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ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVEs' ASSOCIATION >>>>>>> Committed to safeguard the interest of entire BSNL's executives community>>>>>>>>AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>

Registration & Account details of AIBSNLEA CHQ : Registration No. S-44028/2002 NCT New Delhi dated 04.12.2002

A/C No: 1120000100123542 IFS Code: PUNB0112000 Name: All India BSNL Executives' Association, New Delhi Bank: PNB Branch: ECE House, KG Marg, ND - 110001


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27.11.2020: BSNL News in Media:

(i) BSNL FTTH services are increasingly gaining acceptance  ...<<<Click here for detail news>>> 

27.11.2020: 7th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Assam has been successfully conducted on 22-11-2020 (Sunday). GS AIBSNLEA Com. S.Sivakumar and CHQ President AIBSNLEA Com.Subhashis Mitra Participated virtually and addressed the 7th Circle Conference

Association Flag was hoisted by the Circle President. Then the Conference  started under the Presidentship Com. B Roychoudhury, CP in the Conference Hall with physical presence of the Guwahati H/Q members, delegates & virtual presence of the General Secretary AIBSNLEA Com.S.Sivakumar, CHQ President AIBSNLEA Com.Subhasis Mitra ,OS (East) AIBSNLEA and all District Secretaries, District Presidents other than Kamrup Branch. CS report placed by Com.Swarup Chakraborty , CS was unanimously passed and accepted by House. FS submitted the report of the Audited Accounts and the same was passed and accepted by the House.

CS informed the House that due to the strict guidelines of Covid-19  the Open Session could not be conducted physically. However, on the special request of the AIBSNLEA, Sri Avinna Kumar Pahi , CGM Assam Telecom Circle and Sri Anil Kumar Pankaj G.M. (HR & Admn.) attended and  addressed the House virtually.

CGM in his speech conveyed his best wishes to all the delegates and stressed for working unitedly and efficiently to maintain the Network properly and also highlighted the five revenue generating opportunity areas namely EB, Cluster, FTTH, Renting & 4G  from which revenue generation can be enhanced. He mentioned specially to maintain the cleanliness and service standards of BSNL up to the mark. He appreciated our concern and finally thanked the organizers for inviting him. Our respected GS thanked him for sparing his time and addressing the house. The GS appreciated the CGMs concern for faster allotment & implementation of 4G for which the Association shall raise its voice at all levels of Management & Government.

GM (HR&Admin) in his speech conveyed his Heartiest  gratitude and thanks to AIBSNLEA Circle Branch for giving him an opportunity to address the7th Circle conference and hoped that AIBSNLEA will continue to play a constructive role in the development of BSNL.

Com. Subhashis Mitra, CHQ President and Com. Subinay Chakrabortty, Organizing Secy (East) also assured the house that AIBSNLEA will continue to work actively for the upliftment of BSNL and will take up/discuss the staff grievances with the Top management as per the requirement.

Com.S.Sivakumar, General Secretary addressed the house on the Pre/Post VRS scenarios of BSNL and explained the Road map of BSNL Revival/Restructuring/Man Power Plan. He narrated AIBSNLEA’s relentless efforts at CHQ level for the betterment of BSNL Services and to settle down HR issues very favourable to the Executives. He highlighted the fact that it is only AIBSNLEA which not only understands the actual issues of the Executives but also actively pursues the same with the Management for favourable results. He explained Status on the various pending HR issues as detailed below, which the Association is pursuing with the Management


1. Regular Promotions in all the cadres in all the Streams and Career Progression up to the level of GM/ CGM/ Director and the Status of CPSU CH and AIBSNLEA stand in this regard.

2. Full 30% SAB i.e. remaining 5 Percent Superannuation Contribution as realistic contribution

3. Implementation of left out issues of 2nd PRC

4. 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees/ 100 % IDA Neutralisation.

5. Pay Anomaly issue /Loss of Young DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs for getting Rs.22820

6. E1+5 increments for post 2010 DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs

7. EPF full Pension

8. Standard Pay Scale of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A for all Post 2007 DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs and for the future DRs

9. First Time Bound Up gradation in 4 years

10. Formation of Trust/Fund for PRMB (Post Retired Medical Benefits) for BSNL Recruits

11. Pension Contribution on Actual Basic Pay instead of Maximum of the Pay Scale.

12. FR 22(I)(a)(1) Pay Fixation Court cases/ Pay Recovery in respect of Ex. Officiating JTOs.

13.Status of the Additional Increment under EPP  Case.

14. Scrapping of MTRR


  He further mentioned that due to consistent efforts of AIBNLEA only 13000 Promotion orders issued for various disciplines and assured that AIBSNLEA will always safe guard the interest of the Executives.

