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31.12.2009 : REGULERISATION OF ADHOC STS(CAOs) OF TELCOM FINANCE AND PROMOTION AND POSTING IN THE GRADE OF cAOs : Congratulations! AIBSNLEA'S Consistent efforts yielded a result, BSNL has issued an order of Regularisation of 505 Adhoc CAOs(STS) of Telecom finance and promotion & posting of 4 AOs in the grade of CAOs. Click here.

30.12.2009 : : Retirement on superannuation w.e.f 31/12/2009.We wish them a happy and prosperous retired life. Click for : SDEs/PSs, DETs, ACCOUNTS&FINANCE  and Civil 

30.12.2009 : PROMOTION AND POSTING IN THE GRADE OF AOs : Congratulations! Due to consistent efforts of our Association, Promotion of JAOs to 196 AOs on regular basis-order issued-Click here.


29.12.2009 : GS spoken to GM (FP) and discussed :

(a) DPC from JAO to AO : GM (FP) informed that the posting on promotion from JAO to AO are being issued today. It is understood that 20% officers on promotion are being shifted to deficient Circles. The Competent authority decided to consider all the request transfers of AOs in the month of March 2010.    (b) Regularisation of adhoc CAOs : GM(PF) informed that DPC for the regularization of about 600 CAOs(adhoc) has been completed. it is processed for the approval of the competent Authority. Order is expected shortly.
29.12.2009 : Stay Order granted on DE adhoc promotion by Hon'ble J&K High Court - Status : The case was adjourned .The case is again scheduled for hearing on 01/01/2010.
27.12.2009 : LIST OF GOVERNMENT HOLIDAYS AND RESTRICTED HOLIDAYS DURING THE YEAR 2010(FOR OFFICES IN DELHI / NEW DELHI)-CLICK HERE  Note: It is also available permanently  in the drop down menu of download above.
26.12.2009 : BSNL's Rs 35,000 crore expansion plan hits rough patch : CLICK HERE  
24.12.2009 : MAHARATNA STATUS  : The Cabinet approved the introduction of “Maharatna” category for Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs). CLICK HERE
24.12.2009 : RESERVATION QUOTA 30% FOR M/s. ITI Ltd.   : The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) today approved to continue the reservation quota at 30% of the requirement of BSNL/MTNL for ITI for products manufactured by it as well as on turn key projects (like GSM network roll-out).CLICK HERE
24.12.2009 : TELECOM 2009 – Saga of Growth -YEAR END REVIEW-2009  : CLICK HERE
24.12.2009 : TELE-DENSITY  AND MARKET SHARE AS ON 30/11/2009  : During November 2009, 17.38 million telephone connections has been provided in the country taking the total telephone connections in the country 542.66 million as on 30th November, 2009. The tele-density & market share of all other telecom operators is enclosed. Ranking in BSNL column has been introduced in Annexure 4, 5 & 6 in addition to showing growth during the month and year.  It is seen that:(1)               BSNL has added 12.35 lakh connections during the month of November 2009.  This works out to 7.11% of the total connection added in the country during the month of November 2009.(2)               BSNL is at 3rd position as an operator with Market share of 16.40%.  BSNL market share has decreased by 0.31% during the month of November 2009 and during 2009-10 (upto 30.11.2009) by 2.58%.(3)               The overall tele-density in the country is over 46.27 % with Chennai License area topping at 130.74 % and Bihar License area lowest at 24.64%.(4)               BSNL now holds 1st position an operator with total number of telephone connections in 4 license areas viz. Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, & Punjab  Circles.  (5)               BSNL has No.2 position in total number of mobile connections in 4 License areas viz. Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa and Punjab Circles.For details CLICK HERE
24.12.2009 : UPDATING OF RESERVATION ROSTER IN RESPECT OF TES GR"B" OFFICER : The Information called for in this regard may be sent to BSNL CO positively by 31/12/2009-Click here for letter
23.12.2009 : Stay Order granted on DE adhoc promotion by Hon'ble J&K High Court - Status : The case was adjourned as main council for applicant SC/ST welfare association could not report in the honourable court.The case is again sheduled for hearing on 29/12/2009.
22.12.2009 : Stay Order granted on DE adhoc promotion by Hon'ble J&K High Court - Status : The case was heard today i.e 22/12/2009.The case again sheduled for hearing on 23/12/2009.

21.12.2009 : BSNL CO issues order for 2nd Time Bound IDA pay scale Upgrdation for DMs (Telecom)  from E2 to E3 and E3 to E4 scales.

21.12.2009 : Stay Order granted on DE adhoc promotion by Hon'ble J&K High Court - Status : The case will be heard on 22/12/2009.

18.12.2009 : GS, Advisor-I and GS, AGS (SNEA) met GM (Trg) regarding verification of majority Executive Association in BSNL. During discussions some suggestions were given to the committee. GM (Trg) assured to look into.

