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LEGAL FUND: APPEAL TO ALL CSs/DSs/BSs :-As per the decision taken in the Chennai CWC on 02/12/2009, Please collect Rs.100/- per member towards legal fund and remit to CHQ.

30.04.2010 : SPL. GB MEETING OF ALTTC GHAZIABAD CIRCLE : GS, CS ALTTC, Ghaziabad and CS Rajasthan Circle attended and addressed the Special General Body meeting of ALTTC Circle Branch, Ghaziabad during E3-E4 mandatory training of GS .GS in his address thanked CS, AIBSNLEA Circle branch for arranging Spl GB meeting wherein large nos. of Trainees through out the country  attended .The GS appraised in detail the status of HR issues mainly DPCs to fill up vacant posts of DGMs, DETs , SDEs, and DGMs(F), CAOs, AOs etc. He mentioned that our consistent effort has yielded result. The promotion order from DETs to DGMs and from CAOs to DGMs(F) have been issued. DPCs of DET regular and DE (Adhoc) are held up due to pending court cases. He also apprised in detail about the withdrawal of indefinite strike by JAC and written assurance given by Hon' ble MOC and IT He mentioned that in case demands are not fulfilled in time. JAC will review the status and will decide further strategies. Regarding viability of BSNL, He appeals for attitudel  change and to provide quality service  for our customer. He impressed up on to concentrate now more on land line, Broad Band connections. Com G P Goel CS, Com J P Chandra ,CP in their address they have touched up on Circle and all India issues. They have thanked GS for addressing Spl. GB meeting. Conference hall was jam packed.

28.04.2010 : CONGRATULATIONS !!! AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded result in getting issued the promotion orders of 269 CAOs to DGM (Fin). Almost all the Executives on promotion have been posted in the same Circles except about 50 Executives who have been posted out of the Circle due to non-availability of vacant posts. Most of the promoted Executives have been posted as per the request of this Association. Click here for order  
30.04.2010: Click Here for the technical literature of LIMITED Departmental Competitive Examination against 25 % QUOTA for  of Promotion to SDEs(T) Grade
30.04.2010 : Retirement on superannuation w.e.f 30/04/2010.We wish them a happy and prosperous retired life. Click for : SDEs/PSs, DETs, and  ACCOUNTS&FINANCE  

30.04.2010:Tenure-Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

Inter-Circle Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

Inter-Circle Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

Inter-Circle Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

29.04.2010 : Formation of ERP Centre, Ghaziabad Branch : GS, CS BSNL CO, CS ALTTC, Ghaziabad and CS Rajasthan Circle attended and addressed the Special General Body meeting of ERP Centre, Ghaziabad Executives. The Executives posted from different Circles to ERP Centre expressed their dissatisfaction against BSNL CO Management for not providing proper networking infrastructure as well as non-settlement of day to day problems e.g. PCs have not been provided to all the ERP Executives, residential/GSM mobile telephone connection have not been provided to majority of the Executives, even for personal claims i.e. pay fixation, furnishing allowance, TA bills, Id cards, medical cards, medical bills, newspaper bills payment etc. they have to visit BSNL CO which is simply wastage of time and money. For the settlement of day to day problems, they strongly demanded posting of DDO at ERP Centre, Ghaziabad and establishing an administrative unit. Com GS in his address assured to take up all these grievances immediately. He also discussed in detail the status of all India issues. A regular body of ERP Centre branch of BSNL CO has been formed. Com N.K.Sharma, DM (Civil) REM module as President (Mob. 9868517507), Com I.C.Swarankar, Manager, MM Module as Branch Secretary (mob. 9013166985) and Com Abhay Kumar, Asst. Manager (Fin) FICO Module as Financial Secretary (Mob. 9458889975) were unanimously elected.

28.04.2010 : CONGRATULATIONS !!! AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded result in getting issued the promotion orders of 269 CAOs to DGM (Fin). Almost all the Executives on promotion have been posted in the same Circles except about 50 Executives who have been posted out of the Circle due to non-availability of vacant posts. Most of the promoted Executives have been posted as per the request of this Association. Click here for order  
28.04.2010 : GS contacted Sr. GM (FP) and discussed regarding promotion orders of CAO to DGM (Fin). Sr. GM (FP) informed that the promotion orders of 269 CAOs to DGM (Fin) are likely to be issued today afternoon. He further informed that almost all the Executives on promotion are being posted to the same Circles except about 50 Executives who are being posted out of the Circle due to non-availability of vacant posts.  
28.04.2010 : Provisional seniority list in respect of STS regular executives of Telecom Finance working in BSNL as on 15.4.2010 issued. Click here for    Letter,   List

26.04.2010 : provisional All India eligibility list of JTO(Telecom).Click here for  Covering letter, Eligibility list

28.04.2010 : Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

26.04.2010 : GS met Executive Director (CA) & discussed about the problems being faced by the Executives’ of ERP cell, Ghaziabad mainly providing GSM/ Residential Telephone Connections to the Executives’, posting of Account Officers at ERP cell Ghaziabad for disbursement of pay & allowances, Settlement of personal claims, providing hostel accommodation on reasonable charges to the Executives’ of ERP cell in ALTTC Ghaziabad Campus. Similarly allowing ERP cell Executives’ to enjoy the sport/cultural activities available in ALTTC Ghaziabad campus etc. After detail discussion ED (CA) assured to discuss the problems with the concerned officers of BSNL Corporate Office.

26.04.2010 : GS, AGS (F) met Sr. GM (FP) and discussed :

A)  DPC from CAO to DGM (F) : We expressed our serious concern against delay in issuing the promotion order from CAO to DGM (F). Sr. GM (FP) informed that the DPC work is over & the proposal for posting on promotion to DGM (F) is being sent to the competent authority for approval today. He assured after receiving the approval promotion order will be issued immediately.

B)  Consideration of request .tenure transfers of JAOs/AOs/CAOs : Sr. GM (FP) mentioned that after the promotion orders of DGM (F), all request /tenure cases of JAOs/AOs/CAOs will be considered.

