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17.04.2014:BSNL News in Media:

(i) BSNL seeks permission to buy foreign satellite capacity   <<<Click here for detail news>>>

16.04.2014:GS , AGS (Engg), CS UP (East) circle met GM (Pers.) and discussed

a)      Consideration of modifications / Retention/ Cancellation of transfer orders of SDEs (T) and DEs on immunity / medical grounds: We requested for modification/retention/cancellation of some DEs/SDEs transfer orders on immunity ground and medical grounds after31.03.2014.GM (Pers.) mentioned that all the application received are being examined for consideration. He advised that Association should provide the list of  the CHQ/Circle/District office bearers who are entitled for immunity to Pers. Cell, hence before issuing transfer orders, these immunity cases may be considered. We assured to provide  the list shortly after collecting from circles. However, we requested to consider the pending cases on the basis of  our representations. He was very much critical regarding modification/retention/cancellation of transfer orders and mentioned that executives should go on promotion and tenure transfers. He assured that executives who are completing tenure in hard tenure cycles and three years service in normal  circles their  transfer orders are being issued in time to give then timely relief .

b)      Modification in SOFT Tenure Transfer Policy: GM (Pers.) mentioned that BSNL MC  Note for modification in soft tenure transfer policy  has been prepared where in one executive after three years service in a soft tenure station should come back to his parent SSA  and will be kept away from inter circle transfer. He assured an early action in this regard.

c)       E-6  IDA Pay upgradation under EPP to DGMs promoted from Group "B"   Level: GM (Pers.) assured that shortly MC Note will be sent to BSNL MC / Board for consideration and approval.

16.04.2014:GS , AGS (Engg), CS UP (East) circle met GM (Estt) and discussed regarding finalization of JTO RR-2014. GM (Estt) mentioned that one more committee meeting is being held shortly to insert the    provision of    seniority fixation clause in the RRs. He assure an early action in this regard.

b) Allowing option to JAOs appointed after 07.05.2010: We requested to conduct  early committee meeting on this issue. GM(Estt.) assured for early holding of the Committee meetings to discuss the matter.

16.04.2014: GS met Addl. GM(CP&M) Sh Harsh Vardhan, Chairman Committee on restructuring of AD(O/L) Cadre. We expressed our serious concern against delay in submitting the Committee report on restructuring of JHT/SHT and AD(O/L) Cadre for the last two years. Addl. GM mentioned that Committee meetings are over & the minutes of the Committee recommendations are being finalized and shortly will be submitted to the Competent Authority for early decision.

16.04.2014: GS, AGS (Engg.),  AGS (HQ) and AFS met PGM (EW) and  thanked  him for issuing 13 Nos.  SE(E) promotion orders and also requested for issuing promotion order to fill up  about 75 EE (Elect) vacant posts. PGM (EW) mentioned that the matter of modification of RRs of EE(C/E) is still under discussion in the Committee, GM (Pers.) yet to take the clearance from the competent authority on this issue. He also  mentioned that a letter to AICTE from GM (Pers.) cell yet to be sent for verification of  validity of degree availed through distance Education. This has been delayed badly. However, he advised to take up the matter with Director (HR) for early decisions.

16.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office endorsed letter of DoP&T regarding consolidated instructions on seniority contained in DoP&T OM No. 20011/1/2012-Estt.(D) dated 04th March 2014 regarding Inter se seniority of direct recruits and promotees <<<Click here for letter>>>

16.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding utilization of judgments of Hon'ble CAT Allahabad and Chandigarh Benches in defending the LICE cases

<<<Click here for letter>>>  

<<<Click here for Allahabad CAT judgment>>> 

 <<<Click here for Chandigarh CAT judgment>>>

16.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding Pay fixation of applicants in OA 1282 OF 2010 under FR 22 (1) (a) (i) and payment of arrears there of <<<Click here for letter>>>
16.04.2014: Congratulations! Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray, (Staff no. 80041), an  absorbed  IP&T AFS officer,  presently working as PGM (Finance) / IFA, Gujarat Telecom. Circle, Ahmedabad, has been appointed as Executive Director (Finance) in BSNL  <<<Click here for order copy>>>
16.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office released letter regarding list of eligible Sr. AO/AO for regularisation of ad-hoc service of STS (CAO/AGM) executives in Telecom Finance/Promotion of Sr. AO/AO to the grade of STS(CAO/AGM) on regular basis-  <<<Click here for letter>>>    <<<Click here for list>>>

16.04.2014: GS writes to

(i) The PGM (BW), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for posting at Kolkata on transfer from Bhubaneswar on own cost. Case of Sri Tapan Saha, SDE(C)(P&D), BSNL Civil Circle, Bhubaneswar  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(ii) The PGM (BW), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for posting at Kolkata on transfer from Raipur on own cost - Case of Sri R.P. Mukherjee, SDE(C) (P&D), BSNL Civil Circle, Raipur  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(iii) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding request for early settlement / decision of charge sheet issued by CGMT Rajasthan to the officers of Chittorgarh SSA in the matter of local purchase from PSU -  representation received from Shri Manveer Singh and Shri V.P. Sankhla  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(iv) The Chief General Manager, Haryana Telecom Circle, BSNL regarding regarding recognition to the newly elected Circle body of AIBSNLEA, Haryana Circle   <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(v) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding request for posting on promotion from JTO (C/E) to SDE (C/E) through LDCE-2013 in the same circles or nearby circles-  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

15.04.2014:  Sh. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convener, Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations writes to Shri M.F.Farooqui, Secretary, DOT regarding 78.2% IDA fixation benefit to pensioners who retired before 10.06.2013 <<<Click here for letter>>>

15.04.2014: GS met Director (Estt) DoT Shri Prachees Khanna and discussed regarding reply to DoE on 78.2% IDA Pay Fixation of BSNL Pensioners case queries. Director (Estt) mentioned that reply to DoE is yet to be sent after the clearance from internal finance of DoT.

