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ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001


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30.05.2020 Pers. Cell of BSNL CO, New Delhi issued Promotion and postings of the Executive in the grade of DGM(T) of Telecom Operation Stream on purely Adhoc basis....<<<Click here for order>>>>

30.05.2020 Congratulations to all the retiring Comrades!

CHQ extends Best Wishes to all the comrades who are going to retire on 31.05.2020 on Superannuation, for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement

Comrades! You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph.  We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA as well as BSNL. CHQ congratulates you on your Superannuation on 31.05.2020.

30.05.2020 Senior Com.B.S.Reddy, DGM, Hyderabad and 5 times AIBSNLEA CHQ Office bearer as AGS (Eng), OS (South) is retiring on Superannuation today 30.5.2020.

Com.B.S.Reddy has been conferred with Sanchar Seva Padak during the year 2006 when he was working as DE STR Hyderabad. He is a Versatile Personality, very good Orator and accepted as an undisputed Leader by all the Assns and Unions. He also functioned as CS /AP of erstwhile JTOA and TESA. First AIBSNLEA AIC was conducted in a grand and successful manner under his able Leadership during Jan' 2006. AIBSNLEA wishes him a Happy, Healthy and Contended Retired Life.

30.05.2020 Com.Brij Mohan Dhyani, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Uttarakhand and Advisor (North) AIBSNLEA CHQ is retiring on Superannuation today on 30.5.2020. Com.Dhyani was working as SDE in Dehradun. He is a very energetic, cheerful and accommodating Person. He always served the members in a selfless manner.

Com. Dhyani also conducted the grand CWC meeting of AIBSNLEA in August 2018 in Dehradun in a successful manner. Under his dynamic leadership AIBSNLEA won the Ist Executive Membership verification with a thumping victory in Uttarakhand Circle. AIBSNLEA wishes him a Happy, Healthy and Contended Retired Life.

30.05.2020 Com.Mohd.Jamil, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Punjab Circle is retiring on Superannuation today on 30.5.2020. He is a very energetic, cheerful and accommodating Person. He always served the members in a selfless manner.

27-05-2020:Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) on 27.05.2020

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA and SNEA and AGS/SNEA met DIR (HR) and had a brief review of the developments on promotion to different Grades, in continuation to the discussions held on 05.05.2020.

On implementation of promotion policy, DIR(HR) informed that PGM(Pers) is seriously working on it. This can be the only viable option to give promotion due to court cases and reservation, Director opined. We explained the relevance of date of implementation as 01.07.2018, otherwise all the eligible Executives will lose 2 years of service and it will have serious implications for their future promotions. Already eligible Executives are not available for promotion to the higher grades. After VRS scenario, some more changes can be made, especially promotion to AGM/CAO Grade by reducing the residency period from 12 years for the existing SDEs/AOs in higher scales. Since thousands of Executives are eagerly waiting for promotion, we requested to consider the changes after the implementation, by taking the proposal to the Board for approval. DIR (HR) was positive on further improvements. The concern over reservation can be overcome by incorporating the Board direction on reservation in the policy to make it in compliance with Govt policy. Further discussions will be held next Tuesday or Wednesday as PGM(Pers) will complete the assigned job by this week. After that DIR(HR) assured to take it to CMD.

On the proposed move to drastically reduce the AGM+DGM posts and other posts, we objected strongly. DIR(HR) reiterated that discussions will be held with the Associations before taking any decision. After completion of discussion within the Management, discussions will be held with the Assns.

On the review of sanctioned strength due to VRS, we suggested to distribute the upgraded AO and AGM posts among the Circles.

We requested for DGM(Regular) promotion for those already working as DGM(Adhoc) in the Telecom/Finance Stream.

On reversion of the 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007, next meeting with the Committee will be arranged next week. We expressed our gratitude for finalising the TOR which can address the issue.

