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EDITOR: Com. V. Shaji, General Secretary;  Designed by Com. M.K. Morodia, Ex-CS RAJ Circle

ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officer's Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PPS/Sr.PPS), CSS, AD (O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001




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30.11.2021Congratulations to all the Retiring Comrades!


AIBSNLEA CHQ extends Best Wishes to all the Comrades, who are going to retire on 30.11.2021 on Superannuation, We wish for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and Peaceful life after retirement. 


Comrades! You are going to start a New Journey of your Life, may your days be filled with Elation and Triumph.  We extend our sincere thanks to you for your dedication towards AIBSNLEA and BSNL as well.


CHQ Congratulates You all on Your Superannuation.

30.11.2021Forum of BSNL Executives Associations (AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and SNEA) served Notice for Trade Union Actions:




1. All eligible BSNL Executives as on date should be promoted immediately without any further delay. The Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy up to AGM equivalent Grade as per the policy approved by BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, namely, “BSNL Executives Promotion Policy Amendment and Recruitment Rules, 2017” effective from 01.07.2018 should be implemented immediately and directions of the Board should be followed by incorporating Govt of India and DoP&T guidelines on Reservation and protecting the Constitutional Rights. The promotions should be extended w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria.


2. The Restructuring order dated 17.11.2021, 23.11.2021 and subsequent orders should immediately be rolled back and immediate discussion should start with the stake holders for a HR plan which should be in line with the needs of the organization and takes care of career prospects of Executives in various grades and streams. The drastic reduction in number of Posts should immediately be done away with and inputs of Associations should be given firm consideration.


The stagnation criteria of 12 years in JTO/JAO Equivalent cadre for promotion to SDE/Equivalent cadre should be rolled back and revisited to make it in line with the earlier approved Time Bound Promotion Policy. Similarly, the stagnation criteria of 8 years should be introduced in SDE/AO/Equivalent Grade as Criteria for promotion to AGM/CAO/Equivalent Grades. 


3. Take necessary steps to approve the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 by DoT, replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as recommended by BSNL Board for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO Equivalent Grades.


4. Management Trainee Recruitment and DR DGM Recruitment should be scrapped altogether and no lateral recruitment should be done in the organization at any level above JTO/JAO/Equivalent. Internal Fast-Track Promotion Policy should be introduced for the meritorious and talented Executives of the organization.


5. All Adhoc DGM (T/F) should be made regular DGM (T/F). Thereafter, all DGM(T/F) posts should be filled up on regular basis by onetime relaxation in qualifying service.


6. Suitable relaxation in the qualifying service to be extended for Time Bound Promotion to CAO Grade since eligible Executives are not available.


7. No Looking After/Adhoc/Entrustment Promotions, only Regular promotions should be provided to BSNL Executives. 


8. Immediate final settlement of long awaited SDE Reversal case as one time measure as agreed and directed by the Director HR on various occasions.




1. Wearing Black Badges and Desk to Desk Awareness campaign among the      Executives from 01.12.2021 to 15.12.2021.


2. Submission of Memorandum to Hon Member of Parliaments highlighting the failure of BSNL Management in addressing the core issues of organization including HR practices – 07.12.2021 to 15.12.2021.   


3. Twitter campaign on 16.12.2021.


4. Mass Dharna at BA, Circle and BSNL HQs on 22.12.2021.


5. Relay Hunger Fast at BA, Circle, BSNL HQs on 28-30 December 2021.


6. Mass Casual Leave on 03.01.2022.


7. Leaving Official WhatsApp Group and non-cooperation from 03.01.2022 onwards.


8. Mass Indefinite Dharna at BSNLCO: 10.01.2022 onwards till settlement of the issues. 


Forum Notice to CMD: Notice for Organizational Actions demanding immediate Roll Back of the Provisions of Restructuring Proposal which are diminishing the career growth of Executives, issuance of Promotion to all Eligible Executives on Time Bound Basis by implementation of BSNL Board approved Time Bound Promotion Policy w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards. No more Looking After, Adhoc and Entrustment basis arrangements and ensure regular promotions only. Implementation of the standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent and E3 for SDE/AO equivalent grades as recommended by the BSNL Board Approval. Scrapping of MT and DR DGM RRs and introduction of Fast Track Promotion Channel.<<<Click here for Notice>>>

30.11.2021BSNL CO issued instructions regarding- 

(1) Organizational restructuring ( Categorization and Territorial Circles, Corporate office and Mobiles Nodal Centre - Issue of structure and guidelines <<<Click here for Orders >>>

29.11.2021GS Writes to The PGM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate office regarding request for transfer under Rule-8 in the cadre of Junior Account officer <<<Click here for Letter >>>

29.11.2021BSNL Management once again requested to DoT to approve standard pay scales of E2 and E3 under 2nd  PRC w.e.f. 01.01.2007 in respect of JTO/JAO and SDE /AO & equivalent executive of BSNL as per our request made in the meeting held between AUAB and CMD and Board of Directors  <<<Click here for Orders >>>
29.11.2021GS Writes to The CMD BSNL regarding request for provisioning of sufficient number of Finance Executives in Chennai and Kolkata Metro Districts as per the revised Manpower Norms –<<<Click here for Letter >>>

28.11.2021BSNL CO issued instructions regarding- 

(1) Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries <<<Click here for Orders >>>

(2) Policy on Related Party Transactions <<<Click here for Orders >>>

27.11.2021Com.S.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA has written to

Shri. Ashwini Vaishnaw ji, Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi -110001 on 28.7.2021 regarding the Financial Revival of BSNL,  Up gradation 2G&3G Equipments, immediate release of long pending outstanding dues to the tune of Rs.38,500 from DoT to BSNL  and timely disbursement of Salary to the BSNL Employees.