15.04.2014: GS met DDG (TPF) Shri Sahbazz Ali and requested for early clearance on the reply to be given to DoE by DoT  Estt Cell on some queries. DDG (TPF) mentioned that he has already cleared the case but it is still pending in IF Cell of DoT for comments. However, he assured that IF cell will also give its comments with in 2-3 days and then it will be sent to DoT Estt Cell for reply to DoE.

15.04.2014: GS met Director (PSU), DoT Shri Sanjeev Gupta and discussed regarding:

(a)   E-1A, E-2A and E-9A Pay Scales clearance: Director (PSU) mentioned that the proposal of BSNL on E-1A, E-2A and E-9A IDA Pay Scales has been twice rejected by DoT internal finance and again BSNL has sent the same proposal to DoT. Now, the proposal has been sent to JST for further necessary action. He further mentioned that the proposal may be sent to DPE only after the clearance of DoT Internal Finance.

(b) 3% Pay fixation in the lower Pay and 3% in the higher pay on promotion:  We requested for early reply to BSNL on this issue. Director (PSU) mentioned that such minor issues should be settled at PSU level only instead of referring to DoT. However, he assured for an early reply to BSNL on this issue.

15.04.2014:  GS, AGS (HQ) met Addl. GM (Pers.) and discussed regarding-

i.   CPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T): We requested to expedite CPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T). Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that CPC work is in process but promotion order will be issued after the stay from promotion is vacated by Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam. The case is posted for final hearing on 26the May 2014. AIBSNLEA has already impleaded in the case.

ii.   CPC from SDE (T) to DE: Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that court case in the Hon'ble Supreme Court is now posted for hearing on 23rd April 2014 and contempt case on 13th May 2014 in the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh. He mentioned that CPC from SDE (T) to DE may take place only after the clearance is given by the Hon'ble Courts.

iii.    CPC from DE (Adhoc) to DE (Regular) and DE (Regular) to DGM (Adhoc): We requested to expedite CPCs from DE (Adhoc) to DE (Regular) and DE (Regular) to DGM (Adhoc). Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that the CPCs from DE (Adhoc) to DE (Regular) and DE (Regular) to DGM (Adhoc) are in process but these are held up due to “status quo” granted by Hon'ble Supreme Court to 147 SDEs (T) of LDCE quota. He mentioned that efforts are being made to get clearance from Hon'ble Supreme Court to issue promotion orders. AIBSNLEA has already filed application for clarification to issue the promotion orders for the DEs (Regular) whose seniority is not disputed since they all are at the verge of retirement.

iv.  CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular): Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that clearance from the competent authority is being taken to initiate CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular).

v.    E-6 up-gradation to DGMs promoted from Group "B" grades: Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that the comments of GM (FP) have been received on this issue and shortly a BSNL MC Note will be sent for approval.

vi.    Modification in Soft tenure stations transfer policy: Addl. GM (Pers.) mentioned that MC Note has been prepared for modification in soft tenure transfer policy and will be put up to MC shortly.

vii.   PPS Post creation: Addl. GM (Pers.) assured to further move the proposal to the competent authority for creation of PPS posts  in the field units.

15.04.2014: 3rd Circle Executive Committee Meeting of Rajasthan Circle on 12.04.2014 at Ajmer: 3rd Circle Executive Committee meeting of Rajasthan Circle was organised on 12.04.2014 at Indoor Stadium, Patel Maidan, Ajmer. The Open Session of the CEC was attended by Shri Prahlad Rai GS, Shri N.L.Sharma AGS(HQ), Shri Devesh Sharma Org.Secy.(North), Shri Alkendra Singh (AFS), Shri Karan Singh Advisor (N) & Shri Bhagwan Singh, Auditor from AIBSNLEA CHQ side and Shri A.K. Bhargava, CGMT, Rajasthan was the Chief Guest & Shri H.S.Sharma, Sr. GMTD, Ajmer attended the Open Session as Guest of Honour.


Chief Guest of the Open Session, Shri A.K.Bhargava, CGMT Rajasthan Circle Inaugurated the function by lightning a lamp. All the distinguished guests were welcomed by the garlanding and welcomed by presenting Rajasthani Turbans & mementos.


Com. G.S.Chhabra, Branch Secretary, AIBSNLEA Ajmer branch delivered the welcome address and welcomed all the guests.


Com. M.K.Morodia, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his key note address, emphasized upon the reasons for the crisis of BSNL in present scenario. He explained that executives are not responsible for the losses of the BSNL but the policies are responsible. He appealed the executives that they should make their extreme efforts to delight the customers who approach to them. Com.CS highlighted the problems of the shortage of materials in the field units and appealed the Management to ensure the proper supply of the material to the field units. Com.CS mentioned that the management should change the negative attitude while handling upon Grievances of Executives. He assured that if Management provides full support then the Executives' of Rajasthan Circle are committed for making BSNL, a vibrant Organization.