27-05-2020:Meeting with Shri Arun Kumar, PGM(Pers) on 27.05.2020:

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA and SNEA and AGS/SNEA met PGM(Pers) and had discussions on promotion to different Grades through implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion in Telecom/Finance Stream, review of sanctioned strength due to VRS, 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 etc.

PGM informed that as per the direction of DIR (HR), he is studying the policy and it will be completed by next Monday. Discussions held on various aspects like Date of implementation, Promotion without DPC for the Executives working in higher scales, incorporating the Board direction on reservation to make it compliance with Govt policy etc. In the post VRS scenario we can make further improvements as the eligible executives number has come down drastically, we suggested.

Further discussions held on review of sanctioned strength due to VRS,   DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion in Telecom/Finance Stream, 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 etc.

26-05-2020:Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued tenure/ normal Transfer & posting orders in the grade of Accounts officers...<<<Click here for tenure order>>>    <<<Click here for normal transfer  Order>>>

26-05-2020:Terms Of Reference (TOR) of the committee announced:

During the discussion with the Committee members by both GSs regarding the issue of reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007, Committee members informed that they are waiting for the Terms Of Reference of the Committee. We brought this to the notice of DIR(HR) and PGM(Pers), next day itself.

We requested to include: examining the eligibility of 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 with reference to SDE RR 2002 and the clarifications issued with reference to LDCE 2007. Now BSNL CO issued the TOR as we suggested. The focus is on resolving 2001  rect issue, segregating them from 2002 rect JTOs.

It is a great breakthrough in the case. So far the eligibility was examined by BSNL and the court cases defended based on the 30.07.2010 clarification issued during LDCE 2010 and the clarifications issued on 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 during LDCE 2007was not at all considered or produced in the court.<<<Click here for the term of reference>>>

25-05-2020:Drastic cut in number of posts on the anvil in the name of Restructuring:

It is learned that through Restructuring and Review of Assets, BSNL Management  is considering drastic reduction in the combined strength of AGM and DGM equivalent Grades in all the Streams (Telecom, Finance, Civil, Electrical, Arch, TF, PPS and CSS) and AGM+DGM number in all the Streams combined together will be about 3300 – 3500. The present combined sanctioned strength of AGM+DGM is 8953. In other words, drastic reduction of posts proposed, by about 65%. The final figure will be divided in some ratio between AGM and DGM. If it happens, then it will stop almost all the promotions to AGM and DGM Grade in all Streams as we are apprehending.

This is in the name of Restg. and M/s Deloittee recommendation. The same Consultant M/s Deloittee, in 2014, recommended an increase in the number of AGM (T) posts from 5303 to 6172 and DGM(T) posts from 1331 to 1607. After 6 years, the same Consultant makes recommendation for drastic reduction of posts. This establish that the Consultant is acting on behalf of the Management and what Management  requires, that report  is given by the Consultant, without making any Work Study.

Similar cut in the number of posts can be anticipated in other Grades also (SDE/AO and JTO/JAO equivalents). The provisional norms issued in December, 2019 by Restg. cell indicates that the Circles can work out the revised sanctioned strength of the Circle based on that provisional norms and find out the revised strength.

We may have to go for strong organizational actions in the near future if Management is not coming forward and discussing and settling the matter.

Management is dragging the Promotions to complete the Restg. process, making assurances one after another. Restrg. should not take away the Promotional avenues of the Executives working in BSNL. On review of the Assets, large number of posts will be surrendered in addition to the posts surrendered due to VRS. Knowing the adverse effect of Restg. on Post based promotions, we are insisting for Non-post based Time Bound functional promotion in all the Streams.



24-05-2020:BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

(i) How to activate Hotstar Premium Free Account with BSNL Superstar plan...<<<Click here for news>>

(ii) BSNL FTTH Bharat Fibre Broadband plans: Ideal for Work from Home...<<<Click here for news>>

(iii) BSNL launches AnyCast DNS system in BSNL network for faster web services...<<<Click here for news>>

22-05-2020:Today GS AIBSNLEA Com.S.Sivakumar discussed with Shri P.K.Sinha, Member(Finance), DoT about the payment of balance amount(17%) of Ist installment and 50% of IInd installment of  Ex-Gratia.