GS AIBSNLEA along with the CHQ Team  met Hon’ble Member of Parliament  Shri.M.Shanmugam ji,  in his Office at New Delhi on 28.7.2021 and appraised him about the burning issues of BSNL Employees and submitted the Letter written to the Honb’le MoC  and requested to take up the burning issues with Hon’ble MoC. Hon’ble MP after patient hearing assured to take up the issues with the Honb’le MoC  and immediately  he has written a Letter in this regard on 28.7.2021 to the Hon’ble MoC for which Hon’ble MoC replied to the Hon’ble  M.P Shri.M.Shanmugam  through D.O Letter dated  24.11.2021.

<<<Click here for letter>>>> <<<Click here for GS AIBSNLEA dated 28.07.2021 letter>>>>

For Hon’ble MoC Reply

26.11.2021Meeting with PGM (Pers.) CO BSNL, New Delhi

Com. S.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA and Com. Rajpal, AGS met Shri R.K. Goyal, PGM (Pers.) on 26.11.2021. At the outset GS conveyed his sincere thanks and gratitude to the PGM (Pers.) for the issuance of SDE Seniority List No 10, 11, 12 & 13  which is as per the Stand taken by AIBSNLEA & as per Law  i.e.. Date of Joining. We strongly protested against keeping stagnation of 12 years for promotion from JTO to SDE on personal up gradation basis, introduction of External MT and drastic reduction of Posts in Promotional Grades (including drastic reduction of  Posts in the Accounts Stream in Chennai TD and Kolkata Telephones) in the recent BSNL Board approval on Man Power requirement and the Modification in the Recruitment Policy issued on 23.11.2021.

PGM Pers informed that Committee for amending various RRs have been constituted which will look into all the aspects. Committee for amending BSNL MSRR will also be notified within this week. PGM Pers advised us to keep patience and assured that Committee will look into all the aspects hampering the Promotional avenues of Executives including revisiting the 12 years Stagnation clause in JTO Cadre and draft RR will be circulated to all Associations to submit the suggestions and feed back  before taking final decision by the Committee. We requested the PGM(Pers) to immediately start the CPC work to promote all the eligible Executives as assured by the CMD in the AUAB Meeting held on 27.11.2021.

PGM(Pes) mentioned that  Management has now decided to promote the eligible JTO(Telecom/Civil/Elect/TF/Arch) to SDE(Telecom/Civil/Elect/TF/Arch) for the Vacancies up to January 2020 before the end of Dec , 2021 and the CPC work is being started . Management is having a fond hope that before the Year end, all the Promotions for SDE equivalent Cadres will be completed. He further mentioned that the promotions in respect of AGM equivalent and above Cadres can only be possible after the outcome of the judgment in respect of Jarnail Singh &Ors Vs Lachhmi Narain Gupta & Ors. (Reservation in Promotion Court Case) pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court (Judgment kept reserved).

25.11.2021Details of  discussion held between the AUAB and the DoT, on 24.11.2021.

A Meeting held between the AUAB Leaders and the Shri Sanjay Gupta, DDG(PM), DoT  who is looking after the duties of Joint Secretary(Admin) on 24.11.2021 at 1600 hrs. at Sanchar Bhawan. Smt.Anita Johri, Sr.GM(SR), Director(SU), DoT also present in the Meeting. Com. S.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA along with the General Secretaries/Representatives of 12 Unions/Associations of AUAB participated in the meeting. At the outset, the AUAB bitterly complained that, the assurances given by Shri Manoj Sinha ji, the then Minister of State for Communications and Ms. Aruna Sundararajan,  the then Secretary, Telecom, in the meetings held in December, 2018, regarding 3rd Pay Revision, Payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL, based on actual basic pay (As per FR.116) and delinking of Pension revision from Pay revision, were not implemented by the DoT. Hence, the AUAB insisted that minutes / record of discussion should be issued for this meeting and the decisions taken, should be implemented by the DoT.

Responding to the observations made by the AUAB, the DDG(PM) stated that, hereafter regular interactions would take place between the DoT and the AUAB a at least in every quarter. Thereafter, point to point discussion took place to the Agenda items submitted by the AUAB.


Launching of 4G by BSNL:

The issue of up gradation of BSNL’s BTSs, for providing 4G Service, was taken to the ETG (Empowered Technology Group) and the PMO. However, it was not approved. The PMO has insisted that the “Core” of BSNL’s 4G equipments must be Indian made.

The TCS is in the process of supplying 4G equipments to BSNL. The CEO of TCS has assured to complete the POC (Proof of Concept) by 31st December, 2021. The POs (Purchase orders) will be placed by March / April, 2022. The commercial launching of 4G service by BSNL will take place in August / September, 2022.


The CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) for BSNL’s 4G launching comes to Rs.14,000 crore and MTNL’s CAPEX for 4G launching comes to Rs.1,000 crore. This Rs.15,000 crore will be borne by the Government. Cabinet note will be sent shortly to get the approval of the Cabinet for this.

Govt. has agreed in principle  about Rs.1.60 lakh Crore Budgetary support to BSNL on immediate basis in order to overcome financial constraints in a bid to promote domestic technology in line with Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India).