Com. Bhagwan Singh, Auditor CHQ, in his address appealed all the members strengthening of the association by adding more and more members. He also appeal to all for work hard for forthcoming membership verification.He appealed all to see the AIBSNLEA website continuously and to pay their CHQ quota regularly.


Com. Alkendra Singh, AFS(CHQ), in his address mentioned the untiring efforts of GS AIBSNLEA for the continuous resolvement of the problems of BSNL Executives'. He also raised the issues related with Electrical/Civil wings. He stressed out the points related to viability of saving the electricity expenditures.


Com. Karan Singh, Advisor(North) AIBSNLEA CHQ, in his address, appeal for early action to send the information sought by the circle office on requirement of material.  He elaborated that how the faster ation on such issues can help in batterment of Rajasthan Telecom circle.


Com. Devesh Sharma, Organizing Secretary (North) CHQ in his address explained the efforts of CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Executives. He appealed the Circle Management to ensure the proper supply of the materials, GSM equipments, MLLN Modems, Telephone instruments etc for the viability of BSNL.He further appealed the BSNL Top Management to come forward to grab the High Revenue providing Enterprise Business from corporate groups.


Com. N.L.Sharma, AGS(HQ), in his address stressed the importance of Employee, Association and BSNL in detail. He said that we can only survive if BSNL survives. He also appealed to all for work hard for forthcoming membership verification.


Com. H.L. Awasthi, Circle President AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his address emphasized upon best and quality service to the customers. He appealed that once a customer is reached to any Executive of any stream of BSNL he must ensure the solution of the problem by contacting the appropriate person. He mentioned about the problems faced by BSNL Executives like Shortage of materials in the field units. He impressed to focus upon the best services to the customer satisfaction by the available resources.


Guest of Honour, Shri H.S.Sharma, Sr. GMTD, Ajmer: welcomed all the participants. He elaborately described that how we can perform better with the available resources.He informed that the revenue of Ajmer has been increased by 3.3% as compare to the last year. He provided the example of SWOT analysis to elaborate the present condition of BSNL. He mentioned that taking the timely decision is the need of hour in BSNL. At last he thanked the association for choosing the Ajmer for such important meeting.


GS AIBSNLEA, Shri Prahlad Rai, congratulated the comrades of Rajasthan Circle for the organizing successful CEC and thanked the comrades for their great affection. Com GS informed that BSNL have made the Loss of more then 25000 Crores in last 4 years and Rajasthan circle can provide its contribution in overcome this situation. He assured that the support of CHQ is always available for this important Circle. In his detailed address Com. GS mentioned that due to un-helping attitude of the Govt. i.e. unjustified payment of spectrum charges (3G & BWA) of Rs. 18,500, non-reimbursement of licenses fee, USO Charges, OPEX Charges, withdrawal of ADC, Payment of AGR, Non payment of rural subsidy inspite of TRAI recommendations has adversely affected the viability of BSNL. He informed that BSNL is spending a huge amount on 28,000 rural exchanges maintenance in rural areas telecom services but no decision on rural subsidy is being taken by the Administrative Ministry. In addition of this Telecom Advisory Committee, Parliamentary Committees, Spectrum Allocation on highest bidding charges are the example of step behavior of Government towards BSNL, which is a Government owned company. Scarcity of cables, telephone instruments, MLLN Modem, Broadband Modem, Drop wires etc has affected the quality & growth of services. He explained that how the AIBSNLEA along with other unions/associations is continuously pursuing these viability related issue with the BSNL Management and DoT. He informed that due to our continuous persuasion, 3000 KM cable and 23 million Telephone instruments and BB Modems were procured. He appealed to BSNL Management to suitably use the expertise of BSNL/s Civil/Electrical wings.


Com. GS stressed on the need of committed leaders in BSNL. Com GS. Further explained the burning issues of the Headquarters level He explained the situation on the issues like VRS, 30% disinvestment and unbundling of last mile copper. Com. GS mentioned that the Broadband is the lifeline of BSNL and this is the only role of Trade Unions by which the disinvestment and unbundling of Copper conductor has not taken place in BSNL. Com GS mentioned AIBSNLEA's firm stand for the resolving all the pending issues first before merger of BSNL and MTNL.Com. GS stressed that our tower assets of 62000 towers should be monetize for earning revenue for BSNL. He apprised the status of HR issues related to mainly CPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM,DGM (Adhoc) to DGM(Reg), JAO to AO, AO to CAO(Reg) & CAO(Reg) to DGM(F)Adhoc and DGM (F) Adhoc to DGM(F) Regular,LDCE for SDE(T), MT Examination, DPC in C/E/Arch wings, PPS post creation in field units, Restructuring of AD (OL) cadre, regularisation of Officiating JTOs. E2-E3 Standard pay scales for JTO/SDE, 30% superannuation benefits to Drs, Resolvement of EPF anomaly, JTO 2007/2008 pay anomaly issue, VRS, Pay anomaly- Sr. are drawing less salary than their juniors, withdrawal of leave encashment for LTC, stopping of LTC etc.