GS also enquired about the latest order of Department of Expenditure to spend only 15% of allotted Funds in the first quarter ending 30.6.2020. Member Finance mentioned that the Ex-gratia Payment Funds have been allotted to DoT as per the approval of the Cabinet Decision and hence we will not have any problem to release the balance amount of 17% of Ist installment and 50% of IInd installment of  Ex-Gratia, as per the assurance given i.e., before the end of June, 2020. Member (Fin) further mentioned that there is a meeting scheduled on 26.5.2020 with the  Expenditure Secretary and Senior Officers of Finance Ministry to discuss in this regard. He hope that positive decision will be taken in this meeting to release the balance Ex-Gratia payment before the end of June, 2020 on the basis of the Cabinet Decision.

It is also learnt that DoT has instructed BSNL to release the amount of Society dues recovered from the VRS Retirees before the payment of balance amount Ex-Gratia payment.

20-05-2020:Meeting with the Committee dealing with the Reversion of 2001 rect.JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 and become SDE in 2008:

As reported yesterday, the meeting with the Committee comprising Shri H C Pant, CGM(Legal), Shri Arun Kumar, PGM(Pers) and Shri Sourabh Tyagi, Sr GM(Estt) took place today (19.5.2020) at 4.00 PM. General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA and SNEA participated in the meeting. DIR (HR), BSNL board  arranged this combined meeting.

We demanded that the matter should be decided by examining their eligibility as per the provisions of Schedule 12, Note 5 of the SDE RR 2002 and with reference to the clarifications issued by BSNLCO dated 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 in connection with LDCE 2007 Notification dated 09.02.2007. So far, the eligibility was examined with reference to BSNL CO clarification dated 30.07.2010, issued for the subsequent LDCE 2010. The clarification implemented retrospectively, 3 years after the conduction of LDCE and Promotion orders. The Show Cause Notice and other actions taken against 2001 recruited JTOs based on BSNL CO clarification dated 30.07.2010 should be withdrawn, we demanded.

The file notings of 2007 and the clarifications dated 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 makes it clear that 1 year relaxation is applicable for LDCE 2007.

For deciding Senior-Junior clause, the All India Eligibility list of JTOs to be reckoned, it was decided in 2007 which is very well clear from the file notings. Hence all the 2001 rects. of TN Circle become eligible.

All Circles (A&N, AP&TL, AS, BR, CHG, CHTD, GUJ, HP, JKD, KRL, KTK, MH, MP, NE- I, NTR, RAJ, UPE, TN and WB)  interpreted the clarification in the positive manner and allowed all the 2001 recruited JTOs who completed 2 years of Service.

There is no direction from any Courts to revert the 2001 rect. JTOs, we argued. In various Courts, the dispute was whether the eligibility is to be decided as on 1st July of the Vacancy Year OR 1st July of the Year of Examination, in which Court decided that it will be 1st July of the Vacancy Year. In that case also 2001 rect. JTOs become eligible. Only 2002 rect. JTOs appeared in the LDCE 2007 become in-eligible as per the Court order.

The PCAT order based on BSNL clarification dated 30.07.2010 for LDCE 2010 was wrongly applied for LDCE 2007 also, which has created the problem.

The dispute occurred when BSNL issued Show Cause Notices to the 2001 Rect. JTOs, not completed the 3 years qualifying service for appearing in the LDCE, based on the BSNL CO clarification dated 30.07.2010 in a retrospective manner, citing Court orders on clarification dated 30.07.2010 and it is a clear violation of the clarifications issued in 2007. The clarification issued on 30.07.2010, after the conduction of the LDCE 2007 should be applicable prospectively, not retrospectively.