Payment of Outstanding dues (Claims Payable) to BSNL by the DoT amounting Rs.39,000 Crore:

 The DDG(PM) replied that,


(a)   Interest on refund of WIMAX and CDMA Spectrum, as being claimed by BSNL, may not be paid. Comparatively, the Government is going to provide a bigger amount for BSNL’s 4G launching and revival.

(b)   Refund of Leave Encashment to the tune of  Rs.11998 Cr is being dealt by DDG(Accounts). The issue is to be taken with them.

(c)   The issue of paying compensation to BSNL, on account of Rural Telephony to the tune of Rs.13789 Cr is being dealt with by the Hon’ble Minister of Communications.


No handing over of BSNL’s Mobile towers and Optical fibre to the private, under the National Monetisation Pipeline.

The DDG(PM) stated that, the amount coming through Monetisation of BSNL’s Mobile towers and Optical fibre, will only come to BSNL. However, the AUAB refuted this and stated that under the National Monetization Pipeline, this amount will only go to the Government. Hence, it was argued strongly that, no Monetisation of BSNL’s Tower Payment of Pension contribution by BSNL, based on the actual basic pay.

The DDG(PM) stated that, this issue was taken to  the  Finance Ministry, by the DoT, on three occasions. However, the Finance Ministry did not accept the demand, he stated.


Speeding up of BSNL’s Land Monetisation to off-set the Company’s debt.

To this, the DDG(PM) stated that, presently, four properties of BSNL are being sold through DIPAM for Rs.2,000 Cr. This money will come only to BSNL. He further stated that, as per the Government decision, Lands worth below Rs.10 Crore could be sold by BSNL itself. Lands worth between Rs.10 Crore and Rs.100 Crore could be sold with the approval of the DoT. Lands worth above Rs.100 crore could be sold only through the DIPAM.

Immediate settlement of 3rd Pay Revision for the Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL.

The DDG(PM) stated that, a decision on this could be taken only by the Hon’ble Minister of Communications.

Revised PO for E2 and E3 Standard pay scales.

The DDG(PM) stated that, the issue could be discussed after receiving complete details

25.11.2021 (i) BSNL CO issued Revised Sanction strength and Man power Plan has been approved by BSNL Corporate Office in respect of Telecom FinanceCivil, Electrical and Other Streams:

Click below for>>>

<<<Man Power Plan Finance>>>  <<<Man Power Plan Civil>>>  <<<Man Power Plan Electrical>>>  <<<Man Power Plan Other Streams>>>

2. Corporate Office issued instructions regarding:

<<<Resumption of Biometric attendance>>>   

<<<Forwarding of Rule 9 transfer cases>>>   

<<<Extension of timelines of e-APAR 2020 21>>>

23.11.2021 Lunch Hour Demonstration on 24.11.2021 at BSNL CO, Circles, BAs/SSAs/Areas offices:-

It has been decided to lodge our immediate and strong protest on 24.11.2021 by burning the copy of order and staging Lunch Hour Demonstration against the Man Power Planning Order announced today with introduction of stagnation period of long 12 Years for SDE Promotion (beyond the sanctioned strength), introduction of Ext MT and not Meeting of our Demand for Time Bound Promotion Or required Number of Posts in Promotional Grades for promotion of all eligible Executives as demanded by the Forum of all Associations.

All CHQ, Circle and District/ BA/ SSA Office Bearers are requested to make arrangements of the protest immediately by reaching out to all Associations

23.11.2021 BSNL CO issued instructions regarding- 

BSNL Corporate Office issued the approval of BSNL Board on total Manpower requirement in BSNL, the revised Sanctioned Strength after VRS restructuring in different grades in Telecom Stream and the modifications in the Recruitment Policy.  <<<Click here for Orders >>>

22.11.2021 BSNL CO issued instructions regarding 

(a) Organizational Restructuring- Issue of final Structure of Non territorial Circles <<<Click here for Orders >>>

22.11.2021<<<<<<BSNL News in Media >>>>>>>
18.11.2021 FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATIONS (AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA) writes to Shri. P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL jointly demanding regular Promotions to  all the eligible Executives on Time Bound manner  before Restructuring and any post reduction.

Forum will be compelled to oppose any Restructuring and post reduction before Promotions.
AIBSNLEA, SNEA & AIGETOA jointly decided to  launch the struggle if above demands will not be considered
<<<Click here for letter jointly signed by the Forum>>>

18.11.2021 BSNL CO issued instructions regarding 

(a) Organizational Restructuring- Issue of final structure of Business Areas of Territorial Circles, operational norms and guidelines <<<Click here for Orders >>>

(b) Amendments to the existing policy for outsourcing of maintenance and provisioning of Landline & Broadband for External plant of Copper network. <<<Click here for Orders >>>

15.11.2021 Once again it is proved that AIBSNLEA STAND is correct:

Provisional SDE(T) Seniority List Nos 10, 11, 12 and 13 have been Circulated by BSNL Corporate Office for inviting objections/errors/omissions etc.

Hearty Congratulations! Provisional Seniority List Nos. 10, 11, 12 & 13 of SDE (T) have been issued by the BSNL CO which is as per the Stand of AIBSNLEA

Dear Friends!! Consistent and continuous discussions/efforts and regularly put forth our views before the Management for the past 21 Months yielded results that the Provisional Seniority list Nos. 10, 11, 12 & 13 of SDE(T) have been issued by the BSNL CO as per the Law and as per the Date of Joining/ Promotion. AIBSNLEA has taken a stand right from the day one that the Seniority list of SDE(T) should be as per date of joining which is as per Law and accordingly writing nearly Ten continuous letters to the BSNL Management and consistently pursuing and discussing with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and PGM (Pers.) for the past 21 months.

