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EDITOR: Com. V. Shaji, General Secretary;  Designed by Com. M.K. Morodia, Ex-CS RAJ Circle

ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




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31.03.2022Shri Sushil Kumar Mishra ji, Director (CM) BSNL Board retiring today. AIBSNLEA extends best wishes to Dir (CM) sir on his Superannuation on 31.03.2022.
Before relinquishing as Director (CM), the PO in respect of 4G services is being placed today. A landmark decision and a historic day for BSNL.
As Director (CM) Shri S.K. Mishra ji put his best efforts for the launching of 4G services and it became reality today.
It is a great farewell gift to BSNL.

31.03.2022Congratulations to all the Retiring Comrades!


AIBSNLEA CHQ extends Best Wishes to all the Comrades, who are going to retire on 31.03.2022 on Superannuation, We wish for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement. 


Comrades! You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph.  We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA and BSNL as well.


CHQ Congratulates You all on Your Superannuation.

31.03.2022GS written to Shri Narendra Modi ji , Hon’ble Prime Minister of India requesting for considering of IDA (119.5% as on 01.01.2017) as Dearness Pay (DP) in respect of  BSNL employees  w.e.f. 01.01.2017 till such time  3rd PRC  is implemented in BSNL since 3rd PRC  due w.e.f. 01.01.2017 has not been implemented for BSNL Employees.<<<<Click here for GS letter>>> 


Reply received  from PMO to GS AIBSNLEA <<<<Click here for PMO reply >>> 


A Special CEC Meeting of AIBSNLEA Corporate Office Circle, New Delhi was held on 23.03.2022 to welcome the newly elected CHQ Office Bearers available at New Delhi. Almost all the Circle Executive Committee members of CO New Delhi Circle including the New CHQ OBs available at HQ and Com. Bhagwan Singh Ex-AGS(HQ) have attended the meeting. The meeting was started sharply at 12.30 PM under the Chairmanship of Circle President CO New Delhi Com. Rajender Kumar.


Com. Rajender Kumar, Circle President Corporate Office welcomed all the CHQ OBs, Circle OBs & CEC Members and extended thanks to all for sparing their valuable  time and attend the meeting with in a short notice. He introduced the new CHQ Team with their portfolio to the CEC members. He mentioned that it is our privilege that the first visit of the GS, Dy.GS, CHQ President, Former GS, AGS (C/E/A/TF), FS-CHQ, Advisor (Legal) and Auditor CHQ to Corporate Office Circle. He further mentioned that we all have met with CMD BSNL, Board of Directors and other Senior Officers in BSNL CO. He assured CHQ for the fullest cooperation from the CO Circle.


At the outset, Com. Dinesh Kumar, Circle Secretary Corporate Office Circle warmly welcomed the newly elected CHQ Office bearers and congratulates them. He thanked the CEC members who have attended the meeting with in a short notice.  

All the CHQ office bearers have been welcomed by the Circle Team one by one by presenting Shawl & Bouquets. CHQ President Com. Rajpal Sharma welcomed by the Circle President and Com. Khurana ji, former GS Com. S.Sivakumar welcomed by Com. Vikash Bharati & ACS, the General Secretary Com. V Shaji has been presented the Shawl & Bouquet by the CS & FS CHQ Com. Dinesh Kumar, Dy.GS Com. J.K. Patel welcomed by the Com. Slathia ji, AGS(C/E/A/T) Com. Ravindra Kumar welcomed by the CP, FS CHQ Com. Dinesh Kumar welcomed by the Circle FS and Com. Slathia ji, Advisor (Legal) CHQ  Com. Ramamoorthy welcomed by Com. Tomar ji and the Auditor CHQ Com. R.S. Slathia, welcomed by Com. Bagesh Kumar and CP Com. Rajender Kumar welcomed by Com. Gaurav. After the welcome session, Circle Secretary thanks to all & invited CHQ President to address the CEC Meeting.


CHQ President Com. Rajpal Sharma thanked the Circle Team for the conduction of CEC in a short notice and for the Warm welcome to the newly elected CHQ Office bearers. He briefed about the 7th AIC concluded at Chennai from 11 to 13 Mar’ 2022 and mentioned that the new CHQ Team know their responsibilities and will always take a lead in all the matter related to HR, BSNL Viability and the Organization, etc., He mentioned that the new CHQ Team has been elected through Ballots in the Democratic way. The new GS and the Dy.GS are having more than 10 years of remaining Service and they will deliver the goods - more than 100% along with the newly elected Young, Dynamic and Energetic Team to keep the AIBSNLEA Flag high. He specifically mentioned that we have inducted more Direct Recruits in our New Team and there are more than 50% DR- Young & Dynamic Leaders available in the new CHQ Body. All have more potential and will deliver their best for the betterment of the organization and the Executives as well. He further mentioned that our beloved new GS has set his first target as “Mission 5000”. We all should work hard and make this first target possible during the ensuing Membership Window opening in June-July 2022. He requested all the Executives to spare 10 minutes time every day to see the CHQ Website as it is being updated on daily basis with latest orders and developments. He concluded with thanks to the House and assured the fullest cooperation of the CHQ.


Com. J.K. Patel, Dy.GS, CHQ  thanked the Circle Team of Corporate Office and mentioned that we have met CMD BSNL, all the Directors of BSNL Board and the Higher officers in Corporate Office since yesterday. He mentioned that CMD BSNL has given more than one hour time despite his busy schedule and discussed all the important issues transparently. Then we met all the Directors and other Senior Officers and have also requested to revisit the stagnation period of 12 years in the SDE RR and consider our request to reduce it to 07 years as per AIBSNLEA submission. BSNL Management assured to explore all the possibilities in this regard. He mentioned that the response given by the higher officers to AIBSNLEA CHQ shows the importance of AIBSNLEA and the Management always listen the CHQ AIBSNLEA very patiently & carefully since our Letters, Write-ups & Presentations are always having the Merits. He thanked once again the Circle CEC.


Com. Ravindra Kumar, AGS (C/E/A/TF), CHQ addressed the house and briefed about the 7th AIC held at Chennai. He thanked the Circle Team for the grand welcome and Com. S.Sivakumar ji Former GS for giving him the opportunity to serve the AIBSNLEA with the new energetic and young CHQ Team. He requested all to work for the upliftment of the Executives in BSNL and the AIBSNLEA as well. He mentioned that all of us will work together in a team manner and will definitely be able to add more members during the ensuing new membership window opening period.


Com Ramamoorthy, Advisor (Legal), CHQ addressed the House and appraised about the rightly & timely taken up the matter of SDE Seniority List No 9, 10 & 11 to 13 by AIBSNLEA CHQ Team under the leadership of Com. S.Sivakumar ji the then GS. He mentioned that our the then GS has written more than 11 Letters to the Management and pleaded the matter for more than 21 months with the Merits and succeeded why because we have presented our views and justification as per Law and pursuant to the various Courts Judgments. He thanked our beloved Ex GS Com. S.Sivakumar ji for this Great Achievement of AIBSNLEA. Thousands of Executives got benefited with the application of Law and Date of joining  concept in it’s true spirit. He thanked all the CHQ members and the Circle Team for inviting him in the meeting and gave a patient hearing.


Our beloved General Secretary Com. Shaji. V addressed the house and shared his views with the CHQ & Circle CEC Team. He discussed various organizational matters and the HR related issues. He mentioned that we all will work with Team spirit and our organization will flourish further and we will take the flag of AIBSNLEA high. We will deliver the members, we will work for all the Executives with their satisfaction by making a bridge between the Executives and the Management and we are always ready to fight also if our genuine grievances will not be resolved timely. We have made a balanced Team in the new CHQ body by induction of more DRs with the Experienced Leaders. We are having the Power to raise the voice of the Executives in a right way with True spirit and we will succeed in our Mission to get resolved all the matters in a time bound manner. Com. President rightly pointed out about the “Mission 5000” It is our first step and we will achieve it very soon. All the Circle Secretaries are requested to follow the CHQ Website and update the Circle website also to educate the Members/all Executives with all latest updates. I am seeing since last two days Our CHQ leaders stationed at HQ including our beloved Ex.GS S.Sivakumar ji are working hard even up to late night also. Some time you may be noticed that our website is last updated after 12.00 am (Midnight) also.  We all are taking pledge to work hard with Honesty. I on my behalf and on behalf of our CHQ Team convey the thanks to the Corporate Office Circle team and Com. Dinesh Kumar, the CS & FS CHQ who has made a wonderful arrangements with in a short spell of time. He thanked the House for giving the opportunity for a very good introduction with the Corporate Office Leaders. He thanked Com. S.Sivakumar ji for his valuable guidance and requested for the continuation with it to the new CHQ team.


Com. S.Sivakumar ji, Ex.GS AIBSNLEA addressed the house and briefed the Circle Team about the resolutions of the 7th AIC held at Chennai where in the new CHQ Team have been elected in a democratic way and all the new CHQ Team members are having more responsibility towards the Organization. Our new CHQ Team is a well balanced Team made with the Energetic Young and Experienced Senior Leaders having representation of almost all the Major Circles. He mentioned that 3rd PRC benefit is our right and we will get it through Dialogues, Agitations and appropriate Political pressure etc., if needed. He mentioned about the 7th AIC that we have requested our Chief Guest Hon’ble MP to raise the below mentioned burning issues in Parliament and take up with the concerned Ministries:


1. Immediate Budgetary Support to BSNL to overcome financial constraints.

2. Wage Revision of BSNL employees with effect from 01.01.2017 as per 3rd Pay Revision Committee Recommendations.

3. Pension Revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017 for BSNL Retirees.

4. Immediate release of Rs.29,540 Cr BSNL dues by the DoT.

5. Immediate Launching of 4-G services by BSNL.

6. Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic Pay as per Govt. Rules (FR 116) instead of maximum of the Pay Scales.

7. Portion of IDA (119.5% as on 01.01.2017) equal to 75% of the existing basic pay in respect of the employees of BSNL/ CPSEs following IDA pattern of Pay Scales of 2007 levels may be distinctly allowed and showed as Dearness Pay (DP) w.e.f. 01.01.2017 as a temporary measure till such time the 3rd PRC is approved and settled for BSNL employees.


He further mentioned that due to non-allocation of 4G Spectrum, BSNL is put into continuous losses which were increased year by year. However, the Company was able to narrow its losses during the FY 2020-21 due to VRS only. Presently only FTTH business can help us to bring back our Landline customers and also retain our existing customers.

The Assets and Liabilities of erstwhile DTS and DTO which earlier formed part of DoT were transferred to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited except Sanchar Bhawan and few other buildings but in true sense till date all these assets have not been transferred in the name of BSNL rather DoT administration is taking back the assets of BSNL on the pretext of opening TERM Cell / CCA Offices and Training Centers which is contrary to the Govt. of India orders. Recently DoT has arbitrarily issued Presidential Order to takeover of the ALTTC Campus, Ghaziabad from BSNL. The DoT should withdrawal the Presidential Order immediately and DoT should immediately transfer all the Assets to BSNL as per Govt. of India Order. BSNL will have to gear up itself to improve its performance in achieving excellent growth in all spheres. Accordingly, BSNL needs to take immediate steps to motivate its works force, their skills and profile through Trainings, Seminars, moral Education Brain storming session and attractive incentive schemes etc. so that it meets the challenges and increases its Profitability in future and also prevents the Brain drain. To fulfil these, BSNL Management should immediately fill-up all the vacant posts in all the Streams and also settle other burning HR issues like-

1. Implementation of Standard E2 & E3 pay scales.

2. Implementation of Rs.22820 pay to avoid pay loss to the young executives.

3. Immediate approval of BSNL Board is needed for E1+5 increments.

4. 30% SAB to the DR executives.