26.04.2010 : GS, FS met CVO BSNL and discussed regarding transfer orders of SDEs/DEs issued based on CVC agreed list. We explain that the Officers transferred by Pers. Cell are at the verge of retirement and in most of the disciplinary cases, inquires have been completed and in some cases decisions are given. During last 5-6 years, these Officers were already transferred to the other circles/stations. Hence at this juncture, these transfers of SDEs/DEs in Telecom Engg. and Civil wing are not at all justified. We requested to review and update the agreed list. CVO mentioned that vigilance cell has advised Pers cell as well as BW cell to transfer Officers on post tenure basis on Vigilance angle against whom the Vigilance case are pending. 

The posting status of the Officers & their vigilance cases : Details may be sent to Vigilance Cell for consideration and accordingly the review can be made.

26.04.2010 : Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

24.04.2010 : BSNL endorsed the DPE order of  Revised IDA rate- 34.8% w.e.f 01.4.2010. Click here for Order copy

23.04.2010 : Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

23.04.2010 : GS joined E3-E4 mandatory training course which will be completing on 1st May,2010. During the period, please contact AGS HQ .

23.04.2010:-PROMOTION OF CAO TO DGM(F):- GS discussed with ED(F) regarding promotion of CAO to DGM(F), ED(F) informs that DPC work is completed and Promotion order from CAO to DGM(F) to fill up about  270 posts of  DGM(F). He assured that efforts are being made to issue order today itself or next week.

23.04.2010 : GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding :

Letter-1 : Case of regularization of qualified and trained TTAs, now officiating as JTOs

Letter-2 : Flouting of Transfer Policy by Gujarat Circle administration 

21.04.2010:-Relaxation of air travel visit to North East Region on LTC:- Govt. has extended air travel to visit to North east region on LTC for further two years beyond 1st May 2010. Click here for Order copy

21.04.2010- Transfer and Posting of SDEs (Telecom). Click here for Order copy

20.04.2010 :STRIKE CALLED OFF: After the meeting of JAC leaders with Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT an agreement reached and the Joint Action Committee has unanimously decided to call off the strike. The Record of Discussions of the meeting is attached. Click here to view.

In addition to the above discussions, on the issue of implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 for increase in the IDA fitment benefit from 68.8% to 78.2%, Hon'ble MoC&IT directed CMD BSNL to hold the meeting with the representatives of Executives and Non-Executives Associations and Unions to discuss the matter for its implementation. CMD assured to conduct the meeting in the next week.

Congratulations and thanks to all the Comrades for their participation in making the Strike a complete success.

20.04.2010: The stay granted by Honorable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again heard today and arguments were completed on both sides. The judgment has been reserved in this regard by Hon'ble High Court.

BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU, UTUC extend their support to JAC Strike Call. Click here

19.04.2010 : JAC News : JAC leaders meeting held today at 10 AM. After analysing in detail the outcome of the meetings had with Hon'ble MOSC&IT, Secy (T), CMD BSNL and MOC&IT, JAC unanimously reiterated its decision to implement successfully the Indefinite strike Call with effect from 6 AM of 20.04.2010. All the Branch/Circle Secretaries are requested to implement Indefinite Strike Call as complete success. No member should attend the office but sit outside the duty points strictly.   

19.04.2010 : BSNL CO issues transfer and posting orders in SAG and CGMs grades of ITS Gr. A. Click here

19.04.2010 : The MA filed by Some ITS Officers in Jaipur CAT against promotion of DETs to DGMs was listed today for hearing,but could not be heard due to non availability of Hon'ble Judge. The Case is listed for next hearing on 13/05/2010  

09.04.2010 : The stay granted by Honorable High Court J&K to the All India DPC from SDE to STS in the Court case was again taken up in the morning session but adjourned and listed for 20-4-2010 due to Jammu Bandh and Advocate BAR Association strike

16.04.2010:MEETING WITH CMD,BSNL:-JAC leaders again met CMD,BSNL at 1900 hrs and discussed as follows

1) Spelling out requirement of GSM equipment at least for one year: CMD clarified that immediate requirement of 5.5 million GSM lines for North and East zone will be met from existing Phase –V vender.20 Million GSM lines will be procured through new tender based on Managed capacity or traditional tender as per the decision of the Govt. Regards to 93 million GSM line tender ,CMD clarified that it can't be operated as per the CVC direction.

2) Contingency plan in case ITS officers don't opted for BSNL:CMD mentioned that efforts will be made to complete DGM recruitment. After discussion ,CMD provided the Draft of minutes of the meeting held between Hon'ble MOC & IT and leaders of JAC. After seeing the minutes ,JAC expressed its total dissatisfaction since the assurance given by the Hon'ble MOC & IT in today's meeting with JAC were not properly reflected. Hence, JAC leaders decided to meet again on 19/04/2010 at 1000 hrs. to discuss and decide the further strategy.


16.04.2010- JAC NEWS :- Hon'ble MoC&IT Thiru A. Raja called JAC leaders today 12:30 hrs. Secretary(T), Member (S), CMD BSNL , Dir(HR) BSNL, GM(SR) BSNL & DDG(SU) DoT were also present in the meeting. Secretary (T) welcome Hon'ble MoC&IT and JAC leaders. Hon'ble MoC&IT asked JAC regarding the demands. Convener JAC explained in details regarding the opposition and demands ,

(a)JAC explained that ITS Officers absorption in BSNL is the main issue which needs immediate settlement. BSNL should have its own Executives' to lead. DoT should immediately complete the ITS Officers absorption in BSNL in case they do not opt BSNL , BSNL should have contingency plan . Hon'ble MoC&IT assured that within a period of 3-4 months after cabinet's approval the ITS Officers absorption process will be completed.