Com GS explained the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. GS mentioned the firm Commitment of AIBSNLEA towards the Viability of BSNL. He appealed all to follow the footsteps of Kerla and Orissa Circles for ensuring the viability of BSNL. At last he appealed the all Executives' for make every effort with a team spirit and customer care for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he congratulated AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the success of the open session. During interactive session, Com. GS replied all the queries raised by the members.

Chief Guest of the Open Session Shri A.K.Bhargava, CGMT Rajasthan Circle suggested to ensure the best utilization of available manpower and valuable stores. He ensure that all the demand of stores/vehicles will be accommodated if the demand reaches to him with a proper justification indicating the anticipated business. He told that most of the problems can be solved by positive thinking only. He mentioned that the Circle have to earn 25% higher revenue as compare to last year. He suggested to ensure the proper management of the store material. CGMT Rajasthan further mentioned that our every effort should be justified on the profit basis. He informed that in forthcoming SSA head meeting, he is going to ask the progresses of the SSAs in last 3 years. He suggested that we should implement aggressive marketing and we should think from customer point of view. He raised his dissatisfaction that the available marketing fund is not consumed by SSAs. He appealed to do efforts from today itself for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.


Com. R.S.Hinuniya President AIBSNLEA, Ajmer Branch extended the vote of thanks. The stage anchoring was done in a dignified manner by Mrs.Shraddha Mathur AD (OL).The entire Conference Hall was Jam Packed.


Com. R.S. Hinuniya, CAO, Com. G.S. Chhabra, DE and Com. Sunil Jain were unanimously elected as President, District Secretary and Financial Secretary respectively. <<<Click here for glimpses>>>>

15.04.2014:  GS, FS, AGS (HQ) met GM (FP) and discussed regarding-

(a)  CPC from JAO to AO: we expressed our serious concern against non-sending of screening report from JAO to AO CPC from circles to BSNL CO even after completion of one month. GM (FP) assured that shortly a reminder to circles and DoT will be sent to expedite CPC from JAO to AO to fill-up about 1800 AOs vacant posts.

(b) CPC from CAO to DGM (Finance) Adhoc: GM (FP) mentioned that about 140 VCRs of the eligible CAOs have been received on Friday A/N and CPC is being hold within this week. He assured early promotion order. He also assured that as soon as the CPC from CAO to DGM (F) Adhoc is completed, the CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) will also be completed.

(c)  CPC from AO to CAO: We requested to initiate CPC from AO to CAO. GM (FP) mentioned that the CAO seniority quota posts are already full and the proposal for diversion of 25% MT quota posts (about 336 CAO posts) has been approved by BSNL MC and the BSNL Board Memo has already been prepared for the approval in the next BSNL Board meeting. After, the Board approval, CPC will be initiated.

(d) Allowing option to JAO's batch 2010: we requested to hold early committee meeting to discuss the matter to allow option to exercise JAOs appointed after 07.05.2010 on the basis of feed back given by our Association. GM (FP) assured an early action in this regard.




HANUMAN JAYANTI &  Bengali New Year (Poila Baisakh) & VISHU & Tamil/Malayalam New Year


15.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding

(i) Adhoc promotions and posting in the grade of SE(E) <<<Click here for letter>>>4.14

(ii) Transfers and Postings in the grade of SE(E).<<<Click here for letter>>>4.14

15.04.2014:BSNL News in Media:

(i) Exclusive: BSNL introduces new Landline Annual Plan 1540: Analysis   <<<Click here for detail news>>>

(ii) BSNL to set up Technical University <<<Click here for detail news>>>

11.04.2014: <<<Click here for the decisions of the meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations held on 9th April 2014>>>>

11.04.2014:BSNL Corporate office issued orders regarding

(i) Calling of VC status w.r.t. preparatory work for promotion to the grade of Executive Engineer (Electrical)  <<<Click here for order>>>

(ii) Details of Departmental JAOs-2010 batch for the purpose of Seniority List in the Grade of AAOs/ JAOs  <<<Click here for order>>>   <<<Click here for list>>>

(iii) Calculation of vacancies for compassionate ground appointments  <<<Click here for order>>>

09.04.2014: District Conference of Chittorgarh Branch held on 05-04-2014: District Conference of AIBSNLEA was organized on  5th April 2014 at Chittorgarh with open session on a subject that "Measures for revival of the organization".

The distinguish  Guests attended and addressed the conference were Com. Shri Prahlad Rai , General Secretary, AIBSNLEA, Shri R.N. Mathur , GMTD Udaipur , Shri Dharmendra Sharma GMTD Bhilwara , Com. M.C.Meena, GMTD, Chittorgarh, Shri M.K.Marodia, Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA Raj. Circle, Com. H.L.Avasthi Circle President AIBSNLEA Raj. Circle , Com. B.C. Logar Vice President AIBSNLEA Raj, Bhilwara, Com.  Devilal  Area Sec South Udaipur, Com. M.A. Beg Dist Sec Udaipur and  Com. G.S.Gaur  Dist Sec  Bhilwara.  <<<Click here for glimpses>>>>





07.04.2014:BSNL News in Media:

(i) DoT wants transfer of telecom assets to BSNL <<<Click here for detail news>>>

(ii) BSNL to re-introduce Combo top-up vouchers: Offers more value than MRP  <<<Click here for detail news>>>

(iii) Has BSNL taken the wake-up Call? We find Out <<<Click here for detail news>>>

