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EDITOR: Com. S. Sivakumar, General Secretary;  Designed by Com. M.K. Morodia, CS RAJ Circle & Maintained by Com. Bhagwan Singh, AGS (HQ), AIBSNLEA CHQ

ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001


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31.12.2020 DoT issued instructions regarding running of mobile network of MTNL by BSNL as its outsource agency...<<<Click here for letter>>>>

Dear Friends and Well Wishers!

We learnt a lot of lessons in 2020, faced lot of problems and lost so many livelihoods throughout the World due to COVID-19. But we can't forget the year -2020 in which BSNL has been revived with Rs.8500 Cr Sovereign Guarantee Bonds, VRS of our beloved friends, non getting of Regular Promotions, non allotment of 4G Spectrum and non finalisation of 4G Tender.

However, AIBSNLEA and BSNL will Focus on what we have rather than what we don't have. We will fight together and make BSNL to regain it's original pristine Glory and grow to another level.

AIBSNLEA always fight for the due and legitimate rights of BSNL Executives.

AIBSNLEA wishes that the New Year 2021 will born with new Happiness and Glory to keep the Mankind Healthy,  Wealthy and Peaceful all over the World.


.........Regards.........GS AIBSNLEA

31.12.2020 Congratulations to all the retiring Comrades!

CHQ AIBSNLEA extends Best Wishes to all the comrades, who are going to retire on 31.12.2020 on Superannuation. We wish for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement


Comrades! You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph.  We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA as well as BSNL.


CHQ congratulates you all on your Superannuation on 31.12.2020.

26.12.2020BSNL News in Media

(i) Liquidity crunch: BSNL slips on clearing vendor dues....<<<Click here for detailed news>>>

(ii) DoT may seek PMO help over BSNL 4G tender.........<<<Click here for detailed news>>>

24.12.2020GS Writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO regarding

(a) Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the cadre of Junior Account officer

(b) Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the cadre of Accountant officer

(c) Representation received from Shri N.C. Arasu, SDE HR No. 199800438 Tamil Nadu Circle regarding missing and addition of his name in the Seniority list 9 of SDEs (T) of vacancy year 2006-07 under competitive Quota dated 10th August 2020.

(d) Representation received from Shri Ramesh Kumar K. Manda, JAO, HR No. 199100925, Maharashtra Circle regarding review of result JAO 10% LICE examination held on 24.09.2016.

<<<Click here for letter >>> 

23.12.2020: Yesterday GS AIBSNLEA and AGS (Fin.) met GM (Admin & Trg), BSNL CO, New Delhi and extended their Sincere thanks to Director (HR) and GM(Admin & Trg) for the immediate intervention on Sunday evening i.e., on 20.12.2020 by the Director (HR) for directing the CGMT, TN Circle to allow JAO Trainees for the Phase-III training through on line from their residence instead from the office on the basis of the request  given by the GS, AIBSNLEA and CS, AIBSNLEA , TN Circle.


GM(Admin&Trg) mentioned that the Director (HR) immediately acted even that was on Sunday and by the evening Director (HR) directed CGM TN Circle to allow JAO Trainees for the Phase-III on line training from their residence on the basis of genuine and justified demand and request of GS AIBSNLEA.

Our Sincere thanks to our Director (HR) BSNL Board and GM(Admin&Trg) BSNL CO.

We further requested the GM(Admin&Trg) to conduct the JTO Phase –II training on online Mode instead of Physical Mode  at Ghaziabad due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation and Bad climatic condition and Pollution at Ghaziabad  & Delhi. In this regard, GS AIBSNLEA written a Letter to the Director (HR). GM(Admin&TRG) positively responded and informed  that the BSNL Management is recommended for On Line training only due to Covid-19 and assured that after discussion with the Director (HR) positive decision will be taken .

<<<Click here for GS letter>>>

To the Kind Attention of All Circle Secretaries/ Finance Secretaries

Dear Comrades!

GM ERP Ghaziabad & Sr.GM SR issued instructions to the CGMs of all Circles that ERP Circle Team has to give the list of Assn. Membership recovery Month/SSA wise to the concerned Circle Secretary on or before 7th of every month. <<<Click here for letter>>>

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to collect the data from May 2020 onwards. (i.e collect the monthly list from the Circle ERP Team/ AO CSC) and submit the Consolidated report of CHQ/Circle/SSA quota to Sh. Ramnath Chhabra, FS CHQ (email id:; Mobile Nos.:  09868231711 & 09416646742) so as to release your Circle/SSA Quota by the CHQ from May 2020 to October 2020 - regards....... S.SIVAKUMAR GS AIBSNLEA

19.12.2020:GS writes to The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding JAO (DR) - 2018 Batch - Phase III Training - Online Mode w.e.f. 21.12.2020 <<<Click here for letter >>>   <<<CS TN Circle letter>>>

15.12.2020:AUAB writes to Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Honble Prime Minister, Government of India,  regarding immediate launching of BSNL's 4G service, the most important factor for the Revival of BSNL <<<Click here for letter >>> 

14.12.2020: Today GS AIBSNLEA, AGS (Fin.) and CHQ-Auditor met Shri R.K. Goyal, PGM (Pers.) CO BSNL and discussed regarding:

(a) JTO to SDE (T) Promotions:  We enquired about the status of JTO (T) to SDE promotion. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the preparatory work is going on in full swing. Required data is being collected from various Circles. Personnel branch is trying its best to issue JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotion orders shortly. It is expected that approximately 4500 JTOs will get SDE (T) promotion.