(b) Disinvestment of BSNL and VRS to 1 Lac Employees:- JAC strongly opposed the disinvestment of BSNL and VRS to 1 Lac Employees. Hon'ble MoC&IT mentioned that both the issues has been recommended by Sam.G.Pitroda Committee but he has already discussed the matter with Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and thereafter a letter has been issued by Principle Secretary to Prime Minister mentioning that the report first will be discussed in the Telecom Commission meeting and thereafter it will be sent to Group of Ministers (GOM) for considerations. The Govt. decision in this regard will be discussed with the BSNL Unions thereafter only implementation will take place.

(c) Unbundling of BSNL's last mile copper:- Hon'ble MoC&IT clarified that this issue is also related to the above issues and till the decision is taken by Govt. in this regard no action will be taken. JAC requested for optimum utilisation of BSNL's last mile copper.

(d) IDA Pension revision for BSNL Pensioners:-  Hon'ble MoC&IT assured that first matter will be discussed in the Telecom Commission itself and if required case will be send to Cabinet for approval which may takes 3-4 months time.

(e) Wage Revision of BSNL Employees:- Hon'ble MoC&IT advised Secretary (T) for early approval in the case.

(f) 93 Million GSM Lines tender:- JAC expressed it's serious concern against BSNL Board's decision to scrap 93 Million GSM line tender on the advise of Sam Pitroda Committee Recommendations. When 2G GSM equipment in Phase VI tender is cheaper then Phase V GSM equipment. Hon'ble MoC&IT clarified that BSNL Board is fully competent to take decision in this regard.

Lastly Secretary(T) appeal JAC to withdraw the Indefinate Strike call in view of the above discussions/assurances. JAC thanked Hon'ble MoC&IT for the discussions he had.

JAC in its internal meeting after the meeting of Hon'ble MoC&IT analysed the discussions and decided that CMD BSNL/ DoT should clearly spell out the roadmap for the procurement of GSM equipments in BSNL for next one year and contingency plan in case ITS Officers do not opt BSNL. Convener JAC spoke to CMD BSNL and asked the appointment for the meeting to discuss these issues. CMD BSNL fixed up the meeting with JAC at 6:30 PM today. JAC after CMD's meeting and receiving the minutes of Hon'ble MoC&IT meeting will review about indefinite strike hence all are requested to prepare for successful implementation of the indefinite strike w.e.f. 20.04.2010. GS AIBSNLEA attended this meeting and pleaded effectively on JAC demands.  

16.04.2010- JAC MEETING WITH REGIONAL LABOUR COMMISSIONER(RLC) :- Regional Labour Commissioner (RLC) New Delhi convened a meeting with JAC leaders in the presence of GM(SR) BSNL. JAC explained the demands mainly ITS Officers absorption in BSNL and IDA Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners and opposition against disinvestment, VRS, Unbundling of BSNL last mile copper conductor, Uninterrupted GSM equipment procurement.  RLC after hearing JAC and GM(SR) assured that the notice for the next meeting will be sent to DoT authorities also to be present.He applead JAC to withdraw indefinite strike since the Hon'ble MoC&IT and the DoT administration is trying to resolve the demands. JAC mentioned that indefinite strike can not be withdrawn till the concrete decision is taken on the above issues.Click here for brief of the meetings:. Page-1, Page-2,

16.04.2010: MINUTES OF THE MEETING WITH SECRETARY ,DOT  WITH  JAC:-Click here for minutes of discussion of the meeting held on 1/04/2010under the chairmanship of Secretary (Telecom) with representative of BSNL Associations and Unions.. Page-1 Page-2Page-3 Page-4, 

16.04.2010- Anomalies of 2005 batch DR-JTOs:- Congratulations!!!!!.As published elsewhere in this website,Order to remove disparity in pay of Dr-JTO Batch 2005 issued. Click here for Order copy

16.04.2010- Anomalies of 2005 batch DR-JTOs:- It is reliably learnt that Revision of Scales of pay w.e.f. 01.01.2007 for Board level and below Board level executives of BSNL-Pay anomaly of 2005 DR JTOs order will be issued today. The board has approved the pay of all the JTOs of 2005 batch who joined after 01.01.2007 may be fixed at Rs.21620/- on date of joining the post of JTO and all other terms and conditions contained in order dated 05.03.2009 will continue to be applicable to all the JTOs of 2005 batch.

Hon'ble MoC&IT Meeting with JAC leaders is fixed up on Friday 16th Apr at 12:30 hrs in Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi

15.04.2010- JAC Press Conference at Press Club New Delhi:- GS, AGS(HQ) ,FS were present in the press conference. Com. GS alongwith Convener JAC addressed the press conference explaining the demands and opposition of wrong policies of the Government which are harming the viability of BSNL customers and its Employees survival

15.04.2010-GS, AGS(HQ) ,met with GM(Pers.) and discussed:-

(a) Regularisation of Adhoc DEs:- We expressed our serious concern against delay in completing the DPC for Regularisation of Adhoc DEs. GM(Pers) mentioned that he is sending the case to the competent authority after seeking Legal openion from GM(Legal) today itself. He mentioned that due to status quo order of Hon'ble Supreme Court on 270 SDEs seniority case of LDCE quota and diverse openion on Regularisation of affected SDEs difficulty is being faced. We requested that BSNL Management after taking Legal Openion in this regard should proceed for Regularisation of Adhoc DEs against 2400 DEs regular posts. GM(Pers) assured an early action in this regard.

(b) DPC from SDE(T) to DE:- We expressed our dissatisfaction against casual handeling of the Court case wherein  stay order against DE(Adhoc) DPC has been granted by Hon'ble J&K  High Court one year before. GM(Pers.) mentioned that case has been listed for hearing on 19.04.2010 and efforts are being made to get the stay order vacated. He also mentioned that why your Association advocate got impleted in the case is not getting successed for vacating the stay order? We informed that our CS J&K Circle will personally be present there on 19.04.2010 to observe proceedings.