5. Timely conduction of LICE/LDCE to fill-up 33% promotional quota.

And several all other issues should be settled on priority basis.


Com. S.Sivakumar mentioned that the “Mission 5000” told by the CHQ President and the GS is not our aim. Our Goal is to become Number One Association in the coming Membership Verification and if we all work together with Unity & Devotion and Dedication as well as fight with full strength, wherever required, definitely we can achieve our Goal. He appealed all the Members and the Executives to strengthen the hands of New CHQ Team under the able and Dynamic Leadership of Com. Shaji and we will move forward unitedly and achieve our Goal and Targets.

He extended his best wishes to the new CHQ Team and thanked the Circle Team for their warm regards, love and affection to the Ex.GS. I assured my fullest support & guidance to the new CHQ Team as and when they required. I am always available & ready for my beloved Association AIBSNLEA.

Com. Bhagwan Singh also extended his best wishes and congratulates the newly elected Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA CHQ.


The CEC meeting concluded with Vote of thanks and a dedicated Song by Com. Sanjay Sinha ji, Circle Financial Secretary followed by Delicious Lunch.


<<<Click here for Glimpses of the CEC Meeting >>>

30.03.2022 DoT issued instructions regarding Handover of Operation and Maintenance (O&M), First Line Maintenance (FLM) and Utilization of Bharat Net (Except State led model under Phase-II) to BSNL from 01.04.2022 <<<Click here for Order>>>
28.03.2022 MINUTES OF THE OPEN SESSION HELD ON 12.03.2022 on the occasion of 7th All India Conference at Chennai:

An open session of the AIBSNLEA was held on 12.03.2022 on the occasion of its 7th AIC at Chennai, Tamilnadu from 11.03.2022 to 13.03.2022. The function was commenced with Ganesha Vandana & Tamil Thai Vazhthu by the Local Professional Members.

The Dignitaries on the dais - The Chief Guest Shri. M.Shanmugam ji, Hon’ble Member of Parliament & General Secretary (LPF), Guest of Honours Shri Vivek Banzal ji, Director (CFA) BSNL Board, Shri Muraleedharan, CGMT Tamilnadu Circle, Special Guests Com. Subhasis Mitra, All India President, AIBSNLEA CHQ, Com S. Sivakumar, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA CHQ, Com. Prahlad Rai, Chairman AIBSNLEA & GS AIRBSNLEWA, Shri K. Sebastian, GS SNEA, Shri Seshadhri, Dy.GS NFTE, Shri P.N.Perumal, National Chief Advisor, SEWA BSNL,Shri R.C. Pandey, GS BTEU, Shri. Lingamoorthy, President FNTO, Shri Vijay, GS TEPU, Shri Manoj Singh, GS, AITEEA were felicitated by presenting with Bouquets, Shawl and Mementos by the AIBSNLEA Host Circles/CHQ.

The function commenced by lightening the lamp by the Chief Guest Shri. M.Shanmugam Sir, Hon’ble M.P & GS(LPF) and the other Dignitaries.

Com. C. Duraiarasan, OS(South), AIBSNLEA CHQ & Secretary Reception Committee On behalf of the Host Circle Tamilnadu & Chennai TD, AIBSNLEA welcomed the Chief Guest, Guest of Honours, Special Guests-Eminent Trade Union Leaders, Senior Officers of BSNL on the dais and all the Office bearers and Delegates. He mentioned that Chief Guest of today’s Open Session Respected Shri M Shanmugam ji,  Hon`ble Member of Parliament –Rajya Sabha is a Vetran Trade Union Leader. Our Hon`ble MP joined the Trade Union Movement after serving Indian Army. Shri M Shanmugam ji is the Pole Star of Tamil Nadu Trade Union.

Com. I.Saravanan, President Reception Committee: Hearty Welcome to Chennai on behalf of Reception Committee to the Chief Guest, our Honorable MP Sir, Director(CFA) sir and other Dignitaries and all Trade Union  Leaders sitting on the Dias. TN Circle and  Chennai Telephones are very much thankful to the CHQ, especially our CHQ President Com. Subashsis Mitra Ji and General Secretary Comrade Sivakumar ji,  for given an opportunity to conduct the privilege of  7th AIC here at Chennai. This 7th AIC is being held in a very crucial juncture when the BSNL is facing Financial crisis. Even though we have still hope to achieve more Customers base in FTTH and Mobile Sector. For example, in December 2021 we are Number one in Wireless Subscribers additions. Still people are having satisfaction and hope on our BSNL Services. We hope that BSNL regain its original pristine glory in the days to come.

Welcome address by Com. Subhasis Mitra, President, AIBSNLEA CHQ: In his welcome address, he mentioned that it is privileged to welcome our Honourable MP Sir and Eminent Trade Union Leaders and High Dignitaries. He mentioned that the revenue of BSNL is decreasing day by day and the Annual Salary expenditure is equal to loss. He mentioned due to the entry of the Reliance Jio in telecom field with free service and its predatory pricing, BSNL has gone down with its revenue. However we should bounce back like Phoenix bird. We are providing good Services to the Public. We are having enough potential. I take the pride that we are serving the people of India. With all our efforts BSNL will become Champion once again in the Telecom Sector. Govt. should extend support to the BSNL. We should be self-reliant. Those who are working in BSNL should get 3rd PRC benefits very soon and Pension revision to the BSNL retirees. He wished the 7th AIC a grand success.

The Keynote address delivered by Com General Secretary, AIBSNLEA S. Sivakumarji: Com. S.Sivakumar GS AIBSNLEA, CHQ thanked our Chief Guest Shri. M.Shanmugam, Hon’ble. M.P and GS(LPF), Shri Vivek Banzal Sir, Director(CFA) BSNL Board, Guest of Honour for attending the Open Session despite of their very busy schedule. He mentioned that the CMD BSNL and Director(Finance) were very much eager to meet us here in Chennai and to attend the Open Session however, could not attend the Open Session due to urgent important meeting in DoT in view of the Parliament Session. He also welcomed Shri. Muraleedharan, CGMT, TN Circle for facilitating to conduct the AIC and attending the Open Session.  He welcomed all the Veteran Leaders of various Sister Associations and Unions. He thanked the comrades of Tamilnadu and Chennai TD for making wonderful arrangements for the AIC and Open Session. He also thanked Senior Officers and Media for attending the Open Session. He welcomed and thanked all the participants for attending the function.

Com. S.Sivakumar GS, AIBSNLEA in his key note address mentioned that, it is indeed a matter of great pride and privilege for me to have such a distinguished gathering on the occasion of the Open Session of 7th All India Conference of our great organization the All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Executives’ Association being held here in Chennai. He extended sincere thanks to the Honourable MP Shri M.Shanmugamji who is always raising the BSNL burning issues in the Parliament and very helpful to AIBSNLEA CHQ for meeting the Honourable Ministers and Secretaries of various Departments in the Govt. of India at New Delhi. He mentioned that due to his intervention only now the Govt. is considering the proposal of additional Financial Support/Package to BSNL. He raised the issue of IDA Merger for the employees of all PSUs w.e.f. 01.01.2017 in the Parliamentary Committee Meeting but the same was turned down by the Govt. of India. He requested the Honourable MP to raise the below mentioned burning issues in Parliament and take up with the concerned Ministries:

1. Immediate release of Budgetary Support from the Govt. of India for Capital Expenditure in order to overcome financial constraints.

2. Wage Revision of BSNL employees with effect from 01.01.2017 as per 3rd Pay Revision Committee Recommendations.

3. Pension Revision w.e.from 01.01.2017 for BSNL Retirees and De-linking of Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners from Pay Revision of BSNL employees as their Pension Contribution was already paid to DoT during their Service Period.

4. Immediate release of Rs.29,540 Cr towards the Claims Payable to BSNL by the DoT. Financial Support to BSNL for continuing its non-remunerative Rural wire-line operations.

5. Immediate Launching of 4-G services by BSNL.

6. Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic Pay instead of maximum of the Pay Scales as per Govt. Rules (FR 116)

7. Portion of IDA (119.5% as on 01.01.2017) equal to 75% of the existing basic pay in respect of the employees of BSNL/ CPSEs following IDA pattern of Pay Scales of 2007 levels may be distinctly allowed and showed as Dearness Pay (DP) w.e.f. 01.01.2017 as a temporary measure till such time the Wage Revision is approved and settled.

He further mentioned that the 7th All India Conference is being held in a very crucial juncture when the BSNL is facing financial crisis even after the Govt. announced Revival Plan for BSNL and as the part of the Revival Plan 78,569 BSNL employees have opted for VRS out of which the Executives are 13305. BSNL is facing severe financial Crisis and not able to pay even Salary in time, for the past 21 months from Feb 2020 to Oct 2021. Electricity Bills, Towers Rent, Vehicle Running Expenses, SAB benefits, Fuel Expenses, Contractual Labor Bills, Payment to Vendors, Telecom Infra Service Providers and Local Cable TV Operators etc. even after Mass VRS. Further, Reimbursement of Medical Claims etc., in respect of the BSNL Pensioners are delayed for more than 2 years. It has caused serious demoralization and frustration among all the concerned. The OPEX, CAPEX, Statutory and other Liabilities are also pending for more than Rs.20,000 Crores and it is likely to increase in the months to come. However Salary disbursement is regularized from Nov’2021 onwards as assured by the CMD in the AUAB meeting held on 27.10.2021 wherein AIBSNLEA is the important constituent.

BSNL is not able to meet even its fund requirement for monthly salary due to heavy dip in Cash flow for the past 18 months due to Covid-19 the average cash flow during the past one year reduced to Rs.1200 Cr from Rs.1400 Cr. Further, the gap between monthly revenues and bare expenses to continue operations as a growing concern has reached a level where continuing with BSNL operations could be nearly impossible without immediate infusion of adequate liquidity.

BSNL is offering Wireline Service in Rural Area, which is not economically viable. BSNL was getting subsidy for Rural DELs which was discontinued from 07-07-2013. Net deficit from Rural Wire Line was assessed and certified by Cost Accountant as Rs 13,789 Crore for the years 2014-15 to 2019-20.There is a long pending outstanding dues amounting to Rs.29,540/- Cr . rom DoT to BSNL viz., Compensation to BSNL for un-remunerative but Socially desirable Projects, i.e.,  the deficit in Rural Wire line operation for FY 2014-15 to 2019-20 to the tune of Rs.13789 Cr ( i.e., for serving in Rural / Tribal/ Naxalite prone/LWE, Hilly, Far-flung Areas) Compensation for carrying out Govt. Projects, Excess payment of Pension Contribution, Reimbursement of Leave encashment paid to the absorbed employees for the DoT period , Interest on Wi-Max Spectrum etc, DoT has not come forward to release the dues payable to BSNL.