Finally we demanded to decide the matter based on the SDE RR and the clarifications issued on 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 and the file notings related to LDCE 2007. The Show Cause and reversion based on the Court order should be limited to 2002 rect. JTOs appeared in the LDCE, we emphasised.

The Committee made an important observation that the 30.07.2010 clarification cannot be given retrospective effect and for the LDCE held 3 years earlier, in 2007. However, they sought some time to go through the records and the various Court judgments which made BSNL to revert the SDEs.  

Both the General Secretaries will meet the Committee Members and the Director (HR) again after one week.

19-05-2020:Dr.S. Senthil Kumar, Member of Parliament Dharmapuri Constituency Tamilnadu  forwarded the letter of AUAB to Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, GoI, New Delhi requesting the Government intervention to clear the roadblocks involved in the 4G Tendering process for BSNL....<<<<Click here for letter>>>

19-05-2020:Important Points submitted before the Committee by AIBSNLEA on 19.05.2020 for reviewing and cancellation of Reversion Orders in respect of SDEs(JTOs of 2001 Recruitment Year) promoted through LDCE 2007 for vacancy year 2005-06....<<<Click here for letter>>>>
18-05-2020:GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for Promotion in all Streams/Grades in BSNL on ‘Regular Basis’ instead of ‘Look After arrangement’ from among the Executives already working in Higher Scales without any financial implications-reg. reminder...<<<Click here for letter>>>

18-05-2020:Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR) on 18.05.2020:

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA  and SNEA  met DIR(HR) and held discussions about the progress in Promotions to various Grades as per the assurances given in the detailed  Agenda meeting with DIR(HR) on 05.05.2020. It was a follow up meeting.

DIR(HR) informed that he directed the PGM(Pers) to work out on the New Promotion Policy as it has come to the conclusion in the last meeting that Post based promotion is not at all feasible atleast for few years due to the Reservation issue. PGM(Pers) could come to office today after long break due to Nationwide Lockdown. We explained that irrespective of category, ST/SC/OC category Executives are waiting for promotion for years together. For example, 2001 recruited JTOs of SC and OC category and 2002 Rect JTOs of ST category are waiting for promotion to SDE Grade even after completion of 18 to 19 years of service. But as per the New policy, all the JTOs completed 5 years of service, irrespective of ST/SC/OC category will get promotion.

We further explained the urgency for issuing promotion as in almost all the cadres, except AO cadre, more than 60% positions are vacant and in many important grades, it is more than 90%. In this situation how BSNL Revival is possible, we asked.  Director (HR) reassured early action in this regard.

On the Reversion of SDEs of 2007 LDCE, on our continuous pleadings to find out an early solution, Director(HR) arranged a meeting with the Committee on 19.05.2020, tomorrow itself at 4 PM.


its Warm greetings to one and all on

World Telecommunication Day today.

16-05-2020:DoP&PW issued  consolidated instructions for Pension Disbursing Authorities to ensure smooth payment of pension / family pension to pensioners / family pensioners.....<<<Click here for instructions>>>>
15-05-2020:Shri M. Shanmugam ji, Hon'ble MP (Rajya Sabha) forwarded the letter of AUAB to Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, GoI, New Delhi requesting the Government intervention to clear the roadblocks involved in the 4G Tendering process for BSNL....<<<<Click here for letter>>>
14-05-2020:BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

(i) No global tenders for Rs 200 crore worth projects to benefit local telecom gear makers....<<<Click here for detailed news>>>

14-05-2020:GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding  curtailment of existing medical facility by reducing  the Annual ceiling for outdoor medical claim from 23 to 15 days of Basic+DA - Demanding to restore the Annual ceiling of 23 days of Basic+DA....<<<Click here for letter>>>
14-05-2020:DoP&PW has started a Call Center with a Toll Free Number 1800-11-1960 where pensioners can lodge their grievances on Centralised Pension Grievance Redress and Monitoring System  ....<<<Click here for Do-letter of Jt.Secy, DoP&PW>>>

13-05-2020:GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding massive corruption to the tune of 15 Crs. in OF Cable laying in Jorhat SSA, Assam Circle under NOFN Project by Shri Hari Singh Pawar, Ex. GM Jorhat. CGM, Assam Circle is shielding the main accused and the case should be handed over to CBI without further delay.....