(c) Consideration of Request/Tenure transfers of SDEs/DEs:-  We requested GM(Pers) for early consideration of pending Request/Tenure transfers of SDEs/DEs. GM(Pers.) assured that by this weekend all justified Tenure/Request transfers of SDEs/DEs will be issued.

(d) Pay anomaly removal of DEs/Sr. SDEs:- We expressed our dissatisfaction against non settlement of pay anomaly case of Sr.SDEs/DEs after implementation of EPP and 2nd PRC GM(Pers) mentioned that the matter is under consideration and shortly the decision will be taken.

M. MOHAN, JTO,Telecom factory Mumbai (A Member of AIBSNLEA) has selected to represent India in the 13TH FINA world masters swimming championship to be held at Goteborg, Sweden from 27.07.2010 to 07.08.2010. We wish him a grand success in forthcoming games.

15.04.2010- Congratulations! Due to Tireless, Consistent,  and Persistent efforts of AIBSNLEA, File of  pay anomalies of 2005 batch DR-JTOs has been cleared by the EF cell of BSNL Corporate Office and orders are will  be issued tommorow by the PAT section of BSNL Corporate Office. GS, AGS(HQ),AGS(F), FS met with GM(EF) and requested her to clear the file for the pay anomaly of DR JTO 2005 batch . GM(EF) appraised the efforts of AIBSNLEA for the benefit of young JTOs and she immidiately cleared the file and sent it back to the Estt. Section of BSNL Corporate Office. GS, AGS(HQ),AGS(F), FS immidiately requested with GM(Estt.) to clear the file and GM(Estt.) clear the file at the same day.Orders for the fittment of 2005 batch will  be issued tommorow.

(2).       New TA/DA Rules on revised pay scales:- We requested GM(EF) for early issuance of new TA/DA Rules on revised IDA pay scales corresponding to pre-revised pay scales. GM(EF) assured for an early action.

14.04.2010 : JAC NEWS : All Central Trade Unions including INTUC and BMS have supported Indefinite Strike of BSNL workers from 20.04.2010. Please contact the MP of your place and seek support for our demands and to raise the same in Parliament - Requested by JAC.

JAC Press Conference at Press Club, New Delhi, at 12:00 hrs. on 15.04.2010 and RLC meeting with JAC at Jeewan Deep Building, New Delhi,  at 11:30 hrs. on 16.04.2010.

15.04.2010:-UF WRITES TO CMD,BSNL :- UF writes to CMD, BSNL on arbitrary and obsolete approach of BCG -GM(Rest) utilizing BCG to create huge promotional outlets for unabsorbed ITS officers by reducing the promotional avenues of JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs: Click Here  Page-1  Page-2

1) Proposed reduction of 19000 JTO / JAO posts, 6500 SDE posts, 160 CAO posts and 70 DGM(F) posts.

2) To create additional 30 SAG posts and 100 HAG posts.

3) JTOs are yet to get their first functional promotion even after 13 years.

4) Highest level of inefficiency in the Company today is because of heavy concentration in SAG and HAG.

5) Sam Pitroda and other telecom experts rightly feel that just 200 SAG and 50 HAG are more than sufficient to run the Company smoothly.

6) The only objective to create such a huge number of posts of SAG and HAG in BSNL is to get promoted to these cadres in BSNL and then get repatriated to DOT on higher posts.

7)In deciding the crucial process of restructuring, let Managers absorbed in the Company get involved in the process, instead of those who have no stake in the growth of Organization.

13.04.2010:-PRESS NEWS :- Govt concludes 22 rounds of 3G spectrum auction :The Gujarat circle attracted the highest bid at Rs 459.52 crore, even as one additional player was still in the fray for the three available slots. Delhi was next with Rs 437.65 crore, followed by Tamil Nadu receiving bid at Rs. 429.39 crore. b)Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa and West Bengal could not attract even a single player. c)Nine telecom companies are participating in the online auction process - Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Vodafone Essar, Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices, Aircel, Etisalat, S Tel, and Videocon Telecommunications Click Here
13.04.2010:MISSING ACRs FOR THE PROMOTION FROM SDE TO DET (ADHOC)-DPC-I :- BSNL CO has asked Circls for sending missing ACRs of the Officers in Annexure-A & B for the pormotion of SDE to DE(Adhoc) -DPC-I and should reach by 15/04/2010.CLICK HERE : Letter, Missing ACRs in ANNEXURE- A & B
13.04.2010:CLARIFICATION REGARDING MANDATORY TRAINING :- BSNL CO has issued clarification regarding mandatory two weeks training to Executives promoted under time bound /Post based executive promotion policy for the group B level officers in BSNL Click Here
13.04.2010:- Transfer and Posting of Executive Engineers(Electrical) Click Here
13.04.2010:- Transfer and Posting of STS (Telecom) Click Here
13.04.2010:- Inter Circle transfers of SDEs Telecom from STR to Other Circles Click Here

13.04.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F) met PGM (BW) and discussed –

(a) Inter-zone transfer of 11 SDEs (C) on VC pending cases : We expressed our serious concerned against the undue and unjust inter-zone transfer orders issued for 11 SDEs (C) on VC pending on the advice of CVO. We pleaded that these SDEs have been transferred in violation of transfer policy because they have already crossed 57 years age. In most of the cases inquiry proceedings have been completed and the findings / recommendations have been sent to CVC by competent authority for decision. At this juncture these transfer orders are undue and unjust, needs immediate cancellation. PGM (BW) mentioned that the action has been taken on the basis of Vigilance advice. We pleaded that Vigilance authority should be apprised of the present status of the cases and the executives who were already transferred out stations.

(b) ACP withdrawal case : PGM (BW) mentioned that Shri Pradeep Nagpal Committee recommendations have already been sent to GM (Pers) along with explaining the financial implications. Decision of competent authority is awaited.    

13.04.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F), OS (North) met PGM (Elect) and discussed –

(a) Cancellation of unjustified transfer order of SDEs (E) : PGM (E) informed that the transfer case of Shri S.K.Dutta, SDE (E), WB to AP Circle has been cancelled and the remaining cases could not be considered due to non-availability of vacant SDE (E) post in WB Circle.