(iv) Telecom secretary MF Farooqui pulls up BSNL for delay in armed forces network rollout  <<<Click here for detail news>>>

(v)  Dispose pensioners' complaints within 2 months: Govt. tells ministries <<<Click here for detail news>>>   (AIRBSNLEWA calls upon all pensioner retired before 10-06-2013 to register their grievances in portal . For details click

07.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding

(i) Disclosure of APAR gradings and action taken on the representation against below bench mark grading  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(ii)  Wanting ACRs w.r.t. DGM ad-hoc promotion in Telecom Finance -<<<Click here for letter>>>>

(iii) Information w.r.t.  disclosure of APARs in connection with promotion to DGM adhoc promotion in Telecom Finance <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(iv) Furnishing current vigilance status w.r.t. preparatory exercise for DPC under seniority quota for promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T)  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(v) Timely completion and proper maintenance of Annual Performance Appraisal Report(APAR) for the year 2013-14 and communication of all entries to executives for fairness and transparency in public administration <<<Click here for letter>>>>

07.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued Transfers and postings in the grade of CE(E) <<<Click here for letter>>>
07.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued modification in serial numbers after change/correction in eligibility year in the result w.r.t. Promotion of JTOs to the Grade of SDE (Telecom) in BSNL against 33percent Competitive Quota -  <<<Click here for letter>>>
04.04.2014: SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office writes of GS, AIBSNLEA regarding information/ status note w.r.t. various issued raised  by Unions & Associations <<<Click here for Note>>>
04.04.2014: Congratulations! BSNL Corporate Office declared Result of LDCE for Promotion from JTO(arch) to grade of AE(Arch) under 33% quota held on 18-01-2014 and19-01-2014  <<<Click here for result>>>

04.04.2014: GS writes to

(i) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding to grant 5 additional increments to the PAs selected through LICE on the analogy with JAO cadre selected through LICE - cases from the Executives of NTR Circle <<<Click here for letter>>>

(ii) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for cancellation of Transfer Orders in respect of SDE (T) <<<Click here for letter>>>

(iii) The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for cancellation/modification of Transfer Orders in respect of CAO <<<Click here for letter>>>

04.04.2014:GS, FS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding :-

(a) CPC from CAO to DGM (Finance) Adhoc:  We requested GM ( FP) to expedite CPC from CAO to DGM (Finance) . GM (FP) mentioned that VCRs from CVO office are yet to be received. CVO office is  trying to take the correct report from Circles w.r.t. names etc. He assured that as soon as the VCRs are received from CVO the CPC will be expedited.

( b) CPC from AO to CAO: We requested to initiate CPC from AO to CAO against the vacant CAO Posts of seniority quota till the time BSNL Board approves on 25% MT Posts diversion is given. GM (FP) assured an early action in this regard.

(c ) CPC from JAO to AO: We requested to issue a reminder to all the Circle for early sending of screening  report and VCRs to BSNL CO to expedite CPC from JAO to AO . GM (FP) assured to issue reminder to Circles shortly.

(d) CPC from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular): GM(FP) mentioned that to expedite CPC from DGM (F) adhoc to DGM(F) Regular, the VCRs are awaited from CVO. However, he assured that as soon as the CAO to DGM (adhoc) CPC is over this CPC will be completed.

(e) Committee meeting on JAO option case: We requested to hold committee meeting on the issue of allowing to exercise JAO option case who joined after  for 7.5.2010. GM(FP) assured to convene the meeting at the earliest.

04.04.2014: GS discussed with PGM(BW) regarding posting on promotion of JTOs through LDCE quota. We requested for early calling of VCRs and issue of promotion order from JTO(C) to SDE (C)  of LDCE quota. PGM(BW) assured an early action in this regard.
04.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding Calling of VC's w.r.t. regular promotion to the SDE(C) grade under LDCE quota (33% quota)  <<<Click here for letter>>>
04.04.2014: GS writes to The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for posting of SDEs (T) -  <<<Click here for letter>>>

03.04.2014::Meeting with CMD BSNL:GS, FS, AGS(F) met CMD BSNL & Director (HR) (who was also present in the CMD Chamber). We extended our sincere thanks for arranging meeting with Director (HR) to discuss the agenda submitted by AIBSNLEA after 4th AIC held at Nasik. Also extended thanks for filling up of the vacant CGMs posts in Eastern Zone Circles CMD appreciated our concern and mentioned that officer should go and join the Circles at the earliest.

We requested for filling up of the vacant  DGM (Engg.) posts CMD appreciated our concern and mentioned that the 147 SDEs (T) LDCE seniority quota case is pending in Hon'ble Supreme Court wherein status quo is granted which has stalled the promotion process. He clarified that till the time clearance is not given by Hon'ble Supreme Court, the promotion can not be considered.

Similarly CMD mentioned that EE(C/E/Arch.) RRs are being disputed by internal fight of the Degree & Diploma holder Engineers but the management will take its unbiased and proper decision instead of supporting or opposing any group etc.