18.12.2009 : GS, Advisor-I and GS, AGS (SNEA) met GM (ERP) and discussed regarding ERP project. GM (ERP) apprised in brief the salient features of ERP project and its implementation. He mentioned that 150 Executives are being posted in ALTTC Ghaziabad under the control of GM (ERP) and these Executives will be working for minimum 1 ˝ years and thereafter they may be posted in their concerned Circles. The basic infrastructure of accommodation in ALTTC is ready to start the project.

18.12.2009 : GS met PGM (BW) and discussed :

(a) Posting of LDCE quota JTOs (C) on promotion as SDE (C) : After detailed discussions on the feedback provided by the GS, PGM (BW) assured to look into the matter.

(b) Implementation of ACP withdrawal Review Committee Report : PGM (BW) informed that feedback on some points is awaited from PGM (Elect). He assured for early submission of the committee report to the BSNL Management for consideration.

18.12.2009 : BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding Redistribution of work Click Here for Letter

18.12.2009 : MTRR Case : BSNL’s transfer appeal of all court cases on MTRR from various CATs to Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi was heard today morning and posted for 15.01.2010. We are to strongly oppose transferring the court case from Ernakulam Principal CAT to Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi since the BSNL’s appeal in Ernakulam High Court against CAT interim orders has already been dismissed. GS, Advisor-I, GS and AGS (SNEA) attended the Court along with our Advocate.

17.12.2009 : Joint Forum of BSNL Executive Associations and Non-Executive Unions leaders met and discussed about ITS absorption issue and completing the tendering process for procurement of 93 million GSM lines. Joint Forum expressed its serious concern against no action in completing ITS officers absorption in BSNL and decided to submit letters to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Minister of C&IT, Cabinet Secretary, Secy (T) and CMD BSNL to accelerate the absorption process. In case the process is further delayed, Joint Forum will decide direct action. Joint Forum demanded that the tendering process for procurement of 93 million GSM lines has to be completed without any reduction in its volume. In addition to these the viability of BSNL was discussed in detail and Joint Forum appealed to all Executives and Non-Executives to concentrate fully on the growth of BSNL and demanded for implementation of austerity measures in true sense.

Soumyajit Mahapatra, OUR CWC MEMBER, CTD CIRCLE, SDE(PR), Calcutta Telephones, BSNL & Secretary PRSI, Kolkata Chapter has received NATIONAL  Award 2009 as Best Secretary , Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) at the 31st PRSI All India Conference held on December 13, 2009 at Chandigarh from Mr.Wajahat Habibullah, Former Chief Information Commissioner, Govt of India. We congratulate him Click Here for Glimpses

15.12.2009 : Govt. amends rule relating to pension contribution in respect of Foreign Service  Click Here for Letter
15.12.2009 :  Govt. of India issued letter regarding implementation of Govt.'s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission regarding revision of pension of pensioners/family pensioners etc - Grant of full pension to Govt. servants who retired on or after 01.01.2006 Click Here for Letter
15.12.2009 : GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding Resolutions passed in the Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA held at Chennai from 1st to 2nd December, 2009. Click here for letter

15.12.2009 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F) and OS (N) met Director (HR) and discussed :

(a) DPC from SDE (T) to DE adhoc : We expressed our serious concern against delay in completing the DPC from SDE (T) to DE adhoc on the pretext of stay order granted by J&K High Court. We requested for making the efforts for early listing the case. Dir (HR) immediately spoke to CGMT J&K Circle and discussed the matter. CGMT J&K Circle assured to interact with the concerned advocate for early listing of the case. Dir (HR) assured that as soon as the stay order is vacated promotion order will immediately be issued.

(b) DPC from DE to DGM : Dir (HR) mentioned that the DPC process from DE to DGM has been initiated. The BSNL Management desired to introduce interview but at this stage interview is dropped. We pleaded that the BSNLMS RRs attendant conditions (4-Very Good and 1-Good) are harsher than the attendant conditions of Executive promotion policy post based promotions. We demanded that BSNLMS RRs attendant conditions should be effective from 11.06.2009 from the date of issuance of BSNLMS RRs. Dir (HR) assured to look into the matter.

(c) DPC from JAO to AO : We expressed our serious concern against delay in issuing the promotion order from JAO to AO. Dir (HR) immediately spoke to GM (Pers) and asked him to process the case for early decision.

14.12.2009 : GS, AGS (F) met GM (FP) and discussed :

(a) DPC from JAO to AO : We expressed our serious concern against delay in issuing the promotion order from JAO to AO. GM (FP) informed that the DPC from JAO to AO is completed, the posting on promotions proposal has been sent to the competent authority for approval. He assured that promotion order will be issued shortly.

