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31-07-2007=>  GS attended & addressed the General Body Meeting of Mandsaur District Branch at Mandsaur (M.P.). Comrade R.G. Swarnkar, Branch Secretary apprised the Organisational Activities of the Branch. Comrade GS apprised in details the Status of All India issues & discussed the viability of BSNL. He also clarified the queries made by the members. Com. B.S. Meena, Branch President gave vote of thanks.
31-07-2007=> Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri A. Raja inaugurated the New Corporate Office Building "Bharat Sanchar Bhawan" at Janpath, New Delhi.  Shri Dr. Shakeel Ahmad, Hon'ble MOSC & IT and Shri D.S. Mathur, Chairman TC & Secretary DoT were the guests of Honour. Shri A.K. Sinha, CMD BSNL in his welcome address  welcomed the distinguish guests. Hon'ble MOC & IT in his address raised the growth of BSNL during last Six & Half years & assured  his full co-operation & support for the betterment of BSNL.
30-07-2007=> DPE arranged interview of AIBSNLEA with Pay Revision Committee on 9th August 2007. We will give presentation to Chairman, Pay Revision Committee & its members.
28-07-2007:-  BSNL Corporate Office New Building i.e. "Bharat Sanchar Bhawan" will be Inagurated  on 31st July 2007 by Shri A. Raja, Hon'ble MOC & IT.  Shri Dr.Shakeel Ahmad, Hon'ble MOSC & IT of wil be guest of Honour. Click Here for Invitation Letter
28-07-2007:- Joint Forum leaders met Today & discussed regarding Indefinite Strike issue. Joint Forum after detail discussions decided to postpone Indefinite Strike for one month. During one month period mobilization will continue.  In the first week of Sept'2007  Joint Forum will discuss & decide issuing of Indefinite Strike notice, in view of procurement of 45.5 GSM lines equipment & some issues related to financial Viability of BSNL.

We proud to announce that AIBSNLEA, Madhya Pradesh Circle  has launched of its new website at :-

27-07-2007:- OPEN SESSION OF CWC MEETING HELD AT FARIDABAD :- Open session having a very big  gathering of CWC Members was inaugurated by Chief guest  Shri A K Sinha CMD by lighting a lamp. Com Jag Mahinder Singh CS,Haryana Circle welcomed the guests and gathering. Com K Sathyanarayan Pres. delivered welcome address. Com Prahlad Rai, GS delivered a Key note address. Com V A Namboodiri GS,BSNLEEU and Convener of JF,Com M B Vichare Secretary General NFTE-BSNL, ComK Vallinayakam GS,NUBSNLW(FNTO) graced the occasion and addressed the gathering. Shri A K Sinha,CMD, BSNL, Shri Niranjan Singh, Director (HRD), Shri S D Saxena Director (Finance), Shri K C Jindal, CGM, Haryana Telecom Circle, addressed the gathering .Shri A S Chandel, Sr.DDG(Electricals), Shri Shakeel Ahmed SDDG(SR),Shri U S Pandey GM TD Faridabad graced the occasion. The Open session lasted for 3 and 1/2 hours. Shri A K Sinha CMD,BSNL who is retiring on superannuation on 31/07/2007 was felicitated for his valuable contribution and service to BSNL.We will remember his service to BSNL for ever. Director (Finance) has told in his key address that demand of the AIBSNLEA i.e Residential period w.e.f 1.10.2000 for Executives of Accounts/ Civil/ Electrical/ Personal Assistants/ Architecture  whose pay scales have been revised/upgraded after 1.10.2000 has been considered. Com P C Agarwal Pres. AIBSNLEA, Haryana Circle has compered the open session and delivered vote of thanks. Click here for the Photos of CWC Meeting :- Photo 1,Photo 2,Photo 3
25-07-2007:- JF meeting held today and decided to Postpone the proposed indefinite strike till 1st week of September 2007. 
23-07-2007:- Hon'ble MoC  invited  Joint Forum leaders to discuss regarding indefinite strike  against delay in  procurement of 45.5 Million GSM lines equipment  in BSNL. Joint Forum leaders expressed their serious concern  against  reduction of GSM tender quantity from 45.5 million GSM lines to 23 million GSM lines. In the first phase  the purchase order of 14 million GSM  lines (2G) will be  issued  on receiving the acceptance of the vendors but the purchase order of 3.5 million GSM lines (3G) will be issued  only after 3G spectrum policy is announced by Government. In second phase the APO will be issued in second year for 5.25 million GSM lines (2G+3G). Hon'ble MoC informed that BSNL Board has proposed to procure 50% equipment as per immediate requirement, remaining  equipment  may be procured as per new technology requirement and customers demand. In response to  the discussions and  assurances given by Hon'ble MoC , Joint Forum leaders  will meet on 25th July,2007 at 14.00 Hrs to decide the future course of actions. During the meeting AST, JST, CMD BSNL, Director (HRD), Director (Finance) and DDG (SR) BSNL were present. GS and president  attended the meeting.
23-07-2007:- Joint Forum Leaders  are invited by Hon'ble MOC & IT to discuss the indefinite Strike issue at 1700 Hrs. Today.
23-07-2007 Order  issued  for Payment of IDA at the revised rates 71.1% w.e.f. 01.07.2007  (Increase of 0.9%)  Click Here for letter

