Central Headquarters, New Delhi (India) 

 (E-Mail to GS &

31.12.2007:- GS, President  & AFS greeted Sh. D.S. Mathur, Secy. DoT on his retirement on superannuation today. Shri Siddhertha Behura, IAS 1973 Batch UP Cadre Special Secretary in Ministry of Environment & Forests has been appointed as Secretary, DoT & he is joining tomorrow morning.  
29.12.2007:- GS writes to Sh. A. Raja, Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT, Govt. of India, NEW DELHI regarding Illegal promotion of non- optees to the Senior Administrative Grade level posts of  BSNL vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2007-08/  dated: 29.12.2007 Click here for Letter
28.12.2007:- GS writes to Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD), BSNL, New Delhi regarding Breech of agreement in implementation of BSNL Executives Transfer Policy vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2007-08/  dated : 28.12.2007 Click here for letter
28.12.2007:-  PRESS REPORT : -To help us compete, free us from red-tape of tenders, BSNL tells Vigilance panel (Click here)
26.12.2007:-  Our consistent efforts yielded results in getting released 1000 posts of JTOs  vacancies from Direct Recruitment Quota to Departmental Quota for the year 2006 & 2007 Click Here for lists
26.12.2007:- GS attended & addressed the Special General Body Meeting of RTTC Branch, Jaipur Rajasthan Circle at Jaipur. Com. M.L. Pareek, Circle President & Com. O.P. Jat Circle Secretary also attended & addressed the meeting. Com. GS apprised in detail the status of All India Issues & replied all the queries made by the members. All the members of RTTC Branch, Jaipur attended the meeting.

20-12-2007:-  GS write to DDG (Arch), BSNL regarding Consideration of request for Inter-Circle Transfer in the cadre Arch Astt. Grade-I/JTO (Arch). CLICK HERE FOR LETTER

20.12.2007:- GS write to Sr. DDG(FP), BSNL regarding consideration of various requests for Inter-Circle transfers in the cadre  of  JAO/AAO/AO/CAO. CLICK HERE FOR LETTER

20.12.2007:- GS write to DDG (Pers), BSNL regarding consideration of various requests for Inter-Circle transfers in the cadre of SDE.  CLICK HERE FOR LETTER
20-12-2007:- GS write to Shri S.D. Saxena, Director (Fin), BSNL/regarding Exercising option by 1999 (DOT) JAO batch under Para I(d)(7) of Time Bound/Post Based executive promotional policy for Group B Level officers of BSNL. CLICK HERE FOR LETTER
19-12-2007:- PROMOTION FROM SDEs TO DEs ON ADHOC BASIS :- CONGRATULATIONS !: AIBSNLEA succeeded in getting released the promotion order of 621 SDEs to DE Telecom on adhoc basis . All the DEs on promotion have been posted in the same Circles as assured by Director (HRD) to the Association. CHQ  observed  that some names of eligible SDEs  are missing within the consideration zone of this promotion order . Circle Secretaries are requested to send the missing names information to CHQ at the earliest. Efforts are being made to initiate another DPC to fill up of remaining around 3000 vacancies in the cadre of DE by getting clearance from DOT. CLICK HERE FOR ORDER
19-12-2007:- PROMOTION FROM JTOs (Telecom) TO SDEs (Telecom):- CONGRATULATIONS !: On our consistent efforts  the  promotion order of 177 JTOs (Telecom) to SDEs (Telecom)  (ST CATEGORY) issued . All the SDEs on promotion have been posted in the same Circles as assured by Director (HRD). We have requested to start the DPC to fill up of vacant posts in the cadre of SDEs Telecom immediately. Click Here for order
19-12-2007:- Due to our persistent efforts ,now ACRs of 11 left out SDEs have been called for .NOTE :- Concerned CSs are requested to ensure early dispatch of these ACRs   Click Here for Letter
19-12-2007:- G.S. and FS met Director (HRD), BSNL and discussed:

(a) Filling up of the vacant DEs posts :- We  expressed our serious concern against non-filling of about 3600 vacant DEs posts for last one and half years. Director (HRD) informed that as per the clearance given by DOT to operate TES Group 'B' Seniority List No. 3 for OC category and list no. 4 for SC/ST category , DPC for promotion to the post of DEs on adhoc basis is over to fill up 620 posts and efforts will be made to issue the promotion orders shortly. To fill up remaining vacancies, case will be further taken up with DOT for its clearance shortly.  