AIBSNLEA CHQ extend its sincere thanks and gratitude to the CMD BSNL, Director HR, PGM Pers, and the whole Pers. Team for the issuance of long awaited SDE(T) Seniority list Nos. 10 to 13 as per Law and as per date of joining

Another feather is going to be added in the Cap of AIBSNLEA and in the Success History of AIBSNLEA –

<<<Click here for Order>>>     <<<Click here for List No 10>>>     <<<Click here for List No 11>>>     <<<Click here for List No 12>>>    <<<Click here for List No 13>>>

15.11.2021  GS Writes to The PGM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate office regarding request for cancellation of transfer orders in the cadre of Accounts Officer <<<Click here for Letter >>>

11.11.2021  GS Writes to The Director (HR)  BSNL Board regarding request for Wiiingness to Continue as a Faculty at RGMTTC, Chennai <<<Click here for Letter >>>

12.11.2021 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL Executives

An Overview

After the release of 3rd PRC recommendations Pay Revision and Pension Revision took place in some PSUs in accordance with the guidelines of DPE. Due to the affordability clause and the guidelines on Profit- Oriented Pay rise have disallowed any Pay as well as Pension revision in BSNL. Though pension is the commitment of DoT, but DoT categorically clarified   that the pension revision will only follow the Pay revision and the revision of IDA Pension will not be done automatically. The DPE guidelines on 3rd Pay Revision have disallowed pay revision in BSNL on the plea of not earning profit for the last three consecutive years. AIBSNLEA & AUAB continuously put the demand that BSNL as a PSU under the control of Central Government and being the Strategic Sector purely a Service Oriented Organization should not be brought under the DPE guidelines in respect of Profitability clause which permits Pay Revision.  

The then Hon’ble MoSC Shri Manoj Sinha ji assured the AUAB leaders on 03.02.2018 & 24.02.2018 that the relaxation on affordability clause for the 3rd pay revision for BSNL employees will be sought from the Union Cabinet. However DoT deliberately delayed the proposal. 

During the discussions had with CMD BSNL and the AUAB leaders held on 13.02.2019 and 15.02.2019 (before 3 Days strike from 18.02.2019 to 20.02.2019) it was offered by the then Hon’ble MoSC  that 3rd Pay Revision with 0% fitment with an assurance that the proposal   will be sent to Digital Communication Commission (DCC) for clearance and thereafter it will be taken up in the Union Cabinet for approval for any relaxation in affordability clause for BSNL Employees.

AUAB leaders categorically told the Management that we are prepared to accept 3rd Pay Revision with minimum 5% fitment as offered by DoT on 30.01.2019 and demanded that this commitment should be given in writing by the DoT so that AUAB can consider deferment of the proposed strike.

The demand of AUAB has not been accepted and even DoT has not come forward to give 0% fitment as offered by the then Hon’ble MOSC in writing. Then AUAB has decided to go ahead with 3 days strike.

In this regard, the then Hon’ble MOC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji mentioned in the meeting held on 04.11.2019 with AUAB leaders that 3rd pay revision is not possible in BSNL at present due to continuous losses shown by BSNL for more than 3 consecutive years and also in lieu of affordability condition and Profit during three consecutive years is mandatory as per DPE guidelines.

However, he further assured that if BSNL post EBITDA positive (Operating Profit) for 3 years and increase of 17% Market Share of BSNL, then DoT/ Govt. will consider 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

However, keeping in view of the approved Parameters mentioned in DPE OM dated 24.11.2017 now BSNL Management again going to start the wage negotiation for Non- Executives since the settlement has already been expired on 31.12.2016

Pursuant to the guidelines contained in DPE O&M Dated 03.08.2017 & 24.11.2017, the 3rd PRC Wage negotiation settlement with 0% or 5% fitment in respect of Non-Executives should be approved by the Remuneration Committee of BSNL Board, BSNL Board of Directors and the same will be sent to DoT/ DCC for approval.  Thereafter it will be taken up in the Union Cabinet for any relaxation in affordability clause.

In the recent meeting of CMD BSNL & Board of Directors with the AUAB leaders held on  05.10.2021 & 27.10.2021,  it is agreed  by the Management that Wage Revision Committee for 3rd PRC in respect of Non-Executives will be reconstituted and the meeting  will be held after Diwali. The Unions should submit their suggestions/ inputs for 3rd wages revision with 0% fitment for Non- Executives to address the stagnation issue.

As regards the implementations of 3rd PRC in respect of the Executives, the CMD BSNL told that this issue should be discussed with the Secretary, Telecom. He further assured that a meeting will be arranged between the Secretary, Telecom and the AUAB Leaders.

Now the Joint Committee has reconstituted to recommend the wages structure for Non- Executives w.e.f. 01.01.2017 in BSNL and the meeting is scheduled to be held on 18.11.2021.

We have a fond hope that 3rd PRC with any fitment will definitely address the Stagnation, improved Pensionary benefits, Commuted Value of Pension, Enhanced HRA, Annual Increment, Pay fixation benefits etc.

All the Executives Associations and AUAB leaders are eagerly waiting for the meeting with Secretary Telecom for the discussion regarding 3rd PRC for BSNL employees. 