(b) Regularisation of adhoc CAOs : GM (FP) informed that the DPC to regularise about 600 CAOs is over. Minutes of DPC are being prepared. Shortly the regular promotion order of adhoc CAOs will be issued.

(d) Follow up action on the minutes of the meeting held on 19.11.2009 with Dir (HR) : Dir (HR) assured that GM (SR) will take necessary steps for the settlement of the pending issues discussed in the formal meeting.  

08.12.2009 : GS, President met GM (FP) and discussed :

(a) DPC from JAO to AO : GM (FP) informed that the DPC from JAO to AO is over, the posting on promotions proposal has been sent to the competent authority for approval. He immediately contacted GM (Pers) regarding approval of the competent authority. After having a talk with GM (Pers) he assured that promotion order will be issued shortly.

(b) Regularisation of adhoc CAOs : GM (FP) informed that the VCRs of more than 600 Executives have been received and the DPC is in progress. Shortly the regular promotion order of adhoc CAOs will be issued.

08.12.2009 : GS met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project and posting of Executives. GM (Pers) mentioned that about 150 SDEs have been transferred and posted in ERP project at ALTTC, Ghaziabad. The ERP project will continue for 2 years and the Executives on completion of experience, will be sent back to their parent Circles for implementation of ERP project. The ERP project is being conducted by GM (ERP), BSNL CO at ALTTC, Ghaziabad, hence the Executives transferred and posted from UP (West) Circle to ERP project will be treated as on 2 years tenure break.

08.12.2009 : GS contacted GM (Rectt) and discussed :

(a) JAO part-I and part-II exams : We asked clarification regarding further postponement of JAO part-I and part-II exams. GM (Rectt) mentioned that at present there is no proposal to postpone the above exams.

(b) Notification of LDCE to fill up vacant TES Gr. B posts : GM (Rectt) mentioned that after finalising the syllabus of LDCE have been sent to the BSNL Management Committee. After approval the LDCE will be notified immediately.

07.12.2009 : Communication made by GS :

Letter-1 : To GM (FP) regarding Request transfers in the cadre of JAO/AO/CAOs.

Letter-2 : To Dir (HR) regarding Medical reimbursement for outdoor treatment.

Letter-3 : To CMD BSNL regarding BSNL Executive Promotion Policy for Group ‘B’ level Executives in BSNL.

Letter-4 : To Dir (HR) regarding Creation of the Posts of PPS in the field units.

Letter-5 : To Dir (HR) regarding Updation of designations in HR Package.

Letter-6 : To Dir (HR) regarding Upgradation of Stenos(dying cadre) to Personal Assistant as a onetime measure.

04.12.2009 : LTC to Central Govt. Employees- Travel by Tour packages operated by IRCTC Click Here for Letter

01.12.2009 : Central Working Committee Meeting of AIBSNLEA at Chennai : 2nd CWC Meeting   of AIBSNLEA started at 9.30 hrs at Hotel New Woodlands, Mylapore, Chennai with hoisting of Association flag by Com. K. Sathyanarayana, President in presence of Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, CHQ Office Bearers, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries and CWC members from all over the country. Thundering slogans like "BSNL Zindabad", "AIBSNLEA Zindabad" gave the cool and wet weather of Chennai a warmth of unity.

 After a warm welcome by the host Circle members and silence for a minute in the memory of the departed comrades, there were welcome addresses by the Circle Secretaries of host Circles Tamilnadu Telecom and Chennai Telephones. The members then introduced themselves to the house. The CWC Meet  resumed at Hotel Chandra Park, Egmore, Chennai after the Open Session.

OPEN SESSION : The Open Session on the occasion of CWC Meet commenced at 12.10 hrs with lightning of sacred lamp by Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL and other dignarities. After the prayer "Itni Shakti humen Dena Data ..." the host Circle Comrades from Tamilnadu and Chennai warmly welcomed the Chief Guest Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL, Guests of honour Shri S.R.Kapoor, ED (Finance), CGMs Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai Telephones, STR and STP, GM (SR), BSNL CO, Special Guest Com G.L.Jogi, GS (SNEA), Com K.Sathyanarayana, President and Com Prahlad Rai, GS with Garlands, Shawls and Mementos.

In the welcome address, Com K.Sathyanarayana, President raised the issues of revision of perks and raising the IDA from 68.8% to 78.2% in calculation of new IDA pay scales as per the DPE OM dated 02.04.2009.

In his welcome address, Com N.Verapandian, CS, Tamilnadu Circle expressed his gratitude to the CHQ for giving Tamilnadu Circle and Chennai Telephones a chance to organise this CWC. He unfolded many facts about the historical city Chennai. He welcomed all the guests and members attending the CWC Meet from all the nook and corners of the country.