03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding Pre - 2006 CDA pension cases pending as on 28.02.2014 <<<Click here for DO letter of CMD, BSNL  to CGMs Circles>>>>
03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees <<<Click here for letter>>>
03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding vacancy position in the grade of JAO/AAO as on 01.03.2014 <<<Click here for letter>>>
03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued order for Transfer/Posting in the grade of SDE(C)   <<<Click here for order>>>

03.04.2014: GS writes to

(i) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding request for decision on the representation for improving the below benchmark grading in the "APAR" for the period 23.07.2010 to 31.03.2011 and 01.04.2011 to 31.07.2011 - Case of Shri Mohan Lal Balai, HR No: 197907231, DE, Rajasthan Circle <<<Click here for letter>>>

(ii) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding discriminatory treatment with the Executives of Telecom Factory, Mumbai <<<Click here for letter>>>

(iii) The Director (HR),  BSNL Board regarding to grant 5 additional increments to the PAs selected through LICE on the analogy with JAO cadre selected through LICE - Reg case of Shri Sanjeev Prakash, PA to GM (Fin.) O/o the CGMT, UP (West) <<<Click here for letter>>>

(iv) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for modification in the Transfer Orders in respect of Shri Kotagi M.I., HR No. 198313391 of Maharshtra Circle <<<Click here for letter>>>

(v) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding issues of executives of KTK Circle <<<Click here for letter>>>

02.04.2014:GS, AGS (HQ) met GM (Pers.) BSNL CO and discussed regarding:

(a)    CPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T): GM (Pers.) mentioned that he has personally spoken to CGMT Kerla Circle to pursue with Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam through BSNL Advocate for early hearing since thousands of JTOs (T) to SDE (T) promotions are held up. CGMT Kerla has assured to take-up the matter seriously.

(b)  CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.): GM(Pers.) mentioned that BSNL CO is filing an application in the Hon'ble Supreme Court to get the clarification on 147 SDEs (LDCE) quota seniority status quo issue whether they can be considered for promotion with others or not. After getting the clarification from Hon'ble Supreme Court the CPC will take place.

(c)  Consideration of modification/ retention of transfer cases of DEs issued on 19.07.2013:- We requested for consideration of cancellation, modification & retention of some DEs who were retained on promotion to DE up to 31.03.2014 and now again requesting for cancellation modifications and retentions on immunity ground, medical ground etc. GM (Pers.) mentioned that at present due to code of conduct imposed no officers are being forced relieved. However, some cases may be considered on the merit basis after some time. He assured to examine pending cases.

02.04.2014:GS, AGS (HQ) met & discussed with GM (Estt.) regarding finalization of JTORR-2014. GM (Estt.) mentioned that JTORR-2014 is being finalized; only fixation of seniority is being discussed. Her assured for early submission to the BSNL management committee for clearance and thereafter to BSNL Board.

02.04.2014:GS, AGS (HQ), AFS met PGM(EW) & discussed regarding filling up of vacant posts of EE, SE, CE & Sr. CE level: PGM (EW) mentioned that to hold CPCs from EE(E) to SE(E) CE(E) to Sr. CE(E) proposals have been sent to the competent authority through GM(Pers). To initiated CPC from SDE (E) to EE (E) posts also the proposal is in process but the approval of competent authority is awaited. Regarding modification in BSNLMSRR-2009 of EE(C/E/Arch.) proposal is under consideration to the Management.          

"Vender Code for remittance of Diary Payments - 1004069"

02.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued 2nd Amendment in BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules <<<Click here foe 2nd Amendment>>>   <<<BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules>>>

02.04.2014:CMD BSNL VISIT AT BHUBANESWAR ON 31st MAR and 1st APR 2014:Shree RK Upadhyay Chairman-cum-Managing Director visited Odisha on 31st Mar and 1st Apr 2014 and inaugurated Phase-VII GSM Project ZTE-MSC at Bhubaneswar. On his visit Com RK Panda, Circle Secretary, Odisha Circle and Com KN Sahoo, President met him in his camp office at MayFair Convention, Bhubaneswar on 1st Apr 2014 and welcomes him on behalf of AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle. CMD appreciated the executives of Odisha Circle for their performance and motivation to continue the circle as a profit making one. He appreciated the positive revenue growth of mobile and basic services. He told Odisha is the best performing and profit making circle with highest revenue in East Zone and seventh position in CM revenue in BSNL. Circle Secretary discussed on some of the pending HR & store related issues and submitted a memorandum to CMD.

Click here for Glimpses==> <<<Photo1>>> <<<Photo2>>>   <<<Photo3>>>   <<<Photo4>>>    <<<Photo5>>>

<<<<Click here for the memorandum submitted to CMD, BSNL>>>>

02.04.2014: GS writes to

(i) The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding pay fixation case of the AAOs promoted as AOs during 1995 and exercised option for the pay fixation from the DNI date of AAO Scale- <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(ii) The GM (Admn.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding  BSNL MRS - Regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment where no CGHS rates are available - case of Shri N.S. Rama Rao, SDE  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(iii) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of DGM (T) -  <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(iv) The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of AO- <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(v) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for removal of discrepancies in the list of Regular STS (T) Executives - Case of Shri N. Bangaru krishnaswamy of Tamil Nadu Circle <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(vi) The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding requests for early conduction of the 33% quota LDCE  for promotion to the grade to SDE (TF)- <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(vii) The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfers / posting on promotion in the cadre of DGM (Finance) Adhoc- <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(viii) The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of CAO - <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(ix) The PGM (BW), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of SDE ( C) - <<<Click here for letter>>>>