Due to non-allocation of 4G Spectrum, BSNL is put into continuous losses and in the financial year 2019-2020, BSNL put into a loss of Rs.15,500 Cr i.e., increased from Rs.14402 Cr in the FY 2018-19. However, the Company was able to narrow its losses to Rs 7,441 Crore from Rs.15,500 Cr in the FY 2020-21. This was largely due to VRS and reduction in staff related expenses. In the first half of the FY 2020-21, BSNL is posting an Operating Profit of 602 Cr (EBITDA positive). In the FY 2020-21, BSNL’s total income stood at Rs.18, 595 Cr, which was down 2% year-on-year. The current debt of BSNL is around Rs.30,000 Cr including Sovereign Guarantee to the tune of Rs.8500 Cr. Outstanding Operating Expenditure and Vendor bills are around Rs.18,000 Cr.

The performance of BSNL in all Segments is not good. BSNL Market share is continuously declining except FTTH. BSNL very existence as a Telecom Service Provider is the need of the hour. Large number disconnection/surrender of Landline Connections and BB Connections is a matter of serious concern to us. There is a need to overcome the problem sincerely and take corrective action.FTTH business can help us to bring back our Landline customers and also retain our existing customers.

The Govt. of India/DoT has not kept up their words fully in implementation of Revival Package of BSNL except implementation of VRS-2019 and approval of Rs.8500 Sovereign Guarantee Bonds. Even after expiry of more than 2 Years of assurance, 4G Spectrum is not allocated to BSNL.

In the recent meeting had with Jt. Secy. (Admin) with the AUAB Leaders on 24.11.2021, it was informed by the DoT that the TCS is in the process of supplying 4G Equipments to BSNL. The CEO of TCS has assured to complete the POC (Proof of Concept) by 31st January, 2022. Now one more month time has been given to TCS to complete the POC i.e. up to 28.02.2022. The POs (Purchase orders) will be placed by March / April, 2022. The commercial launching of 4G Services by BSNL will take place in August / September, 2022. There is undue delay of more than 2 years in launching of the 4G after the approval of the Revival Package by the Cabinet which drastically affect the Revenue increase of BSNL

The CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) for BSNLs 4G launching comes to Rs.14,000 Cr and MTNLs CAPEX for 4G launching comes to Rs.15,000 Cr. This Rs.15, 000 Cr will be borne by the Government. The Govt. is very much keen on BSNL revival and it is evident. It was also apprised to us that a highly attractive Package to the tune of Rs.1.60 Lakh Cr to BSNL through Budgetary support on immediate basis in order to overcome financial constraints in a bid to promote domestic technology in line with Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India) is also under advance discussion with the Government, which will be crucial for the long survival of BSNL. Hon’ble Minister and Secretary, DoT is working very hard to finalize the Cabinet Memo. Cabinet note will be sent shortly to get the approval of the Cabinet in this regard.      


The Assets and Liabilities of erstwhile Department of Telecom Services and Department of Telecom Operations which earlier formed part of DoT were transferred to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited except Sanchar Bhawan and few other buildings but in true sense till date all these assets have not been transferred to BSNL rather DoT administration is taking back the assets of BSNL on the pretext of opening TERM Cell / CCA Offices and Training Centers which is contrary to the Govt. of India orders and recently DoT has arbitrarily issued Presidential Order to takeover of ALTTC Campus, Ghaziabad from BSNL. The DoT should withdrawal the Presidential Order immediately and DoT should immediately transfer all the Assets to BSNL as per Govt. of India Order. Land, building, A&P, Cable, experienced workforce are our Assets. All these Assets are to be gainfully deployed to fetch additional revenue.

In the Modern Management Concept, it is also necessary to decentralize the Administrative and Financial Powers for not only reducing the burden on the top Management but also to give adequate freedom to the lower formations.  Unfortunately, a typical DoT work culture is still continuing in BSNL, which tends to keep the Powers centralized and prevents any move in positive direction. The BSNL again suffers most in the absence of a sense of Team spirit.  The conviction of Team Leaders to live in isolation keeps them away from the realities. In the challenging current Business Scenario with highly Competitive Market conditions and Customer expectations in terms of quality of service, BSNL will have to gear up itself to improve its performance in achieving excellent growth in all spheres. Accordingly, BSNL needs to take immediate steps to motivate its works force, their skills and profile through Trainings, Seminars, moral Education Brain storming session and attractive incentive schemes etc. so that it meets the challenges and increases its Profitability in future and also prevents the Brain drain.  

Regarding BSNL & MTNL Merger, GS pointed out that the Unions and Associations of BSNL have strongly opposed the Merger of BSNL and MTNL. But, it is learnt that the process for the Merger of BSNL and MTNL is being started through the back-door. The Mobile Services of MTNL has already taken over by BSNL. MTNL Exchanges and Transmission Equipments are getting connected to BSNL Network/CDR/NGN one by one secretly. In addition to this, the Board of Directors of MTNL, is being merged with the Board of Directors of BSNL surreptitiously. To deny the legitimate Service benefits to the Employees, the merger is being made operational through the back door. Our serious concern is HR issues of BSNL employees need to be settled before the merger of BSNL and MTNL including E2 & E3 pay scales for JTO & SDE equivalent Executives.

GS further mentioned that as a Service Association we cannot remain silent spectator to the problems of our cadres.  As already stated, our members are feeling demotivated due to non-settlement of the following pending grievances:

·        Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations with full 15% benefits in BSNL.

·        Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scales.

·        Revision of Pension of BSNL pensioners from 01.01.2017.

·        Implementation of E-2, E-3 standard IDA Pay scales to JTO and SDE equivalent Executives

·        Rs. 22820/- to be extended to all the LICE/DR JTOs of 2007 & 2008 Batches & DR JTO/JAO 2010 Batches.

·        First Time bound up gradation in four years in all the cases.

·        30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL Recruited employees as per DPE guidelines.

·        CPCs for all the eligible Executives in all the Disciplines are to be conducted immediately for the issuance of Regular Promotions.

·        Suggestions/inputs of AIBSNLEA has to be considered while modifying all the RRs.

·        Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives (C/E/Arch./TF, PAs/PSSs) w.e.f. 01.10.2000 on Notional basis.

·        Restructuring of Assistant Directors (OL) Cadre.

·        BSNL Boards approval is needed on E1+5 increments to JTO (SRD) and all LICE /DR Post 2010 JAO/JTO Batches and PA cadre. 

·        Scrapping of MT RRs/DGM RRs.

·        Conduction of LDCE from JTO to SDE Cadre under 33% quota to fill up all vacant SDE posts under this quota.

·        Conduction of LICE from AM to DM Cadre (CSS) under 33% quota to  fill up all vacant SDE posts.

·        Creation of the Trust/Fund for Post Retirement Medical Benefit for the Direct Recruits Employees of BSNL

·        Revisit  and review of reversion of 2007 LDCE SDE-JTO(2001 DR Batch)

·        Provisioning of sufficient number Executives in Chennai & Kolkata TD during Restructuring.

·        Immediate remittance SAB contributions recovered from Oct’ 2020 to as on date to the tune of Rs.100 Cr

·        Implementation of High-Power Committee Report in respect of Pay Fixation matter of Postal JAOs and Implementation of Hon’ble Apex Court Judgement dated 02nd Sept. 2021

·        Grant of Executive Status by giving One time up-gradation of the post of 45 Stenos to the post of PA.

·        Immediate withdrawal of the BSNL CO order to fill up the vacant posts of PA/PS/PPS in the Field Units by posting Non-Executives like AOS, OS, LDC, UDC etc.,

·        Revisit / Review the Rotation / Long stay Transfers.


The Group- ‘B’ officers and Officers promoted there from are playing crucial role in the phenomenal growth by BSNL. But the Officers need motivation to perform tirelessly for the growth of the Company because only a contended workforce can deliver up to the desired level of Customer satisfaction. It is therefore, imperative that the DoT Administration & BSNL Management both should settle the HR issues concerning all the Executives as enumerated above.

GS mentioned that our intention is definitely not to burden you with our Cadre problems. what precisely we want to convey to our esteemed Audience and the Dignitaries sitting on the dais, is that Telecom is moving towards faster Growth and more and more Customer friendly Services are coming in the days to come, we shall have to earn more and more confidence of our Customers and make them delighted through our faultless, Customer friendly Services and BSNL at Customer’s doorstep etc., We assure all of our Members will strive hard for this.  We all together devote ourselves to the Service.

GS while concluding, thanked all the Dignitaries on the Dais and off the Dias for giving him a patient hearing and at the same time we reaffirm that we shall be discharging our responsibilities in the new Environment and will move forward along with all of you to make BSNL to turn around and regain its original pristine glory.  We also reassure our esteemed Customers that AIBSNLEA will do everything at their disposal to ensure the best possible Telecom Services in terms of “Affordability, Quality and Transparency”.      

Address by Shri.M.Shanmugam, Hon’ble. M.P and GS(LPF), Chief Guest: With Great pleasure, I attend this All India BSNL Executives’ Association Conference. As a Trade Union Leader, I respect all the Dignitaries on the dais and off the dais and the members of the Association. Now you are the Key persons to run this BSNL because the Executives extracted the work from the Workmen. Now the Executives them-self had a problem which has not yet been solved since long. This is main problem we are facing not only in BSNL but in all the PSUs. Just we have to recall the year of 2000 when the BSNL was separated from DOT, there was a Guarantee and Assurance given by the Group of Ministers to the Union Leaders. Some body may have forgotten but I was also present in the meeting. When a Group of Ministers given a Guarantee and Assurance to the poor workers and to the Esteem Organisation but the Govt. Of India has not fulfilled the assurances so far.  With this Govt. Support, BSNL will flourish like anything with the good offices, good Executives, good Workmen, good output as it is a very great Public Sector of our great Nation India. There are lakhs of workers and officers are working in the BSNL. Not working they are serving the people. I use to say the cables laid from Kanyakumari to Himalaya by whom, our elders. I use to say it is not the Cable but it is the Nerve System of us, our blood vessels and Skelton,  the Private Telecom Operators are now become BP to BSNL and  playing. Everyone is earning but the main owner, the BSNL is not taking any benefit over it because of the Policy of Govt.

My dear friend Sivakumar GS AIBSNLEA said that we the MPs are fighting in the Parliament for the Revival and Survival of BSNL. Not only fighting, a week earlier, I met your CGM, Tamilnadu Circle not for any recommendation, I want to improve the Services of the BSNL. The Service rendered to the people by which the people accept that the BSNL Service is the Best Service and the BSNL should earn the good revenue from it also. How would it will happen? Once I went my native place, there I could not get the Net. Then the local JTO has come to attend the fault and he told these are the problems and if you are having concern on BSNL please resolve the issues through Higher ups. Immediately I met the CGM and resolved the issues and I met the Tamilnadu Planning Department Authorities and requested to help the BSNL. Without PSU, Economy cannot be sustained. During Covid-19 pandemic time Air India was utilized by the Govt. But now Ukraine War, Govt. wanted to airlift the Indians from Ukraine. The Hon’ble External affairs Minister discussed with Pvt Airline Players since Air India is not with us. They demand 3 times fare; they do not want risk. There is a saying in tamil in Thirukkural - If you do anything in the morning you will get the result in the evening. This Govt. has done it. Within a week, they got the result.

Govt. is saying People and MPs are shouting before the Parliament, before the street they are shouting, whether it is their work to shout everywhere. People should think for what, they are shouting. We the MPs are shouting for all in the Parliament. I want to tell this Govt., if there is No Public Sector No Govt. Sector. If there is no need of Govt. Sector and Govt. is also not necessary. One Dictator is enough to run, because there is no Department, automatically there is no Ministry and without Ministry that name may be changed. One thing, I want to say that our people are watching, they will give good result by which you will also get benefited. Hence a time will come; you will be the only one Operator in India, only BSNL.