Invitation Letter - AIBSNLEA, Central Head Quarters, New Delhi Cordially invites you to attend the OPEN SESSION on the occasion of 2nd CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE MEETING on Thursday, 26th July’2007 at 17:00 hrs At Rajasthan Bhawan, FARIDABAD (HARYANA). Shri A. K. Sinha [Chairman-Cum-Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi] will be the Chief Guest, Shri Niranjan Singh [Director (HRD), BSNL, New Delhi], Shri S.D. Saxena [Director (Finance), BSNL, New Delhi], Shri J.R. Gupta [Director (Operations), BSNL, New Delhi],  Shri Kuldeep Goyal [Director (C&M), BSNL New Delhi], Shri K. C. Jindal [CGMT Haryana Circle] will be the Guests of Honour. The prominent leaders of Non -Executives’ / Executives’ Unions / Associations of BSNL / MTNL will also address the session as distinguished guests. Click Here for Letter

For any assistance at Delhi Com. Satish Kumar, Circle Secretary, Delhi Circle may be contacted on Tel. Nos. 011-26187676 (R) & 09810617127(M)

20-07-2007:-  Secretary DoT invited Joint Forum leaders =>  Shri D.S. Mathur Secretary, DoT invited Joint Forum leaders to discuss regarding Indefinite Strike. AST DoT, Director (HRD) BSNL, Director (Operations) BSNL were also present in the meeting. Joint Forum leaders expressed their dissatisfaction against reduction of 45.5 Million GSM lines tender to 23 Million GSM Lines for which APO is placed. Thereafter BSNL will issue Purchase Orders of 14 million GSM lines 2G equipment but the P.O. for the 3.5 million GSM lines will be issued after 3G Spectrum allocation which is not justified. 

Secretary DoT after having detailed discussions assured to convene a meeting of Joint Forum Leaders with Hon'ble MOC in the next week. After Secretary DoT meeting, Joint Forum leaders met & decided to continue with the agitational Programme given till the Hon'ble MOC meeting takes palace.

20-07-2007 :- Meeting with DDG(SR) to discuss Agenda => DDG(SR) arranged a meeting with AIBSNLEA to discuss the agenda submitted on Telecom, Civil, Electrical, Architectural Engineering wing Executives. The agenda was discussed [Since morning 1030  hrs to 1300 hrs] point wise in detail for which the minutes will be issued by DDG(SR) shortly. Sr. DDG(Estt.) BSNL, Joint DDG (BW), Joint DDG (Electrical), Joint DDG (Architectural) were also present in the meeting. GS, President & AFS attended the meeting. Discussions on all items of agenda were fruitful.
19-07-2007 => Mandatory Training under Executive Promotion Policy    Click Here for Details
19-07-2007:-  The Indian Express News New Delhi July 18- GSM Lines II PSU consults Addl Solicitor General Subramanium- Scrapping BSNL tender will be unconstitutional.  Click here for details
19-07-2007:- GS, President met Director (Fin) BSNL & discussed:-

(a) DPC from Sr.AO to CAO on adhoc basis:- We expressed our serious concern against delay in completing the DPC process to fill up about 400 vacant CAOs posts on adhoc basis. Dir (Fin) informed that the DPC process is in advance stage but could not be completed since SrDDG (SPF) was seriously sick for last one week. He assured that efforts are being made to issue promotion order by the end of July 2007.

(b) AAOs pay fixation case:- We expressed our thanks to Dir (Fin) for using his good office to interact with the concern authorities of Ministry of Finance in favour of AAOs pay fixation case as the case was pending for clearance to Ministry of Finance, sent by DoT. It is learnt that now the clearance has come to DoT from ministry of Finance. We requested Dir (Fin) to interact with DoT authorities for an early clearance in the matter.

19-07-2007:- GS met SrDDG (Estt.) DoT & discussed:-

(a) Clarification regarding TES Group 'B' seniority list:- We expressed our serious concern against non-holding of DPC to fill up about 2315 DEs posts on adhoc basis by BSNL on the pretext of pending court cases regarding TES Group 'B' seniority list. BSNL authorities want clear-cut guide lines from DoT to operate the TES Group 'B' seniority list for promotion and other benefits. SrDDG (Estt) assured to look into.