Key Note delivered by Com Prahlad Rai, GS contained all the important issues related to organisational structure, viability of BSNL and HR issues related to all the constituent cadres like BSNLMS RRs, MTRR, change of designation with time bound promotion, one time placement of SDEs to Sr. SDE grade, issues related to pensioners, issues related to Civil/Electrical/TF/Arch,AD OL pay revision issue, issues related to various DPCs, TES  Gr. B Seniority list irregularities, withdrawal of ACP benefits of JTOs/SDE(C/E) and PAs/PSs (CSS), revision of perks and imlementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009, pay anomalies of JTO 2005 batch, EPF statements of BSNL recruitees, JTO officiating regularisation, creation of PPS posts in field units etc.

GS also discussed the issue of membership verification. He expressed that AIBSNLEA is in the favour of single Association but membership verification should take place after completion of ITS officers' absorption in BSNL. He hoped that CMD, BSNL will try his best for keeping his words regarding completion of ITS absorption process by the end of this calendar year. GS mentioned that this association is not opposed to any cadre but demands ending the deemed deputation/deputation in BSNL. The absorption process can not be lingered on endlessly. BSNL can not rise without having its own managers at the highest posts instead of those on deputation, who do not feel belongingness towards BSNL.

GS opposed the Govt's move to disinvest BSNL by the way of listing it as it will not help BSNL to grow in any way. Only motivated workforce and committed managers can help in it. GS also discussed regarding poor after sales service in broadband connections, problems at Call Centres and Revenue Collection Centres, illogical tax and interests paid by BSNL, instructions to Govt. departments etc. to take telecom facilities from BSNL only, strengthening of marketing and sales units in BSNL for proper growth of BSNL with respect to market share and revenue.

Shri Shakeel Ahmed, GM (SR) in his brief address mentioned that he is fully aware of all the issues raised by the association and ready to discuss any of them at any time. Regarding ITS absorption issue, he mentioned that executives should concentrate for the growth of BSNL instead of going for cadre wars.  He assured for his full cooperation for resolving the issues wherever possible.

Shri D. Varadarajan, CGM Tamilnadu Circle, Shri A. Subramanian, CGM, Chennai Telephones, Shri S.Raghavan, CGM Mtce., STR, Chennai and Shri P.R.Ananthan, CGM Project, STP, Chennai also addressed the Open Session and appealed to provide quality service with the available resources to our customers.

Com G.L.Jogi, GS, SNEA in his address thanked the Association for inviting him to the CWC Meet. He spoke about various factors affecting growth and viability of BSNL. He stated that due to intervention by the ministry the market share of BSNL has gone down steeply whereas the market share of private players has been increased as they were free to procure equipment and enhance their capability at a time when BSNL was not having any equipment for expansion of its cellular services. The equipment orders could be placed only after united strike by Executives and Non-executives in July 2007. The non-absorption of ITS officers is also reason for declining market share as no development activities are taking place in full swing.

Shri S.R.Kapoor, ED (Fin) in his address appreciated the Association  for its efforts for growth of BSNL as well as for cadre issues of the Executives. He thanked for giving him the opportunity to attend the Meet.

Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD BSNL in his address  expressed his deep concern over the decline of BSNL's profit. He appealed all the Executives to work for the growth of BSNL only for one year and forget rest of the issues. He stressed over more revenue generation from mobile services including Value Added Services by adopting better market and sales strategy as per the market requirements. He apprised about the efforts made for capturing enterprise business. He stressed over the need of BSNL becoming a complete and end to end solution provider for all the services provided by it to the customers rather than remaining a telecom company only. He told about capturing a business of 9000 crores from the Defence Ministry during next 3 years.

CMD mentioned that there is no more business in voice transmission now. Business is to be fetched from data and video traffic. Mobile TV especially on 3G is one of the examples of it. In his opinion tower sharing, better BTS maintenance, reduction on security expenditures by reviewing those, portability to higher ARPU customers etc. are the other ways to increase profit. He appealed to increase our strength in rural area as 60% of the growth is in rural area. CMD described 3G as our strength and encash it by proper marketing and promotions. He mentioned that in near future WiMAX is being launched to provide broadband in a radius of 15 kms without copper wire. CDR and ERP are also going to benefit BSNL.

Regarding ITS absorption issue, CMD told that efforts are being to resolve the issue early. On not allowing BSNL for procurement from Huwai, CMD told that the matter is being taken up with the Govt. He expressed his opinion in favour of listing of BSNL but with the consent of Executives.

In his vote of thanks,  Com P. Jones Samuel Raj, CS, Chennai Telephone Circle thanked the Chief Guest, the guests of honour, special guest, members and Executives present in the open session on behalf of host Circle branches. The meeting hall of Hotel New Woodlands was jam packed.

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