(b) Request for consideration of Regular Promotions in all the Streams in the light of the DoT OM dated 13.10.2020: GS appraised the PGM(Pers) that thousands of Executives already drawing Higher Scales are working in the entry level grade of JTO equivalent and waiting for their 1st Promotion for the years together. Likewise SDE(T)/ SDE(C/E/TF/Arch)/ AOs/ CCS/ PS cadres are waiting for their regular promotions since long. The Promotions are held up by the Management in the name of various Court Cases on Reservation & Seniority issues. AIBSNLEA has continuously pursuing and requesting the BSNL Management for the issuance of Regular Promotion Orders in all Cadres of all the Streams. We strongly oppose any look-after arrangement in higher grade but we demand immediate promotions on ‘Regular Basis’. 


We also brought to the notice of PGM (Pers) that recently, SCT Cell of DoT has issued an Office Memorandum dated 13th October, 2020 (regarding Clarifications on the issues relating to Reservation in Promotion for SCs/STs) after gathering the valuable Legal Opinion/Advice and in consultation with the ‘Ministry of Law & Justice’’, ‘DoP&T’ and the ‘Attorney General of India’ on the specific clarification sought by the Parliamentary Committee on welfare of SCs & STs and requested PGM(Pers) to consider all the long awaited regular promotions in all the Cadres in the light of the recent Clarifications contained in DoT OM dated 13.10.2020. PGM (Pers) after patient hearing mentioned that the BSNL Management is trying to sort out the Promotion issue with a workable solution acceptable to all through discussions.


(c) Discrepancies in the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) for the Promotion to DE(T): We appraised the PGM (Pers.) about the discrepancies observed in the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) for the promotion to DE(T) issued by the Pers Branch on 10.08.2020 and we categorically mentioned that the Provisional Seniority List No. 9 is not prepared purely on the basis of the date of joining in accordance with the judgment pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court, but it is prepared on the basis of Date of Joining within the vacancy Year.(c)    


Any RR amendment is applicable from that date (that is Prospective in nature) but not on retrospectively. In this regard, GS explained that AIBSNLEA CHQ has received more than 400 representations which have already been forwarded to Pers. Branch and requested the PGM(Pers) to finalise the list without any deviation from the Hon’ble Court Orders so as to avoid any further Litigation. (d)   


PGM (Pers.) mentioned that it will not be finalized immediately and he is already occupied in several other important tasks and it will be better to have a detailed discussion  in this regard in the first week of January’ 2021. PGM (Pers) assured that the issue will be discussed and the discrepancies will be removed and the list will be finalized.


(d)  Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/SDE/AO:- We requested PGM(Pers.) to consider the pending request transfers in the Cadre of AO/SDE/AGM/CAO. PGM (Pers.) mentioned that all pending genuine request transfers will be considered and it will be issued shortly after getting the due approval from the Competent Authority.


(e) Consideration of Regular Promotion in the Cadre of DGM(T)  and  DGM(Finance): GS requested for the consideration of  DGM (Adhoc) to Regular Promotion in both Telecom & Finance Streams. GS explained that the issue was discussed with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and Director (Finance) from Jan, 2020 onwards in view of the vacuum created due to VRS-19. 


GS further mentioned that as on date only 150 DGM(T) and 12 DGM (Finance) Adhoc are working in BSNL as against the Sanctioned Strength of 1331 and 402 respectively. All Adhoc DGMs have already completed 4 years of Regular service in DE/CAO (STS Grade) as on 1st Jan 2020 and as per BSNL MS RR- 2009, all are eligible for Regular DGM Promotion. Moreover they have completed 3 to 4 years as Ad-hoc DGM also and No Financial implication/ monetary benefit/Reservation issue will be involved in this promotion.


PGM (Pers) mentioned that due to Rule 206 case, the DGM (T) Regular promotions could not be processed. He also mentioned that regular DGM Promotions in Finance Stream will also be considered along with the Telecom Wing. 

14.12.2020:GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar Ji, CMD  BSNL regarding

(i) request for Promotions from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) for both in Telecom Engineering and Finance Stream- <<<Click here for letter>>>

(ii) Discrepancies in the Seniority List No.9 of SDE (T) published on 10.08.2020- ......Reminder...... <<<Click here for letter>>>

11.12.2020:Performance of the Clusters - view the CMD Letter <<<CMD Letter>>> 
09.12.2020: Director (I/C) -BTCL & Director (CM)/ BSNL issued instructions regarding the commencement of commercial activities by BTCL <<<Click here for letter >>> 
04.12.2020:  Message from Director (Finance)  BSNL Board Ms. Yojana Das <<<Click here for Message >>> 

01.12.2020:    GS Writes Shri P.K. Purwar Ji, CMD BSNL regarding  Request for Promotion in all Streams/Grades in BSNL on ‘Regular Basis’ without any Financial implications, instead of any Look-After arrangement’ from among the Executives already drawing Higher Scales
<<<Click here for letter>>>