(b) Deducting the benefit of deferred option in CDA Pay Scale at the time of   superannuation:- AIBSNLEA vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2007-08/252 dated 24-05-2007 took up the case with Secy DoT that on absorption of Group “B” Officers in BSNL and during their pay fixation to IDA pay scale ,option was granted to the  executives for  continuation in  CDA  pay scale till  next  promotion. A large number of officers have exercised such option and got their pay fixed to IDA pay scale after getting promotion to CDA promotion scale. Now  DoT Cell is disallowing such fixation of BSNL executives after their superannuation. Sr DDG (Estt) informed that on representation of AIBSNLEA the matter was taken up with DPE and it was clarified that the pay fixation to IDA pay scale, option cannot be granted to the executives for continuation in CDA pay scale till next promotion. It was not agreed by DoT authorities  and now the matter on 7th July has further been sent to DPE for reconsideration.

18-07-2007 => GS spoke to the concern authorities of BSNL regarding Hon'ble MoC decision on procurement of  45.5 Million GSM lines equipment. It is understood that Hon'ble MoC has approved the reply/proposal given by BSNL Board. As per BSNL Board proposal  Advance Purchase Order (APO) for 50% of the 45.5 Million GSM lines equipment may be placed to the eligible vendors i.e. in first year (First Phase) 17.5 Million GSM lines ( 14 Million 2G and 3.5 Million 3G) purchase order is to be placed, However 14 Million GSM lines (2G) APO will be issued shortly and 3.5 Million GSM lines ( 3G ) equipment purchase order will be issued after spectrum allocation. In second year (Second Phase) the remaining equipment 5.25 Million GSM lines APO will be issued  for 50% 2G and 50% 3G or may vary as per requirement. In third year (Third Phase) earlier  quantity of 14 Million GSM lines is scrapped. BSNL will start the process of new tender for further procurement of GSM lines equipment as per future requirement for 2G or 3G. In present situation with 23 Million GSM lines equipment BSNL will be able to provide GSM telephone connections to customers at least for one year.     

Joint Forum succeeded in getting approval of the Hon'ble MoC for procurement of 23 Million GSM lines equipment as proposed by BSNL Board. Congratulations ! to all the struggling Comrades, for making the strike  a historical success. Joint Forum leaders at CHQ New Delhi will meet on 19-07-2007 at 15-00 Hrs to discuss the situation.

18-07-2007 => Transfer & Posting in Cadre of SDE(C) issued by BSNL Corporate Office Click Here for Order
17-07-2007 =>   GS, President met CMD BSNL & discussed:

(a) Reply to Hon'ble MoC&IT observations/ reservations regarding 45.5 million GSM lines tender:- CMD informed that today morning about 10.30 he has signed the reply and thereafter immediately sent to Secretary DOT for further n/a. He also briefed that efforts are being made to get the approval of Hon'ble MoC for issuing APO to procure first phase supply i.e. 23 million GSM lines (75% 2G+25% 3G).

(b) Holding of DPC to fill up about 2315 DEs posts on adhoc basis:- We expressed our serious resentment against non-holding of the DPC to fill-up about 2315 DEs posts on adhoc basis, as the clearance was given by DOT for more than last one year, on the persistent efforts of our Association. CMD assured to discuss the matter with Director (HRD) in our presence shortly.

17-07-2007 =>  GS, CS Delhi Circle met Director (HRD) and discussed, DDG (Pers) was also present:-

(a) Holding of DPC to fill up about 2315 DEs posts on adhoc basis:- We expressed our serious concern against non-holding of the DPC to fill-up about 2315 DEs posts on adhoc basis on the pretext of pending court cases regarding TES Group 'B' seniority list. We clarified the status of various court cases and impressed upon to conduct the DPC. Director (HRD) advised to DDG (Pers) to take a clear view of DOT regarding final TES Group 'B' list to be considered for promotions as being demanded by this Association.

(b Non-settlement of the pending grievances of BSNL executives- we expressed our serious concern against delay in settlement of the grievances of BSNL executives raised in our notice for Organisational Actions Program served on 07-05-07. Dir (HRD) assured to discuss the issues further for which he has already directed to DDG (SR) to hold a meeting with AIBSNLEA.  

(c) Filling-up of the vacant DEs posts in BSNL CO:- We informed to Dir (HRD) that about 26-DEs posts are lying vacant in BSNL CO and requested him to fill-up the vacant posts at the earliest.

(d) Cancellation of Shri S Thangraj SDE Chennai TD transfer & posting order to NE Circle on promotion to adhoc DE, as he was the only SDE who has been posted out circle on promotion to adhoc DE out of about 411 adhoc DEs. Director (HRD) assured to look into.

