. Click here

18.03.2010 : United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations writes to the Secy (T) regarding resolution on immediate repatriation of unabsorbed ITS officers. Click here

18.03.2010 : GS writes to Dir (HR) regarding Promotion to the cadre of SDE (C) on seniority-cum-fitness quota. Click here

18.03.2010 : GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding Non-implementation of DPE order for 78.2% DA in fitment benefit w.e. from 01.01.2007 in BSNL. Click here

18.03.2010 : LEGAL FUND : APPEAL TO ALL CSs/DSs/BSs :-As per the decision taken in the Chennai CWC, Please collect Rs.100/- per member towards legal fund and remit to CHQ.

18.03.2010 : JTO 2005 Batch Pay Anomaly case : CONGRATULATIONS !!! AIBSNLEA's persistent efforts yielded result in getting cleared the Pay Anomaly case of JTO 2005 Batch from BSNL Management Committee in its meeting held on 17.03.2010. It is expected that the case will be put up in BSNL Board meeting for approval which is scheduled to be held on 25.03.2010.

15.03.2010 : : Retirement on superannuation w.e.f 28/02/2010.We wish them a happy and prosperous retired life. Click for : SDEs/PSs, DETs, ACCOUNTS&FINANCE  and Civil 

15.03.2010: Com. GS addressed the lunch hour Maas Demonstration at BSNL Corporate Office organized by Joint Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non Executives' and Executives' and discussed in detail the recommendations of Sam.G.Pitroda Committee Report which will adversely affect the BSNL employees and very existence of BSNL. A large number of AIBSNLEA members participated in the mass demonstration programme.

15.03.2010: Com President (CHQ ) and FS CHQ attended and addressed the lunch houe Maas Demonstration programme at CGMT Maharashtra Circle Office Juhudanda Mumbai. They explained the reasons of agitation programme call is given. A large number of BSNL Executives' and Non Executives' participated in the Demonstration.

15.03.2010:- GS, AGS(F), OS(North) attended and participated in the discussions of Joint Forum Leaders Meeting after lunch hour demonstration programme. Joint Forum after elobrate discussions and against the wrong policies of the Govt/ BSNL Management Unanimously resolved to observe DHARNA Programme on 26.03.2010 at BSNL Corporate Office/Circle HQ/SSA level HQ and One day strike on Tuesday 20.04.2010. All the Circle/Branch Secretries are requested to ensure successful implementation of the Organizational Action Programmes.

12.03.2010: CMD BSNL invited General Secretaries BSNLEU, AIBSNLEA and SNEA(I) to appraise the BSNL Board stand on the recommendations of Shri Sam .G. Pitroda Committee report.  GS, President , AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin), OS (North) and AGSs of SNEA met CMD, BSNL in the presence of Director (HR) and GM(SR) and discussed about Sam Pitroda committee Report: The representatives of BSNLEU could not attend the meeting due to non availability at HQ. The BSNL stand on Sam. G. Pitroda Committee Recommondations as under-



Enhance the quality of Senior Managers by inducting 30-35 professionals from market


Appoint an eminent person as chairman bifurcating the post of CMD BSNL as Chairman and Managing Director.

Agreed, BSNL Board has no objection

Change the Board composition. (Only one person should be from company)

BSNL has suggested that the Business Head should be from BSNL Board.  

Interaction from Administrative Ministry should be on  Board level only


Full time CEO/COO/CFO

BSNL Board has suggested to appoint CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Introduction of Advisory Board

BSNL has suggested that it may create interference

Divest 30 per cent stake in BSNL to an Indian strategic investor or through an IPO at appropriate time in stages

In this regard BSNL Board has already approved 10% disinvestment through Employees stock option and now Govt. may  take decision.

Tower infrastructure should be spun off into a new subsidiary to unlock the value through a strategic sale or separate IPO.

BSNL already started sharing of passive infrastructures such as towers.

Separate subsidiary to hold undeveloped land bank.  

In the case of land bank, first the land has to be transferred from Govt. to BSNL

Address the delays in buying network equipment


VRS for around 100,000 employees.

BSNL Board has suggested that in forth coming 5 years 60,000 employees are going to retire at an average of 12000 per year.So even without VRS, the target population is getting retired.

VRS will involve following challenges

1.Stiff opposition from BSNL Unions and Associations

2. VRS will give negative sentiments.

3. Good people will take VRS.

Even if Govt. feels that VRS is required, the area /Cadre to be identified from which VRS has to be implemented and the entire financial assistance has to be borne by the Govt.  