We are waiting for a long time for the revision of pay since it is due from 01.01.2017. In view of the abnormal delay, the BSNL Employees and Pensioners are not getting their due benefits in time. Hence, it is suggested that AUAB or likeminded Associations and Unions should come forward and appeal to the Govt./ DoT & BSNL Management to consider as a interim Measure/ interim relief till such time 3rd PRC got approved and implemented in BSNL.

“Portion of IDA (119.5% as on 01.01.2017) equal to either 75% or 60% of the existing basic pay in respect of the employees of BSNL/ CPSEs following IDA pattern of pay scales at 2007 levels for employees of BSNL/CPSEs may be distinctly shows as Dearness Pay (DP) w.e.f. 01.01.2017, which would be counted for the purposes like:

Retirement benefits, Payment of Allowances, Transfer grant, Contribution to Provident Funds, Licenses fee & Various Advances etc.”

There is precedence also in this regard during the 2nd Pay Revision time, where portion of IDA equal to 50% of existing Pay was shown as Dearness Pay (DP) w.e.f. 01.01.2007 vide DPE OM No. 2(7)/2005 DPE –(WC) GL-III dated 26th Feb 2008.

Now the BSNL Management is serious and responsive to the demands of Unions and Associations and has shown sincerity time and again.

To mitigate the suffering of BSNL employees and to get the due benefits without any delay and till such time3rd PRC for BSNL employees got approved and implemented we should strengthen our demand of portion of IDA equal to either 75% or 60% existing Basic Pay may be distinctly declared as Dearness Pay w.e.f. 01.01.2017 and shown separately.

All the AUAB Leaders, likeminded Associations and Unions should come forward to achieve the genuine demand!

Unity Is Always Our Strength!  

12.11.2021 BSNL CO issued instructions regarding 

(a) Nomination of Liaison officer (OBC) in BSNL Telecom Circles <<<Click here for Orders >>>

(b) Lok Sabha starred Question Diary No. 6703 to be answered on 10.03.2021  

<<<Click here for Orders >>>

11.11.2021  GS Writes to

(a) The Chief General Manager, I.T. Project Circle, BSNL Chinchwad, Pune regarding request for posting at ITPC- Hyderabad on transfer from TS Circle to ITPC in the cadre of Accounts Officer <<<Click here for Letter >>>

(b) The General Manager  BRBRAITT, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh regarding request for Wiiingness to Continue as a Faculty at RGMTTC, Chennai <<<Click here for Letter >>>

10.11.2021  GS Writes to The Director (HR) BSNL Board regarding

(a) Spoiling of working atmosphere by GM Ludhiana BA (PB Circle).<<<Click here for Letter >>>

(b) Non issuance of Intra Circle Transfer and Posting Orders (on Tenure/ Request Basis) in the Care of Accounts & Finance Executives.<<<Click here for Letter >>>

it is really very shocking to hear about the sad demise of Com. V.Subburaman General Secretary TEPU, All India President LPF and Senior Leader of Trade Union Movement. On behalf of AIBSNLEA CHQ our Heart felt Condolences to the bereaved family members of the departed Leader. The Contribution of Com.Subburaman to the BSNL employees and Trade Union Movement will be never forgotten. He is always in. our Heart. May the departed soul Rest in Peace.

08.11.2021  BSNL CO issued instructions regarding 

(a)Non- Official Independent Directors of Board of BSNL  <<<Click here for Orders >>>

(b)Board level & below Board posts including Non-unionized supervisors in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) - Revision of scales of pay w.e.f. 01.01.2007- Payment of IDA at revised rate w.e.f. 01.07.2021 and 01.10.2021 <<<Click here for Orders >>>

(c) Circulation of final All India Seniority List of JAO's batch 2015

<<<Click here for Orders -1 >>> <<<Click here for Orders -2 >>>

AIBSNLEA CHQ extends its

best wishes and warm greetings

to one and all on the

Deepawali festival.

May this Deepawali festival brings

all the happiness in your life

03.11.2021 BSNL News in Media

(i) BSNL to sell 8 Chennai properties worth Rs. 200 Crs....<<<Click here for news>>>

02.11.2021 Meeting with PGM (Pers.) CO BSNL, New Delhi

Com. S.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA along with the CHQ Team met Shri R.K. Goyal, PGM (Pers.) on 01.11.2021. At the outset GS conveyed his sincere thanks and gratitude to the PGM (Pers.) for the issuance of List No 9, which is as per the Stand taken by AIBSNLEA & as per Law  i.e. Date of Joining.

(a) GS requested PGM (Pers.) for the early issuance of remaining List No 10, 11, 12 & 13 etc. for the SDE(T) Seniority since it is mentioned in the judgement delivered by Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi that the Seniority in respect of all the similarly placed SDEs should also be released. PGM (Pers.) mentioned that Pers Team is on the job and it is under active consideration hence all the Seniority Lists of SDE(T)s will be issued very soon as per the Law and Rules in force.

(b) DPC for the promotion from JTO(Civil/ Elect) to SDE (Civil/ Elect):- PGM (Pers.) mentioned that the Management has now decided to promote the eligible JTOs(Civil/ Elect) for the Vacancies up to December 2019. The additional information has already been called for from the CGM (BW) & (EW) for the vacancies up to Dec., 2019 by preparing the SC/ST Roaster. Pers. branch is continuously pursuing with the concerned officers and very soon it will be received and Management is having a fond hope that before the Year end, all the Promotions for SDE equivalent Cadres will be completed. He further mentioned that the promotions in respect of AGM equivalent and above Cadres can only be possible after the outcome of the judgment in respect of Jarnail Singh &Ors Vs Lachhmi Narain Gupta & Ors. (Reservation in Promotion Court Case) pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court (Judgment kept reserved) and after the approval of Restructuring Manpower Plan.