(e) Cancellation of inter-circle transfer orders of the SDEs/ DEs of WB Circle who have already served to Sikkam (Gangtok) tenure station. Director (HRD) assured to look into.

17-07-2007 => GS, President met DDG (SR) BSNL and discussed:-

(a) We reminded DDG (SR) to arrange  a meeting with SrDDG (Estt), SrDDG (BW), SrDDG (Elec) and DDG (Arch) to discuss the grievances of Telecom Civil/ Electrical/ Arch Engineering  wings executives for which the agenda has already been submitted. DDG (SR) immediately spoke to SrDDG (Estt) and fixed up a meeting on friday. He also informed that the feedback on our agenda has already been taken from Civil/ Electrical/ Arch wings.

(b) Interview with the members of Pay Revision Committee:- DDG (SR) informed that the request made by AIBSNLEA has already been forwarded to the Chairman, Pay Revision Committee for granting an interview but till now no date has been decided.

(D) GS, CS Delhi Circle attended the meeting of Joint Forum:- Joint Forum after analyzing the developments regarding procurement of 45.5 million GSM lines equipment tender, decided to convene the meeting after knowing the decision of Hon'ble MoC in this regard. Joint Forum reiterated its decision to continue with the call of indefinite strike if the procurement of GSM lines equipment is delayed.

16-07-2007 => GS writes to Shri A K Sinha, Chairman cum Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi-110001 regarding Policy regarding provision of handset for GSM Mobile service telephone connection to BSNL Executives vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2007-08/245 Dated: 16-07-2007 [ Ref.: - No 2-22/02-PHA dated 12-07-2007 ( Circular number 14/2007-PHA)] Click Here for Letter
16-07-2007 => GS spoke to the BSNL authority after BSNL Board Meeting and enquired about the outcome of the meeting. It is understood that BSNL Board has discussed the issue of 45.5 million mobile phone equipment procurement & observations/ reservations of Hon'ble MoC on tender, will reply the observations/ reservations of Hon'ble MoC by tomorrow itself.
14/07/2007 => 1) THE ECONOMIC TIMES NEWS :- BSNL board to review GSM tender on Monday-16/07/2007

2) Raja ready to quit if charges are proved

3) HINDU PAPER NEWS :- BSNL tender: Maran writes to Manmohan for probe

14-07-2007 => THE CEC MEETING OF KARNATAKA CIRCLE :- The CEC meeting of Karnataka Circle was held at Bangalore  on 14/07/07 in very grand manner. All district/Division/Branch except Bijapur Dist were attended the CEC. More than 50 office bearers were attended CEC meting. CEC has deliberated in length  about the issues of Mobile Tender , viability of BSNL , field problems and Organisations  etc. CEC appealed DSs/BSs to form Joint Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations of Non- Executives & Executives at Division/SSA  level. Com R B Athani OS (South) ,CHQ attended and addressed the CEC. Com G S Nagaraj  ,AS-V welcomed gathering and Com R B Puranik ACS delivered Vote of Thanks. President Com Anand Krishnaiah  CAO presided over the function. CS Com H Y Andeli SDE,Bangalore addresed and replied the queries raised by Members. All the Circle Office bearers/CWC Members /DSs/BSs addressed the gathering. Click Here Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5.
14-07-2007 =>   CEC Meeting of Maharastra Circle & the OPEN Session:- GS & Org. Secretary (W) attended & addressed the CEC Meeting of Maharahstra Circle & the OPEN Session organized in the occasion at Udyan Karyaliya Conference Hall at PUNE. Shri Chandra Prakash, CGMT MH Circle was the Chief Guest & Shri D.K. Maheshwari, PGMTD PUNE was the Guest of Honor. Com. C.M. Saste, Circle Secretary Maharashtra Circle in his welcome & keynote address welcomed all the distinguished Guests & discussed about the grievances of BSNL Executives & viability of BSNL. Com. GS in his address apprised the status of all India issues in detail & discussed about the viability of BSNL. He also apprised in detail the Call given by Joint Forum& its postponement. He informed that as assured by BSNL Management the committee recommendations on Hon’ble MOC observations / reservations after taking legal opinion from Solicitor General was discussed by BSNL Management Committee & finally discussed today also. Now the same will be discussed in BSNL Board Meeting on Monday i.e. 16th July 2007 & thereafter the reply will be sent to Hon’ble MOC through Secretary DoT on Wednesday. Joint Forum is continuously watching the developments in the matter. He congratulated entire BSNL workers for complete success of strike & also call upon to keep ready for struggle if the commitment given by Hon’ble MOC is not fulfilled in due time. CGMT, MH Circle & PGMTD PUNE appreciated the role of AIBSNLEA for its concerned towards the settlement of HR issues as well as viability of BSNL. Com. B.D. Nikam Circle President extended vote of thanks. After OPEN Session in the interactive session Com. GS replied all the queries made by the members to their satisfaction. A large number of members attended the OPEN Session / Interactive Session.
13-07-2007 => GS writes to Shri A. K. Sinha,  Chairman-cum-Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi regarding Whimsical transfer of Shri N. Sundara Raman, DDG (CMTS) Corporate Office to Bihar Telecom Circle- Our protest against vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2007-08/255  Dated   13-07-2007 Click Here for Letter
13-07-2007 => GS writes to Shri A. K. Sinha,  Chairman-cum-Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi regarding Deferment of TES Grp ‘B’ LDCE - 2007 being held on 15th July 2007 vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/LDCE/2007/1    Dated 13th July’ 2007 Click Here for Letter  
12-07-2007 => Special General Body Meeting in Hotel Amer Palace at Bhopal :- GS attended & addressed the Special General Body Meeting in Hotel Amer Palace at Bhopal. Shri R.K.P. Hinduja, CGMT MP Circle was the Chief Guest. Shri Mahesh Shukla, GMTD Bhopal, Shri B.L. Verma, GM (Finance) MP Telecom Circle, Shri T.K. Pal, GM WTR were the Guests of Honor. All the leaders of Joint Forum of MP Circle were also present. Com. B.S. Rajput, Circle Secretary MP Circle welcomed the guests & raised the pending grievances of the Executives.