(b) Recruitment of JTO (E) : PGM (E) mentioned that efforts are being made for early notification of JTO (E) recruitment against vacant posts. The matter had already been taken up with GM (Rectt).

13.04.2010 : GS, AGS (F), FS met ED (F) and discussed –

(a) DPC from CAO to DGM (F) : We expressed our serious concern against delay in completing the DPC process from CAO to DGM (F). ED (F) informed that the DPC minutes and the number of DGM (F) posts to be filled up are being sent to the competent authority within this week for approval and thereafter the posting on promotion order will be issued.

(b) Posting on promotion to DGM (F) : We further requested that BSNL CO should issue DGM (F) posting order for Circles only. CGMs should decide the local postings. ED (F) informed that a policy decision in this regard is being taken shortly.

13.04.2010 : GS writes :

Letter-1  : To  Shri S C Misra, Member ( Services), DOT regarding revision/ consolidation of Pension in IDA scale  for the erstwhile DOT Employees  retiring as BSNL Pensioners during the period from 01/10/2000 to 31/12/2006

Letter-2 : To CMD , BSNL regarding  applicability of ACP Scheme for  Executives in BSNL

Letter-3 : To  CMD , BSNL regarding affairs of Bhnadara Telecom District SSA of Maharashtra Telecom Circle wherein GMTD Bhnadara with a biasing attitude is trying to disrupt the functioning of this Association –Our protest against.

Letter-4 : To Dir (HR) regarding Clarification relating to the Executive Promotion Policy.

Letter-5 : To Dir (HR) regarding Request transfer in the cadre of PA case of Shri P Harikrishna o/o GMTD Panaji, Goa.

Letter-6 : To CMD BSNL regarding Cancellation of undue and unjust inter-zone transfer order of SDEs (Civil).

12.04.2010:CMD BSNL called GS, AIBSNLEA and discussed:-                                                     

(a) Performance of BSNL : Regarding BSNL's performance, CMD mentioned that BSNL's turnover and overall performance is good but due to recent revised Pay/Wage revision BSNL's profit is declining. He wanted feed back on implementation of Restructuring process at SSA level and its impact. We explained that the restructuring suggested by BCG is finding difficulty in the field units/SSAs because to implement vertical bifurcation in NWP-CFA, Enterprise Business and Consumer Mobility is not practically possible due to shortage of manpower in rural areas. We suggested that BSNL should more concentrate to retain land line and Broad band services and their monthly rental needs review in comparison of GSM tariff. CMD assured to look into the matter.

 (b) Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 20.04.2010:- CMD appealed that Indefinite strike should be withdrawn in view of the customers inconvenience and image of BSNL. We explained that such decision may be taken by Joint Action Committee of BSNL Unions/Associations only and Govt/BSNL should not impose VRS, disinvestments of BSNL and should immediately decide ITS Officers absorption in BSNL as well as IDA pension revision of BSNL pensioners. Also should not allow unbundling of BSNL's last mile copper conductor and private operators to roam on BSNL's network on inter circle basis. BSNL should immediately have GSM equipment to meet out the demand of customers etc. on all these issues after brief discussions CMD assured that he will arrange a meeting of JAC leaders with Hon'ble MOC&IT shortly. 

(c) Implementation of DPE O.M. dated 02.04.2009 :- We requested for immediate implementation of DPE O.M. dated 2nd April 2009 regarding IDA fitment benefit from 68.8% to 78.2% . CMD further mentioned that if 78.2% of IDA fitment is given then 30% fitment benefit need reversion in view of BSNL's profit declining. We strongly oppose such thinking and requested to implement DPE O.M. in its true spirit. 

(d) Modification of BSNL MSRRs of Civil/Elect/Arch executives: We expressed our serious concern against non regularization of adhoc EEs Civil/Elect/Arch on the pretext of BSNLMS RRs. We requested that DOT RRs would not be diluted in BSNL in any case. CMD assured to look into the matter. 

(e) Regularisation of adhoc DEs:- We expressed our serious resentment against delay in regularization of adhoc DEs on the pretext of pending Court case and DOT direction etc.,. We requested CMD for his kind intervention to break the stalemate created by BSNL's Pers. Cell. CMD assured to discuss the matter with Director (HR) at the earliest.

(F) Finalisation of E1A, E2A and E9A IDA pay scales :  We requested that E1A, E2A and E9A IDA pay scales in the revised pay scale should be finalised at the earliest. Delay is causing frustration in the Executives. We pleaded that E9B new IDA pay scale proposed by BSNL Board should be dealt seperately. CMD assured to discuss the matter with Member (Fin) and Secy (T) for early finalisation.

(G) Arbitrary heavy reduction in the Executives sanctioned strength :  We expressed our serious resentment against arbitrary heavy reduction in the sanctioned strength of BSNL Executives, mainly JTOs (T), SDEs (T), JAOs, AOs, CAOs and DGM (F) etc. Whereas the posts of GM/PGMs are being increased. CMD mentioned that the working strength of the Executives is not being reduced but there is a proposal to reduce unfilled posts only. However he advised to discuss the matter with Dir (HR), thereafter only some decision will be taken.