(b) Filling up of the vacant SDEs posts of ST category: We impressed upon to release the promotion orders to fill up the vacant SDE posts of ST category. It was informed that DPC has been completed to fill up about 190 posts and orders are likely to be issued shortly. We pointed out that still some posts are lying vacant for which action should be taken to fill up the posts at the earliest.

(c) Withdrawal of ACP granted after 1.10.2004: We requested that ACP benefit granted before issue of BSNL Promotion Policy in January 2007 (effective from 1.10.2004) should not be withdrawn as the same was granted as per Govt.Scheme. The officers should be allowed to give option to get the benefit of ACP upto 1.10.2006 since in most of the cases , financial upgradation was eligible only from 1.10.06.Director(HRD) assured to discuss this issue separately with the Association after comleting internal discussions on this subject.

(d) Consideration of pending request transfers: We requested to consider all the  pending request transfer applications since for last six months no orders have been issued in this regard. He assured to look into the matter for early action .

18-12-2007:- GS, FS met Shri S.D. Saxena Director (Finance) and discussed:-

(a) Delay in notification of IDA Pay Scale for AAOs absorbed in BSNL:- We expressed our serious concern against delay in notification of IDA Pay Scale  Rs. 11875-300-17275 for AAOs absorbed in BSNL. Director (Finance) shown his positive attitude and assured early notification. 

(b) Valuation of Perquisite of accommodation in respect of BSNL Employees in occupation of staff quarters for the purpose of Income Tax:- We vehemently raised that no Income Tax recovery should be made on account of perquisite since A. Y. 2002-03 (F. Y. 2001-02) to  A. Y..2007-08 (F. Y. 2006-07)  from BSNL Employees. The company should bear the tax liability on this account. Director (Finance) appreciated our feelings and inform that CMD BSNL is taking up the matter with Secretary (DoT) pleading that the BSNL employees before their absorption were assured better financial benefits. Now  it will be injustice, if the Income Tax recovery is made on account of perquisite from BSNL employees towards accommodation provided by BSNL because one employee has to pay about Rs. 80000/- as the past arrears of Income Tax recovery. The employees after absorption in BSNL are continuing in the same accommodation as provided earlier in DoT.  

(c ) Filling up of the vacant AOs/CAOs posts:- We impressed upon to  fill up  the vacant posts of AOs/CAOs at the earliest. Director (Finance) confirmed that the process of DPCs has already been initiated and on receipt of ACRs the DPC work will be completed.

18-12-2007:- Revision of Seniority List of TES Group 'B' Officers in compliance of Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment dated 26.04.2000 in C.A. no. 4339 of 1995  Click Here for Letter
18-12-2007:- GS writes to Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD), BSNL, New Delhi regarding Delay in issuance of promotion order from SDE (Telecom) to DEs on Adhoc basis vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2007-08 dated 17-12-2007 Click Here for Letter



COST Rs. 120 per Diary (excluding freight charges)

Consigner: Shri P.C. Joshi, Asstt. Financial Secretary, AIBSNLEA, CH-17-2-15, Chammery P&T Staff Qtrs. Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001,

TELEFAX: 011- 23315315; Mobile : 9868100456; Tel: 011-23372454 (O)

Orders may be sent to above Fax to avoid postal delay.

17-12-2007:- GS met Shri J.R. Gupta, Director (Operations), BSNL and discussed :-      1.  Heavy revenue loss to BSNL in implementing different plans- A.     Different plans for BSNL Subscribers through which they can talk UNLIMITED within      Circle / SDCA. Public is using these plans for data transferring from one end to another.  

B. ONE INDIA Plan for BSNL PSTN & GSM Subscribers( Rs 1/- per 60 Sec pulse)- These ONE INDIA PLAN subscribers using voice based VAS services (e.g.126300XX) by paying only Rs 1 per 60 Sec pulse instead of Rs 1.20 per 30 Sec pulse for PSTN & Rs 3.60 per 60 Sec for GSM ). In view of this, BSNL is getting Rs 1 per 60 sec from PSTN subscribers instead of Rs 2.40 per 60 sec & Rs 3.60 per 60 Sec from GSM subscribers. Out of such collection @Rs 1 per minute from subs, BSNL is paying VAS franchises share @90 paisa per minute for PSTN and Rs 1.44 per minute (i.e. 40% of Rs 3.60 per minute) for GSM subscribers, which seems to be huge revenue loss. in both the issues Director (O) assured to look in to.