Com. GS congratulated all the members for making the strike call a complete success. He apprised in detail the compulsion of strike & its success by Joint Forum. He also replied the queries on HR issues made by the members. Shri R.K.P. Hinduja, CGMT in his address appreciated the role of AIBSNLEA in the present scenario. Shri H.M. Vajpai, Circle President extended vote of thanks. The programme was well conducted by Shri Parwaz Khan, ACS. A large number of members were attended the meeting.

11-07-2007 => The meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations of Non- Executives & Executives held on 11thJuly 2007 has decided to defer the proposed indefinite strike for 15 days. GS, President, AGS (Engg.) along with the leaders of Joint Forum met CMD BSNL and handed over the letter of deferment. CMD informed that efforts are being made to reply the observations/ reservations of Hon'ble MoC  within 3 - 4 days. Director (HRD), Director (Planning) & Director (Finance) were also present in the meeting. Click here for letter.

11-07-2007 => Strike is postponed after tonight 12 O’clock for 15 days  :- Congratulation to struggling comrades in making strike total success. We salute all the Comrades of AIBSNLEA in their full active involvement in the strike. Their active participation in strike has created history in BSNL Trade Union era. Joint Forum after having analyzed on going situations & keeping the assurances given by Hon’ble MOC, Secretary DoT & BSNL Management decided to postpone the indefinite strike after tonight 12 o’clock for 15 days. During the period looking into the developments future course of action will be decided.

11-07-2007 at 00.30 Hrs => Today one day strike will continue, further decision to convert  into indefinite strike will be taken today evening after reviewing the situation. All the Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to make  the strike a grand success by active participation. Our members should not enter to their respective work places and sit out side with other striking comrades. Do not get misguided by any anti propaganda. Click Here for Communication Received from DDG(SR), BSNL  Click Here for Communication Received from Secretary DoT 

The Communications received from Secretary DoT don't reflect regarding procurement of 23 million GSM lines (2G+3G) as assured during discussions.

10-07-2007 :- Joint Forum leaders met BSNL Management at 10.30 AM & discussed the ongoing situations. BSNL Management clarified that the observations / reservations made by Hon’ble MOC will be replied within weeks time. They were hopeful for positive decision of MOC. They also appealed to Joint Forum to withdraw the Agitational Programme. Hon’ble MOC again invited Joint Forum leaders for discussion on the issue at 1300hrs. Joint Forum leaders expressed their serious concerned against delay in procurement of 45.5 million GSM lines equipment. Hon’ble MOC gave some assurances to safeguard the interest of BSNL. Joint Forum demanded written commitment on the assurances. Secretary DoT on behalf of MOC assured to gave a letter by the evening. Secretary DoT, AST, PS to MOC, CMD BSNL, Director (HRD), Director (Operations), Director (Finance) were also present in the meeting.

In the evening Secretary DoT as assured gave a letter to Convener Joint Forum with a request to withdraw the strike on 11th July 2007. On receipt of the letter Joint Forum discussed the written assurances & observing some deficiencies in the letter & decided to take up the matter further with MOC immediately. Joint Forum leaders will meet again today night at 11 PM to discuss the ongoing situations.

Agitation Programme Continues.

All the Circle/ Branch Secretaries are requested to make the Agitational Programme a grand Success.