In the Parliament we are fighting with the Ministers and discussed with the Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT. It was assured that the Govt. will revive BSNL after 80,000 employees gone on VRS. But now after VRS also, the situation is not improved and BSNL is in very pitiable condition; Terminal Benefits not yet settled, Salary not paid in time, no good Service to Public, Wages not revised, Pension not revised, IDA not merged and DP not getting but still you are working well. So many Private Companies/Operators got write off from the Govt. of India but the Govt. of India has not come forward to extend further financial support to the ailing BSNL and settlement of genuine and legitimate demands of Wage Revision and Pension revision in BSNL, which is the saddest state of affair and our serious concern. I assure my dear friend Sivakumar and you all that the burning issues of BSNL will be raised in the Parliament shortly and taken up with the concerned Ministries for early settlement.

Com. K.S. Sheshadri Dy. GS, NFTE: On behalf of NFTE, he greeted the 7th AIC a grand success. . Technology is changing in a great way. All the Executives & Non-Executives adopted with the Technology. Govt. has not taken care of this Technology. Govt. has taken the decision to make the Private Telecom Operators to invest in Telecom Sector. All the facilities have been extended to the Private Telecom Operators including reduction in License fee, Bank Loan etc., whereas Govt. has not extended Financial Support to BSNL. It is the wrong decision of Govt. We are staying out of competition and we are not able to increase the Market Share due to deficit of Capital resources of Fund. So far all are having conspires about the development of BSNL. Financial Viability of BSNL should be taken care of by the Govt.  That is why we went on Strike. We are Great Warriors serving in BSNL .FR.17A was awarded to the Leaders of our AUAB, but no Pay revision was implemented in BSNL by the Govt. If we are Govt. Organization, Pay revision should take place in BSNL. After the announcement of Revival Package, 79,000 employees went on VRS but BSNL is not Revived and no financial support is given by the Govt. except 8500 Cr.  Sovereign Guarantee Bonds. Thank you Com. Sivakumar ji and one and all.

Com Sebastin, GS SNEA: We together fought against the Management and we put a temporary ban on EPP for few years in BSNL and in the beginning itself we fought together and we protected EPP and today it is continued. I have seen the detailed deliberations about BSNL and pending HR issues in GS AIBSNLEA Key Note Address. All the major HR issues should be addressed including 2007 JTO Batch Pay anomaly. Comrades! After the first Revival Package, what changes has come in BSNL. If the Govt. has not fulfil their commitment how BSNL would have become No.1. Why BSNL was allowed to start Mobile Operation 2 years after the Private Operators has started. Now our Sr. Officers are telling Second Revival Package is coming. Rs1.06 Lakh Cr second Revival Package is in paper only. 4G Spectrum should be allotted to BSNL for Revival. We should be allowed to upgrade all the existing Services. Make in India has stopped the 4G Services by BSNL. Why 3rd Pay Revision is not implemented in BSNL. Govt. Policy has stopped BSNL not to compete with other Telecom Operators.  The coming days are very difficult for BSNL that is why I appeal all of you to be united and forget all differences and we have to fight against the Govt., fight against the Management. We have to ensure that whatever we have earned today, we have to retain it tomorrow. Also, our future generation, young generation need not pardon us for our failure of today. In SNEA, AIBSNLEA, generation change take place and Leadership also get changed. AUAB should be effective to achieve all the genuine demands, otherwise the Govt. and the Management will change one by one and take away all our facilities. This is my appeal to all the comrades. “Be United”. Thank you once again, I am very thankful to the GS AIBSNLEA for inviting SNEA to address the Open Session.

Com.R.C. Pandey, GS, BTEU, BSNL: Com. R.C. Pandey started his address with thanks to the GS AIBSNLEA to give the opportunity to see you all in this Open Session of 7th AIC of AIBSNLEA. He mentioned that the History is not to tell anybody but to do something now. When I came to the Dept., in 1985 and the day onwards I am seeing huge changes and change of the Management in which capacity, we were doing work in DOT has also changed a lot and Leadership also changed.  We are witnessing   all the Agitations. I am satisfied with the address of the Hon`ble MP from Rajya Sabha & GS, LPF what he mentioned is the fact only. He raised a question that poor Unions remained poor in the Struggles. After the formation of BSNL whatever the Govt assured has not been fulfilled. Now after VRS a very few remained in BSNL. After VRS our Market share drastically reduced to 7%. However at present we are on growing path slowly, slowly and now we can say that we are above 10%. We were assured by the Govt. that this Company will remain in existence. We all will work hard with honesty and sincerely. We will remain fighting for our legitimate rights and we definitely achieve our past glory. Our wage revision is due from 01.01.2017 and for this I urge upon all the Unions and Association to kindly come together for a Nationwide Agitation and plan to get the refund of our DOT claims from the Govt. We can also seek the guidance from the Senior Leaders who have since been retired that how we can achieve our rights. BTU BSNL/BMS hopes that the ongoing 7thAIC of AIBSNLEA being held at Chennai will complete successfully. I am very thankful to Com Sivakumarji, GS who has invited us to attend the conference and to interact with you all. Thanks to all.

Shri P.N.Perumal, National Chief Advisor, SEWA, BSNL:

 First of all, on behalf of All India SEWA BSNL,a great thanks to Brother Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA and team of AIBSNLEA, on behalf of our GS brother ND Ram. Actually, he was willing to come here but due to some health problem he could not come here and directed me to attend this meeting. So I wish the conference of AIBSNLEA every success. Bro. Sivakumar is well energetic Leader. Com Sebastin told first level Leaders are going. First level Leaders have already gone. He is Second level Leader even though he is an Energetic, Able and Respected leader. Bro. Sivakumar is a close friend of me and I was more than 5 years  in Delhi. He know everything and having thorough knowledge of Rules and Regulations and drafting Letters to the Management and Govt. in an excellent manner. We regularly are seeing the AIBSNLEA CHQ web site. I always appreciate him. He is the only tallest leader. He is always affectionate and courteous to SEWA Leaders and caring all Executives, Non Executives and Contractual Labourers.  I always used to appreciate him. There was some misunderstanding between SEWA and AIBSNLEA in 2018 in AO to CAO promotion issue about roster.  Everything solved now and we are moving together and having cordial relationship. When Bro. Sivakumar was CS, AIBSNLEA TN Circle from 2014 to 2017, I was also the CS of SEWA in Tamilnadu. I used discuss with him about SEWA. He is the Advisor of SEWA for me especially in the crisis time. I wish the 7th AIC a grand success.

Com.Linga moorthy, President FNTO:  He wished all the Dignitaries on the Dais.Com. Jayprakash, GS could not attend this AIC due to family circumstances. After Covid-19, this 7th AIC is being conducted in a grand manner. AIBSNLEA is a Great Association. TESA & AFSOA and others Associations were there previously, then merged as AIBSNEA. Com. Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA has presented very excellent and thought provoking Key Note address. GS AIBSNLEA continuously writing Letters to the Management for the settlement of various issues of Executives. In the History, all the Recognized Association and Unions have lost their relevance. AUAB should be more Aggressive to settle the burning issues. 3rd PRC is not implemented in BSNL, Medical Claims of Retirees is not reimbursed by BSNL for the past 2 years, and no Hospitals are good. Now Retirees are depending only on Govt. Medical Scheme-CGHS. All the  Unions and Associations should be united and make a Single Union/Association so as to Achieve/settle our genuine demands since no recognized Union/Association can get   even Salary in time.

Com. K. Manoj Singh, GS AITEEE: The 7th AIC is the Celebration. Always we thank Com. Sivakumarji for being cordial. First of all I will discuss one event happened two weeks back. ALTTC Gazhiabad was taken over by DoT through a Presidential Order. It was really a threatening order; you have to vacate everything. I started twitter, AUAB has called for and gone on Agitation, there are around 39,000 Tweets within few hours with the agitation of AUAB. I received a call from the Ministry. The result of agitation of AUAB is that the order was issued for “Status Quo” but the PO has not been withdrawn completely by the DoT. This land is 31 Acres and the Market Value is around Rs.1,35,000 Cr but in the Books value it is shown as Rs.65,000 Cr. He insisted the immediate 4G Launching, transparent transfer Policy in BSNL, settlement  of E2 & E3 Scales and Compassionate Ground Appointment for the dependents of Executives who expired due to Covid-19 Pandemic during past two years.

Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIRBSNLEWA: He has explained how the BSNL was killed by the Management in a calculated way slowly-slowly and put in losses. He mentioned that the present financial condition of the BSNL is not due to any lapse on the part of its employees, but is due to the wrong policies of the Govt. of India and the failure on the part of the BSNL Management. BSNL was being paid ADC charges of 4000 to 5000 crores as compensation towards the service rendered in the rural areas on reduced rental. But later, on the basis of the recommendation of the TRAI, Govt. of India stopped paying the ADC charges and BSNL was forced to continue to serve the rural areas with reduced rental.

It is evident from the fact that after introduction of revival package and VRS of about 78600 employees, the financial position has not been improved which clearly indicates that the employees are not responsible for the loss of BSNL. Only VRS has been implemented and other assurances of revival package has not been implemented after a lapse of 2 and half years from the date of approval of the Cabinet. As per the recommendation, the Pay of BSNL employees are to be revised, whereas on the pretext of loss, the Pay revision is arbitrarily stopped by the Govt. and the Pension revision of the Retired Pensioners are also held up.

He mentioned that AIRBSNLEWA is fighting for the pension revision in the Court of law. The Pension revision was due as on 1.1.2017 on completion of 10 years and the same has not been done by linking the pension revision of the Retired pensioners with the pay revision of the working employees. He also mentioned about the recent meeting he had with Secretary Telecom, wherein he has submitted a memorandum citing the detailed report with full justification for the Pension revision and the indifferent attitude of DoT Officers dealing with the case. He also mentioned that the BSNL pensioners are drawing the pension from the consolidated fund of India and the pension contribution of these pensioners have already been paid on the maximum of the pay scale as against the actual basic pay, as per the provision of Rule 37-A of pension Rules 1972.

He also stated that after the pension revision, the minimum pension of a Group D employees retired from Govt. service is Rs.9000/-, whereas, the minimum pension of a Group D employee retired from BSNL is Rs.3500/-, due to non-implementation of pension revision of BSNL pensioners. The Medical bills of BSNL pensioners are also pending for more than 3 years for re-imbursement. CGHS are not available in all the places.

He appealed the serving Unions and Associations to extend their support and help in resolving the heart burning issues of BSNL pensioners who are all senior citizens. He extended all sorts of support to the Associations and Unions for any call given for the viability of BSNL and assured their personal presence at any given time. He thanked one and all for patient hearing and wished the AIC of AIBSNLEA become a great success.