<<<Click here for letter>>>    

<<<Letter of Circle Secretaries of All Unions & Associations of BSNL, Assam Telecom Circle>>>

13-05-2020:Estt. Cell of BSNL CO issued order regarding finalization of pension and payment of other benefits in respect of the employees retired voluntarily under the BSNL VRS-2019....<<<<Click here for order>>
12-05-2020:Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL and Shri S K Gupta, Director (Fin) on 12.05.2020:

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA and SNEA met CMD/BSNL and discussed the following issues: 

A) 4G Tender, upgradation of BTSs etc.: CMD informed that there is no progress in both cases. Due to lock down, vendors are also not coming forward.

B) CMD is non committal on promotions: According to CMD, the restructuring may take another 6 months time. On promotion, CMD is of the opinion that it is delayed due to the Court cases and BSNL cannot be held responsible for that. We refuted the charge and told CMD that Court cases are increasing since Executives are not getting timely promotion and due to various infirmities in the RRs, procedures etc. The promotion Policy followed in BSNL is that of Govt Depts., not that of a CPSU. In other CPSUs, promotions upto certain scale is on time bound basis, when scale is given, it will be treated as functional promotion to that grade and no separate post based promotion is followed. So, Seniority and Reservation related issues are not there in any other CPSU. To overcome this, BSNL already approved amendments to the EPP to give functional promotion to the scale upto AGM/CAO/EE Grade in of E4 scale.

We briefed him about the discussions held with Director (HR) and the HR team few days back and the conclusion that due to the court cases related to Reservation, present form of promotion will not be possible before 2 to 3 years and Management will seriously work out for time bound functional promotion along with scale. Since Executives are already working in the scale, there is no additional financial implications is there for BSNL. We requested to expedite it to give promotion to all the eligible Executives.

However, CMD as usual, did not made any commitment on any type of promotion. It gives an impression that Management is not much serious or worried about regular promotions and they may try to continue with LA arrangement.

C) Payment of Medical bills pending since May, 2019 and going for Medi claim facility: We explained the difficulties faced by the employees for treatment. Since the bills are pending since May, 2019, majority of the good Hospitals are not extending treatment to BSNL employees. Since good hospitals are not in the panel, employees are not getting proper treatment. Management has to expedite the process of working out good Medical Insurance scheme, we demanded. CMD informed that the fund availability is the main problem and if lock down was not there, BSNL planned to clear the medical bills by April. For Medical Insurance also, BSNL require money and the present financial condition is not good and we are not in a position to make advance payment now. CMD mentioned that Salary and Mtce., Expenditure are the Company’s first priority and without releasing fund for Mtce., Revenue will not be generated. He further informed that when Salary payment itself is delayed, we cannot take advance payment immediately.

D) Insurance protection in view of the Covid-19: We demanded Special Insurance coverage for the employees as per MHA guidelines as Telecom is an essential service. CMD agreed to write to DoT to give compensation to BSNL employees treating it as an essential service.

E) Disbursement of Apr’2020 Salary: CMD informed that the present fund availability is about 200 Cr only and Statutory EPF payment is to be done from that.

Afterwards, we met Shri S K Gupta, Director (Fin) also and held discussions regarding fund availability, discussion with the Assns regarding restructuring and review of Sanctioned posts, Look after arrangements, relieving of Accounts Personnel who have completed Hard Tenure and the clarification sought by CGM/Kerala Circle in the name of restructuring.