10-07-2007:- Hon'ble MOC&IT invited Joint Forum leaders for meeting at 13:00 Hrs. in Electronic Niketan, CGO Complex New Delhi.
10-07-2007 => Clarification  issued by BSNL Corporate Office regarding Departmental Competitive Examination re-scheduled on 15.07.2007 for promotion from JTO [T] to SDE [T] grade Click Here for Clarification
09-07-2007:- CMD BSNL  has fixed meeting with Joint Forum leaders at 10.00 hrs  on 10-07-2007 at Board room.

09-07-2007:- Joint Forum meeting with Hon'ble MoC&IT failed, agitation programme continues :- Joint forum representatives had meeting with Hon'ble MoC&IT in Electronic Niketan CGO Complex New Delhi. Shri A. Raja Hon'ble MoC along with his PS discussed the ongoing situation and reacted  that Unions with myth/stigma should not act and they should not be politically influenced. We immediately replied that Unions are not at all politically motivated/influenced, but  are seriously concern for early  procurement of GSM lines equipment as BSNL field units are not able to provide GSM Mobile connection on demand in absence of equipment. Hon'ble MoC reacted that in 45.5 million GSM lines tender, he had some reservations/observations regarding high rates . He also mentioned that if he clear the tender, BSNL will be facing a loss of about 10000 crores. He categorically told that let the BSNL reply the quarries, there after only he will take the decision. He also told that now BSNL may purchase 50 % of 2G equipment and should re-float the tender for 3G equipment. Joint Forum representatives reacted that they are concern for procurement of the 2G and 3G equipment to ensure competitive and advance technology to customers. Hon'ble MoC replied that  3G spectrum allocation is under active consideration of Group of Ministers and PMO and this 3G policy will only be implemented since BSNL will be fully equipped to provide  3G technology. During discussions he never appealed to Joint Forum to defer/withdrawal of strike and no senior officer of DoT/BSNL was present in the meeting. After above clarifications he left the meeting. Joint Forum representatives after having some internal discussions on MoC clarification decided to meet CMD BSNL.

         At 14.30 hrs Joint Forum representatives met CMD BSNL and discussed the ongoing situation. All the Board of Directors  BSNL were present in the meeting. We briefed the discussions of MoC meeting regarding tender  of 45.5 million GSM lines equipment and the observations/reservations made by MoC in the matter.  BSNL management clarified that the  financial bid of 45.5 million GSM lines was opened on 9th Oct, 2006 for the qualified bidders. On the same day Motorola  who got technically disqualified, challenged  the disqualification of tender in the Hon'ble Delhi High Court and withdrew the case unconditionally on 16 April, 2007 i.e. after six months.  Immediately the process of analyzing of tender of L-1, L-2  started and  on 14th May, 2007 the tender was approved by BSNL Board  and  APO was prepared, mean while the tender file was called by Ministry and the file was sent to MoC on 18th May 2007.Now the file is returned from MoC on 5th July 2007 with some reservations/observations. CMD BSNL has formed a high level new committee to examine the  reservations/observations of MoC,  which will be submitting its report within a week time then it will be discussed in the management committee and BSNL Board. The reply through Secretary DoT will be sent to Hon'ble MoC immediately which may take at least  15 days time. He also clarified the reasons  of higher rates in BSNL in comparison to MTNL because   in first phase three years AMC and Warranty period  is included, second phase two years AMC and Warranty period  is included and in third phase one year AMC and Warranty period is included in tender terms and conditions. The BSNL price per GSM  line is about Rs. 3558/- actual  and in MTNL it is about Rs. 2860 per GSM line , hence there is a difference  of Rs. 700/- only. In BSNL the GSM service connectivity is required in the rural areas of the country where a large number of ground base towers are to be installed whereas, in MTNL being urban area  roof top tower can be provide for the connectivity which cost less. Even, if  BSNL issue APO  for 23 million GSM lines (50%) in that case  the difference will be 1600 crores. Under these circumstances  CMD BSNL appealed  to Joint Forum to withdraw the agitation programme since the reply is being sent to Hon'ble MoC shortly.

            After having meetings with Hon'ble MoC and BSNL management Joint Forum having analyzed  the situation and discussions unanimously decided to continue the on going agitation programme with full participation, since Hon'ble MoC has not at all appealed to withdraw the agitation and there is no indication for placement of APO for procurement of 45.5 million GSM lines (2G+3G) equipment.  