Com.P. Abimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Convenor AUAB: Due to delay of his Flight from Delhi, Com. P.Abimanyu could not addressed the Open Session on 12.03.2022 , but he addressed the 7th AIC on 13.03.2022. He mentioned AIBSNLEA is always having very cordial relationship with BSNLEU and AIBSNLEA is always fore front in the AUAB Struggles and Com.S.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA  played a Key role in uniting the Unions and Associations in the AUAB. Due to continuous Trade Union Programmes of AUAB viz., Dharna, Parliament March, Twitter Programmes, Strike etc., only, Govt. came forward to announce the Revival Package to BSNL. Due to combined efforts & struggles of AUAB only,  now Management disbursing the monthly Salary in time and once again started Wage Negotiation for Non-Executives. Govt. is deviated from the Agreement made with 3 Federations at the time of Corporatisation and not supporting BSNL financially. Nearly 2 and half years over after the approval of Revival Package by the Cabinet but BSNL is not yet revived except exit of 78,800 Workers and facing severe financial crisis. Launching of 4G is undue delayed which drastically affect the growth of BSNL. Wage Revision and Pension Revision not implemented in BSNL. Govt. is moving forwarding to sell out all the PSUs. Hence I appeal to all the Comrades be united under the banner of AUAB to achieve our legitimate demands. He wished the 7th AIC a Grand Success and thanked Com. Sivakumar, GS and other AIBSNLEA Leaders for inviting him to address the Conference.

Message from Com. Wasi Ahmad, GS AIGETOA:

Respected President AIBSNLEA Shri Subhasis Ji, Respected GS AIBSNLEA Shri Sivakumar Ji, other Dignitaries and Dear Colleagues, I extend my heartiest congratulations on the occasion of All India Conference of AIBSNLEA. I also extend my apologies to you for not being able to attend the conference in person owing to the scheduled AIC of AIGETOA at Bhopal. However my best wishes will always remain with you.

Today BSNL is once again passing through a changing phase where it's back again on the path of recovery. We the employees and management has definitely walked a long distance together and had made efforts in the direction that today we are able to see a vibrant and bright BSNL at the end of long tunnel. We sincerely hope that with our efforts together we will definitely achieve our target of bringing back the pristine glory of BSNL. On behalf of my members and my Association, I reaffirm my full support to all your endeavours which are initiated for the betterment of BSNL and upliftment of employees. AIGETOA remains committed to the cause and sincerely hope that together we will achieve everything. I once again wish you a very fruitful session and successful conference and congratulate you on this auspicious occasion.

Message from Dr. V.K. Sanjeevi , CGMT, Chennai TD: Though I was very anxious to attend the Conference but could not attend due to pre occupation of meeting at Madurai. I wish a grand success and convey my best wishes to all the Office bearers and Leaders of AIBSNLEA.

Shri G. Muraleedharan, CGMT, Tamil Nadu Circle address: He greeted the 7th AIC a Grand success. All Unions & Associations’ Leaders assembled here have already elaborated all the issues. He briefed the happenings in Tamilnadu Circle. Executives of TN Circle made CFA Sector Positive. FTTH Services has given more Revenue now and we have given more than 3 Lakh Connections in TN. Landline numbers have reduced. Development in FTTH connections can increase our revenue. TN Circle is having highest number of OLTS in the country. We have equalised Kerala circle. BSNL financial improvement can happen only with FTTH Services. We are ready with 6000 BTS for 4 G Services with an addition of 4000 BTS planned. In CM Services also we were positive during last year; however in the current year there is 5% dip in the revenue on this front in TN circle. With the 4G services in BSNL revenue will be improved in all the Areas and thus launching of 4G will make BSNL Viable and positive and growth will be there in most popular FTTH Services in addition to Mobile Services.

CGMT TN Circle thanked Com. S.Sivakumar GS and AIBSNLEA Leaders especially from TN & Chennai TD Circles.

The entire Open Session Programme has been anchored by Smt. Aarthi, CAO (Finance), Chennai TD  and her Team in an excellent manner.

Com. Shiva Kumar, FS- CHTD & Advisor/CHQ conveyed Vote of thanks to all the Dignitaries, Hon’ble MP, Respected Director (CFA) BSNL Board, Eminent Trade Union Leaders, Senior Officers of BSNL, all the CHQ/Circle/District Office bearers, all the Delegated from the nook and corner of the Country for attending this Historic Open Session of 7th AIC of AIBSNLEA at Chennai and all the Committee Members, RGM TTC Principal and his Team, Stage Makers, Anchors, Audio & Video for making the Open Session a Grand Success.

Open Session concluded with the National Anthem followed by Delicious Dinner.


28.03.2022 GS AIBSNLEA writes to The PGM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for issuance of clarification in respect of request transfer cases of JAOs from Non-territorial to Territorial Circle-<<<Click here for letter>>>
28.03.2022BSNL CO issued instructions regarding:-

(i)  Modification of 2 cases of Inter Circle Transfer on promotion to SDE(TF) Cadre - <<<Click here for orders>>>

(ii) 21 cases of modification of transfer on promotion to SDE(T) Cadre dt 28-03-2022 - <<<Click here for orders>>>

Requests of AIBSNLEA CHQ  have also been considered in the above transfers on promotion  modification orders. AIBSNLEA CHQ extend its sincere thanks to Dir(HR), BSNL Board, PGM(Pers) & Pers. Team for considering the AIBSNLEA's genuine requests.

28.03.2022BSNL EXPECTS PROFIT ONLY BY 2025-26 New Delhi:

The Department of Telecom (DoT) should consider carving out MTNL's debt and assets worth over Rs 26,500 crore into a special purpose vehicle and then merge its operations with BSNL, according to a Parliamentary panel.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Communications and Information Technology chaired by Lok Sabha member Sh. Shashi Tharoor on Monday said there is still hope from BSNL which is trying to earn revenue. It also recommended that the loss-making firm should be allocated spectrum for rolling out 5G services at par with private telecom operators in the country.

According to a submission made by BSNL and MTNL Chairman and Managing Director Sh. P K Purwar to the panel, BSNL is expected to turn profitable by 2025-26 while survival of MTNL is not possible because it has debt of over Rs 26,000 crore and revenues of Rs 1,300 crore.of Rs 1,300 crore.

26.03.2022 Resolution of 7th AIC

<<< Resolution have unanimously passed in 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at chennai from 11.03.2022 to 13.03.2022 >>>>

25.03.2022 CHQ President and GS AIBSNLEA met PGM (SR) and handed over the copy of Resolutions passed in 7th AIC held at Chennai.
CHQ also discussed about the refund of salary recovered for Dharna Day by some circles, as per the assurance given by the Management. PGM (SR) assured to look into the matter and discuss with the Director (HR) in this regard.
CHQ also met Jt.GM (Pers-SM) and DGM (Pers-Legal) and discussed about the roadmap for Promotions through CPC in all the cadres to fill up all the vacant posts in all streams. Jt.GM (Pers-SM) & DGM (Pers-Legal) welcomed the new CHQ team and delivered the best wishes. After detailed discussions, they responded that all vacancies will be fill up through promotions after the clearance from Hon'ble Supreme Court and the guidelines from DOP&T.

25.03.2022 Meeting with the CGM (Electrical Wing ) BSNL CO :

CHQ President, GS, Dy GS , AGS (CEATF) along with Ex. GS Sivakumar ji met CGM ( Electrical wing ) at Corporate Office , New Delhi. The CGM ( EW) extended warm welcome to the new AIBSNLEA team ,was introduced by Ex.GS

We shared the remarks of the Hon’ble Member of Parliament Shri.Shanmugam Ji during his speech in the open session of AIBSNLEA 7th AIC at Chennai that during Power failure, some of the BSNL BTSs and Telephone Exchanges are not extending service due to the unavailability of battery backup or due the failure of E/A with the BTSs and TEs. CGM (EW) reciprocate the concern and replied that Electrical wing of Corporate Office is in the process of getting approval for the procurement of the latest Lithium battery for BTSs and TEs and waiting to place the report in the BSNL Board Meeting for ratification for further proceeding on it . The CGM (EW) added that to have a robust infra for BSNL with battery /Power plant & Engine Alternator , a Centralized Monitoring of Infrastructure Operation is proposed to be implemented by introducing remote monitoring software and hardware accessories which will remotely extend the Real-time information on the health of Battery , Power Plant and E/A set so that many complaints/concerns including the complaint raised by the Hon. MP would be addressed and health of our BTS , Telephone Exchanges will be improved further .

we suggested to the CGM( EW ) that there is a huge scope to implement roof top solar power projects of small capacity in tune of 10 or 15 KW on TE buildings, through direct contract by BSNL instead of through SECI ( Solar Energy Corporation India Ltd) . CGM ( EW ) assured to look into the possibility after enquiring with SECI on any possibility of subsidiary support for the same.

On the Annual Maintenance contract of Package A/C , we submitted to the CGM( EW ) that , for the past fifteen years the 2.7 % & 3.3 % category has been taken into account and the same may be reviewed according to the actual expenditure incurring for maintenance which is varies from 7 % to 10 %., approximately . The CGM ( EW ) shared the suggestion and informed that the data on the same are being collected various circles also indicates the actual expenditure at present is around 8 % to 9 % and a proposal is initiated for Service Level Agreement concept for AMCs further .<<<Click here for glimpses>>>

25.03.2022 New CHQ Team, Com. Rajpal Sharma CHQ President, Com. Shaji. V General Secretary, Com. J.K.Patel, Dy.GS and Com. S.Sivakumar Ex-GS of AIBSNLEA met Shri M. Shanmugam, Hon'ble MP & GS (LPF) at his residence at New Delhi. At the outset, we extended our sincere thanks and regards to the Hon'ble M.P. for participating and delivering a inspiring, thrilling and knowledgeable inaugural address for the Open Session of the 7th AIC of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 12th March 2022. We further extended our sincere gratitude for the raising of burning issues of BSNL in the Parliament viz; immediate financial support to BSNL for Capex & Opex through Budget, Wage revision and Pension revision for BSNL employees/ retirees, as pointed out by our former GS Com. S.Sivakumar in the Open Session.

We had a detailed discussion for more than an hour with the Hon'ble M.P. regarding undue delay in launching of 4G services in BSNL, immediate financial support to the State Owned ailing BSNL from the Govt. of India and immediate release of long pending BSNL dues to the tune of Rs.38,500 crore from DoT and requested to take up the issue in the Parliament, with the Hon'ble MOC and the Secretary (Telecom). We have also submitted a letter and a Memorandum to the Hon'ble MP, addressed to Hon,ble MOC in this regard and further requested to get an appointment from the Hon'ble MOC and the Secretary (T).

After detailed discussion, Hon'ble MP assured to raise the issue in the Parliament and also get an appointment from the Hon'ble MOC and the Secretary (T) for AIBSNLEA.<

<<< Click here for the letter >>>>C       <<< Click here for the letter >>>hoto with Hon'ble MP>>>

25.03.2022 Payment to the deceased employee under BSNL Covid-19 Fund Policy: The pending payment case of Late Vineesh B, JAO Kottayam, Kerala circle was discussed by the GS AIBSNLEA with Admn branch, CO BSNL, New Delhi and it is gathered that the case has been approved by the competent authority and the payment order will be released in due course very soon.
25.03.2022 Updating on Health Insurance Policy for BSNL Employees: CHQ gathered the information regarding Health Insurance Policy for BSNL Employees and it is learnt that the Policy is likely to be finalized by the Corporate Office and very soon orders will be issued.

It is reliably learnt that the Oriental Insurance Company is coming forward with the attractive policy terms/rates which is slightly more than the earlier proposal but still it is much cheaper than all existing policies available in relation with BSNL. For Rs.5.00 lakh coverage, the proposed premium is around 13.5K for a family of husband, wife and three children and around Rs.20K for the coverage of Rs.10 lakh, GST extra. Provision is made available to add Parents/ Parents-in-law under the umbrella of coverage with some additional premium.