12.04.2010:GS discussed with ED (Fin) during his visit to Patna on 09.04.2010 regarding CAO to DGM DPC and their posting order by concerned Circles. ED (F) assured that as soon as he reaches Delhi and he will send the file to the Competent Authority and clarified that BSNL CO will issue IFA posting from BSNL CO, since IFAs are always being posted by BSNL CO only. We pleaded that, since it will be a big promotional list. Hence, it will not be proper, giving posting order to all IFAs/DGMs from BSNL CO. ED (Fin) assured to look into the matter.
12.04.2010: GS attended and addressed the open session of NFTE-BSNL 3rd All India conference held at Patna on 10.04.2010. GS explained about the demands and protest Actions being called by Joint Action Committee and all upon all the executives and non-executives to make the indefinite strike w.e.f. 20.04.2010a complete success. Shri S C Mishra, Member (S), DOT and Shri S R Kapoor, ED (Fin) BSNL were the chief Guest and Special Guest on the occasion.
12.04.2010: GS attended and address the General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA at Patna on 10.04.2010 and apprised in detail the starts of HR issues, making JAC indefinite Strike call a complete success. He also requested to enrol more and more members by solving their day to day problems and to face the membership verification of executives Association. He mentioned that AIBSNLEA is the true organisation to represent the grievances of BSNL EXECUTIVE. He appeal the all the members to concentrate for growth and quality of BSNL's Telecom Services to make customers delighted, mainly the land line and Broad band connections are to be increased by making special Task Force to maximum revenue for BSNL. Com Koushlendra Prasad, Circle Secretary and com P N Jha, circle President in their address discuss the circle and All India level issues. In the interactive session Com G S replied all the queries raised by the members.
12.04.2010: GS attended and addressed the special General body meeting of ALL India retired BSNL Executives Welfare Association at New Delhi on 09.04.2010. Com GS in his address apprised in detail the status of IDA pension revision issue for BSNL pensioners. He explained that after Joint Action Committee of BSNL Executives and none executives indefinite strike Call w.e.f. 20.04.2010. Hon'ble MOSC&IT, Shri Gurudas Kamath and Shri P J Thomas, secretary(T) DOT arranged the meetings with the leaders of JAC and assured associations that shortly a Telecom Commission memo will be prepared for Telecom commission meeting for IDA pension revision and in case it is not agreed then the Cabinet note will be sent to Cabinet for approval. They assured this exercise will be completed in 4 months time. Com GS assured all support and help from AIBSNLEA to AIRBSNLWA. Com Kishan Singh, General secretary, AIRBSNLWA explained in detail the efforts being made to solve the day to day problems of BSNL pensioners regarding Residential Telephone claims, BSNLMRS facility, its revision, etc. He thanked JAC to take up, IDA pension issue on priority and assured that BSNL Pensioners will also actively participate in the JAC call of indefinite strike w.e.f. 20.04.2010. Com M L Sharma, CHQ President thanked all the ,members and assured that shortly the Circles/Branches bodies will be formed thorough out the country
10.04.2010:CLARIFICATION FOR TIME BOUND PROMOTION OF JTO/JAO etc(E1/E1A) & SDE/AO etc(E2/E2A) :- As we have demanded though letter published elsewhere in this web site ,BSNL CO has issued clarification on time bound upgradation of E1/E1A and E2/E2A as per 2nd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2007. Click Here
10.04.2010:POSTPONEMENT OF LICE FOR PROMOTION TO JTO :- BSNL CO has postponement of LICE for the promotion to cadre of JTO under the departmental 35% quota and 15% quota until further orders Click Here
10.04.2010:APAR 2009-10-TIMELY COMPLETION AND COMMUNICATION :- Timely Completion and proper maintenance of Annual Performance and Appraisal report (APAR) for the year 2009-2010 and communication of all entries to all executives for fairness and transparency in public Administration Click Here
10.04.2010:PRESS NEWS :- Govt to get Rs 45000 cr from 3G, BWA bidding Click Here
09.04.2010:SENIORITY LIST OF STS(REGULAR)TELECOM :- Previsional seniority list of Regular STS(Telecom)Executives of BSNLs.If any Objections/Descripancies may be brought to the notice of BSNL CO. Click Here

09.04.2010 : GS writes :

Letter-1 : To  CMD , BSNL regarding One time relaxation in JAO Part-II Departmental Examination

Letter-2 : To CMD , BSNL regarding  Financial irregularities committed by Shri S.K.Bhandari, General Manager, Looking after the charge of PGM, Ahmedabad Telecom District since Sept'2008

08.04.2010:GS, AGS(HQ), AGS(F),FS met Director (HR), BSNL & discussed on various HR issues. GM(Restructuring) was also present in the meeting.

(a)  DPC from CAO to DGM : We expressed  our serious concern against delay in compleing the DPC process from CAO to DGM. Director (HR) informed that DPC from CAO to DGM has been completed and assured for early promotion order.

(b) Regularisation of Adhoc DEs : We expressed our serious resentment against non-completion of regularisation of 2400 adhoc DEs even after our continuous persuasion. Dir (HR) mentioned that DPC for regularisation has been initiated and assured for early completion.

(c) Reducing JTOs/SDEs/JAOs/AOs/CAOs/DGM(F) posts in arbitrary manner:- We expressed our serious concern against reducing of 30% of Executives' sanctioned strength i.e. JTOs/SDEs/JAOs/AOs/CAOs/DGM(F) posts in arbitrary manner. Dir(HR) called GM(Restructuring) to clarify the position in this regard.As per the Restructuring cell proposal and vetted by BCG a drastic reduction in the JTOs/SDEs/JAOs/AOs/CAOs/DGM(F) cadres is proposed and a good number of GM/PGM/CGM posts are proposed for increase. We clearly told that no arbitrary reduction in the sanctioned strength of Executives' will be accepted. Dir(HR) assured that the norms on which the posts are proposed will be discussed shortly with the Executives' Associations. He mentioned that norms are being revised on the actual requirement of BSNL and will be implemented in next five years i.e upto 2014. The details are as under.

Telecom Engineering Services

Name of Cadre

Working strength

Sanctioned strength

Proposed strength

Increase/ decrease




































Telecom Finance services

Name of Cadre

Working strength

Sanctioned strength

Proposed strength

Increase/ decrease

GM (F)






























Infra Services (C/E/Arch/TF)

Name of Cadre

Working strength

Sanctioned strength

Proposed strength

Increase/ decrease































The above analysis clearly shows that BSNL Management is proposing to reduce the Executives' sanctioned strength by 25,500 (Total Sanctioned strength 87,689-Proposed strength 61,911=Decrease 25,508) Approx 30% reduction.