09-07-2007:- AIBSNLEA strongly condemn the "Statement given by DoT that some of the private players in the telecom equipment industry including MNCs are in touch with the BSNL employees Unions to ensure that orders were place to the to successful bidders. BSNL employees union has given strike call on July 11 to implement tender." PTI (Times Business News, DoT questions BSNL call to disqualify Motorola). Motorola after disqualifying from participating in the financial bid, challenged its disqualification in the Hon'ble Delhi High court and after two months delaying the process of tender withdrew the case unconditionally, has caused about 60 crores Rupees loss to BSNL. Since the tendering process was started in April,2005 and more than two years are over, no Advance Purchase Order (APO) could be placed due to non finalisation of the tender, BSNL is not having GSM equipment to provide new GSM connections has caused heavy congestion and exodus of customers. If the 45.5 million GSM lines tender is cancelled/delayed will make BSNL a sick industry. BSNL employees Unions has taken a right decision to defeat the wrong decision of the Govt. which is adversely effecting the survival of BSNL.
08-07-2007:- Shri Chandra Shekhar Hon'ble Ex-Prime Minister of India passed away on 08-07-2007. AIBSNLEA extend its heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.
08-07-2007:- THE HINDU today published the Hon'ble MOC&IT 's remarks on the GSM PO issue in BSNL.  Please Click here for the Press report
 07-07-2007:- GS writes to (1) DDG (Pers) BSNL regarding consideration of various requests for Inter-Circle transfers in the cadre of SDE (Telecom). Click here for letter

(2) DDG (Pers) BSNL regarding consideration of various requests for Inter-Circle transfers in the cadre of DE Click here for letter

(3)  Shri Niranjan Singh Director (HRD) BSNL regarding non release of Promotion Order from SDEs (Telecom) to DEs on local officiating basis in BSNL Corporate Office. Click here for letter

(4) Shri A K Sinha CMD BSNL regarding non holding of DPC for promotion from SDE (Telecom) to DEs on Adhoc basis. Click here for letter

(5)  The DDG (Pers) regarding correction in the All India Seniority List of TES Group ‘B’ officers. Click here for letter

(6)  The  Sr. DDG (FP) BSNL regarding consideration of various requests for Inter-Circle transfers in the cadre of JAO/AAO/AO.
Click here for letter

  07-07-2007:- GS, President, Circle Secretary Delhi Circle attended & addressed the meeting after demonstration organized by Joint Forum Delhi Circle at Eastern Court. All the representatives of Joint Forum also addressed the meeting. GS in his address apprised in detail the compulsion to give a notice of Strike on 11th July 2007, which will convert into indefinite strike if the purchase order against 45.5 million GSM lines is not issued. He apprised that in First Phase purchase order of 17.5 million GSM lines [75% 2G + 25% 3G] to Erricson & Nokia [60% +40%] & 6 million GSM lines purchase order to ITI. In Second Phase 20 million GSM lines [50% 2G + 50% 3G] & in the Third Phase 20 million GSM lines i.e. [25% 2G + 75% 3G]. GS also apprised that the Joint Forum agitational Programme has created tremendous pressure & now Hon’ble MOC has invited Joint Forum representatives for meeting on 9th July 2007 a 12 Hrs [afternoon]. He call upon all the Executives & non- Executives to make the agitational Programme a grand success for the survival of BSNL.
06-07-2007 => Joint Forum was invited by BSNL Management & Secretary DoT :- The Strike Call given by Joint Forum of BSNL / MTNL Non-Executives / Executives Unions / Associations has mounted tremendous pressure. Joint Forum was invited by CMD, BSNL today morning at 11 AM. Director (HRD) & DDG (SR) were also present. Thereafter at 12.30 Hrs Secretary DoT invited Joint Forum representatives for meeting to discuss the ongoing situation. CMD, BSNL, Director (HRD) & DDG (SR) were also present in the meeting. All the associated Unions / Associations of Joint Forum General Secretaries attended & discussed the issue for procurement of 45.5 Million GSM lines Equipment. During meeting Secretary DoT & CMD, BSNL informed that the tender file from Hon'ble MOC has been received in BSNL Corporate Office with certain observations / reservations in the tendering process.  Secretary DoT informed that within Two days BSNL Board after having discussions over the observations / reservations of the MOC will reply and thereafter he himself will go to MOC to explain the situation personally. CMD, BSNL also informed that a new committee has been formed to analyze the tendering process & will submit its recommendations with in two days period & thereafter matter will be discussed in the BSNL Board Meeting to reply the observations / reservations of Hon’ble MOC by Tuesday. All the representatives of Joint Forum categorically told to Secretary DoT that the purchase order for procurement of 45.5 Million GSM lines (2G+3G) equipment should immediately be placed without any deformations in tender quantity. As per tender condition BSNL has to placed the order in three phases i.e. First Phase [25% 3G + 75 % 2G] , Second Phase [50% 3G + 50 % 2G] , Third Phase [75% 3G + 25 % 2G]. In the First Phase about 17.4 Million lines are to be procured for which immediately purchase order is required to be issued. In the meeting the representatives of Joint Forum expressed their serious concern against non-availability of GSM equipment in so many Telecom Circles of BSNL. Secretary DoT assured to convey the feelings of BSNL workers to Hon’ble MOC & arrange a meeting with MOC at the earliest.