12-05-2020: Admin. Cell of BSNL CO issued order regarding procedure for outdoor medical claim for BSNL employees (Serving /Retired)....<<<Click here for order>>>
12.05.2020 Pers. Cell of BSNL CO issued order regarding extension of last date for submission of  e-APAR (Self-Appraisal) for Year 2019-20...<<<Click here for Order>>>
12.05.2020 GS writes to  Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for extension of timeline for invitation and submission of APAR for the FY:2019-20 upto 31.05.2020 due to COVID-19......<<<Click here for letter>>>
10.05.2020    << Pl. see Video prepared by Himachal Pradesh Circle on Steps to be taken to fight against Corona Pandemic ....."Hats off to Himachal Comrades" >>>

(i) BSNL offers cheaper 4G Mobile Plans as compared to Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea.....<<<Click here for detail news>>>

08.05.2020 Sr. GM(CA), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued letter to CGMTs, All BSNL Circles regarding brief on COVID -19 Impact and VRS expenditure for Financial Closure 2019-20......<<<<Click here for letter>>>

(i) Attempts are being made to stall launch of 4G services by BSNL, say unions; seek PM’s intervention......

<<<Click here for detail news>>    <<<News in Financial Express>>>


(i)  BSNL approves 2G, 3G network upgrade contract to ZTE, Nokia for fastest 4G rollout   <<<Click here for detail news>>

06.05.2020 AUAB writes to Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Government of India, South Block, Raisina Hills, New Delhi regarding attempts to scuttle BSNL’s 4G equipment procurement, which is the lifeline for BSNL - First and foremost requirement for BSNL’s revival is 4G roll out and BSNL cannot afford any more delay requesting your kind intervention - <<<<Click here for letter>>>
06.05.2020  Estt. Cell of BSNL Co, New Delhi issued instructions regarding payment of leave encashment in respect of VRS-2019 optees whose Vigilance clearance is withheld.....<<<<Click here for order>>>

05.05.2020 Agenda Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnekar, Director(HR) on 05.05.2020:

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA  and SNEA  had detailed Agenda meeting with the DIR(HR) on various important HR issues: Sr GM(Estt), GM(SR), GM (Restg) and DGM (Pers)  were present in the meeting. PGM(Pers) joined the meeting over phone. The deadlock situation in promotion to different cadres was the main issue. The discussion took place for more than two hours on the following Agenda points submitted to the management in advance.

a) Undue delay in regular promotions to all the eligible Executives: Even though there is no financial implication, Management is not taking any initiative for regular promotions. At the same time, continuing with Look after arrangement:

From Assn side, both GSs demanded promotion on Time Bound basis as there is no visibility for promotion through any other channel due to the various Supreme Court judgments on reservation. Since Executives are already working in higher scales, we demanded promotion which is just a designation change and no financial implications involved. Management is giving LA for the Executives working in the higher scales but not giving regular promotion. The Executives are not getting the benefit of promotion. We demanded regular promotion along with the Pay scales instead of LA promotion.

At the beginning, the possibility of DPC in different cadres explored by the management and discussed various options. On JTO to SDE promotion, initially management was of the impression that once the Ernakulam case is cleared, promotion is possible. Further management assessed the status of promotion in different cadres: i) JTO(Civil/Elect/Arch) to SDE(C/E/Arch) LDCE is held up due to court case on Reservation, ii) SDE(T) to DE(T) and JAO to AO promotion made in June 2018 challenged in the Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT on Reservation issue and the CAT ordered to review the promotions, declaring the promotion as PROVISIONAL, iii) AO to CAO Promotion held up due to court case on Reservation, iv) SDE(C) to EE(C) Promotion held up due to seniority issue among Diploma and Engg Degree holders. On DE (T) and AO promotions in 2018, Management is waiting for the judgement copy and the course of action is to be decided. Different options also discussed. In any case, DPC for DE and CAO is not possible before the review, Management informed that all the promotions are leading to fresh litigations. DoPT is not giving any direction regarding method of implementation of reservation or endorsing the Hon’ble Supreme Court order on reservation. DoPT asked BSNL to wait for the outcome of remaining SLPs pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Court, BSNL management informed us. In such situation, after taking various Supreme Court orders and the court cases going on into consideration, DIR(HR) come to the conclusion that in the near future, it may not be possible to give any promotion due to the reservation issue. Finally management informed us that for JTO to SDE promotion also, BSNL will not be able to decide due to the reservation issue and go for DPC even if Ernakulam judgment is coming.