08.04.2010 :BSNL Corporate Office issued orders

(i) Tenure transfer of SDEs(Telecom)- Click Here for letter

(ii) Clarifications regarding Time bound scale upgradation under EPP on revised and provisional IDA pay scale of Executives (JTO/JAO etc) as per 2nd PRC effective from 01-01-2007Click Here for letter

08.04.2010 : GS writes :

Letter-1 : To Thiru A Raja,MOC regarding Non-receipt of reimbursement of LF and Spectrum charges to BSNL

Letter-2 : To CMD BSNL regarding arbitrary step to introduce dual reporting in the cadre of Executive Engineer(C/E) by the PGM,Ahmedabad Telecom District

Letter-3 : To Director (HR) regarding Repatriation of Executives(SDE) working in Inspection Circle(T&D Circle)

Letter-4 : To Director (HR) regarding interpretation of the pay fixation cases under second PRC

08.04.2010:GS, President, AGS(F), met PGM(FP) & discussed-

(A) DPC from CAO to DGM:- PGM(FP) informed that DPC from CAO to DGM has been completed and sent to competent authority for approval. He mentioned that on returning of ED(Fin) on 12.04.2010 , the DPC may get clearance and thereafter the posting order on promotion will be issued.

(B) Consideration of request/tenure transfers of JAOs/AOs/CAOs:- PGM(FP) assured that  as soon as the promotion order from CAO to DGM is issued , the process of considering JAOs/AOs/CAOs transfer cases will be considered.

(C) JAO part II Exam- PGM(FP) informed that about 1,000 JAOs have passed JAO part II exam and shortly 1000 more JAOs from outsider quota will be available.

07.04.2010: GS, AGS(F) met GM(SR) and discussed-

(A) Verification of Majority Executives' Association- GM(SR) informed that the guidelines regarding Membership verification of Majority Executives' Association are being finalised. Thereafter the process wil start. In this regard all Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to concentrate to increase the paid membership of the Association.

(B) Settlement of Wage Revision of Non-Executives' in BSNL- GM(SR) informed that the recommendations of BSNL Board on Wage revision of Non-Executives' was sent to DoT on 22nd March 2010 for approval. It is understood that DoT administration in principle agreed with the BSNL Board recommendations and DoT approval is expected shortly.

(C) GM(SR) while discussions impressed upon for providing fault free Landline and Broadband service to the customers. BSNL can earn the revenue from these services only since there is a stiff competition in GSM telephones.

07.04.2010:PRESS RELEASES :- Centre lost 26,000 crore due to Raja: CAG Click Here

6.04.2010:- GM(Estt.) called GS to give opinion for IDA pension revision. He mentioned that he has to submit the views/suggestions of BSNL Unions/Associations to DoT for pension revision. GS suggested that BSNL pensioners IDA pension revision should take place as available in FCI Limited. He clarified that IDA pension conversion to CDA pension may put BSNL pensioners in loss. He also pleaded that since BSNL pensioners are assured Govt. pension under Rule 37-A and BSNL has paid pension contribution on IDA scale, DoT should revise IDA pension only. ,

6.04.2010:-GS, President, AGS(F) and OS(North) met GM(Pers) and discussed- (a) Regularisation of Adhoc DEs:- GM(Pers) informed that regularisation process of Adhoc DEs has been started and shortly after taking the approval of competent authority the process will be completed. (b) DPC from CAO (Adhoc) to DGM(F):- We requested GM (Pers) to clear the DPC minutes of CAO to DGM(F) and sending to competent authority for approval. GM (Pers) immediately cleared the case and sent to competent authority for approval of the DPC minutes. As soon as the DPC minutes are approved, their posting and promotion to DGM (F) will be issued shortly. ,

6.04.2010:- GS writes to CMD,BSNLregarding Down-gradation of DGM(F) posts into STS grade in SSAs on the recommendations of BCG. CLICK HERE OF LETTER,

06.04.2010 : United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations writes to CMD, BSNL regarding extending support to United Forum of BSNL Non- Executive Unions Click Here for Letter
06.04.2010 : United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations writes to GM(SR), BSNL regarding deferment of Dharna on 5th April 2010 Click Here for Letter

06.04.2010 : PROMOTION OF DET(REGULAR) TO DGM(ADHOC) :- MA filed by some ITS officers in Hon'ble CAT Jaipur to avail stay order against promotion order of DE(Regular) to DGM(Adhoc) and to bring contempt of Court was heard today i.e 06/04/2010.After the strong arguments of all the 3 advocates of Applicant, respondent and AIBSNLEA wherein applicant advocate strongly pleaded for granting the stay order and imposing contempt of court. After hearing both sides , Hon'ble CAT directed to hear the case as scheduled already on 19/04/2010 directing respondent advocate to provide the details. Hence no stay order against promotion order and no contempt granted today in this case.

6.04.2010:- GS writes to Secretary,DOT regarding Illegal promotion of ITS Group "A" officers in BSNL CLICK HERE OF LETTER,

5.04.2010: PROMOTION OF DET(REGULAR) TO DGM(ADHOC) :- Some ITS Officers again filed M A in Original Application No.579/2009 at Hon,ble CAT, Jaipur, praying stay order against implementation of BSNL Corporate Office Order 314-13/2010-Pers.I dated 01.04.2010 for promotion of Executives from STS Regular to JAG adhoc and requested for contempt of Court. AIBSNLEA has already impleaded in this case. CLICK HERE OF Misc.APPLICATION(MA),

2.04.2010:DEFERRED PROPOSED DHARNA ON 05/04/2010 In view of very positive gestures of CMD & DIR(HR) in issuing promotion of regular STS to Adhoc JAG and settlement of pay anomaly issue of 2005 batch JTOs, and assurance given by DIR(HR) that other pending issues such as regularisation of existing Adhoc STS, promotion to Adhoc STS, IDA pay fixation @ 78.2% instead of 68.8%, settlement of E1A and E2A pay scales etc, UF of BSNL Executives' Associations has decided to defer its proposed Dharna at BSNLCO on 05.04.2010.