(c) DPC for the promotion from JTO(TF) to SDE (TF): Pers Branch called for Screening Committee Report from the Field Units. Nearly 14 JTOs(TF) are only eligible for SDE(TF) Promotion. Pers Branch is coordinating with all the Field Unit GMs for the Screening Committee Report. On receipt of the same, CPC will be conducted and promotion orders will be issued.

(d) JAO 2016 batch Seniority/ Gradation List: The Seniority/ Gradation list of 2016 JAOs Batch will be prepared before Dec., end and after the finalization of 2015 JAO batch Gradation list.

02.11.2021A Grand Felicitation function was conducted by Tamil Nadu Circle AIBSNLEA on 24.10.2021 at Thanjavur to felicitate  Com. S.SIVAKUMAR, GS and Com. C.Duraiarasan, OS(SOUTH) on their superannuation from the official Services of BSNL as DGMs.

AIBSNLEA Tamilnadu Circle arranged a well organized colorful function  and felicitated our beloved Comrades  Sri. S.Sivakumar General Secretary of AIBSNLEA  and Com. C. Durairasan, OS (South) CHQ on their Retirement from BSNL on Superannuation wherein Comrades from all the Districts of Tamilnadu, Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, DSs/DPs and Retired Executives have  participated.


Honorable Member of Parliament and the General Secretary of LPF Shri.Shanmugam was the Chief Guest of the Felicitation Function. All India Leaders from BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, TEPU and Circle Secretaries of Sister Unions and Associations have also participated and Felicitated Com. GS and OS(South).

Com. I.Saravanan , Circle President Presided over the function  and in his address he appreciated the functioning of our GS at CHQ, New Delhi and recalled his Association with GS from the year 1997 onwards in MTNL Mumbai in AFSOA followed by functioning in AFSOA and AIBSNLEA   in TN Circle for the past 21 years along with Com. GS, Com. VKP and Com. Duraiarasan in various capacities.  

 Com. S. Anand, Circle Secretary  welcomed the gathering and appreciated the successful functioning, sincere and dedicated Services rendered by our GS to safe guard the interest of the BSNL Executives in various capacities from District Secretary, Circle Org. Secretary, Circle President, CWC Member, Circle Secretary, CHQ President and  GS, AIBSNLEA . He also praised and appreciated the yeoman Service rendered by Com.Durai from the District Secy of NFTE, CS of AFSOA, CS of AIBSNLEA TN Circle and OS(South) to the Contract Laborers, Non-Executives and Executives. He thanked both GS & OS(South) for extending  their active support and Advise in the day to day functioning of CS.


Com. K. Vinayagamoorthy , Asst. Circle Secretary  had delivered  inaugural address and read the citation of our beloved GS. Com. Sivakumar ji  and   our O.S. (South)  Com. Duraiarasan, by briefing the dedication on their duties with BSNL and also with our Association. He further explained the Versatile Personality of our GS in the field of Trade Union Movement, Sports, Serving to the Society in Rotary, and taking JAO Classes throughout Tamilnadu and publication of nearly 6 Books for JAO Part-I, Part-II and JAO Exam under New syllabus resulting in more number of Non-Executives became JAOs in Tamilnadu and other parts of India. He further mentioned that Com. Sivakumar, our beloved GS was conferred with Sanchar Seva Padak in TN Circle in 2006 due to his outstanding performance in all the Fields. He started his Carrier/journey from Kumbakonam and ended his Journey after 39 years He requested the House to give a Standing Ovation to Com.GS for recognizing his outstanding performance and dedicated Services to the BSNL Employees and Society. The House gave an Standing ovation.

He further explained the pivotal role played by Com. C.Duraiarsan as DS, NFTE, Thanjavur  for safe guarding the interest of Contractual Laborers followed by the services rendered to the Executives in the capacity of CS, AFSOA TN Circle, CS, AIBSNLEA TN Circle and OS(South), AIBSNLEA CHQ.

Com. S.Sivakumar ji, GS AIBSNLEA and Com. C.Duraiarasan ji OS(South) were presented with mementos and Shawl by the TN Circle Office bearers.


Hon'ble  Member of Parliament and GS, LPF Shri  Shanmugam :.   

When he commences his speech  he said that I am one among you and also I am the part and part of your Association activities in Delhi as you all are fighting for the rights of  the Employees with  the organization. Moreover I know  personally all the CHQ Leaders sitting in the Dias and  I am fighting for the rights of  Employee with the Government  and there is no difference in the fighting capacity, the person may different and place may different but the demands remains same.

He appraised that  our G.S. Sivakumar ji, is the Man of  Versatile Personality .  He worked in various capacities in  SSA, Circle and elevated as prestigious CHQ  President of Great AIBSNLEA and  finally  reached the position of General Secretary. He further mentioned that it is happened  only because  of  his  dedication , sincerity, contribution  and devotion to the post he has occupied and also he is taking the full responsibility of the works  assigned to the Post.  

He will ever remain in the Heart of every employee  and every Executive of  BSNL because of his dedication and devotion.  Due to his dedicated Services  everyone got  benefited  including Contract Labourers, by means of  Promotion, by means of Transfer  and by means of  Wage revision  and many more.  Resolving every problem at Delhi your Leaders are behind it.   He is one among  them  particularly unifying and co-coordinating all the AUAB Leaders.