Now Hon’ble MOC has invited Joint Forum on 9th July 2007 at 12 PM to discuss the ongoing situations.

All the Circle / Branch Secretaries are requested to make the agitation programme  i.e. Black Badge Wearing; Demonstration in front of Offices/Exchanges w.e.f. 05th July 2007 onwards and Massive Dharna before  Offices/ Exchanges at all levels on 9th and 10th July 2007 a grand success by active participation on a common issue which is related to the survival of BSNL.

05-07-2007 =>JOINT FORUM DECLARES STRIKE  :- Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Non-Executives & Executives served Notice to resort One Day Strike on 11th July 2007 starting from 6 AM, which will be converted into indefinite strike in case of non-settlement of the issue of Purchase Orders for 45.5 Millions GSM Lines (2G+3G) for BSNL. In addition to this  Black Badge Wearing; Demonstration in front of Offices/Exchanges w.e.f. 5th July 2007 onwards and Massive Dharna before  Offices/ Exchanges at all levels on 9th and 10th July 2007 will also be implemented. All the Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of all Trade Union Actions Programmes. Click Here for Notice
04-07-2007 => Clarification issued regarding grant of benefits under various paras of Executive Promotion Policy  of  SDE(Electrical) / JTO(Electrical) Click Here for Letter
04-07-2007 =>  GS, President, FS attended JOINT FORUM of BSNL/ MTNL Associations/ Unions and discussed:- Joint Forum reviewed the developments  after submitting the Memorandum, Telegram Campaign, Press Conference and the Press/ Media highlights/news regarding Government decision for procurement of 50% of the tendered GSM Lines Equipments from the eligible bidders. Joint Forum decided to reiterate its demands for procurement of 63 million GSM lines. Joint Forum also decided that if the delay in placing the purchase order (PO) continues, notice for Active Trade Union Actions Program will be served shortly.
 04-07-2007 =>  GS writes to Shri Shakeel Ahmed, DDG (SR) BSNL regarding Non-settlement of the grievances of the executives of Civil/Electrical/Architectural engineering wings in BSNL.  Click here for letter
04-07-2007 =>  GS writes to DDG (Pers) regarding consideration of request for Inter-Circle transfer in the cadre of  DE.  Click here for letter
04-07-2007 => GS writes to DDG (Pers) regarding consideration of various requests for Inter-Circle transfers in the cadre of  SDE (Telecom). Click here for letter
03-07-2007  => JOINT FORUM of BSNL/MTNL Associations/Unions timely and strong protest against delay in procurement of 45.5 million GSM lines equipment i.e. issuing thousands of Telegrams , Memorandum to Hon’ble prime Minister of India  and Minister of Communication and IT and holding of Press Conference,  mounted tremendous pressure over the Govt.. It is understood that today in a high level meeting in the Ministry, a decision is taken to place Purchase Order (P.O.) of 50 % of the tendered GSM lines to the eligible bidders and for the remaining 50 % tendered GSM lines further negotiations will take place. 

 We Congratulate ! to all our struggling Comrades for their full participation in making the Telegram Campaign a grand success on a short notice. All the Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to keep organizationally prepared to implement the JOINT FORUM call of agitation programme in terms of even Direct   Action , in case any adverse decision is taken  by the Govt. in this matter. AIBSNLEA is equally concern for viability of BSNL as it is having  concern for settlement of the grievances of executives in BSNL. AIBSNLEA is fully determined to implement the Trade Union Actions programmes, if call  given by the JOINT FORUM , since the issue is common to all BSNL workers. 

03-07-2007 => GS, President met CMD BSNL and expressed  serious resentment against delay in procurement of 45.5 million GSM lines equipment and informed him that if delay continues, AIBSNLEA will be actively participating in the agitation programme (Direct Action)  if decided by JOINT FORUM.     CMD informed that today the issue was discussed in the high level meeting in the ministry and the same will further be discussed tomorrow. He assured that BSNL interest is being given due care. 

02-07-2007 => GS, President, FS join Press Conference at Press Club, New Delhi. Com. GS alongwith other representatives of Joint Forum briefed the resentment of BSNL Executives against Delay in Procurement of 45.5 Millions GSM Line Equipment. The Memorandum submitted to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India & Hon'ble MOC . Click Here for Press Release      Click Here for  Memorandum  
02-07-2007 =>AIBSNLEA  succeeded  in getting released Grant of Upgradation under ACP Scheme Click Here for Letter