2. Providing  GSM Handset to all BSNL Executives:- We impressed upon for providing  GSM Handset to all BSNL Executives who have been sanctioned  GSM service connections. Director (O), immediately contacted DDG(CS) to discuss the matter.

17-12-2007:- GS writes to Shri Kuldeep Goyal CMD, BSNL regarding:-

(1) Sanction/creation of new posts of PPS in the field offices. Click here for letter

(2) Heavy revenue loss to BSNL in implementing different plans. Click here for letter

(3) External/ Political interferences in the matter of handling Court cases of   BSNL- harassing / demoralizing BSNL nodal officer. Click here for letter

14.12.2007:- Com. K.Satyanarayana  President (CHQ) addressed a lunch hour meeting at Circle Office on 13.12.07, during his official visit to Chennai. AGS Com. P.Venugopal, ACS Com.V.Duraiarasan were present along with CS.  Circle President and Circle Secretary of Chennai Telephones also attended the meeting. Com.Satyanarayana elaborated in detail all the current issues and their position. There was a huge gathering and the meeting hall was jam packed.
14.12.2007:- In the Joint Committee meeting of BSNL Management and Executives' Associations representatives discussions continued today also, on the issue of impact of Management Trainees recruitment at STS level on the career prospectus of BSNL Executives. We are to submit further feedback to the committee in the next week. The committee will meet again on 3rd & 4th January, 2008.
14.12.2007:- GS writes to Shri Gopal Das, Director(HRD) regarding regular promotion from the cadre of Personal Assistant to Private Secretary with retrospective effect Click here for letter
14/12/2007 :- Regular Promotion to SDE(Civil) grade under seniority cum fitness :- ACRs and Vigilance clearance for holding DPC for promotion to the cadre of SDE(Civil) were called for .Click here for the letter
14.12.2007:- Information regarding posts position i.e no. of posts sanctioned, no. of officers working on regular basis, no. of officers working on adhoc  basis, no. of officers working on local officiating basis , no. of officers working on look after basis and no. of posts vacant in STS and JAG in Telecom Engineering, Accounts and Finance and Telecom Civil and Electrical wings is very much urgently required to have fruitful discussion in the Committee meetings. So, it is requested all the Organizing Secretaries to collect the above said information from Circle Secretaries and send it through E-Mail. 
13.12.2007:- Our continuous & persistent efforts yielded in release of letter regarding Valuation of Perquisite of accommodation in respect of BSNL Employees in occupation of staff quarters for the purpose of Income Tax- letter dated 27.11.2007 held in abeyance till further orders. Click Here for Letter
13.12.2007:- The Joint Committee of BSNL Management and Executives' Associations representatives met today and continued the discussions on the issue of impact of Management Trainees recruitment at STS level on the career prospectus of BSNL Executives. After detailed discussions, it was agreed to continue discussion further on the issue, tomorrow. 

13.12.2007:- GS writes to Shri S.D. Saxena, Director (Finance), BSNL, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, H.C. Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi regarding Delay in notification of IDA Pay Scale for AAOs absorbed in BSNL vide letter no. AIBSNLEA / CHQ / CORR / 2007 Dated 13.12.07 Click Here for Letter

12-12-2007:- (a) DPC to fill up vacant ST category posts of TES Group 'B' grade:-  On our persistent efforts the DPC work to fill up about 190 TES Group 'B' posts from ST category JTOs is completed. The promotion order is expected shortly.  We have also requested to Dir (HRD) for their posting on promotion to the same circles. The Director (HRD) has assured to look into.

(b) DPC to fill up vacant DEs posts on adhoc basis:- On our continuous efforts the major work of DPC is completed. Vigilance clearance/ missing ACRs in some cases are awaited. We have already requested our Circle Secretaries to ensure early sending of the required information to BSNL CO at the earliest. As soon as the VCs & Missing ACRs are received the promotion order will be issued immediately. We have also requested  Dir (HRD) for DEs posting on promotion to the same circles. The Director (HRD) has assured to look into.