When all other options closed, now Management started seriously thinking about the implementation of Time Bound functional promotion upto AGM Grade. Management informed us that they will work on it in the coming days and discussions will be held with us if required. Both GSs once again clearly told the Management that if the Management desires to give promotion, Time bound promotion is the only viable option and work for that.

b) Relaxation in Qualifying service for DGM(T) and DGM(F) promotion as the Executives are already working as DGM on LA basis:

Both GSs demanded relaxation of qualifying service of AGM and CAO for promotion to DGM(T/F). They were working on Officiating/LA basis, long time, before regular promotion in 2018 and having sufficient experience as AGM/CAO. Director also found merit in the case and want to address the huge shortage in DGM cadre. Finally it was assured that  the Management will explore the possibility for relaxation of the qualifying service for DGM(T/F) promotion by taking it to the Board.

c) Implementation of merger of Project/Maintenance Regions and TFs:

Both GSs expressed our serious concern for non implementation of the merger orders. The vehicle, staff and infra available with Project wing is underutilised. Limited staff and vehicle with the Regions are overburdened. Management informed that some Man power planning for Project/Mtce Region is going on and merger will be implemented.

On Telecom Factory, the orders are not implemented properly. So they are facing funding and other issues and the infrastructure is not getting utilised. It is assured to examine the matter by discussing with the concerned Officers.

d) Reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE in 2008:

Both GSs explained the issue to the Director (HR). Management has to accept its own clarification issued at the time of LDCE 2007, then there is no issue remains, we informed  the Management. Management is of the opinion that it require some relaxations but we told them that no relaxation is required other than the one year relaxation extended to the seniors as per the RR. The Committee formed to examine the matter is asked to expedite and come out with the solution within this month.

e) Modification in DGM(T) promotions  as majority of them are worked outside the Circle and come back 3 years back:

Management agreed to consider it once the lock down is over.

Finally, Director (HR) concluded that Management is keen to give regular promotions and assured to go for the promotions in all the cadres at the earliest.

05.05.2020 We extend our Sincere thanks to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR), BSNL Board and GM(Admin), BSNL CO for issuance of instructions to all the Head of the Circles for the extension of Revalidation of BSNL MRS Medical Card for BSNL Retired employees up to 30.6.2020 or till further orders. <<<CLICK Here for orders>>>>

GS, AIBSNLEA has written a letter to the CMD BSNL on 06.4.2020 requesting for the extension of Revalidation of BSNL MRS Medical Card for BSNL Retired employees up to 30.6.2020. But BSNL CO issued order for the extension of Revalidation of BSNL MRS Medical Card only for the Retired employees of BSNL CO on 21.4.2020. On 23.4.2020, GS, AIBSNLEA discussed with the Director(HR) and GM(Admin), BSNL CO and requested to issue of instructions to all the Head of the Circles for the extension of Revalidation of BSNL MRS Medical Card for BSNL Retired employees up to 30.6.2020 or till further orders since Covid-19 spreading like any thing throughout India.

<<<GS letter 06.04.2020>>   <<<Click here for
BSNL CO orders Dtd.21.4.2020>>>

04.05.2020 Meeting with CMD BSNL Shri P.K. Purwar ji

 GS AIBSNLEA and GS SNEA  met  Shri P. K.Purwar ji, CMD/BSNL and held detailed discussions on the following issues.

a) Launching of 4G services

b) Finance Ministry approval for 8500 Cr Sovereign Guarantee bonds as  

    part  of  BSNL Revival

c) Impact of Covid 19 on BSNL business

d) Labour payment, e) Balance of Ex-Gratia payment.