The Leader should know the demands of the Members that wherever they are, either they may nearer to him or not close to him, the Leader should present  the case to the appropriate  Forum in the correct time and also in the right manner , then only he get the success on the demand. Your  GS Sivakumar ji is having such a capacity to present the case in the correct sense & manner and got succeed on the cases.  You all should feel proud  to have such a  Great Leader at HQ Delhi. 

He also touched the  oldest period of  the Department viz P&T, Department of  Telecommunication, DTS, DTO  and now BSNL. He remember that during those days  when he  saw the  lines and wires  of the Department every where which will resembles the Bones and nerves of the Employees and they build the BSNL by sweating their  Bloods.

Though the Financial position is very strong in BSNL and the Asset worthiness also in a good position but the Employees are not paid with their salary in time.  Most of the Contract work's bills are delayed purposefully. Even Electricity bills , Diesel bills and Rent payments etc., also not made on time, by doing these, the image of BSNL will be damaged purposefully.  

Because of non allotment of 4G to BSNL the customer growth was stagnated for the past few years and the revenue potential is also drastically reduced and the BSNL is presented as Loss making PSU by saying the 50% of  expenditure had spend towards the pay and allowances to staff and their welfare, so to reduce the expenses with the  great plan of Hon’ble Modi Government, the VRS scheme was introduced during the period of Respected Ravi Shankar Prasad ji and 60% of staff had opted VRS and even then BSNL is not yet reviewed and 4G Spectrum is not yet allotted to BSNL.

He assured that he will support  AIBSNLEA and other Associations and Unions in BSNL for announcing 119.5% as Dearness Pay w.e.from 1.1.2017 by the DPE/the Govt.till such time 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL as proposed by Com. Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA and NFTE CHQ Leaders Com. Seshadiri and Com. Kamaraj.

And Moreover Govt is trying to  Privatize the BSNL by continuing the same situation as loss making PSU, but the same was stopped by the continuous Trade Union Movement  and Struggles of Unions& Associations  and the dedication of Leaders like our  Sivakumar ji  and Duraiarasan ji and we have to salute them,

On the recent days most of the works of BSNL were outsourced when the existing Man power are reduced and the work burden is increased which was shouldered by the existing Employees. From our side, we are raising our voice in the Parliament against this Govt move & proposal to privatize the BSNL. 

Though we repeatedly raising our voice,  Government  not at all hearing our voice. So the Unity of Service Unions & Associations should be strengthened and with the Mighty unity of  the AUAB, they have to stop the wrong Policies and proposals of the Govt.  and to save the BSNL.


To make a full stop on all those things, to Protest against the Government and to get the rights of the employees and Labourers, our continuous Struggle and Unity among the staff, Unions and Associations is very much essential and is the need of the Hour. 

Com. Chellappa,   AGS, BSNLEU, CHQ:

He welcomed the gathering and he feels proud to the part of this felicitation function which was organized for Sivakumar ji,  by AIBSNLEA. 

He appraised that our GS is the Legendary Personality, he is the ICON for AUAB and he is having the capacity to tackle anyone with his skill & knowledge and he also having the great vocabulary in all the 3 languages of Tamil, English and Hindi.

He had wrote many letters to the Ministers and BSNL Management  on various issues and because of his drafting capacity and by citing the relevant Rules and Dates of the orders he get resolved  many issues at  Corporate Office.

Rs.30,000 crore towards the Claims Receivable from DoT to BSNL is the fine findings of our GS. Sivakumar ji and included in the AUAB Main Demand.

His dedication and contribution to AIBSNLEA and AUAB is very much appreciable and un comparable.

Also he appraised the qualities of  Com. Duraiarasan, O.S. (South), CHQ. who is very simple, easily approachable and mingling with everyone.  He always associated with Non-Executive Unions and also raising the points for the settlement of  Non-Executive's demands.  Even during the period of non payment of wages to Contract labourers, he had collected a fund from all the willing officers/officials and donated the same to the contract labourers. Finally he requested one and all to strengthen the Unity of AUAB and the same is very much built by Com. GS and Com. OS South.

Com. Seshadiri, Deputy.GS, NFTE, CHQ:  He mentioned that he knows both of them from the period they started their union activities from NFTE Thanjavur and recalled the Revolutionary Leaders from Thanjavur  like Com. R.K , Com. Pattabi,  Com. Veerapandian, Com.Kamaraj  and present CS NFTE Com.Natarajan. Both your GS and OS(South)  started their Journey from Thanjavur  and reached to Delhi and successfully functioning as the  CHQ Leaders and proved they are from  the Revolutionary Land of Thanjavur.

He also said that because of their Leadership quality and involvement in the Union and Association activities they became this position as  Organizing Secretary and General Secretary of AIBSNLEA.

In the umbrella of AUAB, the  co-ordination of Com. G.S. Sivakumar ji  is very much appreciable and he is having the capacity of gathering all the Associations and Unions under the single roof of AUAB and even for   Pay Revision and IDA merger Com.Sivakumar ji has taken to the various platform  through maximum efforts but it was vain. However NFTE CHQ Leaders are now discussing with Com.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA and Shri.Shanmugam, MP and exploring the possibilities of  announcing 119.5% as Dearness Pay from 1.1.2017 by the DPE/the Govt. till such time 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL


BSNL thought  VRS Plan is the only solution to revive the BSNL but even after the implementation of the same it was not yet revived. We should  fight for  the revival of BSNL unitedly with the advise and support from the Great Leaders like com. Sivakumar ji and Com. Duraiarasan ji.