(x) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of AGM- <<<Click here for letter>>>>



Ugadi / Hindi New Year / Telugu New Year

to One & All

01.04.2014:GS , AGS (Finance) met Shri S. C. Mishra Member (Services) DoT and discussed regarding reply to Deptt of Expenditure on 78.2% IDA Pay Fixation of BSNL Pensioners. Member (S) mentioned that the draft reply proposal has been sent to Member (Finance) for concurrence and Secy(T) for approval. Thereafter the reply will be sent to DOE. He further mentioned that BSNL Pensioners will get the 78.2% IDA pay fixation w.e.f. 1.1.2007 since their pension contribution has already been paid by BSNL. The following clarifications are to be replied to DoE by DoT:

(i) OM dated 15.3.2011 regarding fixation of pension of pre-2007 BSNL retirees with DR 68.8% was issued with the approval of the Cabinet. As such DoT may satisfy themselves and confirm to DoE that further revision of pension with enhanced DR @78.2% does not require consideration by the Cabinet.

(ii) The annual pension liability of the Government on account of BSNL pensioners should not exceed 60% of annual receipts by the Government from BSNL DoT is requested to verify  that annual pension liability on account of this revision does not exceed 60% of  annual receipts by the Government from BSNL.

(iii) In respect of BSNL retirees between 1.1.2007 and 9.6.2013, the revision of pension has been proposed on the basis of revised notional pay. Further, on the basis of this revised notional pay, it has been proposed to revise DCRG, leave encashment, and commuted value of pension. Therefore, the precedent where pension has been revised on the basis of revised notional pay and further benefit of such revision has been allowed in DCRG, commuted value of pension and leave encashment, may please be intimated.

01.04.2014:GS, AGS (Finance) enquired the status of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation of BSNL Pensioners case from Member (Finance) office and found that on 25.3.2014 the case has been sent to DDG(TPF) for clearance. We met DDG (TPF) Sh. Shahbaz Ali and requested for early clearance. DDG (TPF) assured that within 2- 3 days the clearance will be given by internal finance wing. Hence, we may expect that in the next one or two weeks time the reply from DOT will be sent to DoE.

01.04.2014:GS, AGS (Finance) met Sh. Anil Kaushal Member (Technology) DoT and discussed regarding refund of BWA spectrum charges to BSNL. Member (T) informed that Government has already decided to refund BWA spectrum charges to BSNL and half salary P.M. to 70000 employees of BSNL. The Govt. decision will be implemented after receiving the funds from Ministry of Finance.

He also mentioned that DOT is writing to BSNL for surrender of WLL Carrier, since it is not being utilized, against this also BSNL may get funds.

Regarding BSNL and MTNL merger, Member (T) mentioned that Technical group of DOT has opined not go for merger without resolving the Technical issues.

01.04.2014:GS, AGS (Finance) met Jt. Secy (Telecom.) Sh. Umashanker and discussed regarding implementation of E-2 and E-3 IDA Pay Scales in BSNL. Jt. Secy (T) immediately spoke to Director (PSU) and find out the status of the DoT action on the proposal of BSNL to get approved E1A and E2A intermediatory IDA pay scales in BSNL. Jt. Secy (T) after enquiring from Dir (PSU) informed that BSNL's proposal to implement E1A and E2A IDA pay scales has been given to internal finance of DOT and after the clearance, it will be sent to DPE for clarification. However, he assured that within one or two weeks time it will be sent to DPE .

Regarding the appointment of Director (HR) and Director (Finance) in BSNL Board. Jt. Secy. (T) mentioned that appointment of Director (HR) and Director (Finance) BSNL matter may be taken up with Hon'ble MoC & IT  office only.

01.04.2014:It is learnt that the court case filed by Mr. Gandhi GM (Finance) MTNL against Dir (Finance) appointment in BSNL has now been  cleared from Hon'ble Supreme Court and pending in  ACC for  further necessary action. Regarding Dir (HR) appointment the PSEB has to conduct the interview since the old panel is not further extended. The case of CMD BSNL extension for the next 3 years is also pending in PMO, one committee after reviewing  the performance will submit the  report and thereafter the decision will be taken by PMO for CMD's extension.

01.04.2014:GS met GM (SR) BSNL CO and discussed regarding issue of releasing minutes of the meeting of AIBSNLEA held with Director (HR) BSNL on 27th March 2014. GM (SR) mentioned that minutes are being finalized and will be released shortly

We requested for his kind intervention in the affairs of Gujrat Telecom Circle against Pick and Choose transfers of PA/PSs. GM (SR) immediately discussed the matter with GM (Admn.) Gujarat Telecom Circle and advised him to take action as per the transfer policy or local negotiated Policy to avoid dissatisfaction.

01.04.2014:GS, AGS (Finance) met Shri Y.N Singh,  GM (Taxation) BSNL CO and discussed regarding recovery of Perquisite Tax in r/o Group 'A' officers of Government of India working in BSNL. We also requested similar treatment to the BSNL absorbed employees. GM (Taxation) mentioned that the BSNL CO letter dated 27.3.2014 regarding non-recovery of Perquisite Tax for the FY 2013-14 from Group 'A' officers of Govt. of India working has been issued on the  basis of letter received from Commissioner, Income Tax (TDS), New Delhi recently. However, regarding non-recovery of Perquisite Tax  BSNL absorbed employees, Taxation Cell is proposing to CMD BSNL to constitute a committee to examine weather the Perquisite can be  charged as Rent which will not be taxable. He assured an early action in this regard.