25.03.2022 Kind attention all the Circle Secretaries:-

The Website of some Circles is not getting updated on daily basis by the Circle Secretaries.

It is therefore advised that the Circle Website of AIBSNLEA may invariably be maintained and updated as the CHQ is doing lot of updating on daily basis. It is necessary to keep update all the Members/ Executives on all burning issues & latest developments on each matter.

24.03.2022 Glimpses of Third  day  of 7th AIC at Chennai.........

<<<<7th AIC Glimpses & Open Session Video  & Photo Gallery of  Third  Day  of AIBSNLEA  held at Chennai on 13.03.2022-Part-1>>>>

<<<<7th AIC Glimpses & Open Session Video & Photo Galary  of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 13.03.2022-Part-2>>>>

24.03.2022 Glimpses of First day  of 7th AIC at Chennai.........

<<<<Glimpses of  First Day of 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 11.03.2022-Part-1>>>>

<<<<Glimpses of  First Day of 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 11.03.2022-Part-2>>>>

<<<<Glimpses of  First Day of 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 11.03.2022-Part-3>>>>

24.03.2022Meeting with the DGM(Restg), BSNL CO, New Delhi:

In continuation of the discussion on  Restructuring /Man Power Planning of Chennai TD , Kolkatta TD and the restructuring of PA/PS/PPS Cadres with CMD BSNL & GM(EF) , the DGM (Restructuring) , BSNL Corporate Office called  Former GS Com.Sivakumar ji  to come for discussion . Accordingly  President , GS , Dy GS and AGS(C/E/A/TF) along with Former.GS met the DGM (Restg) and discussed regarding  :

Provisioning of sufficient number of Engineering & Finance  Executives in Chennai and Kolkata TD as per the Revised Norms:

A) Chennai TD : DGM (Restg) mentioned that we have received Revenue collection data for the FY 2020-21 to the tune of 231 Cr only from the Chennai TD Circle Office and asked AIBSNLEA Leaders to justify for additional number of Engineering and Account Personnel Posts as per the AIBSNLEA Letter dated 29.11.2021 i.e., on the basis of the Revenue aspects (Category-I Very Large BA, with Revenue more than 400 Cr.). AIBSNLEA Leaders  clarified that in the FY 2020-21, in Chennai TD, the revenue collection was Rs.460 to 480 Cr and accordingly AIBSNLEA and CGMT Chennai TD requested the CMD BSNL to create more number of Engineering and Accounts Personnel Posts  in Chennai TD, on the basis of Vary Large BA (Category-I ) concept. Then  DGM (Restg) shown the data received from AGM(Admin) Chennai TD on behalf of CGMT CHTD , dated 14-March-2022,  i.e. Total revenue earned by CH TD in the FY 2020-21 is mere Rs.231 Cr. only .On seeing the handicapped data , Com. Sivakumar ji immediately contacted CGMT Chennai TD, Shri. V.K Sanjeevi  and informed about the purported data and suggested to submit the righteous data regarding Revenue earned during the FY 2020-21 by including CO BA  Revenue too to the Restructuring  cell of BSNL Corporate Office. Subsequently, CGMT Chennai TD Shri. V.K Sanjeevi  responded immediately and posted the real data on the actual Revenue to the tune of 461.33 Cr  to the Restructuring cell, BSNL Corporate Office  through mail . Further, the  CGMT  Chennai TD Shri. V.K Sanjeevi enquired and confirmed on the submission of the actual data to the Restructuring cell of BSNL Corporate Office  with Sivakumarji.

Again, the AIBSNLEA Leaders met the  DGM (Resg) and requested  for the creation of more number of Posts on Chennai TD as suggested by AIBSNLEA and CGM Chennai TD . DGM (Restg) responded very positively and assured that more number of Posts would certainly be created on the basis of the actual Revenue data made available to the table of DGM (Restg) by the AIBSNLEA  Leaders . AIBSNLEA CHQ extended sincere thanks and regards to CGM, Chennai TD for the immediate response and good gesture in this regard and thereby cleared the chaos created by the AGM(Admin) ,Chennai TD which would have affected the future of Multiple Executives working in Chennai TD  as they have to move out of Chennai TD under the Surplus Circle category . AIBSNLEA CHQ requested CGMT CHTD to warn the erring official to keep up the Decorum of the Post of AGM(Admin) and avoiding any more such recurrence in future .

B) Kolkata TD:

DGM (Restg) confirmed that Kolkata TD submitted correct revenue data fairly and on the basis of that additional posts will be created as requested by the AIBSNLEA . We extended our sincere thanks to DGM (Resg) for her sympathetic consideration for provisioning of sufficient number of Engineering & Finance  Executives in Chennai and Kolkata TD as per the Revised Norms.

C) AIBSNLEA strongly protested against to fill up the vacant posts of PA/PS/PPS in the Field Units by posting Non-Executives like AOS, OS, LDC, UDC etc: BSNL Corporate office Restructuring Cell has issued distribution of Sanctioned posts of PPS/PS/PA in the Field units. In the said order, instead of considering the posting of Stenographers, who are the feeder cadre of PA/PS/PPS, it has mentioned to fill up the vacant posts of PA/PS/PPS in the Field Units by posting Non-Executives like AOS, OS, LDC, UDC etc. by asking the Circle to post Non- Executive like AOS, OS, LDC, UDC etc., against the vacant posts of PA/PS/PPS, the BSNL Management has not only equalized and downgraded the status of PA/PS/PPS with the Non-Executives, that too who are Executives and having technical qualification of Stenography, but has also insulted the entire Executive Fraternity. Such decision to manage the works of PA/PS/PPS due to shortage should have left to the Field units, instead of mentioning it in the said letter.

D) Grant of Executive Status by giving One time up-gradation of the post of 45 Stenos: There are 45 nos. of Stenographers working throughout BSNL (including 2 in Corporate office), which was the feeder cadre of PA/PS/PPS, there is no mention about the strength of Stenographers in the BSNL CO Restructuring Cell Order dated 14.02.2022 exists in the organization for the reason best known to the Management. In the said order, instead of considering the posting of such Stenographers against the vacant post of PA/PS/PPS, it is proposed to post non-executive staff like AOS, OS, LDC, UDC etc. There are sufficient Sanctioned strength in the cadre of PA in various Circles and a total of 45 Stenographers, those who have completed more than 12 & 24 years Service and is placed in the Executive Pay Scale of E1A&E2A at par with PA/PS as per the provisions of the then ACP Scheme are working in these Circles.

We requested the DGM (Restg) for the up gradation of 45 Stenographers as PA as one time basis.

We further requested DGM(Restg) for the up gradation of PA/PS posts; As PA post to PS and PS post to PPS due to the non availability of sufficient posts in most of the Circles after Restructuring.

After detailed discussion DGM(Restg) agreed to put up the AIBSNLEA suggestions given vide Lr.dated 16.2.2022 to the Competent Authority for consideration.<<<Click here for letter>>>

24.03.2022 GS writes to  Hon'ble MOC requesting for immediate Launching of 4G by BSNL, Immediate Financial Support for Revival of BSNL, and immediate release of long pending outstanding dues to the tune of Rs.38,500 Cr from DoT to BSNL <<<Click here for the letter>>>>
24.03.2022 GS writes to The Director (HR) BSNL Board requesting to honour the assurance given by the Management to the Associations and to immediate refund of the deduction of Salary for one day by WB, RJ, CNTX(East) etc. Circle <<<Click here for the letter>>>>
23.03.2022 GS writes to Hon'ble MOC requesting for immediate release of Long pending outstanding dues to the tune of Rs. 38,500 Cr. DoT to BSNL<<<Click here for the letter>>>>
23.03.2022The 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA has been successfully conducted at RGMTTC Chennai from 11.03.2022 to 13.03.2022 in a grand manner wherein new set of young, energetic and dynamic CHQ Office Bearers have been elected. Today the new CHQ office bearers Com. Rajpal All India President, Com. Shaji. V General Secretary, Com. J.K. Patel Dy. General Secretary, Com. S. Ravindra Kumar, AGS (C/E/A/TF), Com. Dinesh Kumar Financial Secretary, Com. Ramamoorthy Advisor (Legal) and Com. R.S. Slathia Auditor CHQ (available at HQ New Delhi) along with Com. Rajender Kumar President Corporate Office Circle have been introduced by our beloved Former General Secretary Shri. S. Sivakumarji.

The new CHQ office bearers along with our beloved Former General Secretary Shri. S. Sivakumarjimet CMD BSNL, Director(HR),Director(Fin), PGM(Pers) & PGM(SR) and honored &garlanding them with Shawl, & Memento as a token of our 7th AIC.

The introductory meeting lasted for more than an hour with CMD. CMD BSNL was kind enough to discuss all the prevailing Service, HR and all other burning and   pending issues prevailing in BSNL. We discussed regarding:

(A) Launching of 4G in BSNL:

The CMDBSNL is very much hopeful of launching of 4G Services in BSNL without much delay. The prototype of 4G already showcased extreme performance of better throughput of around 55 MBPS as expected.  Due to COVID-19 pandemic, 4G related Companies are facing dearth in receiving “IC Chips” from Foreign Companies is a real concern for BSNL. It is reported thatit will take around 52 weeks’ time for receiving the Electronic Components to turn around the 4G services in BSNL in full swing and we have to wait for the time being. CMD opined that Some Political support also required on this issue to reduce the time for supply of such Imported Component. Once the supply is started in its full swing, the 4G Services will be implemented on PAN India basis in BSNL.

CMD BSNL further mentioned thattoday in Management Committee meeting, the implementation Programme of 4G Services in BSNLwill be discussed in detail and further it will be put before BSNL Board Meeting scheduled to be held on 28th March 2022 along with some other HR issues like Amendment in SDE(T) RR & related issues.

(B) Merger of BSNL, BBNL and MTNL:

We enquired about the latest status on the issue of Merger of BSNL, BBNL & MTNL. CMD mentioned that BSNL & BBNL Merger is already in the pipeline and at very advanced level and it may happen with effect from 1st April 2022. This will enhance the Fibre length, EB Customer base as well as Revenue of BSNL. Some uncertainty on the total merger of MTNL with BSNL is there. Though functionally, they are working neck to neck.

(C) Pending Promotions in Various Cadres in BSNL:

We requested the CMD,BSNL to consider all the pending Promotions in different Streams& Cadres. CMD BSNL was very kind enough to listen all our submissions and mentioned that he is never against any of the Promotions for the Executives.  CMD mentioned that he took extra efforts in releasing many of the Promotional orders including JTO(T) to SDE(T). The same tempo is with him to extend Promotions for all other Disciplines too.  However, unfortunately, many Court cases hurdled  the issuance of the Promotions and as and when we received the directions & clearance from the DOPT, we will implement in BSNL by promotingmaximum number of eligible Executives for all Cadres.

AIBSNLEA New CHQ Team under the Leadership of Com. S.Sivakumarji extended full support to the CMD, BSNL and the Management on all the positive developmental activities of BSNL. CMD extended Best Wishes to the New Team of Office Bearers.