Organization Restructuring

Already work is going on this direction.

Complete the ITS absorption in a time bound manner.

BSNL Board has suggested that this issue should be resolved by the Administrative Ministry.  

Young talent recruitment in BSNL and to provide the equal (But not preferential) opportunities to the existing employees.  

Already process is going on

Performance driven culture induction in BSNL.  

BSNL already initiated the process and GPMS introduced.

Unbundling of local loop

BSNL Board has suggested that BSNL should pro actively appoint franchises for use the network for it's own.  

ERP/CRM induction in BSNL.  

ERP implementation is already in process.

Scrapping of 93 Million GSM lines controversial tender.

BSNL Board agreed to scrap the tender.etc.

3 years  fixed term for the professionals appointed.

Agreed, to be extended to other appointments also.

During discussions on above arbitrary recommendations we expressed our serious resentment and requested CMD to convene an immediate meeting with the representatives of Joint Forum.

12.03.2010: GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin), AGS(c/E/Arch) met GM (Estt) and discussed :

(a) Training Allowance: We requested to revise the Training allowance from 7.5% to 15% at an earliest. 

(b) Transfer Grant on new pay scale: We expressed our serious concern against delay in releasing the order on transfer grant on new pay scale. 

(c) Short fall of 300 days EL for leave encashment: We requested to implement of 6th CPC             recommendation on this issue in to-to. 

(d) Transport Allowance within 1 kms: We requested to implement of 6th CPC       recommendation on this issue in to-to.

GM (Estt) informed that the all above mentioned issues are under consideration and are being sent to BSNL Management Committee shortly.

(e) JTO 2005 batch Pay Anomaly: We requested to resolve the pay anomaly of JTO 2005 batch    at  an earliest. GM (Estt) assured that the case will be taken up in the next MC meeting to    remove the pay anomaly.

(f) Regularisation of Officiating JTOs  :  We requested to resolve the issue of  regularisation of Officiating  JTOs as a one time measure by amending the JTO 2001 RR suitably:GM (Estt.)  mentioned that the case is pending in Hon'ble Supreme Court. Hence,  till the outcome of the court case no further action can be taken in the matter.


12.03.10 : Joint Forum of Unions / Associations of Non-Executives and Executives strongly protest the arbitrary recommendations of Shri Sam Pitroda Committee for BSNL revival and its implementation. JF issues NOTICE to hold Lunch Hour Mass Demonstration on Monday 15.03.10 at BSNL Corporate Office, Circle and SSA Headquarters. All the CHQ Office Bearers / CSs / Branch Secretaries are requested to make it a grand success. Click here for NOTICE

12.03.2010: GS contacted concerned Authorities of DOT about implementation of Shri Sam Pitroda committee recommendations on BSNL revival : It is understood that the DOT has raised serious concern over suggestions made by the Committee for changes in BSNL. The recommendations include disinvestment of 30% Govt. equity in BSNL, reducing the employees by a third, canceling the telecom equipment order for 93 million GSM line and replacing it with network outsourcing deals.

The report by Pitroda offers a long term solution. It does not address the existing issues and the concerns that may arise while following the long term plan. If BSNL shifts to an outsourcing model for procuring equipment, as suggested by the report, it would take 8-10 months and all this while, it would not be able to add capacity. This would further push the company down in the Indian mobile market. The officer said, they were not involved while preparing the report on BSNL and committee had not taken any ground work to learn about the functioning of BSNL and the unions / Associations. The finance Ministry is not ready to provide support to a VRS scheme of BSNL. If money does not come from the Finance Ministry as a special package, it cannot implement the scheme at all. The proposals, though cleared by the BSNL Board, would be difficult to implement without the support of the Union/Associations.

11.03.2010 : GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding Clarification on various points/issues relating to the Executive Promotion Policy. Click here

11.032010 : GS writes to Secy (T) and CMD BSNL regarding Harassment by Shri Ashok Golas, CGM, NCES, New Delhi. Click here

11.03.2010 : GS writes regarding request transfers in the cadres - CAO/AO/JAO --- SDE (T) --- SDE (C) --- JTO (T)

11.03.2010 : GS writes regarding Request for Implementation of DE adhoc order ---- Request for retention in the cadre of AOs ---- Inter circle transfer of SDEs to ERP project ----