01.04.2014:GS met GM (Estt.) BSNL CO and discussed regarding

(a)  Regularisation of officiating JTOs: We requested to regularize officiating JTOs at the earliest. GM (Estt) mentioned that the regularization of officiating JTOs will take place after the approval of JTORR - 2014 and the proposal of  JTORR 2014  on the basis of Committee report will be send to the next Management Committee of BSNL for clearance and thereafter to the BSNL Board for approval. He expected within two months time the process will be completed.

He also mentioned that in JTORR-2014 proposal on seniority fixation as per the existing practice has been incorporated to avoid future litigations. As well as the eligibility criteria is proposed to be reduced from 7 years TTA service to 5 years service. JTO will continue to be the Circle Cadre as our Association strongly protested against All India proposal.

(b)  High  Level Committee Report on 30% superannuation benefit and JTO-2007 and 2008 batches Pay anomaly. GM (Estt) informed that he has not received the committee report so far. However, ED (Finance) Chairman Committee might have submitted the report to CMD BSNL for consideration.

It is understood that HLC has not recommended any percentage of contribution on superannuation fund and left with BSNL Management decision . Also linked the JTO 2007 and  2008 batches Pay anomaly case with the decision on finalization of E1A and E2A IDA Pay scales from DPE.

01.04.2014: GS writes to Shri R. K. Upadhyay, Chairman & Managing Director, BSNL regarding recovery of Perquisite Tax in respect of Group "A" Officers of the Government of India working in the BSNL <<<Click here for letter>>>>

01.04.2014:Report of 1st Circle Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle held on 23.03.2014 at Seminar Hall, RTTC, Bhubaneswar: The first Circle Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle was held on 23.03.2014 at seminar hall of RTTC  Bhubaneswar in a grand manner under the president ship of Com KN Sahoo.  After hoisting the Association flag by the circle president, all the comrades have assembled in the hall. The meeting was attended by Circle Office Bearers, CWC Member, Branch Presidents and Secretaries of Odisha. Our dynamic and beloved leader Com BK Bhattacharjee  OS(East) CHQ, Com BD Nath  Ex Circle Secy  and  Com SK Jena  AGS CHQ also graced the occasion.

At the outset Com SC Pradhan Branch Secy Bhubaneswar welcomed all the participants. In his introductory speech the President  Com KN Sahoo stressed upon the increase of membership under do or die principle due to the forthcoming membership verification. He cited some burning issues to be debated in the CEC.   

Then all the branch secretaries put forth their reports. Com RK Panda Circle Secy Odisha replied to the queries asked by all Branch Secretaries as well as other members. He placed Circle Secy's report in the house regarding various activities done in last six months. In his report he stressed the various HR issues solved at circle level, betterment of services and procurement of stores in Odisha circle. The report of Circle Secy was passed by the house. Com NP Das Finance Secy submitted audited finance report and it was passed in the house. He requested all Branch Secretaries to ensure collection of subscription for CHQ and Circle quota in time.  Com BD Nath Ex Circle Secy in his speech elaborated the role of our association in the development of BSNL. Com BK Bhhatacharjee OS(East) in his speech  elaborated the developments at CHQ level along with the importance of increasing the membership of our association. Com SK Jena AGS CHQ in his speech gave importance to hold seminars and workshops for viability of BSNL. The seminar hall was full-packed by the office bearers and members of different branches of Odisha Circle. The following resolutions  are passed in the CEC. RESOLUTIONS OF CEC:

1. The proposed new promotion policy is not accepted by the staff.

2. In a recent letter no.WLF/8-36/2013 dtd 2.9.2014, the CGM, Odisha has circulated that a BSNL employee can reimburse the medical claim of his dependant parents if he/she is the only son/daughter of his/her parents and the parents reside with them at the same home where the employee resides. The circular seems to be irrelevant. Let the case be clarified by the Corporate Office.

3. Pending DPC's in Corporate Office: It is requested to expedite the pending DPC's in respect of all disciplines and to fill up all the vacancies.

 4. Immediate preparation of Gradation List of 2010 JAO Batch.

5. 30% superannuation benefits for Direct Recruit BSNL employees.

6. Due to the shortage of DE/CAO all out circle and tenure transfer order should be cancelled.

7. Guidelines for IQ Reservations should be clarified:-

So many irregularities are being noticed in reservation of BSNL IQs throughout India.

a.       IQs are normally not allotted to common employees. Some IQs remain permanently reserved for some higher officers.

b.      If at all allotted to common employees any time, the same is cancelled when demanded by higher officers.

c.       IQs are found allotted in the name of higher officers, but actually occupied by others who are not related  to the him.

d.      There is no provision of collecting advance payment for IQ reservation. As a result, some unscrupulous officers book the IQ in advance but do not turn up to stay in such IQs. In many cases, they even do not cancel their requisition and as a result the IQ remains vaccant . Thus the other aspirant is deprived of staying in the IQ and there is a financial loss to BSNL.

e.      In some cases people are staying in IQs for unlimited periods.

In view of above  the detailed guidelines of IQ reservation may please be circulated.