  He mentioned that for the last two years BSNL Unions and Associations conducted series of struggles individually and jointly demanding implementation of 3rd PRC and settlement of other issues. But in due course the main focus of the AUAB has turned in to Revival of BSNL, Issuance of Sovereign Guarantee Bonds, Approval of Land Monetization, Bank Loans/Financial Assistance to BSNL. He further explained about the latest financial condition and Cash Flow etc.,

He explained about the problems faced by the BSNL Management for the immediate launching  of 4G spectrum and assurance given by the CMD for the launching of the same during March 2020.

He mentioned that AIBSNLEA requested the Honble MOC during the meeting with the All Unions and Associations Leaders of BSNL on 4.11.2019 for consideration of full neutralization of IDA 119.5% with the existing Basic Pay w.e.f. from 1.1.2017 till 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL.  AIBSNLEA  has also submitted a Memorandum in this regard to the Honble MOSC in October ‘2020 once again and discussed with the Member(F) in this regard..

He has made it clear that AIBSNLEA will keep up its separate identity and to continue to work to safeguard the interests of all the Executives and requested the Executives to  work hard to face the challenges and make BSNL viable and profitable and uphold the banner of BSNL and AIBSNLEA  so high.

The following members were unanimously elected as Office Bearers for the 8th Circle Body for the next term of 3 years (2020-2023).


President:               Com. Adarsh Maheshwari

Circle Secretary:     Com. Subhrendhu Bhattacharje

Finance Secretary:  Com. Kishore Choudhury.

CWC Member:         Com.Swarup Chakraborty

The 7th Circle Conference  came to an end with the vote of thanks by Com. Suman Paul.

<<<Click here for Glimpses >>>



AIBSNLEA extends its Moral Support to the General Strike Call given


by the Central Trade Unions on 26.11.2020

24.11.2020: Holding lunch hour demonstrations on 25-11-2020, protesting against freezing of IDA:

AUAB issued notice on 21.11.2020 for holding lunch hour demonstrations on 25-11-2020, protesting against freezing of IDA from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021.

All CHQ Office bearers, Circle/District Secretaries are requested to coordinate with the constituent Unions/Associations and make the programme a grand success.

21.11.2020: GS writes to Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding consideration of request from Smt Kakali Maitire, Architect, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal Circle seeking Voluntary Retirement <<<Click here for letter>>>
21.11.2020: AUAB writes to Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding Holding lunch hour demonstrations on 25-11-2020, protesting against freezing of IDA....<<<Click here for letter>>>

19.11.2020: AIBSNLEA CHQ Office Bearers met the New Director (Finance), BSNL Board, Ms Yojana Das, and greeted her by presenting Bouquet on assumption of the prestigious post of Director (Finance) in BSNL Board.


Dear Comrades!  Hearty Congratulations!


Due to continuous and consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA CHQ (from March 2020 onwards) the favourable Clarificatory orders and approval of the CMD BSNL has been conveyed to CGM Telungana on 13.11.2020 regarding Pay fixation issue of JAO 1999 batch. AIBSNLEA CHQ whole heartedly convey its thanks and gratitude to the CMD BSNL, Director (HR), Director (Finance), PGM (Pers.), DGM (Pers.) and whole Pers. Team.  It is delayed Justice not a denied Justice.

10.11.2020: GS writes to The PGM (Pers) BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for placing in the JTO graduation list- <<<Click here for letter>>>

10.11.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding immediate conduction of LDCE - 33% quota as per SDE(T) RR from  the Vacancy Year 2011-12 onwards CPC was not conducted for the issuance of the Promotion orders from JTO(T)  SDE (T) for the vacancy year 2011-12 onwards for SCF 67% quota and through LDCE 33% quota as per existing SDE(T) RR from among the eligible JTOs. The 1999 Batch LICE JTOs and the BSNL JTOs recruits including 2001 Batch onwards are still waiting for their first promotion for the last 6 to 20years.


Last DPC was conducted in June 2018 for the vacant posts upto the Vacancy Year 2010-11 for SCF quota hence, for the LDCE quota promotions upto the vacancy year 2010-11 were made through LDCE 2015. The LDCE for next vacancy year 2011-12 is still to be announced even after delay of five years and two years have been passed since the last SCF & LDCE promotions issued in June’2018. We are unable to understand that how can we call it as Fast Track promotion of JTO to SDE (T).


AIBSNLEA is representing this matter at different level for quite long time. It is learnt that the CPC work is going on in Pers. Branch for consideration of Promotion orders from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under SCF 67% quota from the Vacancy Year 2011-12 onwards. Likewise BSNL Management has to conduct the LDCE under 33% quota as per SDE RR in a time bound manner. Sir, as per SDE(T) RR, LDCE is to be conducted every year in a time bound manner. But it is a matter of deep concern that LDCEs were conducted only three times (2007, 2012 & 2015) during the span of 20 years since BSNL formation. The last LDCE exam was conducted only in 2015 i.e. for the Vacancy Year 2010-11, for which the promotion orders were issued only in June, 2018 along with promotion orders of SCF quota.