(D) Pending HR issues-

1) Implementation of E2 and E3 Pay Scales for JTO & SDE equivalent Grades:On the background of Merger of BSNL & MTNL, we requested the CMD BSNL that it is appropriate time to settle the issue of E2-E3 to bring parity among the entry grade Executives i.e. JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade of the two set of Organizations hence the Pay Anomaly can be resolved by increasing the basic pay of JTO/JAOs as E2 and likewise E3 for SDE/AOs equivalent grades in BSNL.

CMD BSNL mentioned that he will look into it afresh towards solution. But the present financial position of BSNL will not allow to take more pressure on it like increasing of Pay of the Employees. However he assured us that the matter is taking up with the highest level in DoT for initiating reconsideration by DoT.

We are of the firm belief that it is the best time to re-initiate serious dialogue through multiple platforms for settlement of the E2 and E3 Scale issue for BSNL. The issue is linked with the approval of DoT and hence the Association has again started working in that directions and holding regular meetings on the issue at different level in the DoT and BSNL. With intervention of CMD BSNL and DoT, the issue is going to get a fresh push for resolution.

2) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL:  We enquired about the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. CMD BSNL mentioned that there is no scope for getting 3rd PRC in the Loss making PSUs including BSNL as per the DPE Guide lines on affordability clause. We have raised our serious concern to the CMD BSNL about the Assurance given by the CMD BSNL to the AUAB Leaders on 27.10.2021 during the meeting with CMD and other Board of Directors about the formation of new Committee for Wage revision for Non-Executives. CMD BSNL mentioned that the Wage Revision/Negotiation Committee has been formed as per the guidelines of DPE ; 8th Wage Revision Committee and accordingly the new Wage Revision Committee has been formed and negotiation started with the Recognized Unions. Further on the basis of the recommendation of the BSNL Remuneration Committee  BSNL Board will recommend the Scales for Non-Executives to the Digital Telecom Commission so as to remove the Stagnation. However he opined that the scope is very less for getting 3rd PRC. We requested the CMD to kindly recommend and consider 75% IDA as Dearness Pay distinctly for counting all purposes till such time 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL since IDA Merger has been rejected by the concerned Ministry. CMD mentioned that if any input/recommendation is sought by the Finance Ministry from the BSNL in this regard, then certainly BSNL Board will recommend[75% DP.

(E) Notice from Kerala State Electricity Board Authorities to SDE/DE offices to untie BSNL cables   from the Poles of State Electricity Board:

The matter and our concerns are discussed in detail with CMD , BSNL and  the very positive efforts being taken by CGMT Kerala with the State Govt Authorities  to protect BSNL Cables has been appreciated. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and suggested to have a meeting with Chief Secretary of Kerala further, in this regard, as the Senior officer is very well known to CMD. CMD mentioned that BSNL is not reluctant to pay pole rent to State Electricity Boards, if at all needed, for holding up and enhancing the CFA services of BSNL

(F) Maintain cordial Relationship with the Associations & Unions:

We requested the CMD BSNL to maintain a cordial Relationship with the Associations & Unions so as to maximize the Revenue and to regain BSNL the old pristine glory as assured by the CMD BSNL in the AUAB meeting held on 27.10.2021. Further we have requested the CMD BSNL to call the Leaders of SNEA in the larger interest of BSNL instead of demolishing the "Dharna Pandal". CMD BSNL responded positively and mentioned that BSNL Management is ready for discussion with the SNEA, however Management cannot go on U turn against the BSNL Board decision on Restructuring approval  and Management is ready to consider all the Regular Promotions subject to the outcome of the Court cases and ready to discuss with SNEA regarding the other demands also with transparent manner except CPSU CH.

(G) Financial support/ 2nd revival package from the Govt, of India to BSNL: We enquired about the status of the Cabinet Memo prepared towards the Financial Support/ 2nd Revival Package to BSNL from the Govt. of India. CMD mentioned that provision to the tune of Rs.45000 crore has already made in the Current year Budget towards Capex as support to BSNL. He further told that the Cabinet Memo has already circulated to all the concerned departments for the comments. In this regard, meeting was scheduled to be held in PMO on today i.e. 22.03.2022 but postponed. However, CMD BSNL opined that BSNL & MTNL will get major financial support from the Govt. of India for the revival of BSNL and it is the time for both the employees and the Management united & work together and move forward for the betterment and larger interest of BSNL.     

After the meeting with the CMD BSNL, our Former GS Com. S.Sivakumar ji, GS, President, Dy.GS, AGS(C/E/TF), FS and other Office bearers met SNEA Leaders in the Dharna Pandal and conveyed the positive gesture of the Management.

Meeting with the Director( HR)

We requested Director (HR) for considering the promotions for left out cases from JTO(T) to SDE(T) and due promotions from JTO(C/E/A/T) to SDE(C/E/A/T) and equivalent cadres. Director (HR) informed that after the approval of Recruitment Rules by the BSNL Board, implementation of promotion would be effected immediately for the Executives serving more than 12 Years in the basic cadre.

We enquired the Director (HR) about the suggestions given by the AIBSNLEA regarding the Amendments in SDE(T) & equivalent RRs for the reduction of 12 Years to 7 Years for the Personal Upgradation Promotion. Director (HR) mentioned that it will be discussed in the Board Meeting scheduled to be held on 28.03.2022.

We have requested not to operate the Circle Long stay transfer order of AGM/SDE(T), already published, by considering the present crucial financial crunch of BSNL.  Director(HR) shared our concern and pointed out that it would be implemented in a phased manner so as to maintain uniform shortage after Restructuring in the Surplus  and Deficit Circles.

Dir(HR) extended Best Wishes to the new Team of  CHQ Office bearers of AIBSNLEA.

Meeting with the Director( CFA):

At the outset, we extended our sincere thanks and gratitude to the  Respected Director(CFA) for participating and addressing the Opens Session with a Motivational speech. We expressed our concern of CFA Sector in many of the Circles that State Electricity Board started to establish their Data Network through EB Poles and provide connectivity to Government/ Non-Government Entities is a threat to BSNL as many of EB Customers leaving BSNL and EB Authorities issuing letters to Division/Sub-Division levels to untie all the BSNL cables citing over loading of EB Poles. As the process going on, we fear BSNL would not have any Infra to extend customer connectivity under CFA Sector. Director CFA patiently listen our concern and suggested to submit the feedback in black & white and Management will look into.

Dir(CFA) extended Best Wishes to the new team of office bearers.

Meeting with the Director (Finance):

Director (Finance) extended Best Wishes to the new team of office bearers. She mentioned that she want to come physically in your AIC but due to her pre-occupation, she could not participate in the Open session of AIBSNLEA of 7th AIC held at Chennai. She appealed all the new CHQ Office bearers to co-operate with the Management to maximize the Revenue and making BSNL a Profit making Concern once again. We assured our fullest co-operation for achieving all the Targets and maximize the Revenue in the current Financial Year.

Meeting with the PGM (Pers):

At the outset our Former GS Com. Sivakumarji extended sincere thanks to PGM(Pers) for the issuance of Final SDE(T) Seniority List No. 10 to list No 13. We discussed-

A) Promotions in various Grades and Streams: We enquired the PGM(Pers) regarding Promotions in AGM/CAO/EE & equivalent Grades  and DGM & equivalent Grades in the light of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 28.01.2022. PGM (Pers) mentioned that we are expecting that DoP&T will issue some guidelines in this regard after the next hearing of contempt SLP filed by the BSNL at Hon’ble Supreme Court i.e. on 30th Mar, 2022. On the basis of the guidelines of DoP&T, BSNL Management will consider all the Promotions immediately.

B) Long Stay Transfers: We  requested not to operate the Circle Long Stay transfer list of AGM/SDE(T), already published, by considering the present crucial  Financial condition of BSNL.  PGM(Pers) shared our concern and pointed out that it would be implemented in a phased manner so as to maintain uniform shortage after Restructuring in the Surplus  and Deficit Circles.

C) Seniority/Gradation List of JAO-2016 Batch: We expressed our serious concern about the undue delay in issuance of JAO-2016 Batch Seniority/Gradation List. PGM (Pers) mentioned that all the relevant data received from the various Circles have been compiled and work is in the Final stage and the List will be issued very shortly.

D) AIBSNLEA Inputs/Suggestions on the proposed SDE (T) RR- 2022: We had a detailed discussion with the PGM (Pers) regarding the modification in SDE(T) RR. PGM (Pers) appreciated our concern and assured that the suggestions and inputs given by the AIBSNLEA will be well taken by the Management and the Committee on Merits.

We requested the PGM(Pers), the Chairman of the Committee, to revisit  the Stagnation Criteria of 12 years from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO equivalent Grades for promotion on Personal Up-gradation basis as mentioned in the Restructuring Orders & provisioned in the proposed Amendments in RRs and pursuant to the AIBSNLEA suggestions dated 10.02.2022 already submitted to the CMD BSNL and the Committee Chairman. PGM (Pers.) responded positively and assured to look in to the matter in the larger interest of the Executives as well as the Organization.

E) Consideration of modification in Transfer cases: We requested the PGM (Pers) for consideration of the modification in the transfers in the cadre of SDE (TF) & SDE(T) and handed over the requests. PGM (Pers) responded positively and mentioned that all genuine cases will be looked into, considered and order will be issued before 31st Mar., 2022 after getting the approval from the competent authority.

Further, we expressed our serious concern for the undue delay in issuance of AO request transfers for the quarter ending 31.12.2021. PGM(Pers) mentioned that the file has already been submitted to Dir (F) for concurrence and further advised us to discuss the issue with Director (Fin).  

Meeting with the PGM(SR):

At the outset we congratulated PGM(SR) for his promotion from Sr.GM(SR) to PGM(SR).

Our former GS Com. Sivakumarji requested the PGM(SR) to extend the same support from the Management and SR Cell to the new CHQ Team as done in the past. PGM(SR) positively responded and assured the fullest support of the SR Cell to the new CHQ body and also sought AIBSNLEA co-operation.

GS AIBSNLEA Com. Shaji.V assured the fullest co-operation to the Management.

<<<Click here for the glimpses>>>>

22.03.2022Shri Shaji V., General Secretary took over the charge of All India General Secretary along with All India President Shri Rajpal Sharma, Dy. GS Shri J.K. Patel and other newly elected CHQ Office bearers available at CHQ<<<Click here for the Glimpses>>>
22.03.2022Newly elected All India President Shri RajPal Sharma, General Secretary Shri Shaji V. and Dy. GS Shri J.K. Patel along with other CHQ Office Bearers, available at CHQ, have been introduced with BSNL Management by our beloved outgoing GS Shri S. Sivakumar ji. Details will follow....<<<Click here for the glimpses>>>> <<<<Click here for Newly Elected CHQ OBs List>>> 

Message of General Secretary AIBSNLEA

My dearest Comrades, Greetings.

I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the comrades of AIBSNLEA on electing me as the General Secretary of AIBSNLEA on fond hope. I do assure that I will strive hard for taking up all your genuine demands /grievances and the troubling issues of BSNL to the BSNL Management / DOT levels for possible speedy solutions. I also ensure that in the days to come, I shall work for safeguarding the interest of BSNL executives and we will regain pristine glory of AIBSNLEA as the Number -1 Executive Association in BSNL.  