04.05.2020 Meeting with Sr.GM(Estt): Today GS AIBSNLEA & GS SNEA met Sr.GM(Estt) and discussed regarding

A) To Change of Format issued to the Head of the Circles for the Sanctioned strength of Executives: We requested the Sr.GM( Estt) to calculate the Excess Sanctioned strength of Executives on the basis of the Posts become vacant due to VRS - 2019 Scheme as approved by the BSNL Board. After detailed discussion Sr.GM(Estt) assured that the excess Sanctioned Strength will be taken as the figures of vacant Posts due to VRS and mentioned that need not worry about last column of the format.

B) Immediate release of Leave Encashmet and GPF in r/o Employees whose VCs are with held: Sr.GM(Estt) mentioned that CMD BSNL today approved the release of Leave Encashment and GPF payment to those officials whose VCs are with held. He assured that the orders will be issued shortly.

C) Payment of balance amount of Ex-gratia of Ist Installment and Second Installment: Sr.GM(Estt) mentioned that the fund allotment has been received by the DoT from the Finance Ministry. But due non completion of PPO work due to COVID-19, it is delayed. However he assured that the balance amount Ist Installment and 2nd Installment will be paid before the end of June' 2020 as already assured.

03.05.2020 HATS OFF to Com.S.Baskaran, CAO(Retd.,), BSNL Thanjavur, Tamilnadu Circle and his Team for free distribution of Homeopathy Medicine Packs to the Tamilnadu State Govt. and Local Body Officers and Staff to prevent the spreading of Covid-19:
Com.S.Baskaran, who is our Asstt. Distt. Secretary and CAO(Retd.,), BSNL Thanjavur, Tamilnadu Circle, his son who is the Doctor and his Team have distributed free Homeopathy Medicine “Arsenicum Album” as recommended by the Ayush Ministry to the Officers and Staff of Thanjavur District Collector Office, Thanjavur District Superintendent of Police Office, Thanjavur Corporation Office, 46 Panchayat Offices of Thanjavur District, Primary Health Centres and to 5the staff involved in Cleaning, Sanitary work, Sweeping work in the Villages, Local bodies and Panchayat Unions. They have distributed the free Medicine packs to nearly 4000 Officers and Staff.
AIBSNLEA, CHQ whole heartedly congratulated and Salute Com.Baskaran and his Team for the noble Services rendered to the Society in the Lock down period due to Covid-19.

Click here for glimpses>>>>>   <<<Photo1>>>     <<<Photo2>>>   <<<Photo3>>>     <<<Photo4>>>     <<<Photo5>>>     <<<Photo6>>>     <<<Photo7>>>

01.05.2020 Secretary, GoI, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued instructions to Chief Secretaries of all States/UTs regarding COVID-2019....<<<Click here for letter>>>

01.05.2020 PRESS RELEASE- EXTENSION OF LOCKDOWN FOR A FURTHER PERIOD OF TWO WEEKS WITH EFFECT FROM MAY 4, 2020: Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India (GoI) issued an Order under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, today, to further extend the Lockdown for a further period of two weeks beyond May 4, 2020......<<<<<Click here for Press Release>>>>

01.05.2020 Foundation day of AIBSNLEA:

Wish you all a Happy Foundation day of AIBSNLEA. AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 01.05.2004 merging of 10 DOT recognized Group-B Officers Associations and thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance and Accounts, Civil/Electrical/Arch/Telecom Factory Engg wing,  Personnel staff (PA/PS/PSS), CSS staff, AD(O/L) and General Disciplines of BSNL.


We pledge together to strengthen AIBSNLEA to safeguard the interests of BSNL Executives and protect BSNL......... ......

AIBSNLEA Zindabad.!!!!......AIBSNLEA Zindabad.!!!!.......AIBSNLEA Zindabad.!!!!.

AIBSNLEA Wishes Happy & Prosperous

Labour Day 

to one and all