We would therefore request your good self to kindly intervene in the matter and issue instructions to the Officers concerned to immediately notify the LDCE for the due vacant posts of SDE (T) as per existing SDE (T)RR  so that the young JTOs of BSNL may get their first due fast track promotion in time and serve the Company with a better zeal and enthusiasm.


<<<Click here for GS letter>>>

09.11.2020: Congratulations!!!! DoT issued order to appoint Ms. Yojana Das, PGM, BSNL to the post of Director (Finance), BSNL Board....<<<Click here for order>>>

AIBSNLEA CHQ congratulates Ms. Yojana Das, PGM, BSNL for the same.

04.11.2020:  Comrade S.Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA met Director (HR) BSNL Board today and discussed regarding: 


(1) JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotions under 67% SCF Quota: GS requested Director (HR) to consider the Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) and issue the order before Diwali i.e. 14.11.2020. The Executives are eagerly waiting for their first promotion in BSNL since last so many years. Director (HR) mentioned that the work is under process and the efforts are being taken by the Pers Team to issue the Promotion Orders before Diwali, he assured.


GS further requested Director (HR) that LDCE for 33% quota from the vacancy year 2011-12 onwards also to be conducted simultaneously  as per the SDE RRs, so that the young JTOs of BSNL may get their first due fast track promotion on time and serve the Company with a better zeal and enthusiasm. Director (HR) mentioned that the efforts are being taken by the Recruitment Cell for the issuance of Notification for the conduct of LDCE 33% quota for SDE(T) promotion.


(2) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of SDE/AO/AGM/CAO and DGM: GS requested for the consideration of request transfers in all the Cadres those who have completed more than two and half years at their present stations. Director (HR) mentioned that the request transfers are under consideration and will be issued shortly subject to the approval of Man Power planning w.r.t. restructuring of BAs/SSAs.


It is learnt that the final meeting for Restructuring and Man Power Planning is scheduled to be convened by the CMD BSNL with HR Team on 06.11.2020.


(3) Consideration of issuance of clarification orders for JAO 1999 batch Telengana Circle for the withdrawal of wrong Pay fixation case: GS brought to the kind notice of Director (HR) that the draft clarificatory order is pending with PGM (Pers) for the past 20 days after the approval of the Competent Authority. He requested Director (HR) to kindly intervene in the matter and cause to issue necessary clarification in this regard to Telangana Circle before the drawl of 4th Installment of the Ex-Gratia to VRS-19 retirees so as to mitigate the sufferings of affected persons. After patient hearing Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with PGM (Pers) today afternoon.


Remaining issues such as Promotions in all the Cadres, Restructuring, Manpower Planning, withdrawal of Look-after arrangement etc., could not be discussed with the Director (HR) due to his busy schedule and will be discussed in the next meeting.


04.11.2020: Meeting with Director (Finance) BSNL Board, New Delhi-

GS, AIBSNLEA Comrade S. Sivakumar met Director (Finance) BSNL today along with AGS, FS/CHQ & Auditor/CHQ and discussed regarding: 


(1) Disbursement of Salary for the Month of October’ 2020: GS requested for the disbursement of Salary for the month of Oct., 2020 in the first week of Nov., 2020 due to Diwali and other festivals. Director (Fin) appreciated our concern and assured that he will discuss the matter with CMD BSNL after taking the feedback from Sr.GM (CBB) and try to disburse the Salary on Friday or Monday i.e., on 09.11.2020 after the release of funds for the Statutory dues on 06.11.2020.


(2) Abnormal delay in consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/AOs:- GS requested Director (Fin.) to consider the pending request transfers in the Cadre of CAO & AO. Director (Fin.) mentioned that it is under consideration and pending due to the finalization of Man Power Planning and Restructuring of the SSAs and BAs by the Corporate Office. He further mentioned that meeting for finalization of the Man Power Planning is being convened by the CMD BSNL on 06.11.2020 and after the finalization of the same, necessary transfer orders will be issued.


(3) Consideration of issuance of clarification orders for JAO 1999 batch Telengana Circle for the withdrawal of wrong Pay fixation: GS brought to the kind notice of Director (Fin) that the clarificatory order for the Promotion and Pay fixation issue in Telangana and AP Circles has not been issued even after the approval of the Competent Authority. He requested Director (Fin) to kindly intervene in the matter. Director (Fin) advised us to discuss the matter with Director (HR) and assured that he will also discuss with Director (HR) for resolving the issue at the earliest.

04.11.2020: GS writes to CMD BSNL  regarding request for withdrawal of letter issued on the presumption of Telangana Circle regarding the wrong pay fixation done against first upgradation under Executive Promotion Policy for the JAOs of 1999 Batch by DGM Vigilance of CGMT, TS Circle – on the basis of the RTI given by CGM Telangana <<<Click here for letter>>>

02.11.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding requesting for disbursement of Salary for the Month of October' 2020 in the first week of November' 2020 due to Diwali and other festivals <<<Click here for GS letter>>>