Shaji V,

General Secretary, AIBSNLEA CHQ

16.03.2022 Open Session of 7th AIC has been conducted at Chennai in Grand Manner.........

<<<<Glimpses of  Open Session of 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 12.03.2022>>>>

<<<<Glimpses of  Open Session of 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 12.03.2022-Part-2>>>>

16.03.2022 BSNL CO issued orders regarding:-

(i) Delay in transfer of GPF amount of BSNL Employees on transer/ promotion/deputation etc....<<<Click here for order>>>

(ii)  Cancellation/retention of Tenure/Inter Circle Transfer of SDEs (Telecom)....<<<Click here for order>>>

15.3.2022Shri. M.Shanmugam, Hon’ble M.P raised BSNL Burning issues in the Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha today :


Shri. M.Shanmugam, Hon’ble M.P raised the below mentioned BSNL Burning issues in the Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha today -15.3.2022.


1.  Immediate Financial Support to BSNL from Central Govt. through Budget.

2.  Wage revision to BSNL Employees w.e.from 1.1.2017.

3.  Pensione revision to BSNL Retirees w.e.from 1.1.2017.


Earlier Shri.M.Shanmugam, Hon’ble M.P and General Secretary (LPF) has participated in the 7th AIC - Open Session of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai on 12.3.2022 as Chief Guest. In the Open Session GS AIBSNLEA raised the burning issues of BSNL and requested the Hon’ble  M.P to raise the issues in the Parliament....<<<Click here for recoding of Parliament>>>


AIBSNLEA extend its sincere gratitude and thanks to Shri.M.Shanmugam, Hon’ble M.P and General Secretary (LPF).

14.03.2022 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA

 The 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA Conducted in a Grand Manner at Chennai, Tamilnadu from 11.03.2022 to 13.03.2022. The Young, Dynamic and Energetic CHQ body has been elected by the house. List of office bearers of AIBSNLEA CHQ for the tenure of next three years is as under:- 

List of AIBSNLEA Office Beaeres After 7th AIC at Chennai
1 President Shri RAJ PAL  AGM, BSNL CO
2 Vice President - I Shri Sasi Kumar K SDE, TN
3 Vice President - II Shri Tamilmaran AO, TN
4 General Secretary Shri V. Shaji DE, KRL
5 Deputy General Secretary Shri J.K Patel DE, GJ
6 AGS (Engg.) Shri Binobaditya Sahoo JTO, WB
7 AGS (Finance) Shri S. Narender AO, AP
8 AGS (C/E/A/TF) Shri  Ravindra Kumar SDE(Elect), TN
9 AGS (GD Shri Amiya Kumar Khilar PS, Odisha
10 Finance Secretary Shri Dinesh Kumar AO, BSNL CO
11 Asst. Finance Secretary Shri Raju Roy AO, CTD
12 O.S. (North) Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma CAO/IFA, CMTS Chandigarh, PB
13 O.S. (South) Shri Shiva Kumar DE, ChTD
14 O.S. (East) Shri Avijit Khamrui AO CN Tx East
15 O.S. (West) Shri Vivek  Wankhede DGM, MH
1 Advisor (CHQ) Shri Himeru  
1 Advisor (East) Shri Swarup Chakraborty CAO, ASM
2 Advisor (West) Shri  Jai  Prakash Dongre  AGM MH
3 Advisor (North) Shri B.N. Rohal CAO, HP
4 Advisor (South) Shri Prabhakaran JTO, TN
6 Advisor (General) Shri S.D. Arya SDE(Civil), Raj
7 Advisor (Legal) Shri Ramamoorthy SDE, BSNL CO
8 Adviser (Central) Shri P. Raju AGM, AP
  Auditor(CHQ) Shri R.S. Slathia DM BSNL  CO

 Further details regarding 7th All India Conference will follow…… 

Dear Comrades!

The timing of the Twitter Campaign is fixed from 12 Noon to 2 PM on today 08.03.2022 by the AUAB. All our AIBSNLEA members are requested to Tweet within this time and make the Programme a Grand Success.

Dear Comrades!
Tomorrow on 08.03.2022, As per the AUAB Call a Mega Twitter Compaign to save BSNL's Prestigeous Assets (ALTTC) from the clutches of DoT is scheduled.

All our BSNL fraternity are requested to make it Historic and Grand Sucess

As decided by AUAB following hashtag is to be used with tagging to concerned.


05.03.2022 Dear CircIe Secretaries!

It has already been requested by the GS to submit the CS report in the specified format to on or before 5.3.2022 and submit the hard copy at the time of Conference. But till date no report has been received from any CS thro mail. Hence all the CSs are once again requested to forward the CS Report in the specified format in soft copy to the gsaibsnlea@ immediately to save the time in AIC - regards : S.SIVAKUMAR. GS AIBSNLEA

04.03.2022GS AIBSNLEA, AGS (F), Advisor (HQrs) and Auditor met concerned Officers of Pres. Branch, BSNL CO, New Delhi on today and discussed regarding:

A) JAO-2016 Batch Gradation/Seniority List: We expressed our serious concern for the abnormal delay in issuance of the JAO-2016 Batch Gradation/Seniority List. It is informed that the preparation is under final stage and very soon it will submitted to the Competent Authority for approval. Hence we may expect that the Provisional Gradation/Seniority List of JAO-2016 Batch will be released shortly by the Pers. Branch BSNL CO.

B) Request Transfers in the Cadre of AO: We enquired about the Request transfer cases of AOs who have applied through OTP for the Quarter ending 31.12.2021. It is replied that the File is under submission to Competent Authority for Approval. After approval the Orders will be issued shortly.


C) AO to CAO Promotion case: It is informed that AO to CAO ‘Staus Quo’ case is pending in Honble CAT Chandigarh and posted for next hearing on 08.03.2022. It is further mentioned that the Hon’ble Supreme Court has pronounced Judgement on issues related to Reservation in Promotion on 28.01.2022 and  two SLPs filed by BSNL are still pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Court and come up for further Hearing on 30.03.2022. Hence it is opined by the Pers. Legal Branch that it is not advisable to go ahead for AO to CAO Promotions till the final verdict is pronounced by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and follow up directions to be issued by DOPT. However it is assured that an MA will be filed in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh after the Hon’ble Supreme Court Verdict for the vacation of the ‘Status Quo’ Case.


D) Implementation of High-Power Committee Report in respect of Pay Fixation matter of Postal JAOs and Implementation of Hon’ble Apex Court Judgment dated 02nd Sep 2021:

We requested to consider the Recommendation of the High-Power Committee Report in respect of Pay Fixation matter of Postal JAOs and Implementation of Hon’ble Apex Court Judgment dated 02nd Sep 2021. We appraised that AIBSNLEA vide letter dated 29.01.2022 has taken up the case with BSNL Management for early settlement of the long pending case of fixation of Pay of these JAOs in accordance to GIO 10 below FR 22(GOI MF OM No F1(11) EIII(B)/69 dated 20.01.1970 and as per the directions of Hon`ble CAT Jabalpur, High Court of MP Gwalior Bench and the Hon’ble Apex Court. It is opined that the issue may be further discuss with the Director(HR) and PGM(Pers)

<<<CLICK HERE for AIBSNLEA Letter dated 29.01.2022>>>

E) Consideration of Promotion from PA to PS and PS to PPS for the vacant Posts up to 31.01.2020: We appraised that CPCs have already been conducted and Promotion orders issued against the vacant posts as on 31.01.2020 in respect all other cadres viz. Telecom Engineering, Civil, Electrical, TF, CSS, etc., by the BSNL CO prior to the implementation of Restructuring Plan in BSNL except in the cadre of PA, PS and PPS. We further told that the cases of PS and PPS is also similar in nature and after the implementation of Restructuring, all the vacant posts of PS and PPS will be lapsed.  Hence, there is an urgent need to fill up all the vacant posts of PS and PPS (as on 31.01.2020) prior to the implementation of proposed Restructuring order. Many circles have already conducted the CPCs and minutes are pending at the BSNL Corporate Office.  But BSNL CO has neither approved the CPC Minutes nor issuing any guidelines in this regard and it is a clear deviation that the similarly placed Executives have already been considered for Promotion by the BSNL Management for the vacant Posts up to 31.01.2020 but the poor PA and PSs are not at all considered by the Management. We strongly protested against this bias attitude of the Management. After detailed discussion it is assured that the PS & PPS Promotion orders will be considered shortly.

<<<CLICK HERE for AIBSNLEA Letter dated 27.02.2022>>>

04.03.2022GS writes to Shri Narendra Modi ji,Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Govt.of India regarding  request for considering of IDA (119.5% as on 01.01.2017) as Dearness Pay (DP) equal to 75% of the existing Basic Pay in respect of BSNL employees following IDA Pay pattern of Pay Scales of 2007 w.e.f. 01.01.2017 since 3rd PRC due w.e.f. 01.01.2017 has not been implemented for BSNL Employees.<<<<Click here for letter>>> 

04.03.20227th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA

(To be held at Chennai , Tamilnadu)


10.03.2022  Evening:

> Arrival of CHQ Office Bearers / Advisors to CHQ / Circle Secretaries /Circle Presidents/ CWC Members.


> CHQ Office Bearers / Advisors Meeting  at 09.00 Hrs.

> Pre - AIC CWC Meet at 10.00 Hrs.

> Arrival of Delegates

11.03.2022    1530  Hrs  to 13.03.2022

> 7th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA


> Departure of Delegates

Make it a Grand Success by>>>>

> Attending the Conference in a large number.

> Electing the Delegates as per the Constitution and intimating their names and arrival/departure particulars to the host circle. Delegates to be elected @ 30 paid members or part thereof being not less than 20 subject to the minimum of two per branch.

> Depositing the Delegate fee @ Rs. 2000/- per Delegate  and Donation to the Host Circle immediately on reaching  Chennai.
> CHQ Office Bearers / Advisors to CHQ / Circle Secretaries /Circle Presidents and CWC Members will be the Ex-Officio Delegates.

> Ensure that the CWC Members representing their Circle are elected as per the norms prescribed in the Constitution. CWC members elected in excess will not be honored.

> No extra Delegates / Observers are allowed.

> Delegates attending the Conference with family have to pay Rs.1500/- per member for food whereas the Accommodation charges are to be paid as per actuals.

> Co-operate with the Host Circle in all respects.

LONG LIVE AIBSNLEA !                          LONG LIVE BSNL!

03.03.2022As per the AUAB call, Powerful Lunch hour Demonstration has been conducted successfully on 03/03/2022 at BSNL Corporate Office and all the Circles/BAs Headquarters to protest against the Arbitrary taken over of 81 Acres of land of ALTTC Ghaziabad by the DOT and immediate withdrawal of Presidential Orders in this regard.

AIBSNLEA  extends its sincere thanks to all the Comrades who have actively participated in the Lunch Hour Demonstration. <<<CLICK  HERE  for  GLIMPSES>>>

03.03.2022On behalf of AIBSNLEA, KTK,  garlanded and welcomed Sri.Vivek Banzal, Director (CFA) and Sri.Devesh Kumar, CGM KTK circle during their visit to Mysore SSA on 01-03-2022. 

02.03.2022As per the AUAB call, Lunch hour Demonstration is to be conducted tomorrow on 03/03/2022 at ,Corporate Office/Circles/BAs Headquarters to protest against the Arbitrary taken over of 81 Acres of land of ALTTC Ghaziabad by the DOT and immediate withdrawal of Presidential Orders in this regard.

All the Circle Secretaries/District Secretaries are requested to coordinate with Constituents of AUAB and make the Lunch Hour Demonstration a grand success.