Com. Rajan, Finance Secretary, CHQ, SNEA.

He mentioned the attitude of the Govt and BSNL Management  in the recent days which is against BSNL Revival and Survival but with the unity  of AUAB and the great efforts taken by Com.Sivakumar, G.S. AIBSNLEA, we are still surviving with great identity as BSNL even on this crises situation.

Because of the  Leadership quality  of Com. GS, AIBSNLEA  and  the impact of our Association SNEA, he requested for the  merger of  both the Executives Associations. He wished both of our G.S. and O.S. (south) to have a Peaceful and Healthy Retirement life.

Com. Kamaraj, Secretary, CHQ NFTE

In his Address he told that  being the Senior comrades of  NFTE, he know  personally  both of them and also recalled the old memories that they have started their Union carrier in NFTE from Thanjavur.   Wherever they are and whatever be the position they held, they did their  duties and recorded their Remarkable dedication and contribution in their  Association and Unions which was written in the History of Trade Union Movement of DoT and BSNL.

Everyone knows that  AIBSNLEA and NFTE are supporting each other in all means and most of our NFTE Comrades are got promoted as Executives and they only became the Executive Association Office bearers. On behalf of NFTE CHQ, we feel proud on it.  

Com.GS, AIBSNLEA being the DGM(EF&IA) at BSNL CO, always in touch with the financial matters and the problems being faced by the Staff towards non payment of Salary etc. as well as explained about the nature of Claims Receivable from DOT and so on....

He further mentioned that NEFT members always be with AIBSNLEA ,  not  by saying just we are the associated Union, but we definitely always associated with AIBSNLEA in all means and we will extend our fullest  support for the successful conduction of the 7th  All India Conference of AIBSNLEA to be held at Chennai.


Com. Babu Radhakrishnan, CS, BSNLEU TN Circle:


He  build the unity with great transparency. He never getting tired to strengthen the unity of AUAB. Most of our  Union matters i.e  Non-Executive's issues were settled by the great intervention of Com. Sivakumar ji,   particularly the contract labourers payment issues and non payment of wages in time to the  works were repeatedly raised  at CHQ with the support of AUAB  and finally it  was materialized somewhat to the expected extend and he extended his sincere thanks to Com.GS. He recalled of the olden days memories of  close Association with Com.Sivakumar  ji and Duraiarasan ji in the Joint Forum and AUAB

Further  he mentioned as the constituent of AUAB, BSNLEU TN Circle will extend full support for the successful conduct of  7th  All  India conference  of AIBSNLEA at Chennai from the day one to the end.

 Com. Natarajan. C.S. NFTE, TN Circle.

He welcomed the gathering and feels proud to be the part of this felicitation function of the Vibrant Leaders Com.  Sivakumar ji,  GS AIBSNLEA. 

And Com. Duraiarasan OS(SOUTH) and by saying the small story about  Lord. Jesus, in the ancient days and slightly compared our com. Sivakumar ji , belatedly  he  had got the position as General secretary in AIBSNLEA , but  for his Caliber and  Leadership qualities the position has been  assigned to him only at the verge of his retirement stage but it is too late and it is the great  unfortunate to all of us.   

He also compared our G.S. with  Senior Com. Gupta ji,  both are always think about the Welfare of the employees and work for the Welfare of the employee and they always fight against the organization even they get affected on it.   (We all know the things happened to our G.S on the verge of his Retirement). Like that the contribution of Com.Duraiarsan in various capacities in the Union/Assn towards the Contract Labourers issue and  Telecom Society matters are very much remarkable.  Only because of his intervention only  the Society land issue is now  reopened and the case is now pending with Court of law for final disposal of matters.  All the members of the Telecom society will be benefited in future because of his action taken on the land disposal.

Com. Ravindran TEPU

He told that due to ill health GS, TEPU, Com.Subburaman could not attend this function and conveyed his wishes to both the Leaders.

He appraised the qualities of our  our beloved GS and   O.S. (South) and they both are upgraded themselves by serving for the welfare of others.  He further mentioned that our GS is the Student Leader at his College days at Thanjavur.   Even during the period of Coivd-19  pandemic  situation  your G.S.  Stayed alone at Delhi CHQ and  continuously worked with dedication for the Welfare of the Executives, Non-Executives and Contract Labourers. It is the very rare quality .Likewise the advise  given by our O.S.( South)  for the welfare of the Association is very much remarkable.  You all must feel proud to have a such a Leaders during your  life time  and by saying   Zindabad  to Com.Sivakumar ji and Duraiarasan ji.

Finally our beloved GS Com.Sivakumar ji and OS(South) Com.Duraiarasan ji delivered acceptance Speech and thanked all the CHQ Leaders, Circle Leaders of Sister Unions& Associations, whole Circle, District Office bearers  CWC Members of AIBSNLEA for their presence and valuable address and especially the Local Organisers of Thanjavur & Kumbakonam SSA under the Leadership of Com.Prbhakaran, EX.CS/DS, TNJ, Com.Vinayagamoorthi, ACS and Com.Saravanan, DP/TNJ for arranging such an excellent felicitation function.

On behalf of TN Circle the Local Organizing Committee members were presented with shawl.

The Felicitation function came to an end  with the vote of thanks by the Circle Finance Secretary Com. K.Dhanasekar.  <<<Click here for Glimpses>>>