10.12.2007 :- GS, Vice President & FS attended & addressed the Circle Executives Committee Meeting of Rajasthan Circle at CONFERENCE HALL, DIRECTORATE OF EXTENSION EDUCATION MAHARANA PRATAP UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE & TECHNOLOGY, UDAIPUR on 8th & 9th Dec'2007. On the occasion OPEN Session was also organised on 8th Dec'2007. Shri P.K. Gupta, Pr. CE(E), Raj. Telecom Circle was the Chief Gests. Shri Shri B.K. Karecha, GMTD, Udaipur was the guest of Honor. Shri O.P. Jat, CS and Shri M.L. Pareek Circle President in their Welcome address discussed the Circle & all India issues.  Com. GS in his address apprised in detail the status of All India issues & the developments after organisational action programme of UF. He called upon the members to keep organizationally ready for struggle if the BSNL Management don't settle the issues raised by UF. After OPEN SESSION Com. GS replied all the queries made by the CEC Members in the interactive session.  Com. R.K. Khokawat, Branch Secretary convened the meeting. Com. Devi Lal, Branch President extended the vote of thanks.  The Conference Hall was jam packed. Click Here for Glimpses => PHOTO1 PHOTO2 PHOTO3  PHOTO4   PHOTO5 PHOTO6 PHOTO7 PHOTO8 PHOTO9 PHOT10 PHOT11
10.12.2007:- The Meeting of Joint Committee members of Management  with Associations  has been decided on  13th and 14th Dec, 2007 (Two days) to continue the discussions with  specific  data Click Here for letter
07-12-2007:- MEETING WITH SECRETARY, DOT :- GS, AFS and AGS of SNEA(I) met Secretary, DOT and discussed :-

1) Executives Promotion Policy of BSNL :- We  strongly protested for arbitrary Notification of Management Trainees at STS Level and We   demanded regularization of Adhoc STS Officers of BSNL ,Service weightage, improvement of Executives Promotion Policy  and some other issues .Secretary, DOT assured to intervene in the matter.

2) Absorption  of Group “A” Officers in BSNL :-We express our serious concern against the delay in completing process of Absorption of Group "A" officers. Secretary, DOT confirmed that an agreement has been reached between Administration and ITS .Cabinet Memo is being sent shortly for approval.

3) Filling up of the vacant STS Group”A” Posts  on adhoc basis :- We express our dissatisfaction for not holding the DPC to fill up of the vacant posts of ITS Group"A"  on adhoc basis. Secretary, DOT assured to discuss with BSNL Management.

4) Payment of Pension :- We express our resentment against DOT’s order dated 15/06/2006 regarding  payment of Pension. Secretary, DOT informed that Cabinet Memo is being sent shortly.

05-12-2007 :- The first meeting of the Joint Committee constituted from BSNL Management and Associations  to look into the genuine career aspirations of the executives in BSNL held today. The Committee members had General discussions in detail on the issues i.e. (a) Impact of the induction of Management Trainees on the promotional aspects of Executives (b) Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL (c) Regularization  of all the existing adhoc STS officers and filling up of existing STS vacancies on regular basis and (d) Pending issues related to Promotion Policy like Service weightage  etc.  The Joint Committee members from Management  and Associations side decided to  meet again on  13th and 14th Dec, 2007 (Two days) to continue the discussions with  specific  data Click Here for letter
04-12-2007:- The 1966 TES Group 'B' officers seniority reversion case  was heard today in Hon'ble Delhi High Court. The next date of arguments  is fixed up on 13th May,2008.
03-12-2007:- The representatives of AIBSNLEA met the concerned officers of DPE & discussed regarding merger of 50% IDA with BASIC. It is learnt that Pay Revision Committee has recommended merger of 50% IDA with BASIC for profit making CPSUs. DPE has also recommended the same to Ministry of Finance for approval. Since the Pay Revision Committee & DPE has recommended favorably, it is expected now Ministry of Finance will approve the recommendations soon.
03-12-2007:-The First Meeting of the Committee comprising officers of the BSNL Management & General Secretaries of the constituent Associations of United Forum has been decided on 5th Dec'2007 at 2:30 PM to address the issues related to BSNL Executives promotional avenues Click Here for Letter