UF conveys its deepest gratitude to CMD and DIR(HR) for their expeditious intervention and thanks Comrades throughout the country for their support and solidarity.

2.04.2010 : CONRATULATIONS!!!!! :- UF strong efforts yielded result in getting released long awaited promotion order from DE (Regular) to DGM . Click here for Order copy, circle wise promotion, posting pattern

2.04.2010 : PROMOTION FROM DET TO DGM :- UF of BSNL Executives Association's strong efforts yielded result in getting approval of the Promotion order of DETs to DGM .Order is expected shortly. The CMD has approved  the promotion order in the late night at 11 PM on 01/04/2010.In view of the above development, DIR(HR) has called on phone both GSs and appealed to withdraw the agitational  programme scheduled on 05/04/2010.In response to the positive attitude shown by BSNL Management and assurance given by Dir(HR) for early settlement of other issues like  promotion from SDEs to DET(Adhoc), DET adhoc to DET Regular and extending fixation benefit of  78.2%, UF will review the agitational programme shortly.

1.04.2010 : MEETING WITH SECRETARY, DOT :- GS attended the meeting called by Secretary(T) of Joint Action Committee representatives. Secretary (T) while welcoming the 
JAC leaders Secretary (T) mentioned that they want BSNL to be No.1 Company and for that they are ready to extend full support to BSNL for its growth. He further mentioned that we have received JAC notice and have discussed and all the demands and concern. We would like to further learn all the issues from all of you. Convener Sri V A N Namboodiri thanked him for calling the meeting and mentioned that as per Government of India policy, we 3.5 lakhs employees have taken absorption in BSNL and still 1500 ITS officers are to be absorbed. The Government support in terms of reimbursement of Licence Fee, USO Fund, ADC charges to BSNL viability. He mentioned that, BSNL is being laid by ITS officers, who are not part of the Company. DOT has not taken 
concrete steps to end the deputation in BSNL and even the assurance given by CMD to complete the absorption process by 31.12.2009 is not honored. 
2. IDA Pension Revision for BSNL pensioners is not settled. We have opposed to Shri Sam Pitroda Committee Recommendations on 30% disinvestments of BSNL, VRS to one lakh employees, unbundling of last mile copper conductor, out sourcing ATC and scrapping of 93 million GSM tender. 
Com GS also deliberated on all above issues along with all available JAC leaders. After hearing all leaders, Secretary(T) clarified all the issues regarding ITS absorption. He mentioned that immediately cabinet note in this regard will be sent to Nodal Ministry for clearance and thereafter will be sent to cabinet for approval and efforts will be made to complete the process within four months time. 
3. IDA Pension Revision: Secretary (T) mentioned that on this issue and clarified that Telecom Commission note will be moved to Telecom Commission and if it is approved in Telecom Commission, IDA Pension revision will be made otherwise it will be sent to Cabinet. The matter 
will be resolved within 3-4 months. 
4. 30% Disinvestment of BSNL: Secretary(T) mentioned that the BSNL Board has recommended 10% disinvestments. But, DOT is yet to take the decision in this regard. Any decision will be taken in consultation of BSNL Unions/Associations. 
5. VRS/Unbundling/outsourcing and other recommendations of Sri Sam Pitroda committee.    Telecom commission will discuss and after its decision will be sent to Hon'ble MOC&IT who will further take up the Telecom commission decision to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Thereafter only Sam Pitroda Committee recommendation will be implemented. 
6. 93 Million GSM lines tender: Secretary (T) mentioned that BSNL can complete to manage service module tender within a period of 60 days and assured that BSNL will get the needed equipment. He further mentioned that this meeting has been called after taking brief from the Hon'ble MOC&IT and will further report him the outcome of the meeting. He mentioned that Hon'ble MOC&IT may meet JAC shortly. After Secretary(T) briefing JAC further retreated the stand. Secretary (T) appealed to reconsider the strike call. JAC clarified that still there is 20days time for concrete action to settle the issues. 

7.In addition to the above issues, JAC impressed up on early clearence of wage revision and implementation of DPE order dated 2/04/2009 regarding extending IDA fitment formula 78.2%.On the both issues ,Secretary (Telecom) assures to take necessary action in the matter.

1.04.2010 : CONGRATULATIONS! :- Regulerisation of  26 CAOs (Adhoc) to CAO(Regulaer) -order issued- Click here for order copy 

1.04.2010 : GS, Pres.,AGS (HQ) ,GS,SNEA(I) and AGSs of SNEA(I) met CMD, BSNL and discussed-

We expressed serious resentment against the indifferent attitude of GM(Pers) towards BSNL Executives i.e 1) DPC from DET to DGM withheld on pretext of stay order in Jaipur CAT whereas Hon'ble jaipur CAT has not granted any stay order for the promotion from DET to DGM  

2) Non Regularisation of Adhoc DEs with reference to status quo granted by Hon'ble SC against 270 SDEs of LDCE quota seniority case. In this regard UF has been requesting that in view of court direction and subject to the out come of Hon'ble SC judgment regulerisation can be completed. But it is neglected by GM(Pers)

(3) DPC from SDE(T) to DE Adhoc:- We expressed our serious resentment against casual handling of the court case in Hon'ble J&K High Court for the last one year. During this period ,several SDEs have been retired. 

We informed the CMD,BSNL and DIr(HR) that on Monday ,5th April,2010 , UF will hold DHARNA in BSNL Corporate Office AGAINST INDIFFERENT AND BIASED ATTITUDE OF GM (Pers.) We will inform further organisational actions  in due course of time. UF has served Notice for one day dharna on 05/04/2010 at BSNL Corporate Office.

We appeal to all the Executives of BSNL Corporate Office to make this programme a grand success.